Friday, October 21, 2011

The Lying Jews

Thanks to Lino for sending me this absolutely fascinating discussion between polar opposites Pastor James Wickstrom and Rabbi Abe Finkelstein about Jewish control of the world. Pastor Wickstrom asks some excellent questions and Rabbi Finkelstein amazingly gives honest answers about world Jewry's control of banking, media and governments, their creation of communism, their founding of the Jesuits, their holocaust hoax, their human sacrifice rituals and many more jaw-dropping subjects. I find the only things more shocking than Rabbi Finkelstein's blunt admissions are his complete callous disregard and playful disdain for us lowly "goyim." What do you guys think of this?


Anonymous said...

The concept of "Race" has been nicely propagated, and this seems like a whole game of provocation.

i would like to ask who "Yahweh" really is?

Can some one help here?

maurice said...

where is link?

Druv said...

This video also proves the origin of Islam, as most muslims wear a cap which is exactly like the Jewish yamaka.

Origins of Islam from the corpse of Arabic Triple Goddess worship

Who hates Arabs the most?

They not only planted Mohammad to warp the Arabs into Islam but also used them to take over the world by sending them out and fight their dirty wars. Islam was only poisonous because "Mohammad" was programmed by the originators of the Abrahmic Religion to take over the world.

Like the Rabbi said in the Video - why does your pope wears a "Yamaka"?

My postOrigins of Christianity from the corpse of Celtic Civilization Proves that Rome/Vatican was a Pagan civilization which was taken over and warped from within.

Hence, the history of Rome that is told today is a complete fraud, we need the real history of Rome. Romans were not evil, but the ones who took over them.

Its best to read the war between Jews and Romans again to find out what really happened.

This post of mine shows the origins of the Celtic Civilization and their original Gods which do NOT include "Jesus or Any Abrahmic God"
Origins of Celtic Civilization and the meaning of its symbolism

The Celts did not disappear, they were only assimilated into Christianity and its time to transform them back into their original roots.

The original manipulation has been happening for over 2500 years, and we have only touched a tip of the iceberg, Its best to learn the true depths of the manipulation before taking any action.

The Source of all evil must be destroyed, so that innocent people do not get hurt in the process.

Eric Dubay said...

Maurice, there should be an audio link to, but if that's not showing up for you, here's the first part of the interview on YouTube (in 6 parts):

The Lying Jews

Eric Dubay said...

Great articles Druv. Christianity and Islam are piggy-back religions riding Judaism's wave. And as you've shown in your work, Judaism is just an encrypted re-packaging of Hindu/Sanatana Dharma, the most ancient religion, once a world-wide metaphysics.

Anonymous said...

Clearly spoof or hoax. Since the rabbi is the very overacted. And it is a mixed recording. Has nuggets of truth but useless as a whole.

Anonymous said...

hmm.. i can't get the video (or is it audio?) to play. any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

It's just audio because it is on the RADIO. I don't WACTH alot of radio broadcasts. ;)


Eric Dubay said...

This link should take you to the entire interview.

There are definitely many nuggets of independently verifiable truths, I'm curious which parts make you deem it "useless as a whole?"

It may sound "overacted" because he's just unabashedly admitting and accepting Pastor Wickstrom's condemning points, but how does that make this a spoof/hoax?

Druv said...

Clearly spoof or hoax. Since the rabbi is the very overacted. And it is a mixed recording. Has nuggets of truth but useless as a whole.

No matter how many lies and deception you may spread under the veil of Anonymity - Truth always prevails and the ones responsible will pay for their crimes against humanity.

Fate will consume them, and time will forget them.

Such demons come dime a dozen.


I wouldn't say all Jews are bad, just the one who played the massive ploy, i will write soon about it - so the innocent ones are not killed.

Druv said...

The arrogance comes from the knowledge that they already have them in their complete control, and that he still follows the God of Yahweh who is the originator of Abraham who gave birth to the 13 Tribes of Israel -- which has nothing to do with the origins of the Celts who existed before them.

Hence the Europeans are not Abrahmic people, but Celtic people.

Jay said...

I thought very highly of this web site until I came across this post. Ladies and Gentlemen, Anti-semetism is racism. Exactly like a white person hating a black person for being black. It is no different. How could you possibly think that all Jews or even the majority of them are evil? You can find an evil minority of people given any race or culture. As someone who has spent a lot of time around Jews and Rabbi, I can assure you that no legitimate Rabbi who's has fulfilled all the duties and been through years of studying holy texts and building character would say some of the things the "Rabbi" from the video said. The Rabbi from the video was making comments that have no place in Judaism. This video is clearly not authentic and I expected a lot more from this site. I believe CNN's version of 9/11 more than I believe this video is real.

Eric Dubay said...

Calm your shit Jay. I never said "that all Jews or even the majority of them are evil." Where did you come up with that? And why are you pretending that I said it?

I merely posted the interview and asked for people's opinions, hoping it would spark some interesting discussion. Instead however it's sparked some unfounded accusations and condemnations from you. I'm sorry that you "thought very highly of this web site until you came across this post" and that you "expected a lot more from this site" ... I expected more of my commenters as well Jay, like not to put words in my mouth, and equate posting this to being anti-semetic.

I judge everyone based on their own personal merit/morality/integrity - Jew or "Gentile," so I am not racist in any sense of the word. If you read the Talmud and other Jewish texts, however, you'll find that us "Goyim Gentiles" (Jewish terms for non-Jews) are spoken of in incredibly racist terms, claiming themselves to be "God's chosen people" and everyone else their chattel.

The Jews have also been expelled from 85 countries in their history!

Jewish Expulsions

Why do you think that is?

"Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves." -Menachem Begin (Israeli Prime Minister, 1977-1983. Nobel Prize Winner for...Peace! Seriously)

"The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races...and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel...will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition..." -Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574

Druv said...

why dont you tell me why "Hitler" used the term "Aryan and Swastika" which are the symbols of ancient India which was known as "Aryavrata".

The anti semetic barrier was built the same time India was under the Dominion of German Jew Rothschild owned British East India company. Tell me if he owned so much power then why didnt he stop it?

Because it was their plan to begin with.

Why did German Jew Einstine Replace "Aether Wave Theory" and God from science in 1900's, when the concept of Aether comes from the Vedas.

The Age of Enlightenment of 1800's is directly connected with Jewish Enlightenment which only came after they stole the knowledge of the Vedas Via British east India company and warped the minds and history of India to the highest degree.

Why was India and China chosen to be the outsourcing companies? for the same reason to keep us at the very bottom of the food chain so we would never fight back.

Why "Protocols of Elders of Zion" talked about the millions of hands of Vishnu and how the Zionist would be controlling every thing and also the opinion of the masses with million of their hands?

Sorry, your comment has no meaning - Fraudulent Anti Semitic barrier will be broken down and they will be exposed for who they are.

Its time to pay the piper!

Druv said...

Racism was started by the Zionist to make the Anti semetic barrier to defend against any future attacks that they might face due to the backlash of the "Cattle or Goyim Gentiles"

The agenda is clear push other people down to make themselves higher.

The Original racists should pay for their crimes that are as vast as 2500 years.

Eric Dubay said...

Good points Druv. As you've shown before their entire mythology and traditions right down to "Sitting Shiva" come straight from Hinduism and God Shiva:

Sitting Shiva

Judaism (and subsequently Christianity and Islam) are just warped re-workings of earlier Egyptian, and earlier still Hindu beliefs.

Eric Dubay said...

And as the Rabbi pointed out, Jews aren't just a race or just a religion, but rather they're a little bit of both. Add in the Ashkenazi / Sephardic confusion, and it's even less clear. If you're mother's a Jew then you are forever a Jew, which makes it a somewhat "racial" thing. But non-Jews can simply "convert" to Judaism if they wish regardless of race or ancestry. So the whole ADL, SPLC, and Jay way of crying "racism!" any time this is brought up is just a childish red-herring pigeon-holing technique.

Druv said...

yes, the triangle, and the star of David ( heart chackra/ Shatkona) - the upper triangle represents Shiva and the triangle pointing down is Shakti.

The freemasons used the triangle and the eye which are both the symbols of God Shiva to make people fear him.

They call him the Devil, the trident is his weapon.

With the trident he destroys all evil.

He is the most powerful of the trinity of Sanatan dharma - he is the great warrior God, the god of the battle field, the god of knowledge.

The fools challenged the most ancient of all Gods, the horned God of the Celts and Pashupatinath of Sanatan Dharma.

They disturbed his meditation, and now his third eye will open...!

The legend of tripura will come to pass and the three dark cities will burn....!

Three dark cities - Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Its time to be vaporized by the third eye of Shiva!

Burn baby burn !! =)

shukulas zuma said...

Its interesting we have two people here who both champion their 'race' as 'victors' in the NWO to come.

I find both their views repugnant as they are both points on the same circle. If you follow them around long enough they both converge into the same thing which is FASCISM.

Finkelstein is amusing in his candour and brazen self acclamation and Winstrom is not far behind. Both are self righteous deluded One Worlders that believe in their 'race' and 'god' as their only saviours.

To me all religion and i also include atheism and New Age, are mere points on the same circle of deceit. You follow them around long enough and they will lead you into a New World Order.

Anonymous said...

Why is Druv promoting the worship of Shiva and Hindu deities? What makes them any different or more special, or for that matter - more arousing than the gods of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism?

If one is willing to be a little critical here - you'd realize that all religion - old and new are the same thing dressed up in different facades.

Perhaps Druv should also, "investigate" the deeper occult dirty secrets of his religion and stop making AC into a soapbox for his religious dogmas (dharma, shiva, chakra-worship, animism, more mystic voodoo dressed up in a seemingly innocent cover - "metaphysics") which are the same as those that he despises in the first place (Judaism, Islam, Christianity).

I am not refuting what Druv is saying - it may be true, it may NOT be true. Either way, to accept what Druv says without investigating further is very much like getting the mafia to reduce "crime."

jazz said...

I don't believe this to be a hoax at all. The link within this article shows how this broadcast may have gained broader attention. To the many who don't believe what the Rabbi says, he's states and I quote; "even when you're told, you still don't believe".

Jewish lady tells it like it is:

Turns out, this guest was real and for a while was helping other survivors:

Anonymous said...

Anyone who claims their race or religion is superior over others is fooling themselves with Illusions of Grandeur. That is just your ego~your arrogance.

I see good and evil in all races.
My best friend is Reptilian, but before I even heard of this term, I though of her as the most honest, caring person with great integrity, so they are not all bad :)

Anonymous said...

The belief that one is superior over others will lend itself to control over those thought of as "inferior"--be it humans...or animals,
and in the case of the elitist believers, walking on two legs or four makes no difference, and are there to used and abused for the sake of the whims and convenience of the elitists.

Anonymous said...

i am very torn by this. as SHUKULAS ZUMA stated: these are 2 "people" who feel that only their race is worthy. Quite repugnant indeed!!!!!!

part of me wants to call B.S.
it sounds over acted and too brazen to be believed.

the rest of me knows that many of the points discussed are accurate.
plus i grew up in Brooklyn, ny around many zionist and it also sounds quite authentic and is not brazen enough considering their actions and disposition.

But that seems to be a trend with all religious zealots, including the pastor that is interviewing the rabbi.

Anonymous said...

This interview has been around for 10 years and is probably acted out. Still zionism is a horror. I just think it is wrong to connect zionism with judeism. I am not saying there is nothing wrong with judeism, or any other stupid "we are chosen" religeons. The point is zionism has taken this religeon hostage and creates hatred towards people. I am however hopeful that in the coming years religeon and monetairy systems will lose its hold of people and we as a human species will become a more mature collective where the growth of all of us will be possible. Beware however that it will probably get ugly since the powers that be will try to hold on to outdated imperialistic ideas that have no real relevance anymore in this new world. Maybe we will see the collapsing of the age of power soon.

As stated before i was almost disappointed that you really believed that this interview was valid. I am just saying it feels staged and probably is since i cant find information on its origins.

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. To the recent Anonymous, it's 5 years old, not 10, where did you get that figure? And Zionism didn't just "take Judaism hostage," ... look at the Jewish atrocities and expulsions throughout history. Zionism is the inevitable result and logical progression of Judaism's superiority complex and racist ideology.

I am however hopeful that in the coming years religion and monetary systems will lose its hold of people and we as a human species will become a more mature collective where the growth of all of us will be possible.

I am hopeful and working towards that goal as well. I tend to agree with Jazz though. The Rabbi comes straight out with it and laughs saying "even when we tell you the truth, you still don't believe it." Check out the links Jazz provided:

Evidence This is Not a Hoax

Jewish Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor

Jewish Woman Tells Us Why Many Jews Don't Live in Israel

Druv said...

I am not refuting what Druv is saying - it may be true, it may NOT be true.

This statement clearly proves a disinformation agent to make people confused about the inevitability of the impending destruction of the monsters who have warped the world to the highest degree.

No matter how hard you try, you can never win against me.

Your empty disinformation tactics are nothing to me.

Liers, cheats, and disinformation agents have no power over me -- you can never stop me =)


The 13 tribes of 13 tribes of israel originated from Abraham, and the original Judaism existed before them.

The original Judaism was just like the Celtic civilization which was taken over by the people of Abraham to basically destroy the world.

Like Eric has shown that Judaism still has "Shiva Customs" hence they were once one of us who were Warped by the advent of Abraham.

Even Celts had "Shiva worship who they called horned God."

The "Abrahmist" are the true core of all evil.

Druv said...

I meant 13 family of the 13 tribes of Israel who control the world bank, UN, NATO, and who are creating the world court to create done world order so they can control and destroy the people of the world when the "need" calls for it.

Their origins lie in Abraham which is the true key to their absolute destruction.

Druv said...

Also the Arabs had the moon God just like the Celts of Europe and God Shiva is the same Moon God they worship.

God Shiva has a crescent moon in his hair, hence my point is we are you and you are us.

My point is we are the same people, hence the concept of race does not exist.

I would be your opposite to the Global Elite and you need us more than ever and vice versa.

Druv said...

I can help return the original spiritual knogledge that the "Abrahamist" have taken from the world.

They created the concept of "Race" to separate the world so they would end up fighting each other and destroy each other. They created the different terms that separated people like Caucasian, Asian, etc etc all that bull shit which are all based on physical appearances.

Allow me to completely demolish their lies, deception and corruption they have created --

Type your name in Google and see if your "Face" comes up along with the name you type -- You will never see your name. Why?

There are many people with the same name you have, then if your name your true identity?

All of those people look different, act different and have different back ground as you, but they are not you.

They may speak different language, or even have different skin color -- so what is your true identity?

Hence your true Identity can never be found in the physical world.

Remember these words if you dont understand them and let them echo into your soul:

You are not your name and you are not your body -- You are Atman, you are Brahman.

Atman - Brahman in Sanskrit means your soul which is never dying but in this universe it is constantly traveling in your body. You body is a temporary vehicle which does not represent your true form. You objective is to realize your true self and finally realize your true source.

Hence, do not find your true identity in the physical world because it is temporary and always transforming. Look at some thing that never changes which is your Soul and find the answers within.

Find your original Source.

Druv said...

One of the biggest Cities in Italy "Milan", this word exists in Sanskrit which means a "to meet".

Which proves that it was once a place where people of Sanatan Dharma used to exist who were warped by the people of Abraham.

Anonymous said...

The Master Race indeed? God gave "IT" to them. What a load of rubbish from Moloch, a Canaanite idol to whom children were sacrificed. Jewish worshipers who have nothing better to do than to nod at their wailing wall to invoke God's wrath upon all Christians or non Jews.

Anonymous said...

Druv's simple worldview that there are, "evil" people out to destroy his holy religion or something is clearly a sign of paranoia that is taken to extremes.

Perhaps Druv should, "take a break" and observe instead of radically defending everything he says as, "truth" and realize that even his own research can mislead him without him realizing it.

Druv said...

Druv's simple worldview that there are, "evil" people out to destroy his holy religion or something is clearly a sign of paranoia that is taken to extremes.

Ill have to say it again to make you understand that you do not have the ability to take me on what so ever, you are 10,000 years to early to challenge me what so ever.

Like i said before - liers, cheats and disinformation agents have no power over me!

You simply do not have the power to stop me.

I will destroy the warped world that has given your kind ( liers, cheats, thugs, disinformation agents ) power, you will loose all your strength.

My intellect alone is enough to "burn your stupidity to oblivion!"

Anonymous said...

@ Druv

Eye see that Eric removed your comment about my being "retarded" for commenting about the Ego=Arrogance thing. I didnt direct it at YOU, but yet, YOU sensed it was referring to YOU. Gee, I wonder why you would feel that. Did I touch upon a sensitve nerve, Druv?

Ever look to see how using those slanders come back as a reflection of yourself :)

As far your comment about my "hiding" behind the nomer of Anonymous", you yourself are hiding behind that image of Shiva, unless you are really a blue hermaphrodite. More illusions of grandeur...

:) The Truth hurts sometimes.

Anonymous said...

But not to worry Druv,
Light is coming:

Eric Dubay said...

For Druv and "Anonymous" Xinyu, I'm done approving heaps of ad hominems and off-topic banter, so please stop bickering or it will go unpublished.

I didn't remove the "retarded" comment either Xinyu, Druv deleted that himself. And don't bother leaving a comment saying that you're not Xinyu, as you've been caught in that lie more times than I care to publish.

Anonymous said...

I'm just as surprised the Rabbi was so forthright in answering those questions.

Well, that's one more reason to go vegetarian. Those McD "kids meals" really are true to their advertising.

No wonder there are 800,000 kids that go missing every year in the U.S.

The Postmodern Moron said...

Eric, love the site. Visit once a day, usually. Gotta say, though, I really doubt the validity of this interview. Rabbi "Finkelshteen" seems a little TOO Jewish and the "pastor" doesn't so much as bat an eye when the rabbi casually states that the god of the Jews is Lucifer. If I counted correctly, the rabbi stated that 3 times, and the pastor didn't even address it once. That seems like a pretty big deal to ignore. Parts 1-3 were astounding yet believable, but the 2nd half seemed a little staged. The only validation to this interview is a link to a blog called "The Cohen Report", which has a total of 3 articles posted in 2006. The bio of "Aaron Cohen" lists his affiliations, including American Mothers For Torture and The Jewish Endowment For World Dominance. Seems to me like a bad joke or an even worse attempt to spread "Anti-Semitism". Can anyone give any legitimacy to this interview?

Anonymous said...

Long-time reader, first time commenter - this is the first time I've ever been motivated to comment, that's how detestable I find this post to be.

I used to respect this site, but not anymore. You might as well have published a link to "the protocols of the elders of zion". It's the willingness to embrace anti-semitism by so many in the "conspiracy theory" community that gives those in power and the weak minded sheep who follow them the ability to dismiss the truth as "conspiracy theories" so easily and posts like this one are actually harmful to the real truth getting out there. I'm much more inclined to believe that so-called Christian conservative American elitists in the GOP worship Lucifer than the entire Jewish faith/race. This is just racism/anti-semitism at its worst.

And for the record, I am a fallen-away Catholic turned atheist and am not Jewish.

Eric Dubay said...

That's how detestable I find this post to be. I used to respect this site, but not anymore.

I love how I simply post an interview, ask "what do you guys think of this?" and suddenly everybody's "lost respect" for me and the website. Are you guys really that touchy?

An AC reader sent me the interview curious what I thought. I thought it was interesting and wanted to know what you guys thought, so I posted it hoping to spur discussion. Instead I get condemnation for daring to even question the oh-so-taboo Jewish subject.

Back on my "Who Really Controls the World?" article I had commenters getting after me for NOT mentioning the Jews! I'm not saying one way or the other, just exploring the topic, but if that's too "detestable" for you Jay and Anonymous then don't let the back button hit you on the way out. Peace

Anonymous said...

Don't try that anti-Semi-tism ploy.
It's getting old.

If anything, why does the Rabbi call non-Jews--Gentiles? That's anti-Gentilism.

Anonymous said...

But what about those McKid burgers & sausages?

Rabbi DID state they are not cannibals, so they sell the kid meat to the slaughterhouses.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting if someone where to analyze the DNA content of McBurgers & McSausages.

Druv said...

Back on my "Who Really Controls the World?" article I had commenters getting after me for NOT mentioning the Jews! I'm not saying one way or the other, just exploring the topic, but if that's too "detestable" for you Jay and Anonymous then don't let the back button hit you on the way out. Peace

That really made me laugh!

Anonymous said...

"An AC reader sent me the interview curious what I thought. I thought it was interesting and wanted to know what you guys thought, so I posted it hoping to spur discussion. Instead I get condemnation for daring to even question the oh-so-taboo Jewish subject."

Your protestations and attempts at defending yourself ring hollow and false, especially after reading your 10/25 12:14AM response to "Jay" could just as easily be argued that Evangelical Christians refer to non-believers and those of other faiths (That reverend who recently referred to Mormonism as a "cult" is a great example) and constantly condemn anyone who does not believe as they do are just as "racist" as you claim the Jews are...not that I'm defending Mormonism, or even that I really want to defend Judaism, either - personally, I believe all organized religion(s) are fairy tales and opiates for the masses, so I view them all with equal disdain - Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Mormonism, etc...but to attempt to rebut that you do not have your mind at least partially made up on the subject and are just throwing up such an obiously hate filled "interview" with a reply to the first person that challenges your posting of it with additional references to the Jews as racist, pointing out that they've been expelled from 85 countries, and then posting two quotes that seem to back up the point being made in the "interview" (that you claim to only have put up because you were "hoping it would spark some interesting discussion") kind of undermines your whole attempt at denial that you at least in part endorse the ideas being presented in the post in question...

Anonymous said...

@ Augadha

I'm still new to this, but look the direction of Yah-way:

Druv said...

"they've been expelled from 85 countries"

Tell me, why were they expelled by not one, not 2 but 85 countries?

Their greed was noticed by every country and it was also a planned attempt on their part of make their anti - semetic barrier stronger to make themselves look like the victims which they can use to victimize the whole world.

Sorry you fail to understand the double games they love to play to manipulate people around the world, stop wasting your time on some thing you dont understand.

Anonymous said...

Preyers for Your Kids:

Anonymous said...

McDonald's Serves Kids:

jazz said...

Hi Eric! I see this conversation is still going and growing! Great! That's what needs to happen more... OPEN DIALOGUE about ALLLLLL "taboo" subjects.

Let's see if anyone can dispute what this man says and see how it aligns with some of the things the ("over-acting") Rabbi said.

We like to think we know it all but there actually were people who came before us who knew a whole lot more. What Freedman says is unnerving.

Knowledgeislightweight said...

@ Eric: This is undoubtedly a hoax. Aaron Cohen and Danny Steinberg dont even exist, nor do any of their firms they are seemingly active members of. I understand the impacts of Zionism and their neo-con goons, but for you to believe this is a real interview is quite laughable. Did you even check the link you sited as "proof"...there is one article about payment regarding this interview...another hoax...with ONE...yes one other published writing. P.R.I.R. is a dead web page with ZERO content. C'mon dude...source check a bit more...and if you want to throw the Zionist's under it with accuracy...not satire taken as fact.

Eric Dubay said...

Aaron Cohen and Danny Steinberg dont even exist, nor do any of their firms they are seemingly active members of.

How, oh omniscient one, do you know that two people do not exist? You speak with assumed authority about something you could not and do not know. Questioning their existence and authenticity is fine, but pretending like you know is over-stepping your subjective limits, dude.

If you doubt the information covered in the interview, then watch the link Jazz provided and try to tell us Benjamin Freedman didn't exist:

A Jewish Defector Warns America

Anonymous said...

First post, I don't dislike Jews at all but I also don't think Isreal has a right to exist, at least not in it's current location. I also don't think that the people that call themselves Jewish today are even semetic. There's where I stand but damn this is a hoax and you have to see that. Don't you get a gut feeling that tells you this is a joke? How could you not. If you don't get that feeling and you want to believe this Rabbi is an actual Zionist expressing his legit views then watch this:

Druv said...

Nope its not a joke, none of it!

The Original "Zealots" were the ones who invaded Rome and took over the Gentile world of Celts and created Christianity over the Celtic Civilization.

500 years after their success in Europe, they did the Same thing to the Arabs by warping the Triple Goddess worship by programming Mohammad to create Islam over the original culture.


I wont allow your treachery either!

jazz said...

At Anon who linked the Tinyurl link...

Did you actually link that because of the common name? Clearly that's not the person in this radio interview.

The resistance to facts in our current society is somewhat alarming although I'm completely aware that is also part of a larger plan, too.

John Lotus has already shared that 1/3 of American History has been CLASSIFIED so what makes you think you've got the information when he knows a butt load has been omitted?

Anonymous said...

"The holocoust hoax" ?? are you serious? and yet on this same blog you publish pictures of holocoust victims piled up next to slaughtered animals? so which is it? you can't have it both ways.. The holocoust was NOT a hoax any more than the animal cruelty in CAFO's is today. you are a good thinker, but hugely misguided on this one.

Eric Dubay said...

There was no mass extermination plan of Jews in Hitler's army. The pictures of emaciated men piled up is from after the allied invasion when we cut off food/transportation lines to the camps and nearly everyone starved to death. They were NOT gassed. And there was NO extermination program. Do some research before regurgitating the same lies the mainstream media told you.

Eric Dubay said...

Why the Holocaust Denial?

chisugarlove said...

After listening closely to the broadcast, I may be wrong, but the interview sounds fake. The voices of the pastor and the rabbi sound similar, and the accent of the rabbi is not credible. Sounds like the pastor read his questions and then played pre-recorded answers from the rabbi which he recorded himself, trying to use a NY jewish accent and did a poor job. I don't think a real rabbi would go on his show and be so forthcoming with the damning revelations about his people.

I am a person who recognizes clearly the disgustingly racist views held by talmudic jews toward the "goyim" and see the obvious: that if they are not at the helm of the conspiracy against mankind, that they certainly figure prominently on the team of henchmen being used to perpetrate the assault upon humanity by some very dark forces.

So I am by no means a supporter of jews or their zionist agenda. But, sad to say, that radio interview sounded just plain fake to me. Sorry. Just my humble opinion. I really do hope I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

Sounds as though you are imposing your own religion but my question is can you prove to me that these beliefs in sheva, originated before the belief of a one true god? Give me times and dates only then can you prove this because there is dates for the origination of these beliefs and we all know abraham was born in bc, after the flood of help me understand give me the evidence that I ask for please

Anonymous said...

I think that 'we' should boycott by not purchasing from their products. I know that it would be damn near impossible to find something that they don't own. We should keep our schekels in our own pockets. Boycott them for life. Consciously BOYCOTT.
I mean people come on......its time. Make the video post go viral before they remove all of them. Open your eyes and connect the dots. I'm waiting for McDonalds to respond......what about you?

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First thing about this video and Rabbi Abraham Finkelstein is he represents Babylonian Talmudism. This is the oral tradition of some who say they're Jews. Ethiopian Jewry developed apart from Either Babylonian Talmud and Jerusalem Talmud. Talmud has it's riots in the belief that while Moses was getting Ten Commandments from God, down at the base of Mount Moriah, seventy elders it claims, received the much more important oral tradition. I say much more important version, because that's what Babylonian Talmud says.
Talmud is supposed to be a commentary on Torah. It is, along with Encyclopedia Judaica the single greatest book of blasphemous drivel ever conceived by those with hate, self-hate, greed, jealousy, lust—Talmud is the original Black Bible for its verses are obsessed with and likened to every deadly sin including lies and murder.

what's important to remember is most Jews don't study Talmud. And certainly Ethiopean Jewry NEVER accepted it since the whole tradition of Ethiopean culture, both Jewish, or Yehudim to be precise, and Christian is centered on Ark of the Covenant, and in the case of Ethiopean Christians who found YESHUA bar ElElyon is the messiah.

Jesus was Yehudim, not Jewish as the word was not yet used. Does it make a difference? As far as Jewry is established under Talmud being "superior to Torah that even God stands when he studies it in Heaven" Babylonian Talmud.

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Jesus condemnation and rejection of the Sanhedrin found in Matthew 23:13 is profound and absolute as he read out the charges against them, here is an abridged run down, paraphrased: "Blind guides! who bow before the letter of the law but violate the heart of the law: You are like whited sepulchres, all fair and clean without, but within: full of deads men's bones and all corruption. YOURS, IS A HOUSE OF DESOLATION! Brood of will any of you escape damnation?"

Damnation in most eastern faith is repetion until one can surrender fully all physical and spiritual passions which ever they be. This is the same as Yeshua taught. They maya is deception that chains a soul to this plane. Just as in Khundalini,Shaktipat yoga where disciples advance as Guru advances, so too is the path of YESHUA ELOHIM as he conquered reaching what in Yoga is called Nirvilkalpa Samadhi, or liberation of the soul before starting his ministry.

Swami Sri Kirpalvandaji was in Sumneytown Pennsylvania when his soul transformed in the thousand petal lotus, so were we. It was his part of his samadhi to read New Testament. He in fact told some disciples there that their path will unfold within the Jesus construct alone. I was one whom he said this to. And, we left before the move and subsequent dissolution of the Massachusets Ashram from the karma ropes that binds to this plane.

Kripalu knew suffering out of supreme devotion with surrender to God is path some must take to loosen their karma bonds. Without convergence with the Divine power of all encompassing love, we are merely working to ensure our slavery persists over and over again. Talmudism is rooted in vengeance and all things that push God's power away. It is a slave highway with sorcery and witchcraft, spells and works to subdue—it is in every way a slow death march. What seems like power is merely practice of argumentation that builds synaptic connections enhancing the brains abilities, but not so much more than the study of mathematics and word composition formats the brain harnessing its powers to dream or to die. Even manifestations of shakti, if desired and sought after as the end rather than the vehicle of transformation, are just like purchasing a more exclusive toy no one else can readily obtain.

What Western Christians have never been taught at large with exceptions, is they must learn the inner way as much as the outer way.
Philokalia of the Eastern Church along with their chants assist greatly when people discover them, yet the peace and place they seem to avoid at all costs is the path of maha-samadhi, or inner worship. The faith and trust in Yeshua as guru and God, for his followers must be absolute for not one Eastern faith has ever come out against or denied YESHUA ELOHIM as Son of God.

His followers must never think they are better or more safe, as YESHUA said, "and I have other followers too" Whether he meant on this Earth or throughout creation is not important, he said. "You follow me!" Simple.

If you watch Rabbi Finkelstein, balance your experience with this link after:

Shalom alaikum
Yohannan Èvangèliste Walensis

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I too thought I heard a discrepancy or two. It's easy enough to find out about the TWC insurance in public records?

We know there is no place in democracy for secret groups, so if it's Talmudism at the top, they re joined by all the sell outs among the English elite who by their own desperate attempts to subjugate nations proves them able. We want to know how far this well runs. Was Victoria the daughter of an Amshel Bauer son? Is Clinton? Is Barbara Pierce Bush?
Also, there is no escaping that Mao ZeDong was a puppet manufactured by Jewish Commissars or American birth who had been in China from the beginning of the Revolution murdering 40 million Chinese Buddhists and Christians. Check out Talmud in China on Google!
Talmudism is HUGE for it lacks the ability to control murderous impulses.

The single most effective weapon against poverty inflicted upon American working class by One World Order is for people to start pooling resources. Phelps raise smart functional children aware they're in potential danger. Black and white! It's about who can be trusted. If you have no family, create one, though admittedly it's near impossible unless each is committed equally.
Kids of mixed Jewish hermitage will usually suffer unless mom is Jewish. It's why Jake Gylenhaal is highest paid actor. That's nothing against Jake or his mom, but Brad Pitt did have to become a Mason.
The minute this becomes a war against Jewry is the minute we loose our moral war.

I'm with the moderator—closer to liberation of the soul the happier I'll be. In the mean time, no one can love another as an island. Even the Mahayogi requires a disciple to bring basic needs and firewood. Christians are taught: if some one takes you coat give him your shirt as well. If someone hits you on right, offer them the left. Surrender all wanting nothing of this world but to care for those you love yet even that must not be a rope. We all have a transition to make from this life to the next—such us the one unexplored or unreported frontier. In most cases it will hurt. But it need no be painful if we advance surrendering pain and even our lives for a shot at eternal life.
For you with dependants like children and old people—Be sure you know your people before letting them in. Many will come for your resources only.
There are two places in Christian scripture that speak of rapture: one that says "I will come for you" is Revelations 3:10 "Since you have kept my command to endure patiently, I will also keep you from the hour of trial that is going to come on the whole world to test the inhabitants of the earth. "

Seek now, don't wait! And watch !

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A new prespective in to this matter .

The only place in the world that jews were readily accepted is kerala. , why? Jews call them self choosen people of god ! And there is only one place on earth which calls its self gods own country. Which is kerala. The great saint Parashurama brought the ancestors of jews to kerala , who were called namboothri . where they were. Given specific tasks to safe guard the vedic teachings and. Santana dharma , but suddenly , greed and power got the better of them , they where excommunicated , most of the evil ones . From them on they have been on the move to europe via khazaria , they called them self jews in syria , and aka kalani . Since they where from kerala, the namboothri who stayed back where not so diffrent they were just as evil and theiving and intrepreted the holy vedas for their own gain , the. More evil half of the namboothri went out of india and complied their own version of veda which purely evil with more degenerating practices .