Saturday, February 11, 2012

Stop Being Food for the Reptilian Complex

Thomas Sheridan, author of the ground-breaking book "Puzzling People: Labyrinth of the Psychopath," has recently published a second book "Defeated Demons" and produced a DVD "Breaking the Babylon Mind." The above video taken from the DVD is an awesome monologue getting deep into the nature of psychopathy and what he calls the psychopathic control grid.


Michelle York said...

Another very interesting article you've presented Eric. So necessary..

Anonymous said...

Eons of Archons;
Our con of Aeons:


I Dream of Jinni:

Anonymous said...

Pepto Abyssmal:

I had DREAMT what the guy in the video SAW--in my dream about 15 years ago, I dreamt I was in a basement and there was the humm of the heater, and there was a table with a guy sitting there, but more menacing was this pinkish-gray BLOB (like the blob in Pepto-Bismo commercial) just hovering over the heater furnace.
I felt a feeling of menace, but everything was still and quiet aside from the hum of the furnace. Then I woke up shortly.
I only remembered this dream upon hearing this interview when the guy mentioned seeing the archon blob--and I felt so familiar with what he was saying, then realized I had this dream long ago.

Much like my dream of being in this underground warehouse that was ominous, but I peered thru the doors, and saw men pushing carts around, and it was quiet.
And I didnt know why or what was making this an ominous feeling. And last year, I saw a picture of the VATICAN library, and it hit me that this was what I saw in my dream probably about 20 years ago!

Anonymous said...

Lately, I've been pondering how psychopaths are "created", and it seems to fit with the idea of archons invading our minds, as you've researched that psychopathy does not seem to be an inherited anomaly.
Perhaps something traumatic happened on ones life, and the archons were able to "slip in" due to a change/fluctuation in one's body's energy fields.

Jimminy Cricket!



Anonymous said...

Vexed Vaccines:

60 Degrees:

Zombie "Game":

Summer of the UnDead:


nvra75 said...

another great post!!!!

extremely pertinent information.

i agree with TS, these psychopaths are a different sub-species than the rest of us and are not quite human beings.

im not suggesting that they are aliens/reptiles/etc... but i don't feel they are one of us (human beings), and their actions coincide with this line of thought.

"the fox is guarding the hen house"

Anonymous said...

Psychopaths are essentially counterfeit consciousness who are incapable of introspection, self-actualization, and are only as dangerous as the number of people who follow and obey them.

Psychopaths feed on fear, but are also fearful of losing their iron grip upon human consciousness - i.e. the real humans with what Chris Hohn calls, "theomorphic" consciousness - that are capable of introspection, are not retaliatory, do not react to the chaos the world, and know that the entire world and universe is an illusion based on the psychopathic reptilian brain, because we all have it.

Psychopaths, in essence are robots, terminators, machines with no feeling or remorse for anything that they do.

Now, psychopathy can potentially occur even in the purest of conscience. This is because it is easier to make people react than it is to pull them out of the emotional black-hole that most people choose to be in, even if they are aware of it only in a subconscious, sublimated way.

Everyone has to potential to be a psychopath, but to be born one is to simply be your own private tyrant...and even worse beyond private tyranny and oppression is public tyranny and sociopath paranoia control, fear, and guilt. Once again, the best and purest are just as capable of being corrupted and misguided by fear, guilt, and anger as anyone else. That is when the psychopath emerges, always hidden behind the veil of the victim, the prey, when it is slowly but surely transforming themselves into the real predator.

The perpetual-victim mentality, blame, anger, and inability to break away from the past, and constant worrying about the future are all potential symptoms of potential psychopathy and rule by the reptilian brain.

Anonymous said...

He has a few historical and opinionated statements that i do not fully agree with, but other than that...Damn, that hit the spot(: peace-AG

Anonymous said...

A gang of axe murdering psychopaths are coming at you. They aim to slaughter you and everyone you know and love. Your whole community in fact. Your response is non-cooperation, your love vibes are going to work their magic and pacify the gang. Sure, they've been responsible for killing millions of people, countless babies and pregnant women, they poison the skies and waters, they attack relentlessly in every way possible, but they' are bound to see the error of their ways. Just light a candle and sing kumbya. Just feel good and be good and it will all go away. It's just an illusion anyway, right?

I think the only way to fight a psychopath is to use your own reptilian predatory nature. Instead of worrying about what they are going to do to you, become the bigger predator and destroy them.

Now I know that's not a popular message. Not PC. You want to occupy the higher moral ground. You're the good guy. But the problem is your using the wrong tool for the job. You can't fight psychopathic violence with popular philosophy. And you can't embarrass them, talk them round, protest and petition them into good behavior. You have to defeat them, stop them, destroy them, end them. Ask a Greek.

That reptilian brain of yours, the one you don't want to acknowledge — that's the tool you need. But don't need to listen to me. It's unpleasant huh? So peace and love man, and good luck with those psychopaths.

Anonymous said...

Follow the Pussy:

Anonymous said...

A Fluke of Nature:

Bottoms Up!

Anonymous said...

There are basically two "extremes" in resolving the psychopath crisis that is facing humanity.

The first one is to not to do anything about it, and let them wreck havoc and chaos as much as they want. Then, people who love one another can be traumatized by fear, guilt, and the need to react.

The opposite extreme is to as, one of the latest anonymous suggest, we embrace our own psychopathic, reptilian, fear-based mentality, and become just like the psychopaths that can be allegedly be destroyed by our own "psychopathy." The assumption here is that since the psychopaths are so dangerous, we might as well give up being all cuddly and good, and forget about, "morality" altogether, and engage in a war against them by being psychopaths ourselves. So, it is very much like fighting terror with terror, and fire with fire.

Somewhere between these two extremes of doing nothing, and having no role to play in fixing up the illusion, and being a psychopath to keep the illusion going is a middle ground.

The middle ground, based on my opinion and whatever wisdom I have is to read the script of the world carefully, and to pay attention to what is going on around us. We do not have to react by being emotionally traumatized, nor do we have to become savages and brutes who are willing to fight to the death.

We discover the script that is guiding the reptilian mind within ourselves, and just watch and wait. In other words, my proposition is leaning more towards the doing-nothing approach.

If we become psychopaths ourselves, then we might as just destroy ourselves in the process.

These are some of my ideas. Anyone else?

Anonymous said...

The last two long Anonymous' must be the same person I'm convinced.

You must heavily confused my friend. Fight psychopaths by being a psychopath and that will solve the problem?

What!? Lol.

You are filled with hatred and fear my man. I feel for you...

Anonymous said...

Not all killers are murderers. Some killers took the only action they could to defend themselves against being murdered.

Spirituality, kindness and love are not the right tools on the battlefield. They make you defenseless. This is not a situation in which moral engagement is going to change the course of our enemy. This is not a bar fight in which you can talk yourself out of trouble. Your life is on the line. We are being destroyed with great determination.

Using our survival, predator instincts to defeat a deadly enemy isn't to turn ourselves into psychopaths, it is to activate that part of us that is needed for our defense. It is too embrace our full humanity in a mature, intelligent, and aware manner. It is too choose not to be a victim, and to act fearlessly in the face of evil.

The alternative seems to be: act peacefully, hold the moral high ground, and hopefully the police and military will stop beating us up and protecting the criminal elite as they go about destroying us. The police and military are the enemy of humanity. They have propped up every evil dictatorship there's ever been. Good luck with that buddy. I'm going self-defense, and it's that reptilian part of my brain that's waking up.

Eric Dubay said...

The last two long Anonymous' must be the same person I'm convinced. You must heavily confused my friend. Fight psychopaths by being a psychopath and that will solve the problem? What!? Lol. You are filled with hatred and fear my man. I feel for you...

Yes, I'm afraid those were both from my creepy obsessed fan turned unrelenting enemy, resident "Anonymous" nihilist cynic stalker, Mr. Xinyu Hu. Booo, hissss. I should really stop approving his comments, but sometimes I let them stand so you all can show him what's up.

I liked the most recent Anonymous' response. Good points.

Eric Dubay said...

By the way, the first long Anonymous talking about Chris Hohn is also Xinyu. See how he pretends to be different people and even has minor "disagreements" with himself? On the forum you can watch him do this with different aged/gendered personas all coming from the exact same IP address, LOL:

Atlantean Stalker

Eric Dubay said...

Xinyu is actually a perfect case-study for psychopaths, how to recognize and deal with them. I heard a good quote yesterday about psychopaths, "there's only two kinds of people in this world; people who want to be left alone, and people who won't leave you alone." Psychopaths, being the predator-parasites they are, are the latter.

Xinyu seemlessly went from being an obsessed needy fan to sworn enemy when I stopped pandering to him. He is a pathological liar who (as you see in the above link) continues unphased even after being caught in multiple lies and called out by everyone involved. He has no remorse, revels in revenge, and comes back tomorrow for more. You guys should see the long-winded condescending emails he constantly sends me. And this has been going on for well over 2 years. He never tires of creating false personas and arguing or agreeing with himself. He thoroughly enjoys creating controversy and me giving this much attention to him right now is putting him in ecstasy. He loves all attention, especially if it's negative.

The best way to deal with them, as Thomas Sheridan says, is no contact ever again. I've now blocked his emails, his facebook, and made AC blog and forum approval-only. I don't write back to his messages and now I've even stopped reading them as they've lost their entertainment value. I've let some of his "Anonymous" comments through in the interest of sparking some worthwhile debate, but I can see even this is pointless. No contact ever again is the way to deal with psychopaths. Of course, as you can see with Xinyu's 2+ year obsession, they will keep trying like hell to stay in contact with you, but ultimately they will move on to weaker, less-discerning targets, and as long as you're not giving them any of your energy (positive or negative) then they leave "hungry."

Anonymous said...

Well I guess it comes with the territory right?

Not everyone has had to opportunity to have been loved or paid attention to. I think that's why these people seem to think that all this positive/love attitude is crap, they don't know what it is.

All we can do with these people is to let them go and hope they realize what they're doing to themselves.

And I just want to say, keep up the good work Eric. I sincerely applaud you for this thing you got going. It's what we need. Don't let 'em bring you down dude!

Eric Dubay said...

I appreciate that, thanks.

Anonymous said...

If "Xinyu" is really a, "psychopath" as you claim Eric, then why would be he concerned about introspection, finding a middle ground between two extremes, and discussing these issues in a diplomatic, approachable manner? Surely these are not the characteristics of a psychopath.

I don't know much about Xinyu or why you despise him, but regardless of whether or not he is a cynic, nihilist, or a satirist, may be this whole demonization process of your old, "friend" has been taken too far, and needs to be examined in retrospect.

In other words, take a larger view of the world other than your own narrow ego-bloating self-interests and propaganda that, no matter how "evil" Xinyu may or may not be, there are good points that he brings up.

And how would you know based on some quote that "Xinyu" is a psychopath? Ever met him in person? Talked to him one-on-one in person? Or are you just letting your paranoia take you over?

Everyone has their own inner demons, and it is not isolated to "psychopaths." Psychopaths are not everyone, but everyone has the reptilian brain which is enough to make us all "psychopaths" if we do not get out of the constant mindset of needing to hate another, and seek, "revenge."

If any part of this sounds "revengeful," or, "psychopathic" you're either deluded or are living in a fantasy land of perpetual self-abasement, vilification, and ego-worship.

You've taken your avoidance and rationalization too far Mr. Eric Dubay. Slow down and analyze the situation calmly before you jump in the ship and call anyone you despise a, "psychopath." I would not take your words for it. Not for a second. Not even Thomas Sheridan would be that arrogant to claim that your assertion is true. IP is not evidence enough at all for ANYTHING.

In fact, Eric may be a closet psychopath disguised as the perpetual victim of someone he knows little of.

Eric Dubay said...

So if you guys still haven't figured out his game, this last message is of course still Xinyu! He's talking about the same thing, with the same demeanor, using the same writing style, yet talking about himself in the 3rd person and pretending to be someone else.

I don't know much about Xinyu or why you despise him

LOL. Yes you do you psycho troll because you are Xinyu. You've been caught at this time and again and you still come back for more bold-faced lies from multiple personas. Do you think people are so stupid that they don't know it's you? You think by saying "oh, I don't know much about Xinyu" that you are "hiding" the fact that you ARE Xinyu?

Finding a middle ground between two extremes, and discussing these issues in a diplomatic, approachable manner? Surely these are not the characteristics of a psychopath.

No, but pathologically lying, and continuing the pathetic lie after being caught is characteristic. You've done this over and over... you create a lame persona that you think people won't know is you to come argue or agree with yourself, then when caught red-handed you simply continue unphased like you weren't just caught in a lie. You're only fooling yourself. You're a spiteful, vengeful, lying parasite and you enjoy making me miserable. You send me long diatribes like this incessently trying to somehow make me feel guilty about what an asshole you are. Good luck with that. I've been watching you make an ass of yourself for over 2 years and you never cease to amaze me how pathetic you are.

Anonymous said...

I say let it go Eric. Let this dude go. Now that I've been visiting this site for a while, I know who he is off the bat and I won't pay anymore attention to him. He's obviously out to harm you. He's nothing but a rotten twisted piece of doodoo...not worth your time or energy. Who argues with doodoo?! Lol

Anonymous said...

Simply Divine:

Eric Dubay said...

LOL, rotten twisted piece of doodoo. As for "letting him go," he just doesn't stop. Yesterday he sent me more facebook messages including "I don't think you can ignore me forever." He enjoys the "challenge" of finding new ways to pester me. I've more than "let him go" ... it's him who refuses to get a life. But whatever, I'm beyond giving even half a shit what he says or does, and it amuses me how pathetic he is.

Anonymous said...

Yes Massa, We all takes it up our Asses, Massa:

Anonymous said...

The Last Straw

Anonymous said...

X marks the Spot

Unknown said...

I'd be careful about calling me, "pathetic." It may come back to haunt you later Eric.

I "apologize" for being such an, "asshole" as you claim profusely no matter what I say, do, or try to defend whatever dignity I have as "anonymous."

Now that I have gotten this nasty business out of the way, it is time to move on with life, and "forgive and forget."

My choice to live a cynical, nihilistic, satirist, and albeit unconventional lifestyle is my choice. I don't live for you, or anybody else, no matter how, "right" you may think you are.

Don't judge me as a, "psychopath" because you are basing it off your own biased assertions with little or no substantial real-life contact.

All the emails I sent you are not meant to guilt you in anyway, condescending, or to make either of us morally superior (because you are not morally superior than I am).

I, Xinyu, no matter my wrongs and, "lies" have certainly not suffered too drastic a consequence for those actions, and I don't have to feel excessively pitiful or sorry about it, because it is all for fun. Nothing has happened to me in case you have not noticed.

I did not fall into a pit of depression, gone psycho, or engaged in highly questionable, controversial activity. In fact, my life has been just fine.

How about yours? Living the life of a paranoid for too long can be excessively harmful to your life and health. I did not make you paranoid, you did it to yourself. The greatest harm in life is not your "enemy," (note the quote - this is what you are saying about me, not what I ever suggested or implied about you) but usually yourself, and yourself alone.

Eric Dubay said...

I'd be careful about calling me, "pathetic." It may come back to haunt you later Eric.

Typical veiled threat. I don't have to wait until "later" for you to haunt me, you've been doing so for years with no sign of stopping.

I "apologize" for being such an, "asshole"

No you don't. If you truly felt remorse for all the shit you've put me through, you would do as you should and leave me the fuck alone. You're a pathologically lying, obsessive, vengeful psychopath so you don't actually feel sorry. You simply sarcastically write that you "apologize" (in quotes no less), play the woe-as-me card, then you'll be back finding new ways to "haunt" me tomorrow.

I, Xinyu, no matter my wrongs and, "lies" have certainly not suffered too drastic a consequence for those actions, and I don't have to feel excessively pitiful or sorry about it, because it is all for fun

You will. Karma's a bitch. And your "lies" aren't "lies," they are LIES (capital, without quotes). See how you "lie" to yourself, by telling yourself it's not "lying" it's just fun and games "haunting" your favorite "enemy." And no, you don't call me an "enemy," you just treat me that way. How? You add nothing positive to my life and refuse to leave me alone. What do you call someone like that? A parasite? An asshole? All of the above?

My life has been just fine. How about yours?

You spend hours of your day writing long, twisted emails about me, and even though I never reply, you keep cranking out new ones to send me. You told me you alienated all your friends and have none left. Who's the depressed paranoid here? My life is great except for you and you know it. That's why it's so fun for you to be a constant hemorrhoid on my ass. You're the one anally hanging on back there, so don't complain to me when you get shit on.

Unknown said...

In case you have not noticed, I am trying to diffuse the situation. And it is not, "years" it is only for several months since you have decided to go AWOL and make the comments approval only.

Your aggressive tone certainly is a contrast from mine. What good does a "veiled threat" do for either of us? You're making yourself miserable by assuming that I am your enemy in the first place.

Now, since we are officially half a world away, whatever "karma" bullshit happens is of no consequence. I certainly didn't get hurt as of late.

"Long, twisted emails about me" - hmmm, where did you get that notion? Did you even read them carefully and thought about the content, and not the writer? Or are you just imagining that I am your enemy in order to shore up your reputation, fragile ego, and your own inner demons from haunting you?

Notice I am not swearing in this email, nor am I implying expressively or subtly any hint of "harm" to you - that is physically and psychologically impossible unless you CONSENT to believing in the illusion that I, Xinyu is harming you.

You make your own reality, and in this case, the irrational and unlimited fear and hatred of me has been carried too far, hence here I am, out in the open.

I am here to diffuse the situation, not make it worse. Believe whatever you want about me, but in case you are not aware, you're twisting my words more than I am "twisting" yours.

And I might as well add this life principle: Usually, it is the people that you despise who know you better than those who treat you like the messiah/savior and holy victim that you imagine yourself to be.

You made yourself a "victim" in this stupid, pathetic, and overly exaggerated situation of demeaning me more than anything or anyone I have ever known - hell, not even my EX could verbally abuse me as bad as you Eric. Congrats.

I certainly don't want you feel miserable all your life, hence, no more games.

I shall officially apologize to you , and you shall accept it because this insanely stupid scenario between you and I over our different perspectives is not worth the emotional trauma on your end.

Notice I said, "officially apologize."

So, here it is:

I, Xinyu am sorry for being an asshole and an alleged parasite to you, Eric Dubay for the past few months. In return, I would request that you stop using verbally abusive, aggressive, and belligerent language against I, Xinyu Hu. In compensation, you will not receive anymore unpleasant emails about how paranoid you are, because let's look at this pathetic situation in perspective: It is you that is paranoid. I was simply trying to help you get out of it, but you deliberately in your irrational fear, twisted everything I wrote to suit your, "Xinyu is the psychopath" theory which in turn proves nothing about me.

The, "Xinyu is a psychopath" theory is an insult, and is offensive. It makes the situation worse between us than it already is, and it justifies your own irrational fears and anger directed at me for so many months. In return, it justified why I had to pretend to many more fake people because it was a way of not dealing with you directly. It was a necessary lie at the time.

Once again, you can either accept my apology or you can pretend that this is not happening because you may be wrong, just like I am in my life situations - because, for the sake of our interpersonal relationship, this pathetic and seemingly endless cycle of paranoia, hate, and misunderstanding must come to an end.

When can we have a civilized discussion/discourse without name-calling, belittling, random insults, and pathetic accusations?

Eric Dubay said...

Apology accepted. Now get the fuck out of my life and never contact me again. If I ever hear from you again, then your apology is bullshit. Goodbye.

Eric Dubay said...

And there you have it. This is how to deal with psychopaths. I won't be approving any more comments by Xinyu, anonymous or otherwise, because I am holding him to his word. He claims to apologize, claims to want to forgive and forget, says he doesn't want me to endure any more emotional trauma, and says he won't contact me anymore. Based on the past 2 years of my life, I expect he won't hold out for more than the next 24 hours before trying to comment, email, facebook, blog about me, or otherwise vent his obsession. But that is not my concern. My only concern is as Thomas Sheridan says "no contact ever again."

I shall officially apologize to you , and you shall accept it

Dictating the outcome of his own apology? Sincere people apologize from their hearts and accept whatever outcome. Psychopaths feel no remorse, thus all apologies are fake and merely used to control and "diffuse the situation" that they themselves created.

I had to pretend to be many more fake people because it was a way of not dealing with you directly. It was a necessary lie at the time.

A "necessary lie at the time," and he "had to pretend to be many fake people?" Sounds like the same kinds of excuses our government psychopaths make.

When can we have a civilized discussion/discourse without name-calling, belittling, random insults, and pathetic accusations?

Never, because I don't like you, and I don't enjoy interacting with you. It's not my obligation nor in my best interests to like you, to converse with you, or to ever acknowledge you in any way. Those are all privileges you have lost by proving yourself to be a vengeful, manipulative, dishonest, and completely negative person. And hollow apologies, fake personas, and word-spinning is not going to change that. The way you treat people has lasting consequences, and the way you have treated me has the lasting consequence of me never acknowledging you again (unless of course you try to physically contact me, in which case you've already been warned what will happen).

Has anyone ever seen "The Cable Guy?" My girlfriend and I watched in stitches making comparisons with Jim Carrey's psycho character to Xinyu. Matthew Broderick even confronts Jim Carrey (who won't leave him alone) and tells him he doesn't want to be his friend and wants him out of his life. Being the psycho he was, Jim Carrey's character still didn't leave him alone, but eventually at the end of the movie he moved onto a new target.

Anonymous said...

Going Overboard on the Citizen Ship:

Anonymous said...

This is the correct Archon~Aeon link with John Lash the Nag Hammadi & Sophia Myth:
The Simpsons are good at predicting the future?