Friday, April 26, 2013

Alex Jones Admits CIA Family Connections

Alex the Judas Goat Jones has now fully admitted that half his family are retired CIA! It was long suspected that Alex was working for Stratfor, a Texas CIA front company, then MollyGate broke that his editor-in-chief at Infowars indeed worked for the CIA and Stratfor. Now in an interview with Opie and Anthony Alex openly admits that about 50% of his family works for the CIA!  Alex himself has said "once you are CIA you are always CIA," so for him to admit on air "whenever I go to a family reunion, half the people in the room are former retired CIA" is literally saying "half my family is CIA." If half of AJ's family works for the CIA and so does his editor-in-chief, what does that say for his credibility and integrity? How can you rail on about CIA atrocities, false-flags, assassinations, secret wars, name them as part of the shadow government that you're against, convince people to donate millions of dollars to your "Infowar Moneybomb" a.k.a. yearly personal salary bonus, and all the while secretly employ CIA staff members and have a family full of them? One of the CIA's main MO's: Controlled Opposition.


Greg said...

regardless of who the man works for, he is still 80% better than anything out there.

His info has woken up countless amounts of people and has made people see the world in a different view that has broken the hypnosis of the NWO.

yes, he doesn't elaborate on a lot of things and misdirects people. but in the end, the majority of his stuff is fact... you just have to sift through the bullshit.

Andriulli said...

Let's go through the evidence with no conjecture:
-Employs low level CIA/Stratfor asset
(I believe she was involved in websites, was it development/grafix?)
-claims half of his family is CIA
-ignores Zionists role in globalism
-uses real information to inform the masses
-uses unsupported material and inside sources, not to decieve but to enrich his real reports.

What else?

Anonymous said...

the sad thing is he has woken up so many people. That's the only bad thing, and so many people look up to him. I never could listen to Alex in the past cause it made me so angry and i don't like walking around all day with this anger in my system. I notice this is a bad habit with people I know that listen to him, they are always enraged and full of vulgar hatred.

When he got on Piers Morgan most people cheered but I am telling you man, that was bait. They put Alex on there because they knew he was going to flip and go berserk and that was going to give the average asleep Americans just the picture they wanted to give them of this "crazy lunatic" and why they should ban guns.

As for gun control, this is just my opinion; if you took a look at the recent death videos from Mexico where a cartel killed a girl and her four friends, it would change the entire argument on it. The media never shows anything going on in Mexico, but if they did show those death tapes the cartels keep releasing, it would shift the tide on the border problems, immigration and the 2nd amendment. Look at Mexico, they have no guns. Only the bad guys and the police have them (and the government is just as bad as the worst cartels) so if you live there, you have to hope luck is in your way just to survive.

Instead of looking at other countries, we get Piers Mogran and Bill Maher telling us we don't need guns, and we get the perfect posterboy in Alex Jones for them to make us all look crazy. Make no mistake, they are using Alex to bait conspiracy theorists and round them up.

Eric Dubay said...

We get the perfect posterboy in Alex Jones for them to make us all look crazy. Make no mistake, they are using Alex to bait conspiracy theorists and round them up.

Very well said. Disinfo 101: mix 90% truth with 10% lies for a perfect propaganda package. In a way he's done a lot of good disseminating valuable information, but when done from a stance of controlled opposition, mixing facts with lies, and fear-mongering it makes a mockery of what he's supposed to stand for. It's despicable.

"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it" -Vladimir Lenin

Andriulli said...

I feel like Jones is an agent of the gnostic serpent. His manipulation awakens us to see even beyond his power. He introduces a lot of us to this conspiracy's scale, and then he sharpens our skills so much that we even surpass him. He represents a fixed master, sort of a Malkuth personification.

Anonymous said...

Right on Eric, there is some truth there, 10% of it, but he goes out of his way to enrage people. it's really scary when you think about it. I fear one day he's going to get his following pissed off and they will actually snap and go berserk.

"The answer to 1984 is 1776!" so a full fledged war is the answer to this? Not exactly. Make no mistake, I want people to wake up, but I don't think violence is the answer. That would make us no better than the evil ones.

secseanz said...

So Hes CIA and Bill Hicks? Make up your mind. There is no way he is Bill. The voice is totally different.
Alex has an abrasive harsh voice. do you really think they altered his vocal chords? Lets both go to the north pole and see for ourdelf id the earth is hollow. I will pay for the trip.

Andriulli said...

Lmao. None of the information presented is claimed to be facts. They are merely opinions and potential truths. As truth can only be experientially produced, and is self evident.

Big E said...


Unknown said...

"what does that say for his credibility and integrity?" Don't rely on ANYone's credibility and integrity, look at the evidence.

Anonymous said...

Plus that would give the nwo just enough reason to set up marshal law and start the mass killings for thier population control..

Greg Stumpff said...

Alex Jones works for the CIA as a disinformation agent. He
only snuck into Bohemian Grove to film the Cremation of Care because the
government let him do it. He is out there to make all other legitimate truthers
look like fools. His work discredits those who really know the truth, and he
knows it. He is Just like Ron Paul, a supposed libertarian who preachers
following the constitution. Ron Paul's wife is in the Order of the Eastern
Star, the female version of Freemasonry. We all know freemasons and those
associated with them cannot be trusted. Freemasons run the country. The
government is making a list of potential domestic terrorists, and they will
round up the Alex Jones subscribers and the people who voted for Ron Paul in
2008. It's a trap to track real truthers. That is why Alex Jones supports
electing Donald Trump, even when we real truthers know that all presidential
candidates are selected, not elected, by the world leaders who want to create a
New World Order. That is why Ron Paul's son Rand Paul, another presidential
candidate, has also endorsed Donald Trump. Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will
push the exact same agenda, because the world government and the worldwide mark
of the beast that everyone must choose to take or not take ( the implantable
RFID microchip with the electronic barcode that contains a hidden 666 is the
mark of the beast which will be implanted in people's foreheads or their right
hand) is all part of Bible prophecy, and there is nothing, NOTHING we can do to
stop it from happening because it is a prophecy that must be fulfilled before
Jesus Christ comes back, Alex Jones may or may not incite his followers to rise
up in rebellion against the New World Order, and that is just what the
Satanists who rule our country want. It will give them a reason to initiate
martial law across the country. Then all the opposition will be rounded up in
FEMA camps, and they may even face death because they refused to take the mark
of the beast. So to answer your question, no, do not support Alex Jones, David
Icke, Ron Paul, or anyone who believes in aliens, UFO's, or is trying to create
a civilian militia to combat the New World Order. Rebels will be put down
quickly and decisively, and the NSA already knows who is watching videos about
our government, military, the end of the world, the mark of the beast, etc.
They will be the first to go when the hammer falls. We must trust in Jesus to
save us, and be ready to die for our faith if we must. Because Jesus even said,
"He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for
My sake shall find it." Matthew 10:39. The Doomsday preppers are going to
die just like everyone else, and according to the book of Revelation, most
people will die in war, famine, plagues, and persecution. There will be few
people left on Earth to witness Jesus coming back. But when He does, He will
create a new heaven and a new earth, and everything will be perfect again, just
as it was at the beginning of creation with Adam and Eve, before sin separated
us from God. God bless, and when it comes to who you should trust, you should
remember that Jesus said "Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst
of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. Matthew

Unknown said...

Jones is crying out to be stopped. That's why he leaves little hints about his true motivations and background. Just like the serial killers who leave a trail, toying with authorities, just so eventually they do finally nab him after playing his little games for some time. This is how lower level psychopaths operate.