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Biofield Electrography, Kirlian Photography, and the Aura

In 1939 Russian scientist Semyon Kirlian accidentally discovered that if an object on a photographic plate is subjected to a strong enough electrical charge, an image is created on the plate.  By photographing the coronal discharge that occurs between an electrically grounded object and the electrode generating the field, the sparks captured on film show multi-colored, multi-frequency energy waves ranging from below infrared to above ultraviolet.  These images have since become known as Kirlian photography or Biofield electrography.

Kirlian photography has now been studied and tested extensively in many reputable laboratories around the world and has shown consistent color/shape/frequency correlations with various emotional and physical states.  For example, UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute’s Dr. Thelma Moss has recorded consistent patterns correlating fingertip coronas with specific emotions.  Healthy, happy, relaxed subjects regularly exhibit quarter-inch wide blue and white coronas, while stressed, anxious, or nervous subjects consistently exhibit blotchy red coronas.   

In another study she found that when photographed together close friends generate brighter and more convergent coronas than strangers.  Being photographed with strict authority figures produces smaller coronas, while being photographed with unassuming, unintimidating people produces larger coronas.  When two people place their fingers on the same film, both images always come out clearly, but, if they look into each other’s eyes while the photo is taken, one of the fingerprints is blanked out and disappears! 

Dr. Moss’ strange findings sparked interest at the US Heuristic Institute where they performed their own Kirlian/biofield experiments with intimate couples.  When partners were instructed to place their fingers on the film and focus unpleasant, unloving thoughts towards one another their coronal patterns did not merge at all.  When the couples focused pleasant, loving thoughts towards one another their patterns began to merge.  And when they kissed each other during the photographs, their coronal boundaries dissolved into one.  Some people were even able to withhold their coronas by tensing all the muscles in their bodies.  In experiments with Dr. J. L. Hickman, psychic Uri Geller was able to consciously direct the shape of his fingertip coronas, making circles, squares, straight lines, and triangles at will.

The German magazine Esotera describes an interpersonal study conducted with Kirlian photography.  Two individuals in a psychiatrist’s office were asked to put their fingers next to each other and take a picture.  They were asked to return once a week for three weeks.  The Kirlian photos revealed the man to be very attracted to this woman (large, expansive corona in her direction), but her corona discharge indicated that she did not feel an attraction towards him (small, tight corona).  The second week revealed the man to be extremely persistent and it looked as if she might be more responsive (slightly converging coronas).  The third week shows two bright, happy coronas blending … and we are told that they are living happily ever after.”  -“Kirlian Photograpy as an Art and Science” documentary, International Kirlian Research Association

Dr. Moss also conducted experiments showing that cancerous tissue is easily distinguished from healthy tissue using Kirlian imaging.  In one study she was able to separate 100 healthy control rats from 100 other rats injected with cancer simply by the dramatic difference in corona emanations.  Romanian Dr. Loan Dumitrescu also used Kirlian imaging to detect cancer tissue.  He screened 6,000 industrial workers for cancer and found 47 malignant tumors while conventional doctors found only 41.  By analyzing the coronal discharge channels, their geometry, color, and energetics he was able to detect cancer better than traditional imaging and laboratory tests.

Various studies involving plant coronas have gleaned interesting information as well.  For example, the viability of seeds can be determined by Kirlian images since fertile seeds show much larger coronal ejections than dead seeds.  Healthy seeds have a deep blue aura, and as root tips sprout they show up pinkish-red indicating where the most active growth is taking place.  Researchers also found that dew forms on plant leaves in exactly the same locations as maximum flare patterns.  They found that male plant stamens always come out blue, while the female ovary photographs are always gold.  And most impressively, when a leaf is torn in half then photographed, the outline of the entire leaf is still clearly visible in its discharge pattern! 

Physical evidence of the energy body exists and a number of different sources document it.  The first of these is Russian engineer Semya Kirlian who discovered that living tissue emits electromagnetic force fields that show up on photosensitive paper … Using his photographic technique, a leaf with a portion of it cut out still shows the outline of its missing part.  Even though it is not there, physically, the photograph shows an outline as if it was.  This prompts suggestions that Kirlian photography reveals the energy body.  Kirlian photographs show energy emanating from the body.  A picture of a hand, for example, depicts the fingers illuminated by energy.  If two people touch fingertips, the energy appears to fight until both people accept the presence of the other.  Another interesting case involves people who have amputated feet and legs.  These people frequently report intense pain originating from phantom limbs.  When a person places their hand on the area of pain, where the missing limb would be, and massages it as if there was a hand or limb there the pain stops.  At the point of death the human body inexplicably loses several ounces of weight.  Studies have also shown that when photographed with light sensitive film, for an amount of nanoseconds, less than a second, a large illumination expands from the body and disappears upon death.  These examples all point toward the conclusion that a separate body or being composed of energy inhabits the physical human body.”  -Eric Pepin, “Handbook of the Navigator” (160-161)

The bioelectric fields captured by Kirlian photographs are postulated by many to be an expression of the “aura” representing our chi/life force energy.  Psychics, mystics, and shamans the world over in traditions including Christian, Chinese, Japanese, Egyptian and Tibetan have all talked about being able to see a faint multi-colored corona or halo around people’s physical bodies/heads.  This aura emanates from the “energy body” which exists within and permeates the physical body.  Healthy, positive, and spiritual people are said to have glowing white/gold auras, while unhealthy, negative, or immoral people have more subdued darker colored auras. Each person’s aura is said to be unique but constantly changing based on thoughts, mood, disease, environment, and other factors.  Experiments with Kirlian photographs and bioelectrography have proved very consistent with ancient definitions of the aura. 

One mystical phenomenon that appears to involve the ability to see reality’s frequency aspects is the aura, or human energy field.  The notion that there is a subtle field of energy around the human body, a halo-like envelope of light that exists just beyond normal human perception, can be found in many ancient traditions.  In India, sacred writings that date back over five thousand years refer to this life energy as prana.  In China, since the third millennium B.C., it has been called ch’i and is believed to be the energy that flows through the acupuncture meridian system.  Kabbalah, a Jewish mystical philosophy that arose in the sixth century B.C., calls this vital principle nefish and teaches that an egg-shaped bubble of iridescence surrounds every human body.  In their book Future Science, writer John White and parapsychologist Stanley Krippner list 97 different cultures that refer to the aura with 97 different names.”  -Michael Talbot, “The Holographic Universe (165)
The Aura is also an extremely accurate indicator of Spiritual attainment.  Highly Spiritually evolved people will be instantly recognizable by a vivid, clean, dynamic aura, the most prominent feature of which is an intense bright golden yellow area extending from and around the crown of the head.  Sometimes the aura can be so intense it can even be viewed by people not usually possessing the ability of auric vision.  It is also this intense golden aura around the head of highly Spiritual people that gives rise to the so called ‘halo,’ as often for example depicted around the head of Jesus or a saint.” -Adrian Cooper, “Our Ultimate Reality (195) 

Skeptics claim that Kirlian photography is merely capturing variances in pressure, humidity, temperature, voltage etc. and not some mystical aura.  It is true that New Age fairs and internet sites sell “aura cameras” often marketing them as “Kirlian cameras.”  These are indeed misleading and serve no practical purpose beyond that of a mood ring.  However, electrophysiological studies have shown that corona emanation of true Kirlian photographs does not relate to temperature, perspiration, galvanic skin response, vasoconstrictions or dilations.  While it may be easy for some to discount 97 traditions around the world and their descriptions of the aura, it is much harder to discount Dr. Moss and Dr. Dumitrescu’s amazing work with cancer detection or the Heuristic Institute’s results involving couples.

The greatest advance in the utilization of Kirlian photography was made by the efforts of the German Dr. Peter Mandel who was trained as an acupuncturist. He observed that by treating disease states with acupuncture points the corresponding deficiencies in the Kirlian photograph would change. After years of research Dr. Mandel has developed a diagnostic and treatment program based on Kirlian analysis. Disease states are caused by energy blockages. The Kirlian photograph helps to determine the overall energy flow of the body and locations of energy blockage which are manifested in the disease state.  Dr. Mandel has categorized types of energy patterns on the Kirlian into endocrine, toxic and degenerative. Endocrine is the pre-disease state. The patient has symptoms but there is no discernable pathology. The Kirlian can be extremely valuable in locating the area of blockage. The second type of disturbance in the energy pattern is the toxic state. This is when there tissue changes develop such as inflammation, congestion and blockages of energy flow in the body. The third type is the degenerative type where the body begins to show destructive tissue changes.”  -Dr. Edward Kondrot, “Kirlian Photography”


Anonymous said...

And why its vital to
Eat light, to be Light


Patchwork Yogi said...

Conversation started Monday
Patchwork Yogi

Hi Eric, i read your article about the aura. Well, i am into aura work, i own a coggins 6000 Aura camera and learned the interpretation by my spiritual teacher ( he is enlightened, clairvoyante and into aura photography since 25 years ) So its not true that all spiritual, people have white or golden aura. A complete White and golden Aura only appears in an enlightened being. The so called spiritual people have a blue to violet aura usually. The aura is related to the chakra system, so the aura is build by the activating of the different chakras what natuarlly happens every second in your life. I made many tests about meditation and before / after pics. The thing is, you even can have a red aura ( red is the lowest chakra ) but being a moral or spiritual being. Cause when you do Kundalini yoga, the Aura will turn red cause of the activation of the muladhara chakra. The key to understand the aura of a person is a) the polarity in each chakkra. for example, violet is the color of the sahasrara chakra, so when you are violet, its a high vibrance, but if you have dark violet, it means the oppisite. So even a "higher color" in dark shape can mean "anti spiritual" usually people who are into satanism or religious fundamentalism have dark violet auras. And b) the second key is the compilation about the colors in the aura and the part where the color appear. White even can mean pain and fears when it appears at the right side of the aura ( right side shows about the subsconscious part of a human being ) For example, a red aura with white on the right dont mean a spiritual color in that case, but deep fear. So its not so easy to make a general comment about the aura and its colors. Usually everything depend on the actual individual state. Most of my clients turn yellow after meditation cause yellow is the color of the 3rd chakra that is related to the will and thinking. It need many years of meditation to come out of thinking. ( i know that from my own experiences ) Most people cant give up "the maker" in meditation thats why it is rare that people reach an higher state of mind in the first years. But even a bright yellow is not a bad sign, it means simply a intelloigent working mind. Sadly i have to say, i find more and more people with a drak yellow aura nowadays, dark yellow means control by the mind. That would be the negative part in the polarity of the 3rd ckakra. The thing that can happen mostly by spiritual work is, to get the yellow guys in the next higher step, the heart. And that happens often, that even people with a dark yellow aura turn partly green and open up to their feelings and heart quality.

Eric Dubay said...

Hey, thanks for the message :) What you said makes sense, I'm going to post your comment to the blog so people can read those extra details. Peace!

Anonymous said...

Great article, although it feels lacking something without any mention of the work of Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, which is truly revolutionary! You should really look into this one ;)
Keep up the good work! Regards. Fred

PS: After reading many of your articles I was wondering what your make of the guy with the name Drunvalo Melchisedek?

PPS: In one of your other articles there is mention of many buddhist monks developing arthritis&diabetes. A possible explanation was the suppression of emotion and something about feeöings of shame. I have not look into this yet but this could be very telling about the Icke guy who says to suffer from arthitis (among many other things probably ;) Anyone else who thinks he might be trying to make as many people as possible believe into the reptile thing in order to manifest them in this realm??What´s wrong with him??

Patchwork Yogi said...

Hi Eric, if you like i can show you some examples of my aura pics too. Its a very facinating matter. Guy Coggins build his cam in the early 70th`s and its working different compared to Kirlian photography. Within the past 14 years i tested a lot of things with the cam, even i tested my teacher. So i know the cam works 99 % perfect. Just the colors are a bit more pastel like in real. Coggins switched the colors more bright to see it more clearly, thats the only difference. So in my own development, the aura pics were a real awesome guide to see what kind of spiritual work and meditation work, cause you clearly can see if you gain a higher conscious or not.

At the moment i work with the Amygdala stimulation, maybe you heard about ? its the most awesome and quick tool i ever found yet. I get you into a higher conscious very quickly and it make you more and more free from your subscoonscious patterns. its worth a try. I tested that with the cam before and after, with a very awesome result.

Here you can see some photo examples from Guy Coggins page, but the interpretation of him and his stuff isnt that perfect. I guess cause none of them is enlightened. My teacher only got the key to aura work cause of his own state of enlightening. I was shocked when i made a pic by him in 1995 first time and what he could see in my pic. A real skilled aura expert can see everything about you in the pic.

Coggins his page:

Meanwhile they are able to show the aura in motion too. There is a woman in thailand who work with the system, its awesome too, but not so detailed yet than the pics:

Have a happy day


Eric Dubay said...

Very cool, thanks for sharing all that with me... I'm just now learning about this subject so I appreciate the insights! Peace

Dinesh said...

If you may please allow me, I want to use the Kirlian photo fingertips in my research paper(of course with citation).

kind regards

Dr. dinesh upadhyay

Eric Dubay said...

Sure thing Dr. Dinesh! Peace

Dinesh said...

Thanks !
Please be so kind to let me know about the fingertip photo source file as well


Eric Dubay said...

Hey Dinesh, they were taken by UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute’s Dr. Thelma Moss :) Peace