Saturday, February 22, 2014

New Age Bullshit and Suppression of the Sacred Masculine

If you've got 7 hours to spare, Mark Passio's following video podcast is an excellent in-depth analysis and criticism of the world's current false paradigms, religious / political / cultural brainwashing, epidemic immorality, and problem behaviors which he proposes stem from imbalance in the left and right brain hemispheres, conflict and division between the sacred feminine and masculine.  He also outlines 10 huge "deceptions" and "corrections" of the new age movement which have become increasingly pervasive in society and lodged into the collective consciousness.


Anonymous said...

Eric thanks for posting this. It is long but one of the most comprehensive explanations of the faults of how the new age movement has been used to make the people put up with the slavery mentality! Passivity with this movement is what the main problem is!! Lack of aggression towards evil (Im not saying unnecessary violence) but sometimes aggression is necessary!!

Eric Dubay said...

Agreed, thanks Anon!

Anonymous said...

I believe the first "entities" (Fallen Angels) were hermaphroditic. (Look at Shiva, Baphomet, and that Roman? statue of the hermaphrodite)

Then "they" decided to cleave one of the pairs of the X-chromosome to get a male "species".

The male in a species is genetically weaker than the females. In the insect world, the females rule :)

Perhaps why Autism affects 5 times more boys than girls--because the boys can't take as much mercury poisoning from the vaccines.

Anonymous said...

For Example:
Queen Bees & Female Worker Bees have 2 Pairs of Chromosomes (total 32 chromosomes)

While Male Drone Bees have only 1 Pair, for a measly total of 16 chromosomes.
This method of determining sex is called Haplodiploidy vs. XO sex-determination found in higher animals.

So grow a pair (of chromsomes) to rule the roost, lol!

Kaitlyn said...

Really? I actually feel like the world's becoming overly-masculine and the Divine Feminine is what's really being suppressed. At least as far as this article is concerned. Like, a lot of people would say that the stuff on your blog is bullshit because it's not 'scientific' enough. I don't believe in these rigid gender role bullshit though.