Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Mafia Government

I've been discussing this with many people, it's very simple, and most everyone agrees. All governments are immoral and criminal institutions because they force everyone under threat of violence to pay mandatory taxes for life. There are hundreds of taxes from property tax, to income tax, to inheritance tax; you must pay them all or else the government will use the power/force of it's machinery to seize your bank account, garnish your wages, and/or arrest and put you in jail. How is that any different than the mafia? Governments demand we "pay our dues" regularly, promise us we'll be safe and protected if we do, and if we don't, agents come around to shake us down or put us away.

If taxes were voluntary then governments wouldn't automatically be immoral or criminal because they would be completely funded by donation only, thus their very existence limited by voluntarism. If governments actually did a good job and spent our money wisely, then people might willingly donate for social programs, roads, schools etc. but when taxes are compulsory and a huge percentage of them goes towards lining the pockets of politicians, I can't help but think privatization of social programs, road construction, schools and everything else the government unsatisfactorily provides us would be better for society by letting the free market and small communities/neighborhoods decide instead of our immoral, criminal governments.

Another mandatory tax and despicable limitation that all governments enforce is our natural right to international travel. In reality, the world is round and one undivided whole. All divisions such as countries and borders are merely man-made thought-constructs with no reality outside our minds. They are just arbitrary lines drawn on a map that governments are constantly changing. But everyone has to be born somewhere, so governments quickly brand you with the curse of "Nationality" the instant you are born. Now I am "American" because I was born within the arbitrary borders of the fictional construct known as "America." Since I'm "American" but I've made the decision to live outside the arbitrary borders of the fictional construct I was born in ("Thailand"), I have a whole new series of taxes and government mandates that apply. I am required to carry around an expensive micro-chipped passport ID and check in with the immigration office every 3 months to fill out some paperwork and give them more money. Every 6 months to a year I am required to cross the arbitrary borders of the fictional construct known as "Thailand" into a neighboring tax farm's embassy, where I must fill out more paperwork and give them yet more money for temporary Visa stamps in my passport. To work abroad governments require us slaves to submit work permits and pay annually for the privilege. The taxes and headaches never end. Thanks to being "American" I'm actually "lucky" that I can live abroad at all and should be happy! Many people from less fortunate tax farms are completely restricted from traveling to or working in other more fortunate tax farms.

Another one is land rights. How can you honestly claim to be a "landowner" when you have to pay property taxes every year for as long as you "own" it? If you own it, why do you still have to pay annual rental fees? The government holds the allodial titles and just issues you a slave deed. They maintain eminent domain and can plow over your home to build a highway any time they please.

Name one thing that governments provide, that people couldn't do better, easier, and more efficiently privately at the community level. Name one reason why we all need to run this never-ending hamster wheel of government mandate and taxation.

Government is immoral because it violates two fundamental moral axioms that every civilized human being takes for granted. Number 1, the non-aggression principle, you do not initiate the use of force against your fellow man, woman or child. Number 2, property rights, we own ourselves, we own the effects of our actions. Government violates the non-aggression principle by creating a monopoly of force, a small group of people with all the guns on the planet who get to order everyone else around and people are always shocked that this concentrated, unlimited application of violence to the solution of complex social problems always goes wrong. They steal, and they lie, and they are essentially a criminal organization, and attempting to manage, and control, and minimize a criminal organization doesn't work. Minarchism, or the goal of minimizing government through political action is just another government program and it does exactly the same thing as all other government programs; it achieves the opposite of it's intended goal which is why government keeps getting bigger and bigger the more we try to make it smaller and smaller. -Stefan Molyneux


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, Eric. I have had the same view for the last couple of years. We are blessed to have people like Stefan Molyneux.

Druv said...

Hello, its been a while since i visited your blog.

I had a question to ask unrelated to your blogs.

The stars in the American Flag and the stars on the crown of "Wonder Woman"+ costume, and the star that "Cops" in USA have --- seems to be the same Jewish Symbology ---Star of David.

Does this mean any thing to you or are they just mere coincidence?

Mark said...

Hi Eric nice post, I have always wondered about why we need governments and why their are these imaginary borders dividing the whole planet. If their were no borders than no artillery and military power will be required and hence a lot of resources will be saved.

I also wonder was this phenomena of having governments and separate nations was present from the beginning of human civilization, I think not. Governments and these invisible borders is a modern phenomena, and most were established by few colonial powers through enslavement of people all over the world.

Sometimes I also think may be humans were never meant to be on this planet, whenever I take a step back and look at our modern society nothing in it seems fine to me. Our life can be summed up as wake up, go to work, go to sleep and die....

Eric Dubay said...

Good points Mark. Governments and cities are like peanut butter and jelly. People spread out and living in nature/small communities would never create, fund, or consent to the parasitic, bureaucratic nonsense of the state. But people crowded like ants into concrete cities trying to collect bio-survival bills are much more easily controllable.

The stars in the American Flag and the stars on the crown of "Wonder Woman"+ costume, and the star that "Cops" in USA have --- seems to be the same Jewish Symbology ---Star of David. Does this mean any thing to you or are they just mere coincidence?

As you know, the 6 pointed star existed in Hindu/Sanatan Dharma culture for thousands of years as the symbol for the heart chakra. The Jews, and more specifically the Rothschilds adopted the symbol as "The Star of David" much more recently.

I've also wondered about "stars." Stars are points of light in the night sky. When, how, and why did these points of light become associated with pentagrams? There are 50 pentagrams on the US flag, but we're taught since childhood that pentagram = star. The Masonic celebrities they create for our entertainment are also called "stars, super stars, and divas" all relating to celestial phenomena again. The successful (a.k.a. compliant) celebrities even get a signed pentagram on Hollywood boulevard. What is that all about?

Eric Dubay said...

This article helps explain the star/pentagram thing quite a bit:

Occult Symbols in Corporate Logos

Druv said...

There are 13 stripes for the 13 original colonies.

50 stars seem to represent the states of USA, 4 of them belonging to the "Common Wealth" of Britain.

Who really created the design of the American flag and the true meaning behind it?

Also you can find the same Star on the Christmas tree.

I have seen many other blogs saying its a "Pagan" tradition.

I can tell you the deeper meaning of the Pentagram, but it is unsafe on an open forum or a blog.

Druv said...

I was reading about Pentagram on wiki - the big brother propaganda machine.

It seems to be a perfect new system to erase truth at a whole new level.

You will see the use of star/ pentagram in Bahá'í Faith, Christianity, Mormonism, Neopaganism, Satanism and Thelema.

Seems like they forgot to mention Hinduism where this symbol is most commonly used. There are many Cars people drive and they have the symbol of the Star on their windshield.

It is a common here, a symbol that existed for thousands of years. Yet, it is not mentioned on wiki.

It seems more like we are systematically being erased from existence.

I don't really care who has first bids on symbols, but being erased from existence is a whole other issue.

I can tell you where the star really originated from, and the reason it is used by the Illuminati is because its a symbol of great power.

More like unlimited power -- which they want to hoard for themselves. As for the rest of the world, to keep them away -- they attach it to magic and witch craft using the exclusive religion to propagate the concept of "Magic", witchcraft, paganism, satanism" etc.

Fear keeps people away.

Anonymous said...

You never cease to amaze me with the concepts you cover! I truly wish I had more time to read (and research) through more of your work, however, this system has me working these slave shifts in order to live comfortably.. Anyway, I spoke with you several weeks ago about The Venus Project, your radio show, Wing chun, etc, and would like to further discuss these things but do not want to go too much off the subject from the original topics. Please let me know if there is a way to contact you, or if you would like, we could just discuss them other over the comments section.
Keep up the good work and PEACE,

P.S. I noticed your music section involving artists who use their talents/popularity to help awaken people from the norm of society. Myself, being an artist/DJ, know of many great, independent artists (mostly hip hop) who share this way of thinking. If you would like any recommendations for this section of your blog, please let me know, I would love to help BOTH your blog and these artists :)

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for the great message Derek. Feel free to comment in any current thread or if you comment in a past thread I will see it as well. I'd like to hear some of your music recommendations, please share them here so everyone else can benefit as well. If you want to contact me privately you can email me at Peace

Gena Marie said...

Eric, I really use to like your blog. But somehow I feel like it has recently been taken over by propaganda. Do you really think privatizing in America is the key? Easy for you to say you don't live here. Privatization in America has created a monopoly of a few multinational corporations owning everything. While our government is obviously on the wrong path, in this America privatization means giving more power to those multinational corporations that already own us. Apparently from afar you fail to see this. Here in America... Government here owns the private companies and the private companies own the government. Wondering if you are still the person you were when I started following this blog a year ago, because recently, you don't seem to be. Questioning your ethics now and if it is truly you who owns this blog anymore.

Gena Marie said...

I am starting to wonder if you are working for them. I use to follow your blog a lot but recently you seem to be pushing the very propaganda that is destroying America. Either you are so far removed because you live in Thailand and not America or you have succumed to propaganda. Privatizing...really? That is what has created multinational corporations owning our current government.....No our government is truly flawed but that is what they do to get there, by pushing privatization of former government programs. Yeah I am pretty sure it's going to cost me more for garbage pickup and everyday services if it's taken over by private corporations. It already happened with my water. I am truly now questioning your intentions. Perhaps you have been bought off like so many others.

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Gena, it's still the same old me here, and why would you think I'm for corporate control of everything? Did you even read the article? I'm equally against government, corporations, or any entity monopolizing any industry. Somebody has misinformed you about what "privatization" means and now you're blowing that word out of proportion. Right now we have public schools, public social programs, and public roads all paid for by taxes that the government steals from us. I'm advocating voluntarism and no stolen money for public programs, that's all! So by default, if governments stop stealing the population's money to pay for public programs, that means anything that was public, supported by tax dollars, goes private. If all public programs go private because the government ceases to exist, that's obviously the "privatization" I'm referring to in the article. You said:

Apparently from afar you fail to see this. Here in America... Government here owns the private companies and the private companies own the government.

What do you mean? The government does not own private companies. Any company owned by the government is by definition "public." Corporations are public companies, and I'm not for them either. I said private companies. That means small businesses. That means any Tom, Dick, or Harry's entrepreneurial enterprise instead of the chosen few we have now thanks to government contracts.

Privatizing...really? That is what has created multinational corporations owning our current government.....No our government is truly flawed but that is what they do to get there, by pushing privatization of former government programs.

If the government is "pushing privatizing of former government programs," then that's not privatization is it? If the government is the one pushing, then it's not being decided by voluntarism/free market as I said in the article, is it? If the corporations monopolize a market, then governments force you to buy from them, that's not privatization. That's just more mafia BS. And again, corporations are public companies anyway, not private, and I'm against public companies/the stock market just as much as I'm against the mafia government. You really jumped to conclusions there Gena. Peace

Ben said...

You may pay more on the bill that says "Garbage pickup," but you will pay less on the bill that says "Taxes."

Government may subsidize your garbage pickup, but it does so by taxing you and using your money. There is no free lunch. Anything the government might claim to give you, it first has to take away from you (or someone else, which is arguably worse).

I suspect you would actually end up paying less in the end, because privatization and free market competition breed efficiency.

Anonymous said...

Hello Eric.

In response to your latest post "The Mafia Government" I wanted to get your opinion on my thoughts about government and the approach most people seem to be taking to fight against it.

From what I've seen I would say that, in a way the problem isn't just the government, it's also the people.

The U.S. is literally just a corporation along with the states and the people are its employees/shareholders/collateral. Since 1933 and the introduction of social security, U.S. citizens basically became collateral to the U.S. dollar, paying taxes to pay off the government and peoples ever increasing debt to the Federal Reserve/IMF/Rothchilds. At birth your parents sign a birth certificate giving you a social security number, incorporating you and placing you within the U.S. corporation. Well no one's forcing people to stay in this corporation, at all... You can become a "freeman" you can leave the corporation and not have to pay taxes. Unfortunately that takes determination and responsibility and the majority of people around the world are not ready to take care of themselves in that capacity. It's sad but most people are like babies who require their every need be taken care of by a third party, the government.

There are some people leaving the corporation, becoming "freemen" and creating towns that are self sustained, but the majority of people just want to feel secure and be entertained. People complain about food standards and high fructose corn syrup, but do not learn to grow their own food. People complain about high interest rates on credit cards yet continue to use them. People complain about government when they're not forced to even participate in the system. In a way I would blame the public who's being controlled just as much as I would blame the government for controlling them.
Ignorance is bliss, our society is enslaved but they enjoy the enslavement, most don't even realize the level of control that's present in the system and if they do, they fail to realize that they don't even have to take part in the system, it's easy to just yell at the government and point the finger, but I see very few people actually taking real action towards creating an environment free of this control.

You watch RT so you've probable seen this program, but we need more people like this (second half of the show):

The biggest problem I see is that everyone seems to be waiting for a hero to save them from the big bad government, instead of figuring out proactive ways to save themselves. I've met a lot of people who talk a good game and know every last detail about how corrupt the government is, but when it comes down to actually doing something they look the other way. Another problem is capitalism in general but that's a whole-nother e-mail in itself. :)

Anyway you probably know all of this, but you're one of the first people that I've contacted regarding these issues in years, so if I come off as a crazy person, its that. Hope we can start a conversation about some of the things you talk about on your blog.

- Ryan

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Ryan, thanks for the message. I agree and think you made some important points, do you mind if I post your email as an anonymous (or with your name) comment under the Mafia post? You're exactly right that the only way to transition away from government is to stop funding it and stop consenting to it's demands. The freeman route is how the smartest and bravest of us will lead others by example out of statism. Have you rescinded your birth certificate yet? How did you go about it, and what other ways have you found? If you rescind your birth certificate, how can you cross borders, board an airplane, or open a bank account? We need creative solutions for these simple problems. When it becomes more convenient not to register their children's birth, people will stop. At the moment the Freeman route is much more work, more difficult and dangerous so obviously very few people are walking the path. But when the trailblazers have made the path clear and easily walkable, people will find the freeman path far better than the government inroads and walk with us. Glad to hear from someone as awake and active in promoting real solutions as yourself. Keep up the good work. Peace

Anonymous said...

Sure you can post it as a comment with my name or anonymous. I haven't rescinded my birth certificate personally, I only recently (last two years) learned of the concept of a freeman from my dad who years ago visited a town that was full of them in the United States, they lived on land purchased from the Indians which I believe meant the federal government couldn't touch them, they ran all the towns electricity and water supply on less than $600 and were in the process of bringing people in who could build things, like more houses, etc.

I am currently looking into what official channels I would have to contact to rescind but I also plan to wait until after me and my dad take a trip across the U.S. (to visit libraries) and through Africa just so it will be easier to travel. I've heard that if you do rescind that you will obtain a document (Certificate of Live Birth) proving your birth and that document can be used as a passport, drivers license, etc. You will still get hassled by people who have never heard of it. In one case I heard of a guy who was in jail for two days because he had no license but they eventually realized that he didn't need one, the police are just as clueless on these matters as any normal person so there can be conflict, but as long as you don't get angry or freak out you will usually win in the end because the common/natural law protects you. These are all the things I'm trying to discover before moving forward, I consider it a big step and want to be completely prepared or as prepared as I can be.

Most of the information I find on the freeman movement is from people who reside in Canada and the UK and I don't know how much of what they say applies to the U.S., but I know people here have become freemen as well through my dads personal experience in meeting them. There are some interesting YouTube videos of the Moors in court basically explaining to the judge that the judge has no jurisdiction over them and that the court can't proceed on anything until they prove jurisdiction, which may be true but they go about it in a kind of arrogant way, I think all their cases were dismissed lol, so there's a lot of disinformation out there as well.

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Ryan, I'm very interested in rescinding my birth certificate as well but I figure, ultimately, if they just give you another document (certificate of live birth), you're still within and catering to their system, aren't you? What good is switching paper/certificates? I've been thinking about the legal requirement to have a name lately. The government can't force you to have a name or signature, so what if you just don't have a name? When police need a name or judges call a name, and you refuse to accept ownership of that identity, they cannot continue. They can't force me, the living/breathing being to consent to being ERIC DUBAY (or any other name) the bonded corporation unknowingly created by my parents shortly after birth. It's the same with the Moors' jurisdiction argument that you mentioned (Establishing Standing and Jurisdiction in Court ... How to Succeed in Court) There are many options that I'm still weighing myself in trying to decide how best to go about freeing/protecting myself from the unlawful legal system. Any more information you have/come across, I'd greatly appreciate you sending it my way. Thanks for contacting me. I really like the direction you're taking in your activism as I think this Freeman angle is really important. I'm posting our messages as comments so other's can chip in too. Peace

Ben said...

"Name one thing that governments provide, that people couldn't do better, easier, and more efficiently privately at the community level. Name one reason why we all need to run this never-ending hamster wheel of government mandate and taxation."

Sorry I'm late, this hadn't originally occurred to me - what are your thoughts on how war may affect this discussion? I would think that the no-government scenario (and I do think much of it is good) would constitute what you might call an unstable equilibrium. If we table the entire question of whether no government is better in a vaccuum (assume that it is better), and ask what the actual effect would be.

If we dissolve the US government, for example, would that not mean dissolving the US military? What is then to prevent another country from marching in and imposing government upon us once more? Are we as citizens to simply wage a guerrilla war against any occupiers until they leave?

Anonymous said...

You leave the corrupt government to rot. And if another nation tries to march in and take over your, "state" - let them do it. Watch and enjoy the show.

Eric Dubay said...

Self-defense is every human's responsibility, and we might remember that fact if we didn't put so much faith/trust in our corrupt militaries. If someone invaded your home, would you hide in the closet and call the police, or would you step up and defend yourself, your family, and your property? You're using the same rational that gangs and local mafias use... we're bad, but not as bad as the other bad guy, so pay us, justify our existence and we'll keep you safe from the badder guys. Just like I mentioned about the court system, why are we paying to empower unaffected parties to enforce standardized, centralized dictates instead of just taking responsibility ourselves? If your village/town/city is being invaded, are you going to sit around waiting for your "leaders" to tell your military "followers" to hurry and go help you? Or are you going to do the best you can with what you have and defend your home/freedom to the death? I know what I would do, and if we had a population of people with backbone, not just spineless wimps waiting for uniformed goons to save them, no other countries uniformed goons would stand a chance... especially in America where a huge percentage of the population is armed. Bearing arms is your right and your responsibility, but most men have had their balls cut off and would rather wait for uniformed goons to help them than actually train in self-defense and weaponry themselves. Defending our homes is just another natural instinct we've out-sourced to the government.

Eric Dubay said...

Also, what makes you think that your criminal government is going to be there for you in your time of need? They operate military bases in 140 countries, so most of your manpower is engaging in overseas imperialism (the very thing you're worried about happening to you). You're trusting the same government that steals your hard-earned tax money to defend your property/family? Sounds like empty mafia promises once again.

Ryan said...


Sorry for the late response. I can't be 100% sure until I've done these things myself, but what I've seen and heard is that, once you rescind you are actually out of the system, the document you get is just to show where you were born and its proof that you are you, you would need it if you ever for whatever reason wanted to enter back into the U.S. system (or any other system like Canada). It's not the same as a birth certificate which actually makes you a U.S. citizen and gives you a social security number.

I'm not sure changing your name would help because, like you say upon birth the U.S. creates a company with your exact same name in all caps. I think a name is just an easier way to identify people than the SS#, if you change your name, the corporations name changes, if you got rid of your name, you'd still have a social security number.

The problem is, if I'm not mistaken, most people have consented many many times without even knowing, if you have a drivers license (name in all caps) then you've basically agreed that yeah I am my company, if you have ever paid a bill that has your name in all caps, you've consented as well, get a credit cart and you've consented, etc. This is why I think getting out of the system is important, which might require paying off all debts although I've heard there are ways around this.

It seems silly that something like an all caps name can change so much, but it is what it is, the system is deceptively simple.

Recently on a show you mentioned Adam vs The Man, he had a Freeman who was in this kind of situation (second part of the show):

They are trying to tax him for his property, but he is not a part of our system and never was (his father didn't get him a social security number when he was born), so he's not in the U.S. corporation, he actually owns his property (any normal us citizen can not even own property or real money for that matter) So the government/us corporation sends him a property tax bill with his name in all caps, which is not him. It's a fictitious person they created with the same name as him because they can not send a bill to him unless they create that person. He knows this, and he knows that's not him and so he does not and will never have to pay property tax.

Ryan said...

He also mentions something I never knew about courts, I knew that courts were under maritime law, but I never knew that even by crossing the railing you are entering jurisdiction, because the railing represents the railing on a ship, which is why they sometimes refer to the court as a "vessel."

You might already have one, but I recommend to everyone I talk to about this stuff, to at least get a Blacks Law dictionary, that's one of the real dictionaries. You can then begin to see how they use words to trick people, words do not even mean what we think they mean. The strangest thing about all of this is, the people "in charge" do not really lie, they rely on the populations ignorance to function. They actually follow their own rules and once you learn the game you can play right along with them.

1. A Human Being
2. An entity (such as a corporation) that is recognized by the law as having the rights and duties of a human being.

People in the U.S. corporation through having a birth certificate and social security number are basically fictitious persons or corporations themselves.

Once you are out of that system, none of their rules/laws apply to you. You can't get in any trouble unless you are disturbing the peace, another persons ability to be free or become a threat to "national security".

The down side is you will have none of the benefits of a person who is still in the system, like social security, healthcare, etc. If you ever do deal with the police a lot of them do not know these things so they will more than likely arrest you and hold you for a few days until they figure it out. This is why I don't think a lot of people are ready for true freedom, it's not easy, you really have to have some skill to make money, take care of yourself, etc.

There's also high risk if you try to get anyone else out of the system because the system needs people to function, if you start trying to get people out by telling everyone the truth and showing them the way, you are literally a threat to the U.S. corporations national security; Waco, Jim Jones, Bill Cooper, David Hinkson, that's what happens to people who try to tell other people what's going on or leave the system with a lot of people.

Think about the movie the Matrix, it may be silly to some because it's an action movie, but its all about the system we're in and true freedom. The Matrix as explained by Agent Smith is the perfect form of slavery, where you actually want to be a slave, it's this "great place" where you can have a job, make money, move up in the world, become famous and do all the things you want to do. Then, when Neo chooses to see the truth and gets into the real world, its like "wow, this is hard", the food sucks, heath is poor, they're under constant threat, its just an all around crappy environment compared to the matrix. Also, even though they are free they must live "underground" because the world is consumed by the system (represented by the robots.) Some people can't handle that pressure of real freedom, which is why Cypher (the traitor) wants to go back into the system and be someone famous and not even remember the truth, he can't handle being truly free, he would much rather be a slave. Also, anytime you go back into the system to get other people out there are "Agents" trying to kill you. They talk about not "waking people up" who are over the age of 45, because for someone that old to find out their entire life was technically a lie is pretty disturbing. The guy who was born outside of the system talks about being "born free". Hmm, what could they possibly be talking about there...

Ryan said...

Think about Moses in the Bible (beyond the religious aspect of it all), when he free's all those people, what do they do, complain. They complain about and simply can't handle the hardship of being truly free and actually want to go back into slavery, in fact they almost kill Moses for freeing them, lol. It's funny, but its exactly how people would respond even today if you went out and freed a bunch of people en mass or went out telling people the truth who didn't want to hear it, they would hate you because the system creates a comfort zone that they are not ready to willingly leave and once you know the truth you can't un-know it, it's very hard to lie to yourself.

Maybe that's pushing the comparisons a little to much for some people, but a lot of things in movies and old books are about the system we're in and true freedom, because the system has been around in one form or another since the Romans and probably existed even before then.

Personally I don't think you even have to "fight back", it's not that kind of battle, getting out of the system and educating other people about the situation is good enough, that's truly fighting back, because without people they can not function. The questions really comes down to whether or not people can function without the system. :P

I've basically been trying to find out what it is that the people in control are afraid of. I know one thing is the creation of real money instead of using their fiat money. A lot of people think we're in Lybia because of Oil, or the official reason that Gadaffi was threatening to kill his own people, which if you listen to his speech wasn't even what he said. I'm pretty sure we're there because Gadaffi tried to create a gold standard currency to rival the dollar, everyone who has tried this in history has been assassinated very soon after. Lincoln (Greenback), JFK (Greenback or just challenging the Fed. in general), Saddam (Gold), Gadaffi (Gold). Because, the Dollar isn't backed by anything real (gold or silver), so if another standard was created, all this money that they print would be worth less than the paper it's printed on.

Sorry for writing so much, but it's a fun topic to chat about. I think the most important thing, if you leave the system or not, is just to gain knowledge about the system itself, then you can be fairly protected from some of the ridiculous laws even if you choose to stay in. :)

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Ryan, thanks for another great email. I'll definitely post that as a comment as well because your words ring true and should be able to help others on their paths. I liked your Matrix analogies and thought those were spot-on as well. Like you said, we don't have to "fight back" in any traditional sense of that phrase, but instead redirect that energy into educating and creating sustainable, local change within our communities, families, and personal lives. Boycotting the corporations, refusing to pay tax, community gardens, establishing freeman status, starting banks/currencies without usury, educating others... there are many solutions, but it takes the energy/drive to do such things and stick to principles... and people cannot be given freedom by any leader, we all need to establish freedom for ourselves in our own lives. I don't think there are any single home-run solutions, but you're right about the money system being the Achilles's heel. If we can get non-debt based currencies and usury-free banks set-up, or at least some plans on how to do so, that would start that ball rolling. Thanks again for all the great ideas, keep me updated with what you're learning. Peace

Ben said...

OK. I agree that it is essentially very similar to mafia operation (although we don't typically elect mafia members - but then, you don't buy that we elect the government either, so I suppose that's a wash).

Thanks for your thoughts.

skin tag said...

great post. Quite Funny. The mafia government post is very nice.

Blanca J. Good said...

I think the conspiracy will always exist in our society for as long ad there are people who are not contented and cannot fight fair this economic problem will be present.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You guys seem naïve, especially this Dubay character who seems to think he knows what's what's up just because he realizes Alex Jones and David Icke are frauds, but Molyneux is another fraud. He is in the same group of Alex Jones, Peter Schiff, Ron Paul "we love liberty we are truthers" BS artists who also never point the finger at the real enemy - the Jews. I suggest you kids look into Mike Stathis of AVA Investment Analytics. The man is not only the top investment mind on earth, he has exposed all of the con men and frauds out there. Leave it to the pros to expose these guys. You're not a pro at exposing fraud which is why you were fooled by this Molyneux con man. Look who he associates with. Like Stathis always says, the apple never falls far from the tree. You probably think Max Keiser is on your side too lol