Saturday, May 17, 2014

Asbestos Head

Asbestos Head, back from the dead, has written a book and filled it full of facts and philosophy, presented as poetry with long lines and internal rhyme, and assonance and alliteration and repetition; an unyielding stream of phonemes filtered through metaphor and poured over jagged stones of denotation, until like silt or simile or complex hendiadys gathers into connotative pools of meaning, leaving the reader unable to speed-read or think-straight because their head’s silent voice would rather just sit back and practice linguistic gymnastics until the end of the sentence. Join Asbestos and the other 12 Heads in their spiritual and philosophical journey through life and death. Meet Pin Head the hyper-active, hyper-critical, hypocrite, Figure Head the mystic mathematician, Pot Head the shamanistic high school teacher, Dead Head the politically-active radical environmentalist, and a host of other unique personalities in this humorous and thought-provoking philosophical fiction novella.  Download now FREE in PDF or EPub format or help support and buy hard copies for $15


john smith said...

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