Monday, May 14, 2018

The Bible's Hidden Meanings

As someone who has attended church since before I could walk, in a family comprised entirely of devout Christians, and having read  the Bible cover to cover it has become increasingly clear to me that these holy scriptures were meant to be taken symbolically, not literally or historically.  Things like talking snakes and bushes, virgins giving birth, eating the body of Christ, staffs turning into serpents, and many other biblical "miracles" are all actually ancient spiritual symbolisms, found in many cultures/traditions around the world, thousands of years older than the Bible, referring to psychological phenomena, not historical events.  Of course snakes and bushes cannot talk, of course virgins cannot give birth, Christ isn't a cannibal, wooden staffs cannot turn into living serpents, water cannot magically turn into wine, breads/fish cannot magically manifest from the aether, and humans cannot survive for days inside whale's bellies. 

2 Corinthians 3:6 clearly says the scriptures should NOT be read literally.  Matthew 13:34 says Jesus never spoke unless it was in parables.  He said people who took the word literally were like those who looked but could not see!  Modern fundamentalist Christians who read the Bible literally with their over-active left-brains are missing the whole point.  The reason Jesus cast nets to the right side, sits on the right side of God, and builds the door to the temple on the right side, is because he is leading us out of our lower left brains and into our holistic, symbolic, higher brain on the right.

This is what the Exodus of slaves out of lower Egypt is all about, a manual for spiritual enlightenment, not a literal slave revolt.  There is no history of 600,000 slaves leaving Egypt for Israel because it never happened, and Israel never used to be an actual place!  It was just three names of gods - Isis - Ra - Elohim, shortened to Is-ra-el. The real promised land Moses spoke of exists between your ears!  Acts 7:48 says, "The most high dwelleth not in temples made with hands."  The only temples not built by human hands are the two temples behind your eyes, in front of your ears.  As said in 1 Corinthians 3:16, "Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the spirit of God dwelleth in you?"

In Matthew 6:22 Jesus says, "The lamp of the body is the eye, if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light."  Genesis 32:30 states that, "Jacob called the place Peniel (Pineal), saying 'it is because I saw God face to face.'"  In other words, Jesus and Jacob are referring to the Pineal gland, the "third-eye," meditation point which lies at the geometric center of our brains.  When you slow your brain waves through meditation, sensory-deprivation, entheogens or other methods, your usually over-active left-brain eases off and allows access to the higher, holistic right brain and through to the pineal gland, which the Bible calls the dwelling place of God, and Descartes called the seat of the soul.

Many fundamentalist Christians insist that things like meditation or entheogens are "evil" and open you up to "demons," but in reality, meditation is just sitting still and doing nothing, and those God-created entheogenic plants just grow that way.  If sitting still doing nothing for a while every day is so negative, why does it have so many positive physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits!?  And if entheogens are so negative, why do they also have so many positive physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits?  Basically, these people locked in their left-brain literal thinking, see anything that helps stimulate their right-brain lateral thinking as against their rigid beliefs.

Romans 2:29 says, "He is a Jew who is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter."  It doesn't get any clearer than that.  The Bible is saying circumcision is of the heart, not the penis!  To focus on the spirit (the symbolic), not in the letter (the literal)!  And that Jews are anyone who is inwardly focused, those who seek God within, meditators, prayers, not a race or religion!  God doesn't choose a race of people over others, God's "chosen people" are simply devoted meditators.

These secrets of meditation were well known to many ancient civilizations the world over including Indian Yogis and Saddhus who integrated meditaiton, yoga and spiritual symbology into their holy scriptures as well.  Even the Atlantean mythos, one of the oldest known religious stories, encodes this ancient spiritual knowledge of "Kundalini Yoga."  For instance, in the Atlantean myth, Atlas, the King of Atlantis, held up the entire world upon his shoulders.  He had seven daughters, the Hesperides, who spent their days dancing around the Tree of Life.  Coiled around the tree, and guarding its golden apples of immortality lived Ladon, the serpent.  The kingdom of Atlantis was shaped as three concentric circles of land separated by two concentric circles of water with the "Temple of Poseidon," residing in the very center, where sacred bulls roamed around freely, and sacrificial bulls blood was poured over the exterior of the temple.

The actual medical term for the top 33rd vertebrae of the spine which holds up your skull is called "Atlas."  So when it is said that Atlas holds the world upon his shoulders, it is your head/mind which he holds up, and your skull, when viewed from above, perfectly resembles Atlantis or a "bulls-eye."  The bulls-eye at the center is your third-eye which "roams around freely" in a chamber of cerebro-spinal fluid.  This is surrounded by the cerebral cortex, which itself is covered by a layer of constantly flowing/pumping (sacrificial bull's) blood, and enclosed by the skull cap: Three concentric circles of solid separated by two concentric circles of liquid.

The Tree of Life with Atlas' seven dancing daughters and a serpent coiled around, is similar to symbolism found in the Bible and many other religions throughout history the world over.  In the ancient Indian yogic tradition, long pre-dating the Bible, the Tree of Life was your spine with seven "chakra" nerve/energy centers and transformational "kundalini serpent energy" coiled at the base.  Through yoga and meditation the kundalini serpent travels up the spine opening and illuminating the chakras one by one.  This is why Numbers 8:2 says, "Speak to Aaron, and say unto him, when thou lightest the lamps, the seven lamps shall give light over against the candlestick."  The candlestick is your spine and the lamps your chakras (note: "chakra" means "wheel of light").  In Exodus 7:10, "Moses and Aaron went in unto Pharaoh, and they did so as the Lord had commanded: and Aaron cast down his rod before Pharaoh, and before his servants, and it became a serpent."  Again, Aaron's rod is his spine, and the serpent is kundalini.  The Egyptian Pharaohs were also well aware of this spiritual symbology, as their traditional headdress was none other than a cobra hood with a serpent coming out their third-eye!  Revelation 5:1 reads, "And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals," just like your spine, your backside, sealed with seven chakras.

Here where I live in Thailand, "Buddha" is their "Jesus," and many believe he performed several similar literal miracles as Jesus, like walking on water, over 500 years prior.  Buddha was said to have been born, and instantly began walking, taking seven steps forward, after each step a lotus flower appearing on the ground under his feet.  Then after his seventh step, he stopped and shouted, "I am chief of the world!"  Now, of course newborn babies cannot talk or walk out of the womb, and lotus flowers cannot magically blossom under one's feet, but the majority of Buddhist literalists here in Thailand, if asked, would agree these things are impossible for anyone else, but make special exception for Buddha!  Likewise, the majority of Christian literalists around the world, when asked, agree these things are impossible for anyone else, but make special exception for Jesus!

In another tale, taken literally by most Buddhists, Buddha was meditating under a tree when it began to rain heavily.  From behind him a huge king cobra came and coiled his body seven times around Buddha's body to keep him warm and placed his hood over Buddha's head to protect him from the rain.  After seven days, the rain stopped and the snake turned into a young man who thereafter became one of Buddha's followers.  If you asked the average Christian if they believed these Buddhist miracles they would laugh at the idea of a snake turning into a man, but at the same time believe Moses and Aaron's staffs turned into snakes!

The number 7 appears an incredible 735 times in the Bible, more than any other number.  In Revelations alone there are 54 sevens including the 7 seals, 7 churches, 7 trumpets, 7 personages, 7 vials, 7 woes, 7 angels, 7 thunders, 7 plagues, 7 glories, and 7 blessings.  There are the 7 deadly sins, the 7 days of creation, 7 circles around the wall of Jericho, 7 years building the temple of Solomon, again and again the number 7 is given incredible significance over any other number in the Bible.  Christians say the number seven denotes "spiritual perfection" and "divine fullness, completeness, totality."    But is that all, what is the real meaning of these, what is the origin of this numerology? 

It is the same as Atlas' seven daughters dancing around the Tree of Life.  It is the same reason seven lotus blossoms appeared under Buddha's feet.  After the 7th day of creation, God had a millennial rest period of a thousand years, because the 7th crown chakra is known as the 1,000 petaled lotus!  These myths long pre-dated the Bible and were purposely encoded as symbolic keys to spiritual enlightenment.  They were never meant to be read literally or historically!  The reason Jesus lived 33 years, is the same reason the first temple of Solomon stood pristine for 33 years, Kind David ruled for 33 years, Leah had 33 children, Freemasons have 33 degrees, and Atlas is your 33rd vertebrae.  The spiritual numerology and symbolism in the Bible are there for those with eyes to see, but hidden under literal translation and interpretations by the very left-brained prisoners Jesus sought to free.


Bryan said...

This is awesome, Eric! Since I started reading the bible symbolically I've enjoyed it more than ever, it is really an awesome book.

I would like to ask you a question about reincarnation. Why is there a discrepancy in population if it is the same people coming over and over again?

Half Navajo said...

Good stuff. Have you read Talmud Immanuel? It explains that Jesus lived to be in his 80s and never really died on the cross, and that his friends and healers from India helped heal him after being put in his tomb. He then went on to travel all over asia learning there spiritual teachings. Pretty interesting read... but then after reading it, all the people that push this transcript believe some galactic federation of hybrid aliens or whatever are go to help usher us into the 5th age, and that jesus is on ashtar command ship or something like that and calls himself Sananda now... but who am I to discredit all these channelers. Then you have the Christian crowd that think the galactic federation are fallen angels and there going to be part of the great deception. Have you read or written about any of this yet?

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Bryan and Half Navajo, thanks for the comments. My understanding of reincarnation is that we are all individualized aspects of God, living this subjective dream inside a flesh-suit. When we die a piece of God wakes up and realizes He was only dreaming. Our consciousness is then able to come back in a new flesh-suit and the dream continues ad infinitum. So just like in your dreams, you can have as many or as few dream characters as you like. Since consciousness is non-physical, there is no discrepancy... it's not "the same people coming over and over again," it's just different aspects of God incarnating as us over and over.

Half Navajo, I have not read the Talmud Immaneul but I'm very familiar with "Sananda" and Ashtar Command. Ashtar, ripped of from Ishtar/Ashtaroth seems like Masonic new-age baloney to me. And I see no reason to believe Jesus was an actual person, when there were 16 characters like Krishna who pre-dated Christ by thousands of years and shared the same mythological "miraculous" stories.

Jesus Christ: Man or Myth?

Anonymous said...

"'s not "the same people coming over and over again," it's just different aspects of God incarnating as us over and over."

Hi Eric. Do you mean that some of us might not come back and stay in the Ether after death? That would explain why the current population is not the sum of all deaths.

Thank you.


Eric Dubay said...

That's one way to put it. What I mean is that the individuated subjective packet of consciousness that I experience as "I am" is the exact same consciousness as the "I am" in you and everyonne else. God, the orignal "I am," reincarnates ad infinitum, and since all souls share the same origin (...God...) then it is really just God, the infinite, who is reincarnating over and over again, not just a limited, finite number of souls.

Anonymous said...

Science needs to transcend to the spiritual world. What if Doctor's could pull the soul out during a major operation by running a machine?

Evolution is the same way. IMO, it is a crude form of understand 'existence'. Transcend.

Jesus likely never existed, but become a figure in stories as the jews were fighting the Romans. The stories became "turned" into a cult.

Unknown said...

All of you are about right, most of these relgious stories are pagan myths. In a sense science and religion are both right and wrong. God does exist but at same times doesn't exist. We are all right and wrong. There are no words to describe consciousnes or spriit causes you will limit it and it becomes a concept of your mind. You have to experience it not just listening to guru's or holy books. The answers are within us. The new age movement has been decieved also like religion who think gods from other dimensions or aliens will come to help us. This is a human 3d experience. Some believe we will ascend to 4th or 5th dimension but it is also decieving, you can create heaven for yourself now why wait till you ascend die. Keep up the good work Eric, i trust your site cause your not promoting ascension to the 4th of 5th dimension bs. The new age movement may be right in some ways but have misinterpreted the Ancients of the past teachings.

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks Rahsaan, I agree, much of the "new age" is just misinterpretations of "ancient age" knowledge. The ascension crowd annoys me with their love, light, blessings, namastes and hakuna matatas to everything and everyone, while they willfully ignore anything "negative" frolicking in their fantasy lands :P

Nightwatchman said...

Eric is right on, it is god that separated himself into infinite particles/packets of photons of itself and incarnates in bodies to experience his/her creation through different forms, there is no separation between life and god, it is the same. It is the individual ego that keeps the higher right brain separated form this realization. That you are god!!!!

If you live in the lower ego consciousness then you are satan.

It is still god, but it is the latent unrealized god and becomes the opposite pole of the good. God and satan are the same thing, the same force, one is positive, the other negative, but we can manifest the positive side of god through the silence of meditation.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely correct when you say that the Bible has hidden meanings. However, it must be noted that Jesus doesn't lead us to the right hand side of the brain. Jesus leads us to Himself:

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way (not one of many ways), the truth (not a teacher of truth), and the life (the only life, spiritual life): no man cometh unto the Father, but by me John 14:6

As a result of the fall of our progenitors in the garden of Eden, we have been separated from the real God and are under the power of the dual tree/consciousness/god of this world which our progenitors ingested i.e the tree of knowledge of good and evil. As you rightly observed, this consciousness always manifests in the dual form of light and darkness, ego and awareness, left brain and right brain etc but it is the same accursed serpent manifesting in its dual forms and like commenter Nightwatchman also correctly observed, "It is the individual ego that keeps the higher right brain separated form this realization" and "It is still god, but it is the latent unrealized god". Both the left and right side (good and bad side) are different sides of the same coin satan and they were designed to keep us in bondage and confusion in order to divide us and prevent us from realizing the only truth: Jesus Christ.
Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is "in" you, than he that is "in" the world.1 John 4:4
We must stop looking at the accursed spirit with"in" and look beyond ourselves to Jesus, invite him into the temple and let him dethrone and crush the accursed kundalini serpent that deludes us:

Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God.1 Cor 2:12

And that is what separates Christianity (not the man made religion Christianity but the real Christianity) from other paths. Other paths work with the indwelling spirit we reject the indwelling spirit that was ingested in Eden and accept the gift of the "out"dwelling Christ inside our hearts by faith and that is when the kingdom of God will rule within us:

And we are his witnesses of these things; and so is also the Holy Ghost, whom God hath "given" to them that obey him.Acts 5:32

Unknown said...

Anonymous said:
We must stop looking at the accursed spirit with"in" and look beyond ourselves to Jesus, invite him into the temple and let him dethrone and crush the accursed kundalini serpent that deludes us:

Steve says: You know Anonymous, that is contrary ot hwat so many of the Golden Agers represent, at least through my interpretation. Everything in this New Age is "awaken the Kundalini serpent, that rises up thru your spine" have given a different perspective, a new way look at it. Could this be why many of those with the awakened kundalini, thorugh my experience, act without regard for others, unless it serves them??.....Maybe, time will tell, thanks for the differing perspective.

xtiml said...

the jews hebrews whoever they were with moses and joseph, joseph began the usurpation of egypt with the paroahs willingly accomplising him he bought up all the grain and other shit and then well they took over for 200 years or so the hittites they were called and they looted egypyt until they were driven out and were able to take all their loot with thewm, that is the story . even then it is a fmiliar story. and yo u will find it over and over.

xtiml said...

if you dont believe jesus is sun of god snd was sacrificed for our sins to save us you aint a christian and not allowed in. this line of thinking sounds like a jew harebrained scheme for harebrained goyim.and if you can trust a heavily edited and curve bakll bible well be my guest it is a boring read and its syntax is dreadful.well not boring but gets to be a drag .one preacher i knew had a house full of books they were all bibles and concordances that was all.

Anonymous said...

Eric Dubay, when Elohim says that vengeance is His against His enemies, is this also figurative? And when YHWH Elohim claims what you know as the Bible, is His word, what is the meaning of this?

Anonymous said...

No, you are not God. God reproduced. His sons are connected to him like a branch, but they are not Him. This visible creation is not even enough to amount to the edge of his figurative fingernail. You are a baby caterpillar. He is a Monarch butterfly the size of a sea dragon. You are a baby mite on the back of a flea on the edge of Paul Bunyan's fingernail. You are not God, and you are not going to "activate your third eye" and become God. God will breathe on His Sons and form them into his image. Image is a similarity of type, not a clone.

The subject of the article was biblical symbolism. The article linked in this comment explains everything the Freemasons destroyed. All the knowledge of the ancient world is hidden in this article.

There is a Sun God. Just not the visible one worshipped by Freemasons. They hijacked the symbols of the ancient Aristocracy and perverted them.

This article only scratches the surface. The design of the heaven and the earth was set to symbolize the events that would come. The motions of the cosmos we see from earth are a visible prophecy of things to come.

Anonymous said...

Actually I see the Bible more as history. In "The Flat Earth and Genesis" by Gerry Burney he says that Genesis 2 should actually come first, followed by Chpts 1 and 3. That means that we were all created as perfect spiritual beings in the Garden of Eden (not on this earth) first, then we rebelled against God and got kicked out. Then, God created this flat, domed earth for us humans to live in, basically giving us a second chance to return to the garden (heaven). A price had to be paid, however, which is why Jesus came to earth and died for us so those who repent and choose to believe can become reconciled to God, and those who want to keep rebelling and want to be Gods themselves (pride) will continue their journey to Hell. We all sinned before we were even born, and life is both a punishment and a second chance it seems. The devil and his Illuminati rule this world, trying to keep the rest of us from knowing the truth about the flat earth, God, Jesus, and the Devil.

Anonymous said...

Eric, I really like your info, and you are mainly correct. Except about jesus. This place is a simulator and it is your very ego that allows you to assume that you are "god" this is the "goal" of satan. Your "uprising" against the illuminated will not be successfull due to the fact that your "thoughts" are still plugged into this simulated matrix. Many people here are like you say... Sims characters of "god" but a false week god, this is seen as the serpant. The more powerfull side of god wants you to overcome that ego of yours and submit yourself to the higher power. When you recieve the holy spirit (not the serpant spirit) your eyes are open. But you must be fully humble and submissive to the true god. The true god has you trapped in cycle until your little "sliver" of existance wakes up and starts walking in the "fruit of the spirit" I believe you refer to this as "akuna matadas?" you read abput the message of buddas and jesus but ignored what they where saying. You heard with "carnal" ears. Carnal beings live here. Awakened beings are truly enlightened to that fact that the true god is not sleeping and that he is infinate beyound oir humanly immagination. You can only realize this if god "chooses" you. Or you will just continue to think what the serpant spirit wants you to think. Because god must purchase you at a price from this prison.

The guy who posted at November 21, 2014 at 5:14 PM is awoken also, Its easy to judge true children of god by thier understanding and beliefe in "akuna matadas" and stuff. Ie love, forgiveness, patience etc. The holy spirit lets you live as if you are always happy and wont care about the bad because you know this is not a "random dream" but already pre-programmed. Your governments already know this so they are "enjoying" the interior of the matrix and trying to escape it to gain the true gods knowledge. Ever wonder why the powers that control the "air" sacrafice human lifes and use numbers for control? Its simple, look at the evil people of the world, the believe what you believe and the power, greed, evil has consumed them. Thier ego is what rules the "air" here. Their ego is from the duality of the serpant. God has seperated himself from this place and will seperate his children. The rest are simply as you state. If you dont walk in the light everyday, you have not been saved from this place. Only god can choose to loosen the serpants grip on your spine. But one can have no ego for such. Peace and love, hope you wake up from the "matrix"

Unknown said...

Bad news Eric the New testament have zero links to The hebrew Tanakh. The origins of the New testment is derived from Emperor Nero's Generals Titus and the other name escapes me Flavian I believe. The Romans needed to control the Hebrews who remain in the land by concocting a messiah a sun god. The Creator was never jesus nor man incarnate that is ancient and pagan stories. If one reads Shemoth Ch. 4:22 The Creator tells Masha to tell Pharaoh that Y'srael not Israel, is my son my first born. I bet you miss that since you read the Tanakh from cover to cover. The new testament is very similar to ancient tales like the people of Mytsrayim, The Babylonians, Hindu's and Aztecs but they are totally the opposite of the Tanakh. Explain to me why the Saudi's have seal off mount Sinai anyone caught could potentially die, I have seen the top of the mountain is black completely black while the surrounding mountains have their natural color. The number 7 have nothing to do with no chakras or kundalini that is ridiculous it is link with the 7 days a week, and the Qodesh(separate)feasts given to the Abrim Y'srael. The Creator forbid it cannibalism, no father could take the sins of his son and vice versa, no human sacrifice, jesus is crucified. The New testament is a fraud from top to bottom. All civilizations have idol worship, the making of idols, single marriages, worship and honor their mighty ones on the 1st day on and on they were totally the opposite to the Torah.

I will agree with you the Abrim people were not the first ones here and their writings were not the first ones either but if there was a history more thorough it was theirs and they did worship the only one Creator Asher(I am) spirit nor male or female who is not bound by time nor death, he was, is , and forever will be.

Chris S said...

Early Christian and Alexandrian Jewish schools of scriptural interpretation also looked for hidden spiritual meanings in the scripture. The effect of it was largely to make the Bible say whatever they wanted. The early Christian interpreters were largely orthodox in what allegorical interpretations they chose to pull out of scripture, but later medieval Roman catholic interpreters used the same model to support their own favored doctrines. To protect their doctrines, they thought it was important to keep the word of God away from people. If the Bible has to be properly understood through a strange allegorical interpretive model derived from a mode of thinking that is unknown to scripture, then only those that are properly trained could understand the Bible. The medievals kept the scripture hidden away in a dead, purely ecclesiastical language (Latin) to keep it away from people so no one could go to the Bible and check to see if what was being taught was in accord with it or not. With all of this, the common man believed he would have to be trained as a monk or priest if he ever wanted to understand God’s word.

During the Protestant reformation, a key tenant was to get the Bible into the hands of common men. The Bible was mass produced on a printing press and translated into the common language of the people: the reformation spread wherever this happened. Reformed interpreters also took it as critical to throw out the allegorical model of interpretation and assume that each passage has only a single literal meaning. Communication between two people is impossible if the words used don’t have a single, plain, in-context meaning. If I allegorize and look for hidden meanings behind everything that is said to me, I’d never be able to understand anything. For instance if someone said, “The cat walked in the door,” and I lined up all the possible figurative meanings for “cat”, “walk”, and “door”, I’d have an infinite number of possible meanings. If we don’t play games with the sentence, it ought to be very plain that it’s just trying to communicate that a literal cat literally walked through a literal door.

The scripture is God’s word to man, that is, God is trying to communicate something to us through that document. For that reason, we should read it literally unless the context gives some reason to believe it is meant to be understood figuratively. Obviously the scripture is literally saying that Jesus walked on real water, and that He turned real water into real wine because the context tells us that people were amazed at it. The whole point is to show us that He is the unique Son of God so we will repent and believe in Him.

Unknown said...

Bill Donahue is fantastic! I found this guy about 4 years or so ago and he spoke to a part of me that was just awakening. We will all wake up in the end, then go back to sleep, then wake infinitum. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric, never heard about the italian researcher Mauro Biglino and his Bible translation ?
He said that the Bible isn't a holy book and it doesn't talk about God, sounds rather a book of ancient alien presences, the same fellows who built and engineered our humankind...
what do you think about it ?

Fred said...

If Jesus is fake, why do the elites worship Satan and do rituals that actually work? Why do they hate Christ?

Anonymous said...

more stuff like this please :)

Frankhermtank said...

The ancient world is filled with statues that symbolize the pineal gland. The pine cone, for example, I was reading symbolizes the pineal gland. Hence where it got its name for the shape of the pine cone resemblance. Maybe this is why we worship the pine tree of Christmas? There are buddha monuments symbolizing the pineal gland as a spiral pine cone! Here's the image if you want the proof The 7 is very interesting too. There are buddha statues with 7 snakes surrounding him.

Unknown said...

Bill's videos on youtube are amazing! However his later videos go off track from spiritual teachings into UFO nonsense.... "seek and ye shall find" that also means seek for crazy stuff and you'll find it too because it's you manifesting it or putting it there.

Anyway search youtube for Bill Donahue videos (the early ones). He's a funny guy too.

Christians, the majority will always be literalists and blind to Jesus... fear stops people looking from darkness into the light.

"A course in Miracles" also on youtube is amazing too. It's Gnostic Hermetica and Cabala.

Unknown said...

Bill's videos on youtube are amazing! However his later videos go off track from spiritual teachings into UFO nonsense.... "seek and ye shall find" that also means seek for crazy stuff and you'll find it too because it's you manifesting it or putting it there.

Anyway search youtube for Bill Donahue videos (the early ones). He's a funny guy too.

Christians, the majority will always be literalists and blind to Jesus... fear stops people looking from darkness into the light.

"A course in Miracles" also on youtube is amazing too. It's Gnostic Hermetica and Cabala.