Sunday, March 15, 2015

NASA's Huge Balls Exposed

For thousands of years the "planets" were known as "wandering stars" as they differ from the fixed stars in their relative motions only.  Through a telescope both the fixed stars and wandering "planets" appear as nothing more than tiny round dots of light, luminaries, circling the night sky.  They do NOT appear in any way to be spherical Earth-like terra firma balls capable of landing on as the Freemasons at NASA would have us believe with their fake CGI pictures and videos.  The following video exposes the entire deception proving that Earth is in fact a plane and "planets" do not exist!  They just added a "T" and you fell for it.


Anonymous said...

Do you realize how many millions of people over thousands of years would have to be working together in sectret to create this grand lie? Humans are incredibly fallible creatures and personally I do not think we are capable of pulling off such an elaborate hoax without someone coming forward to expose the truth about everyone else in on this lie. Even if the Flat Earth theory is true, what is the point of lying to everyone and saying the world is round? What do they gain from letting us think we arent the center of the universe if in fact we are? Couldn't they still "control" us even if we knew the truth? It just seems too elaborate and grandiose to be plausible.

Anonymous said...

It is a good point but before the internet it was very much easier to fool the masses. If a few didn't believe they would be called nutters, or if they became difficult can be bumped off.

Eric Dubay said...

Why They Lie to Us About the Flat Earth

Anonymous said...

How do you explain the Sumeriens knowledge that of the planets down to the finer detail Eric? Which has only been rediscovered and confirmed..

What about the Dogons knowledge of Sirius? Which was again confirmed by modern re discoveries..

How do you surmise everything came into being if this planet is all that exists?

I could go on for pages..

Thanks Johnny

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Johnny, you mean that one cylinder seal they show over and over which looks something like a primitive "solar system" or the Freemason Sitchin's extrapolations about how these cuneform tablets somehow confirm humans being a slave race created by Sumerian aliens from other planets? The "Dogons knowledge of Sirius" has nothing to do with the fact that Earth is the flat, motionless center of the universe. In fact the Dogons had a flat Earth disc cosmology as evidenced in my Ancient Flat Earth Beliefs video. What "knowledge of the planets down to the finer detail" do you propose was known? How do you propose such "knowledge" could be confirmed or denied? Once again you're poo-pooing solid evidence in favor of heresay. This is a pattern I see consistently in your comments. Peace

Anonymous said...

That's quite unfair need to goad me! How about the fact that you have removed my comments and shoe horn everything to fit your theory, when numerous posters have caught you out so to speak.

AGreed Sitchin was a mason and has withheld some info,but not in the way you are suggesting.

Are you familiar with Velikovsky and His discoveries from indigenous cultures? Mainstream science turned on him in an unprecedented way because of his uncovering of the real story and that being a cosmic catastrophe in 1600bc..and you know what that was...yes PX!

How about the fact we hear of descriptions of Planet X spoken globally? Referred to under many names? 3 days of darkness? Writhing dragon in the skies? All global scripture concurs independently as well.

You're accusing me of ignoring evidence? It really gets me when people accuse you of something they themselves are guilty of!

You have contradicted yourself with regard to Hyper D psysics previously! Admitting ley lines and having no knowledge of the HD grid and sweeping it away,these two co exist and are not possible with your theory,as it is a universesal expression reflected in all actual planets, and the very real pyramids and megastructures all line up on this very real grid.

you have no idea that people are seeing the second sun globally and just dismissed Zetatalk without reading it,that site in itself will put your theory to rest,it contains 20 years of data and understandings beyond human physics.

We have ancient cultures who have spoke of the Venus cataclysm are you familiar with that?

So just because you say it all boils down to one cuneiform tablet that dismisses it i suppose lol?As for humans being created-well this is also true, one example is the RH negative blood line unexplained by science.

My own research has concurred with Sitchins and that being that there was a planet between Jupiter and Mars and the volcanic evidence on asteroids proves this, as that can only form on planets. And the asteroid belt is the remnants of this-Where Sitchin lied in relation to this,is that it was not a planetary collision! It was destroyed by weaponry..also,so where do you think asteroids come from?

The planet is wobbling now as the moon and sun are out of position, many people including myself have documented this via telescope not to mention the Inuits and it is due to PX.Polaris is off centre also! This. Is why we are experiencing a polar vortex straying from the poles-which incidentally are moving albeit the magnetic poles ATM.

The Dogons celebration held every 50 years is to represent the orbiting period of the Sirius cluster,later confirmed to be the actual time it took when found out by mainstream recently,why would they think this is possible and believe in that if it was imaginary or a disk?
Are you aware that we inherited Our time structure from the orbit of Planet X as in 3600 seconds per hour -representing the orbit of Nibiru?

I can see your game Eric and have lost the will to attempt to debunk you,as you have proven yourself to be a hypocrite and a fraud

Do the right thing!

All the best!


Anonymous said...

Do you believe in God?

Eric Dubay said...

Johnny, you continue to muddy my comments sections with science-fiction like that ridiculously retarded ZetaTalk website you keep posting every time. That lady has been giving dates for alien landings for years which NEVER happen, because aliens DO NOT exist Johnny. Neither does time-travel or teleportation or all the other science-fiction crap you keep posting. Velikovsky was a Biblical catastrophist providing evidence for the Atlantean/Biblical worldwide flood. He was NOT a Planet X theorist like you and your ilk are trying to claim. "Planets" do NOT exist Johnny, not Jupiter, not Mars, and not Planet X... "Planets" are just stars, lights, luminaries. Earth isn't even a planet, watch the first video in the article.

The "volcanic evidence on asteroids proves this."

Look again, all images of asteroids you've seen are poor CGI from NASA. You think photoshop images are "proof?" You think CGI pictures of "planets" are proof. You think CGI grids on fake planets are evidence of "hyper-dimensional physics." You think teleportation, time-travel, and ZetaTalk aliens from "Planet X" all exist, yet can't even discern real photographs from fake computer images.

How about the fact we hear of descriptions of Planet X spoken globally? Referred to under many names? 3 days of darkness? Writhing dragon in the skies?

Again you're arguing heresay over actual tangible evidence.

The planet is wobbling now.

Lol, no it isn't. Proof the Earth isn't Spinning, Revolving, Rotating, or Wobbling.

Here's the problem Johnny. You're a science-fiction nerd who can't accept the fact that Earth isn't a wobbling ball, other planets don't exist, and life isn't Star Trek. You think humans having different blood types (just like all animals have) is evidence that we were created by aliens! Sitchin is a Mason propagandist. "Planet X" and ZetaTalk aliens are a figment of your Hollywood imagination. The Dogons have a flat, motionless Earth-centered disc cosmology. Ley Lines are straight on the flat Earth, and the "Hyperdimensional physics" you go on about is NOT physics, it's CGI air-brushing at 19.5 degrees to convince you Saturn has hexagons, Jupiter has an eye, Mars has pyramids, and other such veiled Masonic references that go completely over your head. Please don't bother commenting any more science-fiction as I will not be wasting any more time posting and replying to your non-sense. You've already muddied several comments sections with this crap. Get your head out of the clouds and come back to the flat, motionless Earth, Johnny. Planets, Aliens, Time Travel, Teleportation, Hyperdimensional Physics, Nibiru, and Darth Vader do not exist. Peace

Eric Dubay said...

Do you believe in God?

I don't "beLIEve" in anything, I just weigh / discern the evidence for and against and lean towards that which makes the most sense, while staying open-minded and constantly searching:

God, Brahma, Tao, Void, Oneness, Infinite Consciousness

Amd said...

Hi Eric,

I know this might be a bit away from this post topic, but in regards to time travelling, what do you think of the whole topic of Philadelphia Experiment?

Could it be an exaggerated story to cover up/mis-lead the researches from the free/cheap energy solutions Nicola Tesla was trying to promote (but got shut up after all)?

Or could it be a real extraordinary experiment that revealed advanced properties of electromagnetism, but not quite related to time-travelling nor teleportation?

Thanks, and all your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric, been reading your website for a few years. I loved your book on spiritual science. I always knew deep down since a child that something was wrong with the globe paradigm. I totally agree with your flat earth theory.
Every time I've tried to talk with people regarding any issues outside the norm, I lose friends or been made to look like a nut. As far as I'm concerned the programming didn't work on me!
I just wanted to inform you of a few videos that back your theory up that are available on youtube. They are called flat earth clues by markksargent. Ten parts. I feel the way he has put the information together is the best so far. Anyway, keep up the good work - Andrew

Jamie Lee said...

Keep it coming Eric,

here is my latest post on
How Do They Spacewalk While Traveling 17,000 mph?

also here are two good sources for info on space hoax NASA including a pro photographer on NASA's fake moon pics

Unknown said...

beautiful as always brother

Anonymous said...

I love. Healthy. Informative points and arguments. What really does it for me is. The fact we haven't been back to moon in 40 years if it was so easy the 6 times. That's the deal breaker. Any variation of a lie is still a lie!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love how you think exposing this hoax will change anything. This is a non-issue for 90% of the people, part of the reason a hoax like this can work.

You think the church was telling the truth?
but refuse to admit to believing in god?

Barzini said...

Hi Eric,

Have you given any thought to tides and why they exist?

The explanation that they are caused by the moon also seemed a bit ridiculous to me, but I still can't explain them....


Eric Dubay said...

Hey AMD, I think the Philadelphia experiment is just a fake rabbit-hole and physical teleportation / time-travel are impossible based on many philosophical paradoxes such as the butterfly effect and paradox of super-positioning. Andrew, thanks for the comment. I'm aware of Mark Sargent's videos and we actually have an interesting thread at IFERS discussing whether or not he is a controlled opposition agent after this last interview he gave, I'm thinking absolutely:

Interview with Mark Sargent

Great posts as usual Jamie! Thanks Justin. For Barzini, Newton also theorized and it is now commonly taught that the Earth’s ocean tides are caused by gravitational lunar attraction. If the Moon is only 2,160 miles in diameter and the Earth 8,000 miles, however, using their own math and “law,” it follows that the Earth is 87 times more massive and therefore the larger object should attract the smaller to it, and not the other way around. If the Earth’s greater gravity is what keeps the Moon in orbit, it is impossible for the Moon’s lesser gravity to supersede the Earth’s gravity at Earth’s sea-level, where its gravitational attraction would even further out-trump the Moon’s. Not to mention, the velocity and path of the Moon are uniform and should therefore exert a uniform influence on the Earth’s tides, when in actuality the Earth’s tides vary greatly. Furthermore, if ocean tides are caused by the Moon’s gravitation, how is it that lakes, ponds, and other smaller bodies of standing water remain outside the Moon’s grasp, while the gigantic oceans are so effected!?

“If the moon lifted up the water, it is evident that near the land, the water would be drawn away and low instead of high tide caused. Again, the velocity and path of the moon are uniform, and it follows that if she exerted any influence on the earth, that influence could only be a uniform influence. But the tides are not uniform. At Port Natal the rise and fall is about 6 feet, while at Beira, about 600 miles up the coast, the rise and fall is 26 feet. This effectually settles the matter that the moon has no influence on the tides. Tides are caused by the gentle and gradual rise and fall of the earth on the bosom of the mighty deep. In inland lakes, there are no tides; which also proves that the moon cannot attract either the earth or water to cause tides. But the fact that the basin of the lake is on the earth which rests on the waters of the deep shows that no tides are possible, as the waters of the lakes together with the earth rise and fall, and thus the tides at the coast are caused; while there are no tides on waters unconnected with the sea.” -Thomas Winship, “Zetetic Cosmogeny” (130-131)

Eric Dubay said...

“It is affirmed that the intensity of attraction increases with proximity, and vice versâ. How, then, when the waters are drawn up by the moon from their bed, and away from the earth's attraction,--which at that greater distance from the centre is considerably diminished, while that of the moon is proportionately increased--is it possible that all the waters acted on should be prevented leaving the earth and flying away to the moon? If the moon has power of attraction sufficient to lift the waters of the earth at all, even a single inch from their deepest receptacles, where the earth's attraction is much the greater, there is nothing in the theory of attraction of gravitation to prevent her taking to herself all the waters which come within her influence. Let the smaller body once overcome the power of the larger, and the power of the smaller becomes greater than when it first operated, because the matter acted on is nearer to it. Proximity is greater, and therefore power is greater … How then can the waters of the ocean immediately underneath the moon flow towards the shores, and so cause a flood tide? Water flows, it is said, through the law of gravity, or attraction of the earth's centre; is it possible then for the moon, having once overcome the power of the earth, to let go her hold upon the waters, through the influence of a power which she has conquered, and which therefore, is less than her own? … The above and other difficulties which exist in connection with the explanation of the tides afforded by the Newtonian system, have led many, including Sir Isaac Newton himself, to admit that such explanation is the least satisfactory portion of the ‘theory of gravitation.’ Thus we have been carried forward by the sheer force of evidence to the conclusion that the tides of the sea do not arise from the attraction of the moon, but simply from the rising and falling of the floating earth in the waters of the ‘great deep.’ That calmness which is found to exist at the bottom of the great seas could not be possible if the waters were alternately raised by the moon and pulled down by the earth.” -Dr. Samuel Rowbotham, “Zetetic Astronomy, Earth Not a Globe!” (159-175)

“Even Sir Isaac Newton himself confessed that the explanation of the Moon's action on the Tides was the least satisfactory part of his theory of Gravitation. This theory asserts that the larger object attracts the smaller, and the mass of the Moon being reckoned as only one-eighth of that of the Earth, it follows that, if, by the presumed force of Gravitation, the Earth revolves round the Sun, much more, for the same reason, should the Moon do so likewise, instead of which that willful orb still continues to go round our world. Tides vary greatly in height, owing chiefly to the different configurations of the adjoining lands. At Chepstow it rises to 60 feet, at Portishead to 50, while at Dublin Bay it is but 1 2, and at Wexford only 5 feet … That the Earth itself has a slight tremulous motion may be seen in the movement of the spirit-level, even when fixed as steadily as possible, and that the sea has a fluctuation may be witnessed by the oscillation of an anchored ship in the calmest day of summer. By what means the tides are so regularly affected is at present only conjectured; possibly it may be by atmospheric pressure on the waters of the Great Deep, and perhaps even the Moon itself, as suggested by the late Dr. Rowbotham, may influence the atmosphere, increasing or diminishing its barometric pressure, and indirectly the rise and fall of the Earth in the waters.” -David Wardlaw Scott, “Terra Firma” (259-260)

Eric Dubay said...

“Bearing this fact in mind, that there exists a continual pressure of the atmosphere upon the Earth, and associating it with the fact that the Earth is a vast plane ‘stretched out upon the waters,’ and it will be seen that it must of necessity slightly fluctuate, or slowly rise and fall in the water. As by the action of the atmosphere the Earth is slowly depressed, the water moves towards the receding shore and produces the flood tide; and when by the reaction of the resisting oceanic medium the Earth gradually ascends the waters recede, and the ebb tide is produced. This is the general cause of tides. Whatever peculiarities are observable they may be traced to the reaction of channels, bays, headlands, and other local causes … That the Earth has a vibratory or tremulous motion, such as must necessarily belong to a floating and fluctuating structure, is abundantly proved by the experience of astronomers and surveyors. If a delicate spirit-level be firmly placed upon a rock or upon the most solid foundation which it is possible to construct, the very curious phenomenon will be observed of constant change in the position of the air-bubble. However carefully the ‘level’ may be adjusted, and the instrument protected from the atmosphere, the ‘bubble’ will not maintain its position many seconds together. A somewhat similar influence has been noticed in astronomical observatories, where instruments of the best construction and placed in the most approved positions cannot always be relied upon without occasional re-adjustment.” -Dr. Samuel Rowbotham, “Earth Not a Globe, 2nd Edition” (108-110)

Anonymous said...

Why so many cuts (clips)? Because who has time to watch a video in real time for days at a time? The "flat earth theory" is a distraction from real issues and wastes our precious time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric, who do you think built the Egyptian pyramids and Amero-Indian ruins?

Since the stones were too heavy even for modern machines to lift. And are crafted in such a way no current tool could cut or shape them. Working with stone is most tricky, since as a non metal mineral structure, stone is very heat resistant.

Ceramics properties resembles those of stone. And only a handful of countries can manufacture jet engines. Since ceramic, just like stone in very heat resistant, it's very suitable as the basic and main material in jet engines.

So we know a few countries are capable of working with stone? But is it possible that human technology could have built the ancient pyramids of the Mayan? At the level of precision shown as if the stone blocks were molten to place?

Could there be a extra-human technology who could have built those ruins? Lets say they're aliens, not from the stars, but from other parts of this infinite flat earth. I don't use the term "terestrial" since it was derived from "terra" which means the 3rd stone from the sun. CMIIW.

Anonymous said...

"I love how you think exposing this hoax will change anything. This is a non-issue for 90% of the people, part of the reason a hoax like this can work.

You think the church was telling the truth?
but refuse to admit to believing in god?"

Do you honestly think that exposing this hoax WOULDN'T change anything? Like people would find out they're lying to us on such a high level and then just go back to their old perception of the powers that be? This isn't a matter of the church, all ancient cultures knew the world was flat. The church nowadays would never want you to know, even though it's written in their books (which are copies of stories from the older cultures of their relatives)
This know-it-all mentality you have is the reason these things are vastly unrealized.

Anonymous said...

And what do you think about the Coral Castle in Florida?


Unknown said...

The agenda the ones in power today use fake round earth theory and outer space travel as a distraction. They dont want you to know that this earth plane is infinite and not some finite planet living in a infinite universe. The ancients were right about flat earth, this round earth theory is new age stuff with scientific bs. The same reason the governments of the world lie about wars,disease and poverty are the same reason why they lie about round earth. These new age government owned movements are apart of the manipulation plan to keep the public in the dark. There aren't any aliens coming from outer space. The universe is within the flat earth, not out in outer space ,there is only inner space. The sun,moon and stars rotate around the earth. Science is heavlily manipulated as much as religion. How can you see stars that far from outer space or the sun, its has to be much closer. Most of these NASA agents or scientist who work in the space program are Freemasons. I can clearly see now that these planets from outer space are all computer animated Only the sheep cant see this, they all believe what they are told instead of questioning everything.

Haritz said...

Eric, you are truly a warrior and hero among men. Thank you for your efforts to tear down the web of illusions...

Would you tell, which ancient texts or oral cosmologies refer specifically to flat earth and its features?

And second, one of the Indian texts refers to rings of earth...considering your research, is it possible that Antartica is one ring separating our known world from further temperate land masses and oceans?

Eric Dubay said...

The many pyramids and megaliths all over the world and under the seas are certainly keys to the larger mystery of our ancient history, but I'm still searching for answers like yourself:

The Great Pyramid Mystery

Atlantis and the Great Deluge

I think the Coral Castle has some potential answers for how megaliths can be moved into place, but it still doesn't answer how the ancients quarried, perfectly cut, carried and placed stones much bigger than those at Coral Castle.

Great comments as usual Rahsaan, I always love to hear you're analysis of things! And thanks so much Haritz. Check out my Ancient Flat Earth Beliefs video if you haven't already. I've also just started working on a 5th book which will go into much greater depth regarding ancient flat Earth cosmologies and other fascinating things I'm discovering. Peace

J. Lee said...

here is my latest post.
How can NASA measure the stars when they measure orbit, brightness,temp,size,spin and distance needs to be in a vacuum to read one hundred million quadrillion miles away and space is anything but a vacuum??

Barzini said...

Hi Eric,

Thanks for your great work.....

Have you seen that Quantas offers a direct flight from Sydney to Santiago which takes 12 hours 30 minutes?

Any idea how this could be so if the earth is flat?


Barzini said...

Hi Eric,

Do you have any links to a video where someone has zoomed in with a powerful telescope to see something which technically shouldn't be visible if the earth was round?

Surely that is all that is really needed to prove the Flat Earth theory......

Anonymous said...

Omg, at alst i fond true site! True consipracy, with real stuff!
Thanks man, i have so much to share, delicate info in future (exmple: future terrorsit attack exact dates, or "natural" dssasters, fake alien ivnasion etc.. )


Anonymous said...


Yes, please do share with us any sensitive information that you have. (Hopefully Eric will agree).

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric, I know it's off topic but have you ever read about the Laurel Canyon conspiracy? Apparently the whole 1960s counter culture was product of military intelligence.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric:

Bradley Loves posted a list of questions for anyone to answer who believes the earth is flat. Can you review and answer them? I have had similar questions myself.

Isso said...

Thanks, Eric! You do some great work!

Anonymous said...

bradley loves is a NASU or NASA shill

Anonymous said...

if the earth were the shape that you describe with the "north pole" being the center and antarctica being a barrier ring on the edge of our world, then how do you explain flights from australia to south america not taking far far longer?

flights of those directions happen daily and would be impossible if those distances were actually that great and simply requiring a flight over antarctica.

Anonymous said...

The ball idea seems silly to me either way, but I am also curious about flying Sydney to chile in the same time as Sydney to LA. This is assuming the flight paths and speeds are similar for easy. That could easily be disguised by the flights, but it might seem tough to keep that hidden.

Anonymous said...

if you understand the premise that everything we know is wrong and backwards. then, we did not originate from lower life form but we are slowly becoming lower lifeforms. that would explain how all the megalithic structures were built, if our ancestors were 35 feet giants and had an intellect much greater than ours. what is a pyramid block to a 35 giant? a medium size peeble to you. many references to giants in the old texts and myths.

Anonymous said...


Reason that we have been lied must be something else, becouse we have been supressed even then when humans belived in flat earth.
And if we cannot get out of space, how alians/reptilians or whatever got here?
And what are then other plantes?don´t they existe or are they inside of our eggshellike word or outside of it?
And what about legends about times when there was no moon?

I dont belive in NASA theory, even back in school (c.a 15 years ago) teacher said that earth is not perfectly rounded but more like fig.

have a most beautiful day

Anonymous said...

My question is about the 24 hours of sun light experienced at the "South Pole", in the flat earth model the 24 hours of sun light at the north pole is possible but not in the south. How can this be?