Monday, June 29, 2015

Flat Earth Shill Wall of Shame

Google analytics shows that since November 2014, the search term "Flat Earth" has enjoyed an incredible and never before seen 600% rise in activity!  The reason behind the sudden and sharp increase for this key-word is undeniably the publishing of my "Flat Earth Conspiracy" book and documentary pair which were both released in November 2014.  The Flat Earth Conspiracy was the first pro-flat Earth book written in almost 50 years and is rapidly becoming an under-ground best-seller while my documentary, interviews and other flat Earth videos have received a combined 1,000,000+ views and growing.  As you can imagine, when exposing a 500 year running conspiracy involving NASA, the U.N. and world Freemasonry, there will be death threats (which I'm receiving regularly) and controlled opposition agents will be sent in to infiltrate and co-opt the growing movement.  I'm writing this article to expose the evidence I've compiled that several such government shills are currently hard at work doing just that.

Mark Sargent:  About six weeks after my flat Earth book, videos and articles started going viral, this character showed up on YouTube making a series of well-presented "Flat Earth Clues" videos, uploading a new one every day.  Next he started getting several radio interviews per week, got his very own radio show, and even went on Coast 2 Coast AM all in the name of exposing his "Flat Earth Clues."  These "clues," however, instead of revealing actual scientific evidence/experiments which prove the Earth to be flat like myself and all genuine flat Earthers do, Mark's "clues" are always merely his personal speculations.  For example Mark's first "Flat Earth Clue" is that Hollywood hasn't really made many movies about the Moon landings, and this gives him a raging clue that Apollo was fake and Earth is flat.  His second clue was claiming with no evidence whatsoever that Freemason Admiral Byrd had reached the "dome."

The unfounded claims only got more ridiculous as Mark began doing radio interviews.  Suddenly he began saying that "the Moon and stars are not there, they are holographic projections," and recommending at least once per show that everyone must visit fellow shill Crrow777's YouTube channel.  I called Mark out on this at IFERS (of which he is still a member, but refuses to post) giving abundant evidence that the Moon/stars are natural luminaries and NOT holographic projections, to which he responded only once and did so not personally, but through another fellow shill, Acenci.  Acenci relayed Mark's message which said, "Of course I don't have evidence that everything in the sky is a projection of some kind. The look, and opinion I'm taking is strictly from a design standpoint."  And herein lies Mark's method of muddying the waters of truth and poisoning the flat Earth well.  Everything he has to say on the flat Earth subject is based on "his model"; not science, evidence, experiments, proof, or reason, but rather what he thinks works best from "a game design standpoint" (because he used to be a video game designer).

So he claims without evidence the celestial bodies are "projections"; He claims without evidence that Admiral Byrd reached the "dome"; He also claims without evidence that heat is NOT caused by the Sun (in his model) but by unknown processes underneath the flat Earth!; He has claimed more than once that "gravity is something we can prove obviously exists" when all genuine flat Earthers know gravity does NOT exist, has never been proven, and is just density; He even recently introduced his own untested theory of "molecular magnetism" to explain gravity in his "enclosed flat model."

In interviews Mark regularly lies about me saying things like "Eric thinks the Moon is 2-dimensional while (he) thinks it is 3-dimensional," when the truth is that I have always said the Moon is a natural luminary while he says it's a holographic projection.  He claims "Eric considers himself a flat Earth purist" another lie I've never said, nor do I even understand what a "Flat Earth purist" is supposed to be.  In one interview Mark had the audacity to lie and claim that I purport that the Flat Earth disc is constantly rising to account for gravity when I have exposed in my articles/interviews repeatedly that this is a FALSE Flat Earth argument put forward by the controlled opposition Flat Earth Society, and that gravity doesn't even exist!

In early interviews Mark claimed to have read SOME of my book, but when cornered in later interviews claimed to have NOT read my book; He constantly promotes the Orlando Ferguson CONCAVE Earth map as being "one of the best flat Earth maps," when it is clearly one of the worst; He mentioned in one interview the shillspicious fact that he worked in "internet data-mining for 3 years"; and he constantly plays with a toy globe affront the camera in every interview subconsciously re-enforcing the globe model while talking non-sense about the Flat Earth. Patricia Aiken asked him during her interview to please stop doing this and he AGREED and PROMISED to stop, but then in his very next interview and many since then he has broken his promise and continued to play with his little ball Earth.

In his interview with Dan Lefkowitz, after 50 minutes of speculative "evidence" from "every ancient myth he's found" Dan asked "is there any other proof the Earth isn't spinning other than these ancient texts?" At which point Mark made the shilliest statement of his career claiming after a 5 second pause and long exhale, "If there was, I think we'd probably know it at this point!" and nervously annoyingly laughs as he does every time an interviewer asks him a straight-forward question.  Claiming to know of NO EVIDENCE/PROOF the Earth isn't spinning other than ancient texts is ludicrous, disingenuous, and proves Mark has no business in the flat Earth movement.  In the same interview he also lied that "he's been trying to patch things up with Eric," when he then and still to this day refuses to engage in a dialogue with me, and has refused to accept my challenge to debate him on Patricia Aiken's show.

In his latest Ball Earth Skeptic interview Mark came right out and said: (paraphrasing) "I'm not even that attached to the flat model, everyone has their models with good/bad points, I have my model, Eric has his model, and even Lord Steven Christ has his model which is a lot better than the ball Earth model! At this point, I'm just sure it's not a ball, other than that is open to speculation."  What kind of confidence does it instill in listeners when this supposed "leader" of the Flat Earth movement "isn't even sure the Earth is flat!?

Andrea Cenci (Acenci):  Right after starting my IFERS (International Flat Earth Research Society) Forum, my "biggest fan" and most enthusiastic and prolific poster was one "Andrea Cenci," allegedly an Italian banker who watched my Flat Earth Conspiracy Documentary and was instantly converted to a flat Earther.  He subsequently divided his time between sucking up to me, dismissing the shilliness of his friend Mark Sargent, creating sock accounts to like and agree with himself, and otherwise filling the forum with useless content as per Cointel Shill Protocol.  When his constant defense of Mark Sargent became unbearable, his sock accounts discovered, and he started making paranoid rants about us needing to shut down the IFERS forum for fear of our lives, Acenci (and his other multiple personalities) were banned.  To everyone's surprise and amusement, however, Acenci and all his sock puppets quickly created their own forum from where they obsessively attempted to infiltrate, criticize, and denounce IFERS, its posts, its members, and especially its leaders/management.  He and his multiple personalities then went on to create and participate in 3 further failed forums, all dedicated to trashing IFERS.  You can see all of his forums and follow the entire drama here.  It has now been over 5 months and Acenci is still online all day every day obsessively cataloging, re-posting and analyzing/criticizing every aspect of the IFERS community.  He has even paid to have several banners advertizing his forums appear on IFERS.

Lord Steven Christ:  Before writing my book I noticed this ridiculous shill on YouTube sporting a Masonic logo and claiming to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ.  He states with little to no evidence, but very high-end 3D graphics models, that the Earth is neither flat nor convex, but rather it is concave!  He and the other leading "concave Earther" Wild Heretic give a whopping 4 'proofs' for their model, 3 of which come straight from flat Earther Samuel Rowbotham's book!  Compare this with flat Earther William Carpenter's 100 Proofs the Earth is Not a Globe, or my book with over 200 proofs of the flat Earth, and it becomes apparent how laughable these "concave Earth theorists" are.  I noticed he and his cohorts trolling every flat Earth channel threatening to flag their videos and "report them to the NSA," and true to form, once I began making flat Earth videos he did the same to me, claiming he'd report me to the NSA and that "I'd better repent" because I was "living inside His concave Earth" (remember, he thinks he's Jesus).  Since then I have had the "divine" honor of having "Our Lord and Savior Steven Christ" devote almost every new video he puts out be on the subject of "debunking" and denouncing me and my work.  Steven has also joined Acenci's shill forums and like Acenci, paid for banner ads on IFERS (which I have no control over) promoting his "Concave Earth" Forum.

Zhib Rhan:  When looking for clips to use in The Flat Earth Conspiracy Documentary, I came across this guy with a very enigmatic voice and a couple decent videos disputing the alleged curvature of the ball Earth.  After deciding to include them, Zhib's channel took a turn for the worse and he began making non-sense videos claiming, much like Mark Sargent, to have his very own flat model which he thought to be more accurate than the generally accepted azimuthal equidistant flat Earth model.  In his model, Antarctica was actually the North Pole!  All the continents are flipped completely upside down!  And Polaris, instead of being motionless above the North Pole, revolves around the outside perimeter of the flat Earth!  Again, just like Mark Sargent, Zhib doesn't even feign having any practical evidence for these outrageous and easily disproven claims.  Zhib instead states his wisdom came from "God" and he repeats over and over in every video that "Jesus Christ is the only truth man will ever know."  In a recent, even shillier turn of events, Zhib has now come out as a concave Earther!  It looks like now "Lord Steven Christ is the only truth Zhib will ever know."

Leo Ferrari, Daniel Shenton, and The Flat Earth Society:  The Flat Earth Society is a controlled opposition group that mixes truth with lies and satire to discredit genuine flat Earth research, a job they have been doing for a long time now. Founded in 1970 by Leo Ferrari, a suspected Freemason and philosophy professor at St. Thomas' University, Leo spent his life making a mockery of the legitimate subject of our flat Earth.  Leo would always take a pumpkin-sized rock with him to lectures and interviews claiming he brought the stone back from the edge of our flat Earth! He would say, with a huge smirk on his face, how his boat had fallen over the edge but he was luckily saved by hanging onto this rock. Clearly, treating our flat Earth in this tongue-in-cheek way discouraged people from taking the matter seriously.

Ferrari's entire schtick involved approaching the flat Earth subject from every angle EXCEPT the rational and scientific (just like Mark Sargent). For example, he published a series of articles including "The Global Fallacy as a Cause of Racial Prejudice," arguing that people in countries at the top of the globe felt superior to those at the bottom, when in fact there was no top or bottom to the world, so, "even if one assumed that the world was spherical, the 'top' and 'bottom' have been arbitrarily selected, resulting in racial discrimination against those in the south. How can the globularists, their hirelings and dupes, seriously claim to believe that all men are created equal when they teach that some men are eternally fated to hang like bats from the bottom of a globe on which other men stand upright? The only solution is a flat Earth!" So instead of presenting measurements or experiments, instead of presenting any proofs or evidence, Ferrari would often simply argue the flat Earth as a serendipitous satirical solution to social problems.

Though he passed away in 2010, his Flat Earth Society still exists today online as a website/forum which, still true to form, now run by Daniel Shenton and Co., purports several false flat-Earth arguments and treats the entire subject as a dead-pan joke.  A Google search for any Flat Earth related subject will bring you top results for several threads from the FES forum; a quick glance at which will show you that FES is where legitimate flat Earth questions go to die.  The board is awash with convex, concave and flat Earth shills ready to pounce upon all new members and turn them off as quickly as possible.  Their laughable "podcast" section has only 4 broadcasts, 2 about science-fiction and 2 about the "hollow Earth" - none even touch on the subject of evidence/proof of our flat Earth. 

Upon starting my own rival IFERS forum and calling out the FES shills, several of their administrators and moderators joined up, praised me for my work, nominated me as joint "Flat Earth President," and in a last ditch attempt to co-opt me and my work, asked if we could merge our forums as one!  I was more than willing, but unfortunately as you can see here, however, they were not willing to comply with my demands  :)

Matt (Powerland) Boylan:  This alleged NASA insider turned flat Earth whistle-blower has turned out to be shillspicious in many ways. When someone sent him my documentary in November 2014, Matt immediately contacted me and invited me to skype several times.  We had a couple calls but he did 95% of the talking, interrupted me often, and recorded some calls without informing me first.  He seemed a bit off, but I chalked it up to his eccentricity and still figured he was genuine listening to him discuss his commissioned art/murals, and his concern about shills infiltrating the flat Earth movement, among whom he listed Mark Sargent, the FES, Zhib Rhan, Steven Christ, and Lori Frary - all people I had also suspected.

Next Matt released his "Crazy Notion" video where he is suddenly chatting with top shill Mark Sargent like old friends and presenting his "revelation" (which is actually pure speculation, but he adamantly states as fact) that the Earth plane is infinite with no dome and there are many other flat Earth systems beyond the Antarctic ice.  I admit this is a plausible theory, as is Mark's enclosed model theory, but the disingenuous problem here is that Matt nor Mark treat/express these theories as theories but as gospel truth.  Matt also included in his video a series of failed skype calls between he and I, which he did not inform me he was recording, and which dropped every few seconds/minutes due to connection problems.  Instead of editing this out, or chalking it up to normal connection problems, Matt instead left all the dropped calls and claimed in paranoid rants between each one how "they" don't want us flat Earthers connecting so "they" were causing each call to be dropped. 

Searching through Matt's older videos on his channel it's clear that such paranoid, aggressive, off-putting rants are part of his schtick and the "flat Earth" subject is more of an aside to his other performance pieces.  His YouTube "TheNASAChannel" is far less concerned with exposing NASA or the truth of our flat Earth and more concerned with Matt painting on naked women's bodies, ranting about random subjects like Axe Cologne / hookers on tinder, and promoting his championship-status sexual prowess.  There are also suspicious videos about Steven Hawking and one with Matt in what appears to be stage make-up claiming to have been intentionally hit by a car, driven by a plain-clothes police officer purposely trying to assassinate him.  

Matt claims to be ex-NASA, graduated from a Jesuit school, and even wears a huge Masonic '33' on his shirt in his latest video.  He always points fingers at the Jesuits for the "global" conspiracy, but hammered the final nail in his shilly coffin when he wrote/posted the following article, claiming anyone (like myself) who points the finger at Jews/Judaism as being in any way behind this deception to be a dis-informant!  I have shown in my Flat Earth Conspiracy book beyond any shadow of a doubt that world Freemasonry has been responsible for this global deception, and a simple Google search of "Judaism and Freemasonry" will satisfy anyone of the fact that world Freemasonry is 100% beholden to, originating from, and maintained by world Jewry.

If all this isn't condemning enough, now Matt is asking all new Facebook friends for 3 pictures allegedly "for security reasons," which reminds me of Mark (disable my video comments, but here's my home phone number) Sargent's admission to working as an "internet data miner for 3 years," and Acenci's daily job of harassing IFERS members to register for one of his shill forums.

Jeranism:  This recent arrival to the Flat Earth community began putting up high-quality Youtube videos in March 2015 asking people to donate to his Indiegogo campaign so that he could produce a book which would expose "The Greatest Hoax Ever Sold" - a book like the one I'd just published 5 months prior - without donations.  Next Jeranism suspiciously joined two of Acenci's shill forums and at this point I also noticed Jeran defending/promoting the Jewish holocaust non-sense and denouncing Hitler in his comments sections (all traits of a Zionist shill).

Giving him the benefit of the doubt, however, I noticed several of his newer videos were quite good and got word of his idea to record a laser experiment to disprove the Earth's supposed curvature.  Jeran set up a second donation page, this time with GoFundMe, where he began taking donations not only for his flat Earth experiment "wish-list" including not only a telescope, laser, computer software/hardware, but also the kicker, to help pay off the mortgage on his house!  Once others had already donated his telescope and laser, he put out the call here for $200 more dollars that he needed to secure a professional videographer for 2 hours to film the event. 

Being the enthusiastic flat Earth missionary I am, seeing what I'd hoped was another genuine truther in need, and hearing him assure us in the video that he would complete successful test runs before hiring the videographer, I decided to donate the entire $200 to Jeran.  Right around this time he finally joined IFERS, and introduced himself saying he "owed Eric Dubay a lot for allowing me to open my mind to the point that is needed to see the deception that currently plagues the world."  This was quite strange considering he'd never contacted me or joined my forum before now, admitted to having never read a single page of the forum, and yet he was already registered and posting on two of my sworn enemy Acenci's shill forums!

Next Jeran decides to criticize IFERS strict policy of banning shills, then brings up and defends top shill Mark Sargent.  As you can see, even after re-posting all the evidence I've compiled of Mark's lies and misinformation, Jeran still decides to side with Mark and further condemns IFERS for our strict policy of shill-banning.  Soon IFERS members started digging into Jeran's online history and found some very significant accusations of bitcoin fraud.  A website named was created by a man accusing Jeran of scamming, extortion, blackmail, and personal defamation!  Upon receiving word of what we had dug up on IFERS, Jeran completely flipped out and you can read his weak attempt at defending himself here.

As for the laser video, due to poor planning and NOT completing a successful test prior to hiring the videographer, Jeran ended up having to pay for a second day of filming, only to find that his laser dispersed into a 10 foot beam across the ocean completely nullifying the results!  You can hear him just today talking with his best buddy Mark Sargent acting like the laser experiment was some big success and trying to spin his side of the IFERS drama referenced above.  He was also on the radio with Mark earlier this week admitting that, "even though my profile logo shows a flat Earth map, I'm not actually 100% a flat Earther, I'm just 100% sure the Earth is not a ball."  Once again, a supposed "leading" flat Earther stating on radio interviews that they're not even sure of their own model!

Crrow777:  is the YouTuber behind the "Lunar Wave" videos, promoted by the establishment Huffington Post and by top shill Mark Sargent in literally every single interview he gives.  Crow's entire channel and every interview is dedicated to his claim that a digital wavy-line filmed with his high-tech cameras proves that the Moon is not a natural luminary, but rather a holographic projection!  This is just like how David Icke says a bunch of great stuff then writes a whole book saying "the Moon is a hollow space-ship piloted by reptilian aliens who control humanity with mind-control moon-beams." These agents purposely poison the well and muddy the waters to obfuscate the truth, which is that the Moon is natural and NOT a hologram no matter how many times Mark and Crrow say so.

Thomas Sheridon:  is the self-acclaimed expert on psychopathy who has been evidenced here and here to have psychopathic tendencies himself.  Once the flat Earth topic started gaining traction Thomas began putting out videos claiming that everyone promoting the Flat Earth topic was part of a CIA Cointel disinfo psyop!  After watching a couple minutes of my flat Earth documentary, you can watch him here having a complete mental breakdown over the fact that people could be so stupid as to consider the flat Earth subject.  He even considers ceasing all his YouTube/radio activity due to his utter dismay, but then gets over his depression quite quickly and continues on.

Max Igan:  is the Aussie truther responsible for the Crowhouse and Surviving the Matrix radio, who long supported my work (still links to my site) until the following Facebook conversation took place between us where he disparaged my work on the flat Earth without actually reading any of it (and refusing to waste his time).  Then, just like Thomas Sheridan, he claimed to go into a deep depression after talking with me and considered ceasing all his activism!  But as you can hear here, he found an inspiring quote the next day and decided to continue on and completely ignore the flat Earth truth. 

Lori Frary:  is a former politician who shortly after my book/documentary came out, bought the domain name, and made a sparse, unkept, and uninformative website out of it.  She then created a Facebook group by the same title (the title of MY book and documentary), AND THEN BANNED ME FROM IT.  After successfully co-opting my keywords, she claimed to be purging her group of "anti-semitic" posters, and even though I hadn't posted anything but my FE articles/videos, kicked me out without a word.  Linking the ball Earth deception to the Jews question is something Matt, Mark, Lori, Jeran and the other shills seem desperate to avoid.

Steven William Engelhardt:  is another active Facebook shill who who joined IFERS as "" which is his website. He also started a "Flat Earth Wiki" site and hounded me for weeks to contribute to it when he hadn't yet contributed anything to it himself. He finally made a couple paragraphs about the Bedford Level, promoted it all over Facebook like it was some great accomplishment, then further pleaded to get me and others to contribute to his Flat Earth Wiki which I just didn't have time for, and it looked like he didn't either by the state of it (much like Lori's lazily made, never updated  Next, Thai friends of mine (who have nothing to do with flat Earth) started contacting me asking "who's Steven?" saying he was trying to add them on Facebook.  When I confronted him about this apparent data-mining attempt, you can read here, Steven claimed to be adding "anyone talking about the flat Earth," which is a complete lie as the people who he was adding from my friends list have NEVER posted about the flat Earth

Dave Johnson:  is a YouTuber who makes horribly boring and uninformative flat Earth videos mixed with Crow-style "hologram Moon" bullshit and Zhib-style "Jesus is the only truth" rants.  Upon joining IFERS I gave him my honest opinion of his videos, which apparently he didn't appreciate because the next day he made the silliest shilliest video of all time claiming that I am actually David Wilcox!

Rayn Gryphon:  is a YouTuber and blogger who joined IFERS and posted nothing but huge, convoluted, long-winded, semi-relevant copy/pastes from his blogs into several threads, and when very politely asked not to do so, and asked to write with greater clarity and simplicity so we could understand him, he refused and was thus banned. After his banishment he began making daily videos about IFERS, how offended he is, and turning his banishment into a huge soap opera drama where he falsely claims he was "harassed, assaulted, bullied, beaten, harmed, injured, mentally abused" and my favorite, "gang-stalked" by us, claiming we committed "violence" against him which he's psychologically venting by making endless videos with flat Earth keywords.  There is a sub-class of shills like DaveJ and Rayn Gryphon who seem to be paid simply to post as many videos as possible with flat Earth-related keywords to muddy the waters with a bunch of terrible and non-sensical videos.  Other examples of this are Alien Fossil Project, Queenie Cameron, and NatureHacker.

Truthiracy:  is a YouTuber and blogger who has recently created a series of videos attempting to debunk me while (much like Lori Frary) co-opting my name to do so.  His series, "The Flat Earth Conspiracy 2015" is quite pathetic and laughable, but successfully hijacks my keywords.  You can read my debunking of his attempt at debunking me here

There are certainly many more shills out there and many more arriving on the scene presently.  Everyone be sure to do your due diligence and stay vigilant in discerning your way through the intentionally muddied waters of the flat Earth truth movement!  If you have any more evidence of shills I have listed or missed please leave a comment below.


John W said...

Keep up the good work Eric. Do not let them ruin your work or your peace. -John.

Unknown said...

Wow, Eric you've really stirred up a swarm of hornet-shills. Good to know so I don't waste my time on their posts.

Unknown said...

Thank you very much for letting me know who is true and who is not. After looking at Mark Sargents bs it is nice to know about the other shills out to disinfo regular folks. Keep doing what your doing brother. I will continue to spread the truth to the best of my ability. If you get one of these clowns to debate with you I'd love to hear that shit for sure. Thanks again for your TRUE efforts to spread the only word:) Thx

Lisa said...

I can't think of any other shills. I find it amusing, only because I'm very quiet about this topic, that your list of shills matches what I've discerned about those characters. I unsubbed from 'truthiracy' when I saw his incredibly laughable attempt to debunk flat earth. I must admit, I didn't see truthiracy as a shill before. Glad to know you know it too.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I am still undecided on Math Powerland. Actually, I am decided (for now), in that he is not controlled opposition, but just an eccentric (alcoholic?) genius with his own model. Who knows about that story of disclosure in The Hamptons though...!

How about Cae Sar ?
How about jhennigkellogia? (spelling?)
How about other youtube channels?

I dont think the above are shills, I like their content.

Jeranism? NOW outed Shill
Mark Sargent outed himself with the fancy production and roll-out of the Clues video. (Financial backing, anyone?)

Unknown said...

Erik, this seems straight forward & to the point. You did it with class & pointing out the fallacies. The holographics is just plain lunacy. I cant say I am 100% FE but definitely 100% not a Sphere. For 28 years I never fell for the "Theory of Gravity" since college physics classes while taking philosophy. It taught to ask questions that can only be answered in the absolute. I would not conform to the "averages" of the mathematics. Seems to me if something is absolute than there should be an absolute repeatable math equation. So for me all theories relating to Gravity are also void. My question to sphere congregations is ... With out using the UNPROVEN theory of Gravity, how is does a sphere that has 75% water contain it on its surface? IF there was gravity, why doesn't the same force of gravity that is containing that 75% water smash us humans like a pimple? I NEVER get a logical answer. They always always want to revert to the math for gravity. SMH. I was looking for logical arguments , such as ...the possibility of Magnitism...all water contains metals as well as humans. THAT would have been an intelligent argument with out use of gravity. When Obama wants to crack on FE...that makes me even more diligent in my research. Thanks for your candor.

Anonymous said...

Hello Eric, pleased to see your determination in promoting FE truth. I must say I considered your strict anti shill policy dictatorial when i first arrived at IFERS, esp' when, to my surprise, I was banned myself, maybe because I got a bit stressed with the religiocosis nutters, giving them a virtual kick up the arse. Any how big respect, keep on fighting the good fight.x

Anonymous said...

Excellent breakdown, Eric! I have laughed at "Lord Steven Christ" since stumbling upon his videos as he is in competition with plenty of others claiming to be the "Returned Christ". The Flat Earth concept destroys the "Truths" of another claimed Christ known as Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall who has been using the Sun, Moon, and star patterns over the "ball Earth" to justify his existence. For a good laugh check out any of a number of his videos.

From what I know, Lori Frary's boyfriend bought the domain name "" for her as a preset; but she is adamant about condemning anyone who posts anything in a negative light regarding "jews". I can see where she does not want to align the "Flat Earth" subject with the trump card of "anti-Semitism", but I wish that the World would understand what a Semite is, and is not(descendent of Shem). 95% of the jewish population are from Ashkenazi extraction(Semites-NO, Hebrews-NO, Israelites-NO)and they cling to the 5% Sephardic jews(Hebrews-YES, Semites-YES, Israelites-NO)so they can make a claim of Semitic origins. Yiddish is NOT a Semitic language. She will scold anyone who directs any comment to the "jews", yet supports most all posts condemning Freemasons, Jesuits, and the Catholic Church. For someone who has been in the "Truth Movement" for "over 8 years" you would think that she has connected the dots, or maybe that is the compromise you have to make for doing politics in Florida. Either way, she is inherently GOOD(as most of us are) but that is still no excuse to "overlook" the most exclusivist/racist sect that have been kicked out of 109 nations since 245AD yet continue to play the "victim" role. Like I said....connect the dots!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your work. I appreciated the "heads up" here.

Anonymous said...

Don't you owe thanks to Matt Boylan for exposing the flat earth? He is a comedian, he has the right to do his schtick on other topics than the flat earth as well. Trying to stop WW3 is also commendable

News From Lynn said...

Thanks for this informative update. Sorry to hear about Jeran, he has some videos I really like. I'm glad you called out Alien Fossil Project, what a joke!!

Frank said...

This is really disappointing, I´d like to give Powerland a margin and see how does it all evolve, shills and desinfo agents come out with their shit when they´ve got a larger audience. Good luck to all of us, this is the biggest conspiracy of all and has not even yet started.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,

I haven't really been following your work since you started publishing your flat earth defense. My attitude is pretty similar to Max Igan, dismissive. But, having read through your discussion with Max, I was pretty shocked. He kept asking you why it was important, clearly thinking you didn't have an answer; when you gave him an intelligent, interesting, thought-proviking reply, he dismissed it in the most churlish manner. Clearly, the question was rhetorical, he didn't want an answer, he wasn't curious.

Recently, working with one of my students, a Cambridge marine biologist, we touched on the flat-earth subject. My student told me that the three greatest scientific breakthroughs were the Copernican theory, Darwin's theory of evolution, and Freud's sex-obessed psychoanalysis. And that each one reduced man's image of himself. I noted that in historical order, the three theories move from the macro to the micro, from the earth's relationship to the universe, to man's relationship with the earth, and to the individual's relationship to himself and society. Your answer to Max was very interesting. These conceptual changes lead us to a state of alienation, from the universe, from nature, from each other, an even within ourselves. And all this leads to to existential philosophy, in which, as Dostoevsky wrote, "everything is permitted".

I don't know if your theory about the earth is right, but I do think that Max is wrong to dismiss it. And so am I. I so hate science, it's such bull, but I will take a more interested look at this subject.

If Max is reading this, thank you. Your stupid dismal was a good mirror in which to see myself.


P.S. In case your wondering, my Cambridge marine biologist had less understanding of Copernican theory than I did. You'd think a marine biologist would have some understanding about the earth and solar system wouldn't you?

SuzieB73 said...

Thanks, Eric! Good to know who can and cannot be trusted so I don't waste my time. I'm on p. 65 of your book and am absolutely fascinated! Keep up the great work! Also, I suggested you for an interview on two radio shows so, hopefully they will be contacting you... Peace and love~

Anonymous said...

Mark Sargeant's last name says exactly what he is . They always tell you who they are. I listened to his interview with Patricia Aiken and he said he has not read your book WOW really? The book that defines everything and he can't be bothered to read it! I have never heard anyone do more tap dancing and verbal acrobatics than this guy lol

Fad said...

Hi Eric, this post is probably going to be jumping around on various things... but firstly have you heard of the Ringing Cedars of Russia books - "" They are the most amazing books that have been written in modern times.. Secondly the website is a treasure trove of data re conspiracies & stuff. Also I dont know if you have ever had an elightenment experience or a kundalini experience, I have, and in that moment its like your analogy of the dreamer waking up, I actually also have formulated the same analogy of the dreamer and the dream characters spiritually speaking as you have... Anyway in those moments of real life lucidity, I knew 100% that I am God, I am you, I am all that is... Now about the true shape of the earth, as I have mentioned before Arthur from loveforlife 'senses' it to be like a tree of life, with us on top, similar to the FE disk. But if you really want to know for yourself, why not just astrally travel 'up there' and have a look... According to Anastasia from the "ringing cedars of Russia" books, this is and actual physical teleportation is a natural ability of ours... Also there is something else about HIS(story) that Arthur and another Russian researcher, have come to the conclusion that all history is faked, and that we probably havent had more than 1,200 years or so of Sun Year Rotations of the Earth, as something else that doesnt really exist is time.. its another CON-struct... Another thing about the conspiracy is that there is no "them", as I experienced while doing a re-birthing excercise, I was telling GWB and even Ariel Sharon that "I loved them", because that is the only force that will heal this Earth is Love, the most powerful force in the Universe... So in that moment I realised that its us, we, I that allow the conspiracy to be active, and its me/us/we that have to change in order for it to fade away..... Its the darkness wihtin all of us, that allows evil to be active on this Earth, and only once we heal this darkness, can we re-create paradise/heaven on Earth....

Alyeska said...

Eric, thank you for your great work and commitment to this research. I thoroughly believe the Earth is not what has been presented to us. Look at all the commotion over the flat earth. We see shills coming out of the woodwork, cointel ops being activated, science and cosmology experts back pedaling and just regular people who don't want their belief systems challenged. So what's new? We always have this. For the rest of us, and we know who we are. We have the eyes to see and the ears to hear and nothing is going to stop us. We are awake and we clearly see the mechanisms of control and one day soon, we will be the majority, and one day soon, when they least expect it, we will just stop paying attention to the controllers.

Daniel Miles said...

Grace, mercy, [and] peace, from God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord.

Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.

Anonymous said...

What about the seasons? What is the path of the sun in relation to the earth, that creates the seasons?

wendyworn said...


Divide and Conquer? Check.

I'm just a girl who knew the earth wasn't spinning and decided to see if there was more information about it. I found your work and some others and never in a million years would I imagine that the earth could be flat but the evidence was overwhelming and it just made so much sense. I knew it was the truth. I watched Mark Sargents Clues and the evidence about the flights in the southern hemisphere was new. I saw him get outed as a shill, fine I see it, moving on. I've been watching Jerenisms films and I liked them and my husband, who is not yet convinced that the earth was flat was really looking forward to this experiment with the laser. I've noticed that the guy has not yet put up a video with the experiment, but has put up a video about being accused as a shill right before doing an interview with Mark, but from an outsider, I thought the guy had a point about having to pick sides and getting banned for it. But I'm not ready to start putting all my favorite bookmarks into the trash. Next Matt Powerland comes out with his video stating that he was the first and that you used his info in your book without his permission. Then I come here and you have this beautiful list of all the shills. Great. I really want to be on your side here Eric, and you may be right. But the bullshit factor of ALL of this is: I'm really glad I got here early to see things before all the fingerpointing and fracturing of the flat earthers. At least I got some important information that helps solidify MY knowing the earth is flat. I feel so sorry for anyone who is looking to find out about the flat earth now because all they are going to find is one huge MESS. This is a very sad day for the flat earth. Now if it ever did go mainstream, it will just look like all the tin-foil hat wearers are fighting - isn't that cute. I'm disgusted with all of it.
Respectfully yours
Linda Smith

susie said...

Chill out Linda. Most liked the information so it must be you.

For whoever asked about the seasons and the sun, the sun corkscrews in and out from the North Pole. Rising to it's highest inclination Summer Solstice circling the Tropic of Cancer nearest the North Pole, then moves out toward the Equator and finally to the Tropic of Capricorn during Winter Solstice at it's lowest point in the yearly cycle. It then begins the journey back toward the North Pole.

Max Smart said...

Having watched the hatchet job which Math 'Jesuit' Boylan did on Eric only last night, I needed to vent a little, and ended up here. Believe me people, those who dismiss the Jewish Question and worse - openly champion it - are positively and precisely your disinfo agents. Whatever the Jews are paying Boylan, they will not get their shekel's worth. In fact, just the opposite. Not only is he not convincing, he appears to be high on his choice of illicit substance. Just because someone denies the Holohoax (a lie which cannot be sustained for much longer) does not mean 'shill.' The two are unrelated - yet related. Because the irreligious, Satanic worshipping Jews, who are the Seed of Satan, have conspired to eliminate God/Christianity from peoples' lives and brainwashed them to such an extent (Talmudvision, Chosen People, GMOs, etc.) that they can no longer think for themselves. Bringing down their IQs (vaccines, dumbed down education, fluoride) and raising those of the Third World has obviated the need for the people who built civilizations and who have a history of believing in God, as opposed to Mammon.

I could go on, but I hope people consider what I have laid out. The Serpent Seed is very much in evidence and is being led by those same shills Eric talked about.

The most important clue conveniently omitted by the likes of Sargent is the one dealing with Jews.

It is all-powerful and telling. It must never be 'denied.'

Unknown said...

I am completely fascinated with this subject. I only started taking the subject a few months ago. Like most, I set out to easily disprove the topic -- now Im hooked. It really seems like you are hitting the mark, Eric. Like they say, you will know you are over the target when you receive the most flak. I am sorry to hear about Max Igan. I like Max. As for the rest, thanks for exposing, and carrying out all the due diligence. Also, thanks for keeping the peddle down on Masonry and Jewry.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Eric. I started listening to you videos and from there listened to others. I have listened to a few shills you have mentioned but did not know at the time they could be shills. The infinite world is possible. But the bowl shape or concave was a little puzzling. Thanks for opening the mind of a 50 year old. While I am still not convinced I will keep researching.thank you very much. The masonic lodge I have dug into a little bit but I did not know about the Jesuits. Keep up 5 he good work.

Unknown said...

Thanks alot for the info. You are so right about Mark Sergent. He makes the whole flat earth topic look stupid. He is like Homer Simpson he seems to just get dumber and dumber as time goes on! He is un-listenable to me now. Whats with all the many many interviews he gives? Every time I sign into youtube there is another interview with that clown acting dumb. And who are these people giving him all the interviews? I didn't even know there were so many interviewers out there! I like your views on the subject to me it is the most natural and believable. I eagerly await any video you put out. You woke me up brother, Thank You for that.

Anonymous said...

Guys, girls, guys, come on! Hurling bigoted epitaphs is surely in no way enlightened and surely this type of scape-goating only serves the left hand protocols of chaos and corruption. Of course there are groups of people who are acting in evil ways! But this has little to do with ones ethnicity, IMO. The problem of evil goes far beyond ethnicity. Moreover, when I read some of these posts I get the sense that God must be a bumbling idiot compared to the almighty power of Satan! Really? God is an inept doofus? Satan is so powerful that God shakes in 'his' boots? Really? Wow! I give up already…..Look, IMO, there are only and ever have been two ways that any individual can be 'chosen' -- these I call the right hand protocols: don't buy and sell the Earth for profit and don't exploit other life forms beyond reasonable measure for profit. If an individual perceives these two premises then I believe they will do well enough upon the Earth ( although it is probably even more complex than that) after all, this may be the age of the left hand protocols. But to say that God is the author of evil is not the same as saying that God wants evil! Evil exists, IMO, because of choice! Choose wisely and life will be better ; choose poorly and default into the left hand protocols that exist to deal with poor decision making. Here there is much weeping and gnashing of teeth to paraphrase an old saying of the master of the right hand protocols.
So, what are we to do? Well, the Greeks should vote no but only because it will become disastrous when the will of one group of people( the global financiers*) takes precedent upon the Earth. IMO., we should all strive within any given country to pass a law that shuts down all finance one day per week while only allowing essential services. Any day will do. We should strive for laws similar to the idea of the Jubilee that limits what financiers can do when it comes to amounts owing. Reestablishing debt forgiveness should become paramount in all countries. We should re-examine the 'Enlightenments' ideal of putting the will of the individual ahead of what is best for a society as they exist in relation as groups ( societies) to the Earth. Look, I get that 10 percent of the people on this planet have won the lottery under the system that the 1 percent have set up. But this system will still lead to global disaster regardless of those who think they are 'winning' at this moment in time. Perhaps now is as good a time as any to reassess the systems set up in previous centuries that no longer serve the conditions of the present era.

Anonymous said...

Anyway, am of the persuasion that it is meaningless to claim that one is 'christ' or that one is 'god'. IMO., one can only ever be in relation to God through either the right or left hand protocols and this has little if anything to do with traditional notions of morality. FYI: Jesus was post-moral; not immoral. The thieves he died with existed within pre-moral modes of behaviour and conventional moralists are unable to differentiate the pre from the post ( hence, his dying among the thieves).
Thanks for being a good sport, Eric, posting my ideas without editing or insult. No shill here, just a dude in Vancouver who set out a long time ago asking the questions , " who am I and what does my existence mean?" "I've searched in the west, I've searched in the east; and they say this world was a Garden of Eden and now I see that everything is bleeding"…………
As for a planed Earth? Even the staunchest atheist has to concede they feel no motion whatsoever as they go about their business upon the Earth. Not that that would mean much to them.
Addendum: it's quite possible- due to the abilities of all covert agencies- that someone knows who I am already. I suspect these same people believe that God can be mocked! You might want to re-assess that position. Nevertheless, my name is Andrew for those who don't know who I am.

* note: for the moment let's put aside that global finance disregards natural limits to growth. Also, put aside the seeming idolatrous nature of this system . I propose that if there is a spiritual component to global finance; it is the infection of what I call the 'spirit of filthy lucre'. A real entity . IMO. The consequence being similar to the conditions of level 10 hoarders .

Unknown said...

I first discovered this issue through Mark's Flat Earth Clues. As a noob, I found his comments interesting enough to look into Flat Earth theory further. I quickly encountered your work and noticed right away the fact driven approach and how credible the whole subject became. Since then, I've watched or sampled most everything out there and found one other whose analysis I find to be equally as credible and that's Rob Skiba, who also was alerted to this subject through 'Clues.' Rob is a biblical literalist who now questions whether one can call himself a literalist and maintain a spinning ball model of the earth (though he's quick to point out he's still a globalist albeit one whose 'faith' in the position has been shaken). Interesting stuff. Although no longer a fundamentalist myself I'm aware of their (fundamentalists') positions enough to respect Skiba's approach. I don't know if Mark is a shill or not but after being exposed to more and better information I find him the least informed of the lot. But if he's a shill working to confuse the issue, he's probably alerting more people to the model than detracting people from it. I think it's because the theory is tantalizing and provocative enough to stimulate the truthseeker into further research, which means exposure to more and better information, and ultimately greater bs detection. So thanks Mark for getting me interested enough to find Eric and Rob. One thing is certain ... the rabbit hole goes all the way down. At 64 years of age I thought I'd scraped bottom ... come to find out, I'm just getting started.

Anonymous said...

SHills or not, they are helping you like it or not. Mark is who i found, and i was interested, not really by what he said, but the footage of the air balloon and such, which proved more then anything he actually said, thus i began searching... and here i am. your video is based on facts and science and that is what i needed. So while i can only imagine how frustrating having these bogies sent at you is and the dirty tricks they are pulling are, they are also leading us to you also. Which is a win, since when i pass this link on to my people, i will be listing who not to watch also. Good work!

Anonymous said...

Who talks only about FE and refuses to say a bad word about any of his "peers" no matter what they call him, and who writes whole essays about the perceived faults of his fellow researchers? To me this is very telling.

Eddie Lin Storyboard Artist said...

I have been following your blog for some time. Even though the flat earth hypothesis is putting me off a little, since we are all truth seekers here, I admire the spirit which you have in challenging the conventional knowledge. There are shills everywhere from Alex Jones to Noam Chompski, the gatekeepers if you will. A lot of them would present the 33 degree insignia and other masonic regalia, and even mention the number 66 between talks to opening display their 'disinfo' conduct for their brethren to see. You know you are getting too close to the truth when you are being followed or being redirected like Mark and other 'fellow' flat earth theorists out there. Not to say sleep with one eye open, but indeed be vigilant.

pablo franzese said...

500 years of cover up... they gonna fight with all known tactical methods,dont give up eric,we need people with solid background in science facts, as you were presented before...non "bull shit clues" or nonsense claims

Rayn Gryphon said...

Eric, after pages of ad hominem abuse to human intelligence (regarding Dr. Judy Wood, not 9/11, someone with whom I largely agree), all uncensored by the moderator, some people might get a poor impression of your competence at moderation. But I do think that yours is a fairly concise description of how I felt about your behaviour and of those whose anti-social behaviour you encourage and protect, if not your exemplary work with the Flat Earth Model.

But the contradictions in basic reasoning skills (and logical fallacies) was considerable and would be to many thinking people I think. Those interested in any more insight into any other perspective but Eric's regarding the abnormal psychology we have inherited as much as any predatory dogma (like the ball Earth) can feel free to look me up.

In turn, I will be glad to post Eric's detraction of my work on my blog.

Therefore, I agree with this entire post, including the good-natured maligning of what amounts to my emotional and intellectual responses to deviations in your skills at moderation and my writing (and how or why I title my videos - most of which have less than 10 views!) :-)

Good luck, Eric.

We all have things to learn and ways to grow, do we not?

Anonymous said...

Wow this world seems to be one big schill I think that is how you spell the word of the 21century

Anonymous said...

Don't let them bother you they will be exposed for what they are. They are energy suckers. No one listens to them

Anonymous said...

Check it out. Would be funny if their experiment turned out to show a flat earth!

Eric Dubay said...

The Shills React to the Wall of Shame!

Unknown said...

Hi Eric.

I live in South Africa and travel a lot around the West and South Coast.

I love to observe nature and the moon and sun.

You explanations really helped me to put things into perspective.

Think about it,, if you were just some crazy dude with some crazy theories... why all the disinfo?

Why are all these shills trying to destroy your work??

haha.. anyway,, there is literally no one except my girlfriend that will talk to me
about this topic.

I believe you are touching some very sensitive information and would love to help you financially if i could..

I believe God is using you to wake up the masses.

May you be blessed and protected.

Keep up the good work man.


Val said...

Eric, dont be goaded into saying anything in your defence. dont even acknowledge their videos, they want to upset you, and by even mentioning their videos is advertising for them and they know that you are aware of and made comment on their work. Sinply ignore them, people get upset if they are ignored. just name them so truth seekers know to put them on the blackened list, but dont comment,dont come into their baiting, by doing so they have won a round, as it has upset you enought to comment. By their own doing they are showing what they are, people seeking the truth are not stupid, and will come to their own judgement eventually. and by staying quite you sound sane, you are proving your point through your writings, dont ever get into the , he said-she said thing, and in the end just makes the players look unintelligent and egotistical. You dont need to sound off and prove anything, your popularity is proving that people do listen and follow. have a little faith in the people, remember they found you in the first place, and we are very aware of all the false flags and trolls, give people a little credit.

Anonymous said...

That Ccroww7 dude is literally in this article saying that there must be aliens on Pluto.

PeterCottontail said...

eric great work. ive been watching docs that say how all megalithic structures line up on the globe... how do those sites line up on the flat map? thoughts?

Val said...

Good point what "Fad" said, it has been on my mind lately about how long humans may have been here, at least in our present form, and as we are aware, his-story is always the victor that writes it and then only those that could read and write, which up til this present century was only some of the very rich and powerful, and before that most history was just that, a word of mouth story, and we all know how much that changes by each re-telling. and when invading forces reached cities, they supposedly burnt/destroyed all previous knowledge and then went about reprogramming the peoples minds. because we are very rarely in the first person instance to any event, we rely on the story teller. does anyone else feel that our presence on this earth is only very very young, say the last 2000 years at most, and if so, by what logic please.

Unknown said...

for me the deciding factor on whos a shill or not, comes from the postings,if they are not zetetic.. they are pie in the sky...literaly. I have been dded to various fb sites involving these people. I didn't ask to join and ive found the postings to be lame and pointless. I will leave these groups pronto

Unknown said...

Hi Eric I grew up on far rockaway ny, and on clear days we would be able to see new jersey which had to be 60 miles away easy. we lived on beach 8th street. I will try to find some pics and post them. Any one near baech 14th street go there and look south west and you will see new jersey. thanks eric

Anonymous said...

Oh dear... Thank you for exposing the shenanigans of these fake so-called "flat earthers". What I find really troubling is that they acount for almost ALL of the main YouTube video-makers out there! I had already gone off math Boylan because he is so horribly arrogant and shows no fear or humility that he is supposedly exposing Nasa to the world. And then all his nonsense about going off looking for the "infinite plane" of the earth? Total WHACK. Then there´s Marc Sargeant who at first seemed really cool. But then I realised how super-confident and slick he is, without any fear either... And the strange fact that his 3 hour "F.E. Clues" video actually is just full of NOTHING.... Practically nothing from the short vids makes it into the long one. How sick these bastards are! The only ones of integrity that I have found and would recommend are Rob Skiba and Zetetic somebody who at least are honest.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Evie said...

I find it frustrating because all this energy is used up focus on genuine congruence and don't get weighed down with colluding on these lower vibrational levels

Wayne L. Chipman said...

Hi Eric,

Once again a great video, I was unable to be on the internet for a few months and when I came back it seemed like the Flat Earth movement is now Shill City, add SIMON RAMOS to this list. This Shill has a large following and spends it's days defaming your name. It might be one of the above reincarnated. I called it out for being a shill and was immediately booted from numerous groups.

My facebook account is compromised, I have a large group of ball Earthers flooding any posts I make, I have enraged many people as I post questions no ball Earther can answer.

This shill Simon Ramos has some silly Electrical theory math and photos he claims he had analysed, for what I do not know, his hatred for you even surpasses even that of the ball Earthers.

I have been researching for so many years now that ball earthers are quite boring to debate with, I should have known that once the flat earth took off it would be attacked like this.

Big Powerplant, Paper Pulp Mill Production Equipment Aftermarket said...

the schill attack causes alot of good people, including in these comments, and friends i have, to be banned from the IFERS board for making casual comments - this is the strategy of the schills - "to cause so much trouble" that even non-schills get banned and discourage them......anything to discourage further discourse....anything to ruin the momentum of the "great awakening" , anything that will stop the inevitable wave that's coming. they know exactly what they are doing. Please don't blame IFERS they are doing the heavy lifting.

Anonymous said...


A question for the mainstream for me is - How can a spirit level work everywhere on a ball earth or concave one for that matter? It can't!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric

Love your work mate. Top fucking shit. Im about to do an experiment on face book. I have NO friends on facebook as at todays date 24 Sep 2015. (I don't have facebook in my name - shut down a long time ago) I have set up a profile. Now Im going to do the magic and see what these mongrels get up to on this account. Im going hell for leather Eric. Will let you know what happens.


Anonymous said...

I hope you approve of
I like insanity is sanity's work, although crrow777 has his lunar wave there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,
It's nice to know the bad guys in the flat earth field, but could we have a list of the good guys? I think Russianvids is one of the good guys.
Let us know,

Dan said...

I live in the USA, northeast.
The light/sun in the summertime lasts until 9pm at night.
In the winter time, the light/sun ends at 5pm at night.
In a flat earth model, during January, would it be light until 9pm on the opposite side of the plane compared to my home?
Basically, I've always wanted to be able to live where it's light until 9pm at night.

synchronistic9 said...

wow! Been blown away by this look at the earth. No satellites? thats makes sense since google maps cant get the poles right. I have been attacked on pal talk for bringing this subject up. some guy stated they did a laser experiment in san fransisco bay disproving flat earth but have not checked it out. The flat earth comedy special on youtube was hilarious and recommend it. I have requested you as a guest on redicecreations radio, hope you get on! All these shills like lord stephen christ and company im glad you pointed them out so i dont waste my time with them. The freemason/jewish elites sure want to keep us all stupid.

synchronistic9 said...

Ty for telling about the flat earth. First such theory i was exposed to was Lord steven christ which rightfully you expose as a shill. TY for exposing these shills so i dont have to waste my time on them. I have requested you to be a guest on redicecreations radio. I started talking about the flat earth on PalTalk and have been obviously shot down. As if my jewish/Freemason rantings weren't enough, now I'm the flat earth guy! hahah!

Unknown said...

Watch out for a guy on youtube called WAPTek2. He is a nasty troll and an obvious shill.

Anonymous said...

Eric i joined your forum and after a week i was banned for asking a question, i am new to your theory but it makes a lot of sense to me and has change my outlook completely as how we have been lied to for decades by NASA and all the education system.
You have my support, just a shame i was banned for no reason I would like to know more.
Anyway i can see why you have to be vigilant now after reading all this, i never realised how much flack you are taking and all the threats.
Good karma to you.

Faithsburden said...


I'm fairly new to FE, But I've always known something just was'nt right with the sun.
The sun does not feel like its far away, It feels and looks very close, And I've always felt
the a globe earth was just silly and frankly "retarded". with that being said I want to say
That I trust no one when it comes to my mind and what I put in it.
I read a lot, watch and listen to quite a few of the FE people and keep what makes sense
and throw out the rest. All have helped in some way or another But, As you say there are
people out there with agenda's And I agree. We must all be very careful of what we latch on to.
Thank you my Brother for all that you do.

Unknown said...

My three favorite Truthers are:

1) Brothers Michael & Peter Dimond @ M.H.F.M. aka

2) Judy Wood

3) Eric Dubay

Unknown said...

My IFERS account got banned... I have not even posted anything, so not sure why. I think I must have gotten caught up in a sweep of some sort. I promise I am not a shill or agent of some sort, just a smart guy looking for the truth. I even bought your book. Hook me up by unbanning me.

Eric Dubay said...

To IFERS members receiving banned messages, it seems there has been some kind of hack and I'm getting an influx of reports from genuine members getting ban messages even though they are in good standing on the forum :( I'm very sorry about this and don't know what to do. Many have used proxies to change their IP and can get back on the forum, however, so for now this is a temporary fix to the problem. My apologies, we will try to fix this or find a new home for IFERS as it seems I am being attacked at every front now, my YouTube, Facebook, and now the forum.

Unknown said...

Due to the persistent attacks, I would consider spreading the IFERS collection/forum to other/multiple platforms. As the original founder of IFERS ended up with the material destroyed (as you noted in your book), it would be nice to avoid that fate by spreading it farther and wider.

Consider setting up a Sub Reddedit, a Wix page, a Wordpress page, and G+ community page. All of these can support material and forum posts.

I would be glad to assist, but I suspect you will need a dedicated moderator/webmaster for each page. And for a SubReddedit, several IFERS members dedicated to helping fend off trolls by providing concise facts and rebuttals.

You don't have to post this comment. Please let me know if I can be off assistance via email.


Scott Geyer

Sand said...

A few more shills: "Flat Earth and Other Hot Potatoes" and "Stargods" These channels mention other channel names to lead the viewer to other shills. I think they're attempting to make the "chemistry" between the Hot Potato host and Mark Sargent endearing or something, but it just turns out to be creepy - and obvious.

Anonymous said...

What happened to ifers??

Ed said...

What happened to the others board? Message as follows: In accordance with Section 25(a) of the ProBoards Terms of Service, this forum has been taken offline."


Ed said...

Pro boards terms of service:


(a) By ProBoards


Anonymous said...

Just Alex Jones?

Unknown said...

Wow, Eric, I had no idea these people, a few that You named, were shills. Thnx for clearly listing each fault and uncanny response to Your videos. I like that You back it up with a few great points with links and references. I even messed up and emailed that one guy. Thnx for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

Dude! I just read this whole page and wanted to read some of those ifers boards. They are all gone! You must have really ruffled some feathers! Oh how I love it! More proof you are on the right track! Boylan is hysterical! He does seem to be a good artist if that means anything. What about Brian Mullin? He seems legit and has some good stuff on youtube, check out "Force the line." Nothing new, but seems to want to press the issue. We are sick of all the lies! By the way, anyone reading this, just remember that CANCER CANNOT thrive in a healthy body, do your homework! An awakening has begun, I know which side I am on.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the information on this page. While I am still not convinced either way I have been researching on my own and watched lots of different videos. It's funny how I stumbled upon this whole flat earth theory as I was trying to debunk claims of a friend of the existence of the illuminati and Freemason controlling media and our perception of everything. There is was, a video about flat earth and down the rabbit hole I went. It's a lot to think about. I am truly on may way to being convinced that nasa is a hoax. It seems weird like my eyes are open for the first time and I am questioning everything and really paying attention to details. I'm highly educated and I know people will think I'm nuts if I even mention that I'm entertaining this idea. I would really like more information and any links, videos etc you can point me to. Like you i need to see proof not just a video full of theories and diagrams. Thank you got all your work on this topic and I look forward to seeing where this goes. Best regards.

DianeDi said...

You may want to add Andrew Johnson to your shill list.
His YouTube Channel Checktheevidence or his blog;

You are mentioned in his blog briefly;
Footnote 2:

Strangely, someone anonymously sent me the Eric Dubay Book "The Flat Earth Conspiracy". As it is now in the bin, I won't be reading it. However, a quick inspection revealed:

1) No publisher is listed (ISBN: 979-1-312-62716-1)
2) No details of who Eric Dubay is or what his background is
3) No contents
4) No index
5) No references

How anyone would take this as anything that can be used to establish the truth escapes me.

Someone just wasted £6 or more on postage and more on the book. What a shame. No one has admitted sending the book.

What blows my mind is his work and support for Dr. Judy Wood. Now I have to wonder if he is trying to direct her or is acting as her gate-keeper. I don't know, however someone that has been working so tirelessly searching for 9/11 truths and free energy technology seems to just laugh and blow off any correspondence regarding the flat Earth.

DianeDi said...

This is the video that started this conversation on IRREFUTABLE Channel YouTube video.

The Big Picture | Episode 4, IRREFUTABLE: Classified Free-Energy Technology Revealed to the World

My comment noted that "@3:13 MINUTE MARK ---- THE EARTH IS FLAT"

Ryan G. Banister
Are you actually interested in the information presented above or are you here to distract from it? The Flat Earth Psychological Operation: +DianeDi

+Ryan G. Banister I am very interested as I have been researching this topic for a few months now. I have much respect for Andrew Johnson and will review your link. Thank you.
+DianeDi You need to get rid of the FE mind virus ASAP - it's very important that you realise what it has caused to happen and why it has been done.
+checktheevidence I sure had my eyes open by that link. I take back what I said above about having much respect for you Andrew Johnson. Although I follow the work of Dr. Judy Wood, you now appear to me (my opinion) to be her minder / gatekeeper. Surely, you must have better things to do than follow up on Ryan G. Banister's comment and the folks that wish to pursue deeper research on the FE.

The above is the comment exchange with Andrew and Ryan. Not certain if Ryan is IRREFUTABLE but these two are friends on Facebook.

I just found Andrew's entire blog on this subject disturbing and makes me question his legitimacy to his connection with Dr. Judy Wood.
I would like to think I am over thinking this, however my gut tells me otherwise.

Anonymous said...

You have to wonder if Lori Frary is Not Kerry Cassidy. She has the same approach and personality as Kerry Cassidy and the voice is not far off. Kerry Cassidy is control opposition. After watching some of Flat Earth Conspiracy videos, she doing the same MO as project Camelot (Mudding the water).


黑兔子 said...

i wonder if aaron dover can be added to this list. he has a number of useful videos like:
(finding no curve over ocean around thailand)
but promotes pot
(and in this video you see he calls himself a jew and is a pharisee)
and claims volcanoes are a hoax:
i found this last claim to be particularly odd. i used to watch a volcano explode every day when i was staying in japan. this footage from hawaii seems pretty straight-forward, too.
sort of the whole mixing truth with blatant falsehood to discredit flat earth i guess. openly pharisee so the motives are obvious.

Anonymous said...

This topic is so interesting, and by accident unknowingly I stopped watching the shills videos, as when looking for the truth if they have no evidence or any logical ideas I just assumed it was some guy bored in his bedroom,
Some of these shills actually turn me in to a flat earther to be honest as the nasa artist guy help me see nasas fake images, so I went and checked out nasas rocket launches/space walks and they are just stupidly fake, as I kid I remember being taught we are going around the sun, they had to reinforce it as I kept thinking the sun was going around us, I was 5-8 years old telling my teacher we don't feel dizzy.
So when I stumbled across the flat earthers I was amazed, it all made sense to me.

People say why would the leaders ect ect lie to us, if they lie about war and mutarring millions of people then this is an easy lie if you think about it

Eric I am struggling to understand how the eclipse works on this flat earth. Been having untold arguments with my friends as most are can't except this as you know, and the eclipse is what they got me on " look the shadow on the mood shows the earth is a globe"

Which I feel does not make sense
Can everyone on the earth see the eclipse if so then it has to be a flat earth

It's so sad the fact people can not step away from their life hood programming, all I needed to turn me in to flat earth was what we shouldn't see over a certain distance, and stubbeling across this news reporter explaining a mirage and that we shouldn't see the whole skyline
I did some NLP research a view years back and I picked up how they plant seeds in your head for further brain washing ect ect so I can just hear the propaganda coming out their mouths

Please if you have time
Explain or send me a link regarding solar lunar eclipse

Also moon landings are so obviously fake, from when I herd that dumb astro-nut say he was sure he went through the van Allen belt which I think is there science name for the firmament but I have no proof or can't even began to explain that

Why can't nasa show us a full paneramic view of earth, bullshit

Also now using celebs for further propaganda
This is going to be a difficult struggle to wake the mass

Also Eric we need you so stay safe don't let them push you into an accident

Anonymous said...

well I think you can add John Thor to this list as well just saying

Dave Webster said...

Eric, After watching a number of your videos I purchased your book and have read up to the Boylan account and so looked him up and found this page on your site. It seems likely NASA was able to convince Boylan he might find it more agreeable to his life style to work for them as a dis-info agent than ending up in a land fill. What a sad commentary on the extreme vulnerability of man without God! Thank you for being truthful to this vital cause and helping us sort out so many things on this aspect of the conspiracy of the Masonic/Zionist illuminati NWO to ultimately destroy humanity, first spiritually then even physically!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing these guys out, it's best to call these guys out quickly before they get their legs under them and people try to "not reinvent the wheel" by simply referring to the existing shill data instead of researching, experimenting and publishing their own.

The Mark Sargent data is particularly interesting, in particular seems to have significantly more contacts at his availability than people investigating this topic do. It may be useful in calling these people out to also press them in a public forum (e.g. call in to their live show) and ask them about topics such as 9/11 to see where they stand on those. If they are shills, they may be restricted from that and other sensitive topics, from what I've seen they often they can't cross-pollinate.

One note, it seems that you are still not of the opinion that we are in a dome, to the very best of my ability to discern we are hence the non loss of our atmosphere.

Unknown said...

So Brian Mullin and his BALLLESS PHYSICS, what a let down, in his video released today April 10 2016, Fire n Ice, 27 minutes long approximately, he actually states that he "doesnt know or really care about the shape of earth" all basd of his recent examination of the GOFAST rocket launch footage from last year.... Supposedly as a trained professional engineer, he thinks the video indicated the rocket hits water and that is what caused the braking of the rocket. Only problem is the video definately shows the rocket running out of fuel and the obvious effect of rocket airbrakes being deployed, but not 1 drop of any liquid let alone water. What an asshole. Patricia Steer was quick to follow my complaints in the comments section w congratulation to Brian for his Great idea regarding the sun and moon being opposites. Wow, brian what a novel idea..... Not!!! Sucks, cause I liked his original videos debunking gravity, then I go today to check back in with him and its like he ate the whole bottle of intashill at once.
Dont let his seemingly innocent demeanor fool you, he is somebodys NAUGHTY LITTLE BITCH

Anonymous said...

Eric, thank you for this info, I did have some doubts about some people you listed here.

Also, I want to let you know that the board links don't work, this is what they give:

"In accordance with Section 25(a) of the ProBoards Terms of Service, this forum has been taken offline."

And, I totally agree with you as who controls all this brainwashing, ever since they calculated the Earth tilt of 666 (=90-23.4) degrees. Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

Hi Eric, Love your work. Thanks for the heads up on these shills. Do update us with whatever you find. I'd like to know what happened to IFERS. Like you said, I joined the FES that popped up first on my google search. And I couldn't find anybody who'd answer my questions clearly. Do you know anything about Tom Bishop?
Thanks again! And take care.

Marius said...

Great list, I actually wanted to know whose information is more reliable along the flat earth lines. What do you think of Rob Skiba? Also, could you please provide a list of trustworthy information sources on flat earth?

Unknown said...

Hi Eric I owe you an apology.....I didn't realize the extent I had been subliminally brainwashed over the years, and must confess It never dawned on me to seriously question what type of place we live on.....I hated school and just wanted to get it over with answered the questions I put to you and it stimulated me to dig deeper into this....I'm interested in the truth, whatever that is, and it seems getting at it is a trying proposition......

Unknown said...

Hi Eric I owe you an apology......I hadn't given much thought to whether or not the earth is a plane and your posts got me looking into it more earnestly.......better to admit being a parrot for a time than to be one for one's entire life......

Unknown said...

Hi Eric I love the information you provide to us all. You showed me so much and most likely never would of thought such things like the stationary stars, being upside down on the globe model, flatness in general and so much more. Once I see these things its impossible to see the world as a sphere now and of course people think im nuts. But thats okay☺
I am bummed on your views on Crow but otherwise thank you for your wonderful work!

Haze said...

I have been considered a "crank" by my nearest and dearest for over thirty years for the "conspiracy" stuff I research and believe, so why stop now? I've done a thorough 'Hollow Earth' investigation; so why would the Flat Earth be any "crazier?" It actually makes more sense. I'm quickly becomming a convert!

Unknown said...

Wow that was very interesting did not understand the shill and control opposition in the FE until after reading all that; I was following Mark Sargent and was surprise that you showed him in your latest video rap; btw excellent, I ended up buy many of the books you mentioned.
So I went to Mark's forum and ask him why you had him in your latest video and he said you always hated him and everyone else too and said he was proud to be first on your Wall of Shame, that is what lead me here. Anyway many of the other people you mentioned on the Wall of Shame I never had any contact with, Jeran and Crow777 being the ones I recognized and was observing and had exchange some chat, but didn't really become friendly.
I have been a geocentric Christian for several years and knew that the earth was still but it took some additional time to put the flat earth together mostly because of the rising and setting of the sun, but now I am totally on board and understand the perspective.
Anyway I want to get on your forum IFERS seeing that you are putting out the cleanest information out there and was get some cloudy information from these others.
Thanks for the rap video it help me a lot.

Unknown said...

Hey Eric. I agree entirely with all of your shill discoveries. However, the "spontaneous" arrival of shills means you have to up your game & quick. I know it's frustrating to see the takeover & intentional deception that "there's only these so-called laughable proofs". You've already lost & joined the Hippie, Occupy, NASA Hoax, End The Fed, Creationist & even Tesla far as the masses are concerned.

For example: You need self-proving analogies & undeniable facts to combat the takeover & your planned obsolescence. You must not "debate" you must ridicule openly. Be offensive (pronounced either way you like), not defensive. As you know you kindly answer all of their questions & they answer absolutely none of yours. Fight fire with an Ocean Of Water. Solicit yourself to all of these interviewers to "debate" the Flat Earth against mathematicians, physicists, astronomers & the shills are now doing to an intended mocking failure.

When the Earth Spin along with its Atmosphere comes up you need to say stuff like: So you're saying, "if I jump West the wall will hit me at 1000mph!" or "soldiers can only shoot their guns Eastward!" or "Escalators & Airport Treadmills don't work against the Earth's spin!". Irrefutable, self-answering & no need for experiments nor explanation is how to win the game.

__Skyline seen from a great distance__ Say: So, a skyline that doesn't even have ANY buildings as tall as the curve-drop can be seen!

__Time Zones__ Just Pointout: Man made & has changed Time Zones & Daily Dating to suit Man & IN FACT only Japan can be the start of time or ANY day!

__NASA__ Deal Out: So, where's the continuous Live Feed of Earth showing the Sun's sweep upon Earth's surface AND large storms AND forest fires AND hurricanes from 1 of the MANY Moon satellites that anyone can only then confirm "science"!

__Gravity__ Spew: I can lift my arm, but a trillion gallons of a single ocean column can't fall out or a huge blob of lava shot from a volcano doesn't land 1000-miles away!

__Sun Angle__ Spout: There can't be any "always frozen poles" when BOTH tilt toward the Sun AND the entire atmosphere heats with the Sun AND absolutely nowhere freezes solid at night during its summer! ...even at our alleged distance NASA says & expressly depicts us as a dried pea & the Sun as an ALL sky encompassing basketball!

__etcetera___ You must display the doubter's ignorance to them & most importantly to the audience. If you can't do that you will only continue to fail & fall further behind.

ConsciousTruth said...

lol! Lord Stephen said he'd get the NSA to get me too! Great post Eric, thanks, it's amazing these morons can be bothered to put out all this nonsense, unless they are getting paid of course. I said Mark Sargent was a shill after watching just one of his 'clues' - it was full of childlike nonsense that could easily be disproved. So either he is really stupid or a shill - one or the other.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Eric, what about Patricia Steere, Rob Skiba, Bob Nodelle, Nathan Oakley, David weiss, Ian Leahy.
I'm just going off Steere's piddly video: #126 which was the first time I realised Jeranism was a shill.
Dale Peters

Unknown said...

I'm curious... what do you think of my channel thus far? I'm open to criticism and suggestions. You can leave a private message via youtube on my channel, if you'd like. Sincerely,

In Domino Spea Mea said...

Hey Eric! I am so glad that I found your site. It is becoming very difficult for me to keep up because of all the misinformation coming out there in the web.
Keep up the good work. It has to pay off some how. The truth will make us free!

Jim said...

well done. 95% ball-shite out there to crawl over and past. igan is a horrible b'tard. exposed many times now. cia programmer. probably ran the julian assange cia boarding home in aussie for little blonde boys. now reincarnated himself. again. youtube has been good though- keeps lining up awesome doco and proof after proof and doco. no stopping it now i reckon.

DianeDi said...

Interesting about Jim's comment above.
I agree with him about Max Igan and I remember him stating something about the Flat Earth and who really cares if the Earth is flat or not. What an attitude.

I stumbled across this video today and it just so happens that Max took a compass onto a plane from Santiago, Chili to Sydney, Australia. The beginning of this video are his findings. So, it would appear he is starting to humour this theory, I think? Either way, I still don't trust him one bit, but did find this video of interest.

Also does anyone have any feedback on Rob Skiba, (the YouTube account associated with the above video) and his work on Flat Earth?


Steven Varley said...

I agree with your comments about Mark Sargeant, but I am grateful to his work as I never would of found yours.

I was surprised about Jeranism aswell thought he was OK but don't like how he's asking for donations sounds like he's in it for the money.

Rob Skiba is great I like his take on the earth being flat, he's just trying to seek the truth through religion as of yet I personally don't think he's shillspicious although he does rub shoulders with other shills

Unknown said...

If Matt Boylan is a shill like you say, why did you put him in your book? 🤔

Eric Dubay said...

John, my book was written before this post and my realization of his associations, intentions, lies and disinformation: Peace

Anonymous said...

Dear Eric
Firstly forgive my poor english for it is not my first language.
That being said I would like to congratulate you for your amazing work and for your dedication for opening the eyes of mankind.
I've been studying and researching subjects regarding NWO, Astronomy etc... for many years and I have to admit that I have fallen for many many traps such as fake researchs, fake proofs and shills of course !
I have come along with a presentation done by Darren Nesbit and he covers the fields that we are all interested in...
What do you think of him ? Is he a shill ?
Thanks for your kind answer

pharmerdavid said...

I'm very grateful to Eric Dubay for all his research, which has changed the way I view life. This is the first place I tell people to go, if they are going to research the "flat earth theory", so they will know who to avoid. I tell them to stick with Eric's videos in the beginning, and then avoid the 'researchers' listed above. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

You are correct.
Please seaech flat earth rajasthan
for videos from India

Anonymous said...

I woke up this year...........

Anonymous said...

Mark Sargent is laughable and is doing you FE no favours, how does a man im guessing in his 50's who still lives at home with his mum have any credibility?

The guy just wants the fame I mean all he talks about is himself it makes me sick, but whats scary is all the dumb sods who are following him I mean for example when they or someone mentions firmament none realise it just means "sky" or "heavens" not a dome.

As for me I dont think its flat at all, I think the Sumerians are the best clue and all the ancient civilizations who depict it in stone. The Hebrew Bible was made from stolen stories and used to create a controlling system of "good" and "evil", if you cant see this or have never looked into it then you will walk on a flat earth still very fast and deep in sleep.

Anonymous said...

Check into Matt Long of Fort Worth and Jessica Faith Long of Alberta, Canada. They're both lying about their pasts, doing things prohibited by God's word (drinking alcohol, wearing few clothes, running scam companies (pyramid schemes). They're crooked. Pls consider adding them to your list should you see fit.

Anonymous said...

“Who Watches The Watchmen?”

(or Who Ganders At Gatekeepers)

Who better to guard the truth than those who concocted the fantasy in the first place?

Ever consider the concept that the online shilling gatekeepers are they themselves journalists?

Ever wonder why “Fakelogists” “Hoaxbusters”, “Leading Internet Skeptics”, “Miles Mathis Followers”, “Piece of Mindful Types”, “Clues Forum Members”, “Flat Earthers” and so many other online “truthers” act so outlandishly ridiculous and promote ideas that are demonstrably preposterous?

Ever wonder why they are so obsessed with emulating the practices of the mainstream media they tend to claim to despise?

Ever wonder why they all go on each others “shows” and interview each other in an endless cycle?

Why do they all discredit themselves with obviously absurd “research” when there are glaring incontrovertible problems with many official mainstream narratives that can be effectively and simply communicated to a general audience without resort to obviously divisive (and/or insane sounding) language?

One logical deduction would be that these folk are they themselves journalists or work in the news media in some capacity.

Of course another possibility could be that these folk are suffering from apophenia.

“The CIA and the Media: 50 Facts the World Needs to Know”

“This article by Professor James Tracy first published in August 2015 is of particular relevance in relation to the “fake news” campaign directed against the alternative and independent media. In a bitter irony, the media coverup of the CIA’s covert support to Al Qaeda and the ISIS is instrumented by the CIA which also oversees the mainstream media. Since the end of World War Two the Central Intelligence Agency has been a major force in US and foreign news media, exerting considerable influence over what the public sees, hears and reads on a regular basis. CIA publicists and journalists alike will assert they have few, if any, relationships, yet the seldom acknowledged history of their intimate collaboration indicates a far different story–indeed, one that media historians are reluctant to examine.”


Some Advice Regarding Online “Gatekeeping” And Conspiracy Theories:

“In the mid 1980's I was asked by an american legal institution known as the Christic Legal Institute to compile a comic book that would detail the murky history of the C.I.A., from the end of the second world war, to the present day. Covering such things as the heroin smuggling during the Vietnam war, the cocaine smuggling during the war in Central America, the Kennedy assassination and other highlights. “

“What I learned during the frankly horrifying research that I had to slog through in order to accomplish this, was that yes, there is a conspiracy, in fact there are a great number of conspiracies that are all tripping each other up. And all of those conspiracies are run by paranoid fantasists, and ham fisted clowns. If you are on a list targeted by the C.I.A., you really have nothing to worry about. If however you have a name similar to someone on a list targeted by the C.I.A., then you are dead? The main thing that I learned about conspiracy theory, is that conspiracy theorists believe in a conspiracy because that is more comforting. The truth of the world is that it is actually chaotic. The truth is that it is not The Iluminati, or The Jewish Banking Conspiracy, or the Gray Alien Theory. The truth is far more frightening. Nobody is in control. The world is rudderless...” ―Alan Moore