Saturday, January 9, 2016

Eric Dubay and IFERS Banned From the Internet

The enemies of truth have decided to start off the new year with a bang by completely shutting down, without warning or reason, the International Flat Earth Research Society forum.  In just 10 months we accumulated over 3,000 members and averaged over 50,000 visitors per month which was apparently too much flat Earth truth for the internet to handle.  According to Proboards section 25a, they claim the right to "shut down any forum for any reason at any time" which they enforced without a word to myself or the other admins on new years eve.

This was not the first act of censorship by Proboards as well.  A few months ago they also threatened to delete our entire forum if we didn't remove within 48 hours the thread for my documentary Adolf Hitler vs. The Jew World Order claiming "racism and hate speech."  We begrudgingly complied but all sent very polite and in-depth messages to Proboards explaining how nothing in the documentary was "hateful or racist," and were received with similar silence.  

It is clear that the Jew shills have had enough and they're in over-drive trying to shut down the true IFERS flat Earth renaissance, while simultaneously setting up all of their controlled opposition fake flat Earthers to infiltrate, co-opt, and assimilate the FE movement like the Borg.  Contrary to their mantra however, resistence is NOT futile, and their desperate, under-handed attempts to stop the flat Earth truth from surfacing will all fail.

Several months ago their fake flat Earther agents Paul Cheeft and PolarizationNationMedia both attempted to have my YouTube channel shut down, by issuing two fraudulent copyright strikes against me, both of which I managed to overturn by filing legal counter-claims against them.  Around that time Facebook also decided to jump on the "Eric Dubay censorship bandwagon" by deleting my account, all my pages, and giving my Atlantean Conspiracy group directly over to a team of fake FE shills who still administrate it to this day filling the group with nothing but death threats to me, pictures of Masonic goats, and ridiculous belittling memes.  After re-registering for new accounts and accumulating my friends lists again, Facebook has now deleted two more profiles, and I am currently on my fourth!  

Paul Michael Bales, admittedly with Jewish funding, has now recently created a fake clone IFERS site where he ex-post-facto declares himself President of IFERS and bought 50 other flat Earth domain names which "he and his team" are busy making lousy websites for, none of which have seen any censorship.  Even though I have provably been researching and spreading flat Earth truth since 2009, Paul has repeatedly lied claiming to be the "Morpheus to my Neo" and to have awoken me to flat Earth in 2014.  He admits himself to having only become a flat Earther in 2013, but has the gall to continue claiming he "taught me everything" several years after I had already been publicly posting articles about Geocentricity and linking to Samuel Rowbotham's Flat Earth work.

As I have declared many times before, I will never cease writing and speaking the truth regardless of threats or how many times/ways I am censored.  They say those who are directly over the target receive the most flak.  No other flat Earther has received nearly the level of hatred, threats and censorship that I have.  None of the dozens of shill forums started by Acenci, Paul Bales, PlaneTruth and others have been deleted or censored whatsoever.  

When the enemy wins a battle or gains ground, we must simply regain the ground lost and continue fighting.  So the real IFERS will now continue at where the authentic flat Earth renaissance is still taking place and taking over.


Anonymous said...

Horrraaay :D
Welcome back Eric!

Anonymous said...

Wow, the scrawny runt Paul even looks like a weasel!
Keep up the flat earth work.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're still here! I just read your spiritual science book, which is incredible. I gave a copy to my family and will have to reorder now for myself!

I had already read the FE books prior to reading SS. I wondered, after reading SS, if remote viewing could be used to see what is beyond the ice wall?

Much love and gratitude,

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you are alive and well! -Concerned Fellow Truth Seeker

Palo Machovic said...

Clowns of zion are panicking because flat Eart information is trigering great wawe of chain awekening and they will atack you more intensievly in near future.You are a firestarter-well done,mate.I am with you Eric! good luck to you and keep going...

Jamie said...

Truly Glad your back up Eric and I appreciate your keeping my posts intact on New IFERS, as I have kept yours on my website because your FE work has been brilliant.

I truly wish your forum success in the deep needed work to explain Flat Earth truths and expose the massive 500 year old Geocentric lie.

A plane truth strives not to compete, but to compliment all other honest FE work. There is so much work to do. The FE Movement is now too big for anyone individual, but a welcome to All who seek FE truths where ever they lead. I hope in the future you continue to recognize others contributions as well.

Hopefully, your new site will welcome ALL those seeking further knowledge, education and awareness of all levels and FE entry points. I remember how helpful you were with me when I was just starting to "get it" and blissfully unaware.


Anonymous said...

Are there any plans underway for a kind of "flat earth day" or some kind of social activism type of events? The sad thing is that the masses probably won't believe in FE until they see it on the evening news, which will never happen. Seems like the Illuminated ones are afraid. They may need to speed up their evil plans, which will also make them careless. It's hard to educate people who prefer blissed ignorance to the shocking truth. Does anyone have an effective method of spreading the word?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Does anyone have an effective method of spreading the word?

Swimming against the current through activism is difficult, especially if you have to provide for your family. I'd say it's almost impossible unless you:
- are self-employed; and
- have utmost integrity.

While the former one is not that difficult, the latter is (e.g. try not to lie (even a small one) for say a month).

The only way I see is to spread the religiousness (true one), that's exactly why it has always been manipulated and controlled so that people either:
- become irreligious; or
- pray to non-gods (which doesn't help their own cause).

Only the people who are sure now that choosing to do right things in every moment of one's life (however the difficult the situation they may be) is the ultimate test, will be willing to come up against the tide and fight.

Being outside the comfort zone for the right reasons (as opposed to for materialistic & egoistic reasons), needs proper preparation, especially from within.

Only when we can do so, and set an example for our family and children, so that they can contribute to this never-ending battle.

For the religious people, I say: It's not enough to win after-life, we have to win small battles in our lives too. And that begins with winning our own demons.

Anonymous said...

Palo Machovic said...
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Anonymous said...

Well done Eric Keep fighting the battle for truth . Thank you . We are all behind you .

Anonymous said...

Eric, I was starting to think you fell off the edge of the earth ;) I'm sure I speak for many in saying I was a little worried. Welcome back!

Chris Mills said...

That's ridiculous! I wonder if every forum has a stipulation like that? Is there any chance of the forum having an archive? I really enjoyed looking through the posts and seeing more links to more information to read.

Just wanted to add, thanks to some of the posts you and others have made I've been able to see a little more clearly to say the least. I've never seen you post anything about this, but modern physics and science is completely based on theoretical assumptions and this blows my mind that in school you're taught everything as a fact. When I was a kid they told me they knew how the Earth's moon was formed and now as a 23 year old there are 5 different ways they tell me. And then they say they know how far away stars are when they admit they don't know what makes up 97% of the universe. The arrogance shows that these people will say whatever they want and say it's fact and get away with it because they went to universities so they are building on the previous knowledge so they must be right. I really wish that instead of just a flat earth board there was a new science board or something. Ha, sorry for the rant, if you read it and know of anywhere I can find that I'd appreciate it! I know I've spent a quite the number of hours reading your posts and they are always great! Thanks for being a mind that thinks differently among the hive!

HE_exists said...

This was expected, of course. I am a teacher and Geography hasn't been thaught in my country for about 10 years. This year it is a compulsory subjects in all the schools. Is it a coincidence? I think not!

Beau Dure said...

Eric -- I'm a reporter working on a story on Flat Earth theory. Could you possibly answer a couple of questions here?

Hello -- I'm working on a story for The Guardian about the Flat Earth movement, and I was wondering if you could answer a couple of questions:

1. There are multiple sites claiming to be the home of either The Flat Earth Society or an organization with a different name, and I've noticed a good deal of hostility between them. Why does the movement have such discord, and what can be done to unite the different groups?

2. Have your Flat Earth activities led to harassment at your job or any other personal issues?

3. The one scientific question I'll ask: How does Flat Earth theory account for the fact that some people on Earth can see the sun at a given time while others can't? (For example, right now, it's daylight here in the USA but nighttime in Australia.) If the sun was hovering above a flat surface, shouldn't we all have at least a little daylight at some point?

Beau Dure

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this forum won't have banning problem that the last one did -- as in banning many people before they had ever posted, thus preventing their IP from even seeing the site! It seriously makes me think the forum was subverted. Enjoyed your book. Please keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

What is the evidence that planetruth is a shill Eric?

Anonymous said...

For anyone who doubts the Israeli-Jewish conspiracy over the whole world....
please read and you can see how many high level people in the US govt. hold both US and Israeli citizenship and the number of Jews in the US who have conspired against the rest of the world, if usury wasn't enough.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric, I am a follower of the flat earth movement and have been researching the topic for about 7 months now ( with your help of course). Anyways, I am in a unique position where I will be working around and will interact with a well known astronaut very soon. I am planning on recording our interaction and was even hoping to possibly even stump him with a question he may not be able to answer or something for him to attempt to refute, yet fall into a trap at the same time. I want to avoid key words like Flat Earth or GLobe Model during this encounter. I want to appear as a curious glober. I dont want to say too much, as i dont want it to affect my job in any way. I was just hoping you would be able to give me some guidance to maximize the potential of this encounter.

Let me know, I think this could be benficial to flat earth movement if executed properly.


Anonymous said...

Geodesy flat datums triangulation hayford zone Pacific North Pacific and South of Pacific..all these words helps researchers find info concerning flat earth on browsers..Love your site and the truth is being poured out by the Holy Ghost to us Bible beleivers..Also Francis Bacon and the Renaissance scientists r the one's who restarted the false beleif of the Greek mystery schools info on the earth being a globe. The globe info came from the father of lies who as Christ said was a liar from the beginning!

Anonymous said...

Hello Eric,
I find your videos very interesting and well thought out. I am curious if you have conducted an experiment with two people on supposed oppisite hemispheres looking at the moon at same time to see if the view from the southern hemishere is inverted in relation to the northern hemishere. It seems to me this would help prove or disprove your theory.

Aaron Stone said...

Hello eric. Your videos and channels have exploded and you do very well at explaining the truth. Views and likes are multiplying quickly. We are on the verge of exposing this. Please do not stop supplying tRuth. Humanity needs to wake up and your videos do exactly that.
Thank you for everything you've done and continue to do.
The only part I'm confused on is why you and "think for yourself " has blocked me from ifers. I believe you banned me for no reason. As I spread the truth and do not inject any unnecessary theory. Please review the people you block. (ME) (TheRunUp) I'm 100% flat earth living. Im helping people see the truth.

L Moore said...

OK... I'm with you. Question. When they faked the picture of earth...neil Armstrong 130,000 miles out bs...that wasn't a vomit comet plane they were on.. They were in some kind of orbit. Can you get a few thousand miles above earth between the sun and the moon ?

Anonymous said...

If anyone searches an online Thomas Taylor copy of "The Theology of Plato" for the words "inerratic sphere" they will turn up the whol mechanism of the firmament!

Anonymous said...

Hello,Eric. You've done amazing stuff, I give you all my courage to keep exposing the Flat Earth truth. My thoughts are this, could the pictures of the ICE WALL be as fake as the NASA images of the GLOBE EARTH? I truly believe that a ship can sail on any flat earth ocean, & will reach an unknown (to us) landmass, either outwards into the North & South Atlantic, Pacific, Southern Ocean past so called Antarctica . There is, however , still that problem of Navy guns blowing a hole in your hull.

Anonymous said...

Hello All,

I am getting fake virus popups on my mobile device while trying to navigate the ifers forum... It is basically preventing me from exploring and learning. Anyone know of a fix for this??


Me said...

I would like to know if there is ANYONE OUT THERE with a good jet, willing to try and fly completely over the Antarctica? Take pictures. Anybody?

Me said...

Well, I guess no one in the United States of America has enough money or a jet to try and see if they can fly straight over the Antarctica? There must be one Flat earther out there who wants to try? No, I'm not paying you. just want some one to do it and get pictures! Anyone?!!!!

Me said...

I keep hearing that we cannot go past a certain point over the Antarctica. Well, how come no one wants to show us it can be done or not? What's the deal. I would do it if I could fly a plan or even had one. come on!! someone must want to do it!???

Ivanitse said...

You know, honestly, I think that the person will need to get some information, the usual ban will get around is not difficult. You can always use a proxy server

Dunnlee said...

I watched your video, and I'm interested in more information. I have some questions:
1. How do the phases of the moon work in the flat earth model?
2. How does the sun consistently deliver 24 hour days when circling the "equator" and also when making a smaller circle nearer the north pole and a larger circle toward the ice ring?
3. Why are the continents on the flat earth map "squashed" and not the same shape as those on a globe?

Belinda Roberts said...

Hello Eric , so sorry to hear this , p!ease keep going , it shows you are hitting a nerve !!!you have changed my life since I read your book last September and watched your videos. I was a Biology graduate 30 years ago and I am ashamed to say I was dubious about evolution at the time but never said anything. I think it was because we were taught it was a THEORY ie an idea and in the absence of anything else, I thought it reasonable at least over short periods of time. When did all these theories become LAWS. As a scientist it is a relief to be shown real scientific evidence regarding flat earth instead of theoretical mumbo jumbo from Einstein et al I was hooked in 30 minutes and spent hundreds of hours since researching it. They can't keep us quiet now !

Anonymous said...

hello, I have a question about the moon. If the earth is flat and the moon and sun are circling above us, how is it that we can see the whole face of the full moon while it is on the horizon. wouldn't we see the side of it? or at least wouldn't the face seem to change as the moon moved closer to me as I am watching it. Hope this makes sense. Thank you for your time looking forward to your response.

No Theories said...

Hi Eric
Keep up the good work, I am a new flat earth believer.
I recently read a book called Kings Dethroned, published in 1922 by Gerard Hickson. It exposes the incredible blunders made by the forefathers of astronomy, that to this day have not been questioned, but are accepted and taught in schools as proof of a heliocentric universe.
I know that the earth is flat through my own simple experiments, but throughout history there are numerous famous experiments, which prove that the earth is flat, stationary and the center of our universe.
Therefore I cannot get my head around, how these so called modern scientists who have no experiments, only theory as proof, are so ignorant to the truth which staring them in the face every day. My only conclusion is, that once you start down the path of a career in modern science, you become part of a club which you cannot question or leave.
When you realise the truth and see all the lies and deception it can get a bit depressing at times, but because of the growing flat earth community you then realise that you are not alone.
I have also found out that you have to be carefull how to approach the subject of the flat earth in conversation, as most people will think that you have lost the plot. They will then do their own research and see the flat truth, but not all will accept the truth as it may conflict with their lifestyle at that time.
Anyhow my eyes have been opened and I am spreading the word!

Full Blue Moon said...

Thanks Eric. I have to attribute my awareness and belief of the Flat Earth reality to you. Luckily, I ran into you first, before the flat earth society and many other inferior disinformation sites. The really long video you created The best flat earth documentary 6 hrs 13 minutes. Is still my go to for new minds to see and I now have a page The Flat Earth Truthers on facebook as well as a new group starting The Flat Earth Truthers, to help others with this most important message. I just stopped by today to really thank you I can't express my gratitude in words it's as large as the Flat Earth itself. Thanks bro. Feel free to post advertisements for your materials directly on my pages and any comments will be met with enthusiasm. Although I'm new to this, as you know, once you go flat, you can never go back. ;-)