Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Best Flat Earth Documentary

The following 6-hour documentary is currently the most complete and comprehensive presentation of the Flat Earth truth available to date. Narrated by Eric Dubay, this videobook covers the majority of his best-selling "The Flat Earth Conspiracy," book and is guaranteed to awaken even the sleepiest sheeple to the global deception. Please like, subscribe, comment and share to help get this most important documentary out to the masses!


Haze said...

Inquiring into ancient texts and scriptures, this new generation of Flat Earthers are following the same path as the Hollow Earthers who went before them and we have all converged at the North Pole. The only discrepancy is whether the long sought 'lost paradise' called Eden, situated in a garden at the Center of the Earth, is on the outside or the inside. This mysterious realm, which could only be entered by the "pure in heart" had many names. Hyperborea, Hy-Breasil, Avalon, the Summerland, the Enchanted Isles, the Land of Promise, Asgard, Shamballah, Agartha, Ultima Thule and so on...

There are legends of people who ventured there, Bran, Conmac and Ossian, who returned to tell of the wonders they saw. W.B. Yeats said, "In Ireland this world and the world we go to after death are not far apart." The world we go to when we die is the Underworld, in every mythology. Egyptians made every preparation for this journey in the 'Afterlife.' Both the Hollow Earth theory and the Flat Earth model accomodate this hidden place. Myths tell of 'rings' or concentric circles which make up different realms, from the pleasant Elysian Fields to the depth of Tartarus, where life is grim for transgressors.

Unknown said...

Eric Dubay... well... you just blew my mind away! I've been lost in all these conspiracy theories I finally all makes sense to me. I've been researching everything you've posted specially gravity force and science...great work!


Unknown said...

Thank you!

Haze said...

Regions of Antarctica are named after the explorers who discovered them, or some other eminent person of the time. There is even a Rothschild Island! In 1841 James Clark Ross sailed along a huge wall of ice, 160 ft high and 370 miles long, with 90% of the ice below water level. It was officially known as the 'Great Ice Barrier' (kind of self-explanatory really.)

There is the Wilkins Ice Shelf, Brunt Ice Shelf, Ronne Ice Shelf, Filchner Ice Shelf, Larsen Ice Shelf, Amery Ice Shelf, Shackleton Ice Shelf etc. The entire perimeter (circumference) is a huge impenetrable Ice Shelf whose surface is an immense Ice Sheet, where living conditions are intolerable. "We were the only pulsating creatures in a dead world of ice." — Frederick Albert Cook.

“No falsehood can last forever. Although it be buttressed by power, gilded by genius, sanctioned by success, believed in by millions, and covered with the awful hoar of many hundreds of years, it must sooner or later die. Men at last discover their delusion, and they rise up to destroy it with a vehemence of indignation proportioned to the length of time it has lasted, and to the dept.h of hold it has usurped over their hood­winked minds.” - (Zetetic Astronomy - 1873)

I would also like to commend Eric Dubay for his marvelous research. (Dubay is lit!)

Mary Martha said...

Everything one could ever want in one place! The Holy Grail! My only difficulty is I am trying hard to listen to your voice and read the words on the screen and interpret the images all at the same time. Many times you are quoting a wonderful quote from one of your sources and I am distracted by trying listen so I can understand the concept and at the same time I am trying to read what is on the screen. Perhaps a pause so that would allow time to read or even better I would love to hear the words on the screen in YOUR voice. Sometimes the images and the words don't depict the same concept and one is ahead of the other. It is said people learn best when they see and hear something at the same time as long as they are the same words. (What you are hearing and what you are reading). I consider myself a voracious reader and it is too fast for me. Your brain is young Eric, that is why you can do both. Your brain is clear and unfogged. You also know all of this information as it is available to you deep in your soul. You are intimately familiar so the pace for you can be lightnening fast. That being said people who are new (and not so new that includes me) may have a hard time absorbing all the details which are so crucial. Unfortunately sheeple are also used to being spoon fed information. That is how we got into this mess. We have become consumers of only what "The powers that be" feed us. I am losing people I show this video to. Not completely but they glaze over when they can't follow and then we stall out. I am hungry so I can keep going and they are lazy and want to be spoon fed. I cannot blame them tho as I used to be a sheeple myself. We need to be able to completely absorb and understand this Flat Earth information so we can share. WE need to deeply comprehend it so that when asked a question or challenged on the flat earth we can respond. I consider myself a level I student of the Flat Earth Theory. I am trying to learn all that you have to teach me while I simultaneously "unlearn" lies I believed for most of my life. No easy task! I need to become an expert if I expect people I know to believe me. Then I can be a teacher of the truth. There is a sale made in every conversation. Only then can I have a chance to get them to listen to me and then research, read and decide for themselves. Peace, Mary Martha

Haze said...

Since the Flat Earth and all that entails demands the deceivers change tack, the imaginary threat must come from another source. So far I have heard of David Icke's "lizards" and Bruce Lee coming from 'Beyond the Ice Wall...'

The trouble with the 'reptiles' is, the theory is based on the prevalence of serpent symbology in ancient times. Which obviously represents Kundalini, the etheric energy which makes everything tick. Look at Angkor Wat.

Bruce Lee said he was "a human being." A master of his own 'chi' which anyone could achieve with the same dedication. Bruce didn't even want to be called "a star." He was certainly special, but he did not come from another realm, although he may have been a great soul, reincarnated.

Everything beyond the ice wall is unknown and therefore the subject of pure speculation. It could be a vast uninhabitable tundra which meets the dome, "hard as a mirror of cast bronze." Or it could be as portrayed in a 1,000 year old Buddhist map containing a surrounding sea, dotted with dozens of island continents, wherein we can place all manner of fantasies.

Giants, pyramids, mythical beasts...who knows? It may be a paradise where everyone lives in perfect harmony, or a war-torn hell similar to our own. If it is populated, there is no reason to assume they are anything other than human, since we dwell on the same plane. But as much as we can let our imagination fly... we must stick to the facts and what the eye perceives.

Mary Martha said...

Please forgive me! You have spent your time and effort (an incredibly MASSIVE amount amount I might add) trying to help the world wake up and for your 6 hours of incredible video, I gave you an unfair critique.

I can get off my sorry a** and make a video of my own for the "brain dead" that I am trying to help understand the flat earth. (They seem to get M Sargent's flat earth clues videos a bit easier but I don't want to use them because I don't like him. (shill?) So I stopped that. You are the only one I trust.

I hand the" brain washed" your books they say, "no time". I show them your coffee table book which I adore and had no problem with comprehending and they thumb through it and put it down. If they can't keep up with your videos so what! I can spend some of MY life force just as you have exposing all of this. I should not be lazy myself. I can try and figure out how to put this FE information together so they can "get it"

Your "Best Flat Earth" video is wonderful. I am hungry and my mind is open so it works for me. I thank you for all your effort and hard work and for being brave as I know you have even received threats for your work. Me?I haven't even gotten past my own driveway so to speak with this thing.

I am responsible for the effort not the outcome. The key word is responsible. I cannot sit idly by and let brave individuals like you do all the work and take all the risk. I can lead my horses to water but I cannot make them drink it. I am going to keep trying to round them up anyway.

My arsenal includes the movie VAXXED which just came out on rental. (VAXXED the by Dr. Andrew Wakefield ( I have vaccine injured children) and 911/The New Pearl Harbor by Massimo Mazzucco , Egypt Knew No Pharaohs nor Israelites by Dr. Ashraf Ezzat, and all of your Atlantean Conspiracy, FE videos and books. I have a 70 inch Smart TV (ok Idiot box but I have sports fans in my house) and a large family room where I can do screenings. I can gift copies of your books through amazon and buy and gift copies of VAXXED when it becomes available. I have gifted a ton of Ezzats book btw. All I get is crickets. But that is not the point. I must keep trying.

Again Please accept my apology for the suggestions about your videos. As long as you keep trying Eric, I will as well.
The Flat Earth is the CORNERSTONE.
Peace, Mary Martha

SparkleBark said...

Forgive my ignorance, I have just started into the 6 hour documentary.

This is a puzzle I used to flirt with as a kid and would share with my kid brother and sister.

I am not questioning the Flat Earth aspect of reality. I agree it is a stretch that everything came from nothing.

Okay, I would tell my siblings. Let's accept that God created the earth, and we the inhabitants. So that makes God the designer.

My question(s) would then become:
Who created God?
How did God come about?
Was God created out of nothing via some other Big Bang?
If not, then doesn't there have to be someone or something who created God? God's God if you will?

(Perhaps I better get back to the documentary.)

Peace, all.

Unknown said...

You're 33, but I won't hold that against you. Mason.

Sorry, slipped out.

I don't think it'd be disingenuous to say you're a bright light in a rather murky area, Mr. D. Let's say for fun (and fact) that there's a worldwide conspiracy to hide the truth...the absolute shitstorm you must deal with in disinfo, shillery and obsfucation/outright lies has got to be tremendous. From a personal standpoint, having a degree in physics, I've got to say I was angry when I stumbled across this particular rabbit hole. That's my jam, hunting down the obscure and picking out bits of truthiness. What FE did was effectively render 90% of my other inquiries useless AND defeated my much-vaunted and precious cosmology. The one I paid to learn in-depth. It was like a sore tooth, I kept poking at the evidence and wincing. Performed the laser across the lake experiment. Wince. Studied star charts. Wince. Palaeontology, comparative religions, NASA, some of my physics heroes. All wasted.

It's safe to say the sore tooth is now a gaping hole. Rather than being 'set free', I've got a deep sense of ennui, a sort of 'fuck it all' philosophy that I hope, in time, will pass. Most of my fellow graduates won't ever follow this line of reasoning, but I was always known as the 'gravity guy' because I just couldn't believe in it. Might've been my saving grace.

I've got a couple experiments I'd like to do. Determining the distance and path of the sun should be a good time. Seeing just exactly what's up at the North pole, I'm down with that, and close enough to make it feasible. I have family in the arctic circle, ex military prepper sorts, off the grid and up for adventure. I can't forsee much arm twisting to make an expedition next summer.

At any rate, I'd like to thank you in a way, curse you in another. If you're right, and I think you are, you've done some of us a great service.

Unknown said...

The only problem that I have with this theory is that the Moon 'Disc'. How do you explain why there is curvature of the shadow/light on the moon during a waxing and waning moon? This curvature can only occur if the moon were a sphere/ball?