Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Jesus Christ Never Existed

Please don't be turned off by the title! The following documentary sheds light on the deepest esoteric teachings of Christianity hidden from the masses for millennia, exposes the real Bible code, and shows the enlightening truth of who Jesus the Christ truly was and is. For Christians and non-Christians alike, this unique documentary helps bring a fuller understanding of the origins and mysteries of the Abrahamic faiths. Please watch and share this most important and transformative feature with your friends and family to help spread the good word!


Chad Wakefield said...

I will return to this deal

Anonymous said...

Was Jesus really an historical figure?


Ben Jamaya said...

Great work Eric! It's all coming out..I have religious literalists in my family..I think they'll disown me if I share this;) but it has to be done. This beach ball can't stay under the water forever. It doesn't make them look silly it's quite a positive message at the end. Thanks for opening my eyes to many things.Cheers, Ben

Mary Martha said...

Just got done watching. Hit my refresh and I am still the 4th commenter. I expected this to explode in the meantime, perhaps those who follow this blog are digesting the recent offering. I read somewhere that in antiquity if a kingdom was larger than could be traversed by horseback in 14 days whomever was in charge of that kingdom would lose control. Something could happen in one distant part of the kingdom, an uprising perhaps and if it took more than 14 days for those in charge to hear about it and then respond, they had lost their ability to control the situation. The internet has made my world at my fingertips. Anything I could want to learn and know and discern for myself is readily available to me. I can converse with almost anyone about anything. For me it started with Ukraine, Ukraine led me to 911 which sounds strange but Ukraine and the USA's role there helped me swallow the difficult 911 pill. (kInd of backwards but that is how it happened). Once I understood one mistruth it allowed me to questions everything. This helped me to understand the roots of Communism reading "Under the Sign of the Scorpion" by Yuri Lina. This lead me to converse with a couple of friends who understand the Red Revolution and the Bolshevik Jews responsible for the death of over 20 million people, who also are flat earth folks who introduce me to Eric's work. Then I read all of his books and all of the books he recommends and I release my belief that I live on a spinning ball. I find we never went to the moon. I learn all about Freemasons and Illuminati types and "Scorpion" types. This led me to Ashraf Ezzat and Egypt Knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites. Once I wrapped my head around that, Ashraf introduced me to Tim Freke of "The Laughing Jesus". (Tim is featured in the video he is the bald dude) I read all of Tim's books. Lucid Living is his latest that I highly recommend. It is a lot to wrap your brain around. Becoming awake to know I have been deceived much of my life is sad but it is also exhilarating (and nauseating) to move forward in my new understanding. I can divorce myself from the God of the Old Testament and the Jesus of the new. I can no longer feel guilt or worry about the fate of those who are not Christian. As a child I could never quite buy it that I was chosen and those who did not believe as I had been taught were toast. I am free. I am alone yes as i have become "un aligned" with my culture and even my husband and my children. But I am not alone, I have Ashraf, (who had the guts to tell me straight away to my face my Jesus was Horus and a ton of other deities and that the Jews had stolen that narrative of Ancient Egypt and fashioned for themselves their chosen people status) and I have Eric, Tim, Yuri and many others. Now truths hidden from humanity at large can traverse our world in an instant. They (those who wish for power to control and enslave us all) have lost control. More and more people have the ability to turn on the light for themselves. Eric thanks for continuing to show where the light switch can be found. Peace, Mary Martha

Mary Martha said...

I have to include a chick in all of this, her name is Nesta Webster who wrote" World Revolution The Plot Against Civilization" back in 1921. If you wiki her, (not that wiki is the end all be all) but this gal was the queen of "conspiracy theory" back in her day. In 2016 I read her works and realize she had her finger on the pulse of the truth all that time ago and called out the covert source of the devastation . She is described by Lord Kitchener in India as the "Foremost opponent of subversion." Like many of the works of the gentlemen I mentioned above, anyone reading World Revolution would be hard pressed to not completely understand the situation as it has unfolded throughout history, that which has been responsible for the dark ages, inquisitions, crusades and murderous revolutions. Christianity, Judaism and Islam with all of the bloodshed and persecution. Conversion by the sword or by fire or bullets. It is all the same. Marxism, Communism Bolshevism. All 3 headed snakes. All of these miseries wrought upon humanity since the bright light contained in the library of Alexandria was burned to the ground. Egypt was "The dawn of Conscience" as Henry James Breasted the American Egyptologist wrote about back in 1931. Egypt was infiltrated and maligned by those who infiltrate and malign to this very day. The light in Alexandria would only have gotten brighter. There is an ember left for those who are seeking its tiny heat. Many will have to overcome their present state of cognitive dissodence in order for humanity as a whole to return to our internal consistency of which we have been robbed. For some of my friends and those I love it may start or end with "Jesus Christ Never Existed" here on the Atlantean Conspiracy. There came a time for me when all of what I have come to learn these last few years evolved into "conspiracy no more." With help from many sources this blog included, I have become my own "Foremost opponent of subversion." I did battle with my cognitive dissidence and won because that is what the truth does. It wins. Peace, Mary Martha

Mary Martha said...

cognitive dissonance...sorry not enough coffee this am. If you get a chance read the criticism of Nesta Webter on Wiki. It proves she is spot on. Peace, MM

Mary Martha said...

couldn't resist here is Nesta Webster's critic from Wiki:
In February 1924, Hilaire Belloc wrote to an American Jewish friend regarding one of Webster's publications which purported to expose evidence of Jewish conspiracy. Though Belloc's record of writing about Jews has attracted accusations of antisemitism itself, his contempt for Webster's own efforts was evident:

In my opinion it is a lunatic book. She is one of those people who have got one cause on the brain. It is the good old 'Jewish revolutionary' bogey. But there is a type of unstable mind which cannot rest without morbid imaginings, and the conception of a single cause simplifies thought. With this good woman it is the Jews, with some people it is the Jesuits, with others Freemasons and so on. The world is more complex than that.[28]
Peace, MM

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!Scary enlightment!

petrus raats said...

Hi Eric, thanks for this site, I read some profound truths(intuitively know it is true) here.I am 67 years old, wish I had known about mushrooms long ago!
It makes me think:Have you done psilocybin mushrooms? Have a feeling you have, hence the insights and revelations on your site.
I am serious, I have done it three times, also have smoked DMT(how's that for a non-smoker?) and I have gotten some profound insights and truths from the experiences. Will keep on doing it, it has also done wonders for depression that I have been suffering from.
You get what you need from such a trip,not what you want.
I have learned to trust and believe in the revelations I get from these journeys.
Interestingly, in my first mushroom trip the Flat Earth was very much uppermost in my mind, asked the question:Is the earth flat or round?
Got an answer:What does it matter, it is not real!
This blew my mind as I have also been discussing with my son, how we live in a simulation, could not really fathom and believe that, until I did the mushrooms.
Keep it up and the hell with anybody who attacks you!
I do not even discuss the Flat Earth with people anymore,cause they think I am a weirdo!
Will only discuss it if I am asked about it.
The truth will prevail.
Keep it up!