Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Flat Earth Movement Album

Please download, share, burn CDs, re-upload and mirror this powerful and important Flat Earth movement hip-hop/rap album.  Jewtube has already banned several of my songs in both selected countries and worldwide so I fully expect this video album to be similarly censored.  With your help sharing this music and spreading the word, however, we will continue to awaken the world.  To buy the album in high-quality .wav format visit:  And be sure to burn free copies for anyone you know who will listen!


Rollo said...

I have no problem with someone disagreeing on the flat earth subject. What is interesting is when people get aggressive about it. I have proven it for myself, not from youtube videos etc. that the earth is not a sphere with a circumference of 24901 miles. I am not saying it is a "frisbee" and I am not saying it is not, but without a doubt it is not a sphere with a circumference of 24901 miles, and everyone can prove this for themselves.

Unknown said...

I will never look at our earth as a sphere again. I feel embarrassed that it took me a few weeks of research too realise how backward I have been and how stupidly obvious it is we are on a flat earth 🙈🙈 thanks Eric for all the effort you put in 👍👍❤️

Mary Martha said...

Watched the whole thing. This will probably bring you street cred so to speak but I am not sure how I am going to use it or even if I can. I am old enough to be your mom ( I grew up with Molly Hatchet, Alice Cooper, KISS and ACDC..) but I don't think this is going to help me with the folks I need to convince. I am a homemaker but I have smarty pants engineer friends and a few academians. Everything I bring them must be as serious as they take themselves.....This album and video is going to feel off the edge to them. My generation may be lost. If they only knew how far off the mark they truly are. (gee then they wouldn't feel so smart) Maybe that is part of the problem. They cannot accept feeling duped and unintelligent. No one likes to be played a fool. I have one out of my 5 kids on board with flat earth and he is the youngest and still in HS. My hubby's verdict is still out so I haven't even been able to sway the most important person in my life. The young and young in mind are those who can be reached. It will be awhile before the young come into their positions of influence. This doesn't have to be so...If we can get to the "hundredth monkey.". The problem is anyone I rub elbows with doesn't even know what that means. I told a 70 year old neighbor (ex engineer) that I didn't believe we ever went to the moon and that it was all a hoax and she walks on the other side of the street now. Being 54, I do live in a retirement type of area in my town. This group is brainwashed the best. They get every vaccine pushed for "the elderly" and down Lipitor that is ruining their memory, like candy...Trust of authority is paramount and any other way is unpatriotic. The only way I could get into the minds of some of these folks would be to use a jackhammer. Alas, I will continue to use my" feather" as getting aggressive or argumentative only shuts off the spigot and these folks are a quart low to begin with. I have to appear saintly and sane and beyond reproach in my efforts. I have to keep trying. Some will BE LIE VE the lies till they are dust. Unless they become victims of my "feather duster" and wake the hell up. " Once you go flat you never go back....." Peace, MM

Unknown said...

Hello Eric,

I recently stumbled across the Flat Earth theory and I specifically appreciate your valuable research and presentations.

When I say "stumbled", I mean years upon years of personal research down many paths of study (astronomy/cosmology, geology and physics, ancient history/mythology/world archetypes, theology) had all resulted in loose ends, unanswered questions, and untestable, illogical theories purported and perpetuated as fact. This background culminated in my unexpected, nearly overnight support and faith in the Flat Earth model.

One topic I have found little information on is the nature of oceanic topography and how it fits into the model. Now for full disclosure: I believe there was an actual worldwide flood in antiquity, and I believe water burst forth from the trenches that rest along the deepest parts of our ocean. Regardless of what I believe, do you have any knowledge or interest in how ocean topography fits into the Flat Earth model?

I have included a link to my own rough mock-up of the layout of the accepted oceanic ridge system applied to the Flat Earth map. I think it's compelling, and the layout is much more graceful than when it is applied to the globe model.

Kind Regards,


Unknown said...

HI Eric, thank you for doing what you do. I'm all in on the flat earth and share the findings, evidence and facts with all in my life. There are varying degrees of acceptance but at least some of them are now looking into things themselves; this is a good thing. One question that someone asked and I'm having a difficult time defining a sound answer to is, why. Why would the lie about the earth being a sphere even have been created to begin with? Do you have a recommendation of a book I can read that would provide a good answer to that "why" inquiry?

Thanks again for the work you do.


Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! Kent, if you search my YouTube channel and IFERS you should be able to find answers for all your flat Earth questions:


Rollo said...

This is a link to a NASA document.

If you scroll past the introduction to the SUMMARY, the first sentence reads .....

" This report documents the derivation of a linear aircraft model for a rigid aircraft of constant mass flying over a flat, non rotating earth. "

I was wondering how one interprets this sentence ?

Shelly said...

Thank you so much for making these videos. I am absolutely fascinated and just ordered your book. I homeschool my kids, and tomorrow I'm starting an Earth unit with my kids. I'm so torn about it because the entire thing is about the earth being a globe!

Paully P said...

Your website is tight bro! I feel that your work has done the MOST to help further this movement. Soon I will be judged. Hope I ascend.

Unknown said...

I've been researching this Flat Earth Phenomena for a few months now. The more I try to disprove what I know to be a fact seem to be vanishing before my ever opening eyes. My God given senses persuades me to re-think what I've been 'taught' over the past 69 years. Perhaps many of my age bracket are finding this Earth question to be very far fetched and rightly so, for we've all been indoctrinated from birth. "You know the Earth is a round sphere, just look at this globe on my desk" to "Look, we went to the Moon." I began to not trust the government at the JFK assignation. Then I discovered the Fluoride in our water. Then I stopped voting in State and Federal 'elections'. It got worse and worse! The Chemtrails I could see and I always knew that all bodies of water were level. Right now, I do not believe that science has proven a lot of things. Gravity is a theory, which Einstein said he couldn't prove. I believe that Einstein was tasked by the Freemason Science Community to come up with some idea that would disprove the Michelson - Morley Experiment, which in essence proved the Earth does not move. But of course, the Mason's said that their experiment had failed. The 'failed' experiment scared the hell out of them. It brought into the question about the movement of the earth. Einstein was a Fraud, at least in this instance. He did not show any scientific Proof of Gravity, yet the scientists accepted his theory and made it a fact; not unlike the unscientific Darwinian theory they adopted.

Don Rumsfield. said...

Thanks Eric.
And to all, that understand this essential, (for the jew, and it's mindless, materialist Kneelers to continue to deceive, "Root Lie".

lumineuse72 said...

Bonjour Eric,

I admire your courage, your mental clarity and your dedication to getting the thruth out. I am a former canadian navy military person who has sailed across the pacific ocean many times. One particular day will have changed my belief system forever, that morning I got on deck and the water, as far as one could see, was still and looked like a mirror. it lasted the whole day. The captain of the ship said that he had never seen the water so calm in his 22 years of sailing! I always wondered how this could ever be possible on a spinning ball......that was over 20 years ago. It make more sense on the Flat earth model, wouldn't you think!

They are currently building a ''Hollocaust memorial'' in front of the War museum in Ottawa keep the lie alive. We need to break this enslavement, and this is exactly the way to do it. I will continue to spread your wisdom to all who is willing to hear it. Merci Eric!

Stéphanie Lumineuse