Tuesday, May 23, 2017

How to Beat the System

This solo podcast "Solutions to the System" covers a myriad of doable grassroots solutions people can enact in their everyday lives to move beyond and beat the system. This was posted 5 years ago before my channel had many subscribers so I wanted to re-post now in the hopes that more people will listen and benefit from this unique and important podcast.


Unknown said...

Thank you, Eric. Forgiving was exactly what I needed to do.

Mary Martha said...

Even when I feel I am not making progress with others I can feel like I am making progress with myself which is healing on the "I" level and the "Us" level. Pao Chang has a new book out on kindle called Word Magic The Powers and Occult Definitions of Words. I am beginning to understand legal and lawful. Mr. Chang (who is from my home state of Minnesota) is in the process of untangling himself and freeing himself as a sovereign human being. We all would be wise to learn about these things and the things that Eric discusses so that we can defend our natural rights. When frustrations sets in and it feels like those who play the long game are winning and no one is listening to me I have to remember that I have much to work on with myself. There is much work I can do without needing to change anyone but me. Eric, thank you for reminding me what those things are. Peace, Mary Martha.

jon said...

Hey, i really like and agree with almost all of this that you said here, but i just have some concerns, perhaps in checking out this free man movement you mentioned will help.. I know income tax is unlawful, and all these requirements to register your car, marriage certs, etc. it really is all a part of this terrible government control system. My question is, how in today's society can one get away with not registering your car, or having a license, if you want any hope of getting around? I have a sweet little girl, i have to drive her around. Nowadays too many infractions and they put you away for a while. Immense fines are assigned to us. Compliance is required or else we're full on punished and the punishment is severe! There's no escaping this control that i'm aware of. Then again i'm just one man. I will certainly be debt free eventually, and will work towards obtaining land, but like you said it's taxed and not even really mine even if i were to buy it outright i still don't actually own it. So what are we who desperately wish to escape to do? It's all so overwhelming and we're all stuck in this cycle of greed and selfishness, where a few greedy, rotten people control our lives as we know them. We don't pay our income tax and we're arrested. If i didn't have my daughter, i'd easily take off with just my pack and go make something of my individual self, but then there's her. I can't very well subject her to an extremely harsh life and rob her of her childhood by being a non-conformist... As wonderful as it sounds to boycott these things, i just don't know how without massive repercussions... Someday my blogs and my words will saturate the market and help to awaken people... Until then, i live under the control of this chaos, conforming in order to be left alone. So, realistically here in today's society, how can we escape!? I am beyond all ears.

Mary Martha said...

When you realize "A Bug's Life" was trying to tell you something. I love this clip. It sums up what they really think about us. It also shows they understand that they are vulnerable.

Here is a link to an article on Wake up World entitled Now that you are awake, how do you awaken others?

Every little bit helps. Peace MM

Unknown said...

Thanks for reposting "how to beat the system".
You cover some excellent points.
After having asked God to reveal truth to me, I have had quite a bit of information flow toward me. At times, it's scary. Other times, it's ... well... revealing and reassuring.
I first heard your name about Flat Earth on Youtube. Eye opening to say the least and confirms my thoughts.
I'm sitting here outside "watching the sun comes up". Kinda of strange we never say, "watching the sun appear as the earth rotates".
God Bless.

Tony Quinlan said...

How to beat the system is a wonderfully put together piece of work Eric.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for it.