Monday, June 19, 2017

The Problem of Government

There is no political solution to the problem of government. Voting for a new ceremonial figurehead every four years has never, will never, and could never create any significant lasting positive change because governments cannot be improved or made moral from within. There are too many vested interests and no Statist system, be it Monarchy, Oligarchy, Communism, Democracy, Republic, or Dictatorship, none of them respect the right of the individual to opt-out of being governed.

When the mafia comes around to your business, they always befriend and promise to protect you, providing you pay and obey them. If you refuse to comply however, the mafia burns your business to the ground. Similarly all Statist governments promise to help and protect their populations as long as we pay and obey, but if we don’t then they seize our asses and our assets and throw us in prison. The whole problem is giving one privileged class the legal right and obligation to commit violence and coercion against the rest of the population. All governments around the world initiate the use of violence (in the form of police) and coercion (in the form of taxes) against their populations and this is absolutely immoral and unacceptable.


x said...

The governments tax schemes sounds like the Piranha Brothers other other operation..... of monty python ilk....

masmartinez said...

Dear Eric Dubay,
I am a Journalist from El Español, a spanish newspaper. I also work for El Diario, and many others.

I would like to write an article about your work in your blog and its views. How would be the best way to contact you ?

Thank you very much for your attentiona and your time. Looking forward to read from you.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Eric Dubay,
I am Salvador. I am a spanish journalist. I work for several Spanish newspapers. I would like to make an article about your blog and your work on it. Could we be in contact through e-mails or telephone ? How would be the best way to be in touch ?
Thank you very much for your attention and your time,
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Anonymous said...

While I agree with nearly everything you point out regarding governments and believe the ideal set up for the earths population would be small agrarian communities no group has ever been able to set up a lasting ideal alternative. One might argue there are a few out there that haven't been squashed by governments. Most under my looking glass tend toward one phase or another of a Lord of the Flies, might makes right environment. From an old TV series called Forever Night ancient vampire Lacroix explains to younger disillusioned vampire Nick that the best form of government is "a benevolent dictatorship." Unfortunately since power corrupts with man it may be an impossibility. Which brings me to a second point concerning finding god in oneself. When I search inside myself I do not feel any godlike thing. Rather what I find is more of a female energy, a cup to capture God's input, the source is not from me, instead I sense God, I sense goodness, I sense His presence but I find nothing in myself of myself that has the male energy to become God. No I feel like the bride, the supporter, the one who points back to God. The best I can do is glory in who God is, know Him more but I can never be god. I fear you may not see it that way laying yourself bare to self / god traps I'm sure you know all too well.

Unknown said...

Thank you for all your great work, stay true!

Darrel Sipes said...

Eric, be encouraged. Keep speaking out brother!

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! For Salvador, absolutely, feel free to use any/all of my material to help spread the good word. You can email me at Peace

Mark said...

Thanks for the sweat vibes keep on spreading the word... Flat~Earther Belfast Northern Ireland Cheers Bro... said...

Very interesting comparison to the Mafia. I would point out that some governments, like at the state level, offer different rules and citizens can choose where to live. That's why companies in Denver end up paying less taxes than LLC's in New Jersey. So, there is some choice. The trick is keeping the overall voting power in the hands of all the people - not just one class.

Anonymous said...

Eric: As champion of awareness I tried to follow your lead and wrote a condensed form of The Flat Earth Conspiracy concentrating on what is best argued in narrative form. I wanted something short, three pages, I hoped I could use to spark interest in readers perusing various willing forms of media. Not having much luck getting sources to print. Who would listen to me anyway? So I thought of sending it to you who could perhaps use it better. It's your words tied together by reasonings, and humor, for you to do with what you deem fit Would prefer to send to you by mail, can you give a box address?

J Leonetti said...

If voting could really change anything
It would have been made illegal

J Leonetti said...

Hey Eric,also wanted to show my appreciation
for the 200 proof video. I am 42 yrs old
and have been awake only since 7/2017.
Started doing my own research in to many
topics. But wasn't until seeing your YT video
that dots started connecting. I have been writing
notes and information on every topic/subject in the obviously questionable timeline we our presented. Probably have over 5,000 pages of only
relevant info. pertaining to the multitude of issues. I have turned into kind of an outcast amongst my community for speaking on topics at my son's sporting events. This life can be lonely depending on geographical location. Currently things seem to be ramping up at an astonishing rate. And you were right. The beautiful earth and plane that we live on is the mother of all deceptions and lies. Wasn't until I realized that every topic, issue,subjects are related/connected, that everything became Crystal clear in my mind.

Thank you, Jon