Friday, November 3, 2017

Who is Behind the Globe Lie?

When you wake up to flat Earth truth and realize the world has been completely brainwashed and lied to for hundreds of years about our true cosmology, the next most important question to investigate is WHO is responsible for so expertly deceiving the world? Almost no one else in the flat Earth community has dared tackle this important topic of blame, yet this should be the MOST talked about issue, as incorrectly placing responsibility or ignoring the culprits will only allow their control to continue. No surprise to those of us educated on such matters, the same people ultimately behind the globe lie are the same people who currently control 96% of the world's governments, banking and media. The following video and the following links here and here make the case for who needs to be blamed and exposed: (Note: This important video has been blocked worldwide by YouTube. If you try to upload this video now to YouTube you will not even be allowed to publish it privately. It has also now been banned by DTube, and the above mirrored copy on YouTube is the only one I could find left other than this one I've just uploaded to BitChute:


Unknown said...


I have no idea how to contact you but i would love to be able to talk to you about flat earth. I've watched many of your videos and find them fairly informative and i would like to know some more, advanced answers to some questions I have. Is this the best way to contact you or do you have some other form you would prefer?

Thanks for your time,
Henery (a fellow human looking for answers to life's questions)

Anonymous said...


Is there anyway you could contact Cliff High and arrange a discussion based on reality about the earth? He is well versed in cripto currencies, but painfully ignorant about the earth and could benefit from your well documented information. He is popular on YouTube and has a computer program called Webbot, that mines data.

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for the comments, O x O and Cliff High can contact me at Peace

Anonymous said...

I read on the internet about the direct route from sydney to santiago, which would take about 11 hours (this time would be inconsistent with the flat land map). Some people say this route would be fake, others say the route would be there and this time would be possible due to the high speed of the southern wind that increases airplane speed, an example in this video:

At 1:46 -

In the wind version, I do not really understand how pilots or other people can not realize that the airplane travels a greater distance, or the airplane systems and tracking systems are configured with the map of the sphere, and for this reason, those systems provide fake data (regarding the traveled distance) ?

This direct route from sydney to santiago, and several other similar routes in the southern area, are often cited by many as evidence against flat earth.

Eric, I'd like to know your opinion about this.

Eric Dubay said...

JewTube has just deleted my channel of nothing but educational, factual content for "hate speech." Please bare with me as I work on trying to get all my videos and info back up for everyone. Peace

Anonymous said...

Wow I'm so sorry about those bastards shutting down your channel. It's disgusting that such a small group of people have the ability to totally destroy free speech, considering Youtube is practically a monopoly at this point.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric! is a new better youtube analog

Kev said...

Hi Eric, I noticed you were deleted of jewtube earlier, not long after reposting your video exposing the Jewish elite scum bags for what they really are! (Coincidence?) Naaa..
Anyway you were the main reason I used You tube so i deleted the app as soon as i heard. Il be keeping a close eye on your website for more videos and information regarding flat earth. Keep getting the word out mate, your up there with the best! Peace

D4damage said...


Have you looked at alternative platformas like D.Tube, Bitchute and Minds?

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks guys, I've started a new channel on PewTube for my Jew/Hitler/Holohoax material and a new YouTube channel for everything else and will be loading them all back soon. There is also a MEGA download link below where people can download most of my videos for now until I get them back up:!Y642XZgY!RJk2Q5vZgcngsEKy9BLo8Q

Anonymous said...

Did you know that astronauts can rise from the dead? Remember the Challenger Explosion and dead astronauts? Well... it looks like they have risen from the dead:

Keanu said...

Dear Eric,

First off - great websites and information on flat earth and other conspiracy subjects. I consider them the number one source of all things conspiracy (and so far the only one who I don't think is controlled opposition).

You've posted a number of people who are verified controlled opposition such as Alex Jones and David Icke and many others.

But what about Santos Bonacci, Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion and Stefan Molyneux? I've seen a number of posts on your site regarding subjects not necessarily about flat earth, referencing the works and words of these people including David Icke.

Of these 4, only Santos speaks about flat earth. The others believe that flat earth is not true, seemed to avoid the subject or even state that flat earth is a psyop instead of globe earth being the true psyop. Even Santos blames the flat earth conspiracy entirely on the Jesuits and Vatican instead of you-know-what-organization.

For me, these are red/yellow flags that they are indeed controlled opposition. If so, wouldn't their materials be viewed with suspicion? I understand that at the time of posting, you may not have known that they are controlled opposition, or even if you do, almost all their materials - if not entirely true - are still reliable.

I'd like to hear your views on this.



Unknown said...

Is it possible the Sun is a solid sphere of gold or really any other conducting metal that when circling around the earth's magnetic field generates a tremendous amount of electricity, thus causing it to become super hot like molten metal and that's what gives us our light? The reaction is called "Faraday's Law", when a changing magnetic force is around a conductor, electricity is conducted in the conductor? I'm wondering now what is keeping the sun up, and if it's possible the sun is putting out a magnetic field as well due to the reaction and the fields touching each other is what's keeping it up. I don't know what's making it move though.