Thursday, April 25, 2019

Eric Dubay Banned From YouTube Twice

On December 12, 2017, YouTube shut down my entire channel of 7 years, 135,000 subscribers, and 28 million views after issuing me a single "hate speech" strike on a video posted years ago. All my videos contain educational, factual content, not "hate speech," but they deleted my channel for a single strike (even though you're supposed to be allowed 3 strikes) and even rejected my appeal to get my channel back. Now that I've started this new channel and re-uploaded everything, YouTube is continuing its campaign of covert character assassination by immediately mass disliking my new uploads the second I put them up. It is so blatant that there are often more dislikes than views! YouTube is also unsubscribing people repeatedly from my channel. To see proof of this please watch the following video and help spread the word about YouTube's draconian censorship tactics.

In December 2018, YouTube striked three random old videos for "hate-speech" and terminated my entire channel once again. This time the supposed offending videos were my Ball Earth Skeptic Interview from 3 years ago, my Once You Go Flat rap song from 2 years ago, and my Atlantean Conspiracy book promo video from nearly 7 years ago. All of these videos are still available on other channels and not being striked, but just yesterday were judged and deemed ban-worthy "hate-speech" on mine. I have now had 2 YouTube channels and 3 Facebook accounts terminated, as well as my IFERS forum and website hacked and deleted. I will always persevere and continue this important activism but I desperately need everyone to help me by sharing. I give everyone my permission to re-upload, cut, edit or otherwise use any/all of my material to help spread the good word, so please start your own channels, websites, social media groups, pages, and use word of mouth to keep this crucial conversation alive.  Please subscribe to my new back-up channels on YouTube, BitTube, BitChute, DTube, and Brighteon:



Anonymous said...

Hey I noticed that and I havent seen your Holohoax Video I thought they might have taken it down but I found a copy and Ima copy it to a CD so they it can be re uploaded elsewhere to spread the knowledge. Thank you for all the work you do I like the way you present yourself and your information and you were the First person to initiate my research into everything. I plan on becoming an activist and spreading knowledge in my community and changing my diet and such but again, Thank you and I hope your days run long and prosperous my dude peacee.

Unknown said...

That's fucking nuts man I mean unless it's extremely blatant child pornography or something, or video of someone getting nonconsensuallly abused, it's free speech. U2oob, Google, and all the rest should be forced listed as "public utilities" so that you have constitutional freedom of speech. The entire world envies America's first amendment.

Eric..... try eating raw beef brother. My friend at my local Vietnamese restaurant was super strict vegan, and he saw me eating raw meat there, and he freaked out a little bit and told me I would get sick, but when he saw me eating and saw me eating and he saw how my skin cleared up and how I felt better and had more energy etc..... just try it man! Vegetables are good at detoxifying your body but they cannot build your body up like meat can!!

Unknown said...

I am spreading your work far in wide! Loving the Truth here in New Zealand.
Love to meet you one day.


JR Research said...

You need to file a lawsuit.

Franklin E. Tompkins Sr. said...

How do we explain this?

Anonymous said...

Just keep on flooding the internet with your material, as you do.. Hehehehe..
Their own instruments will screw them up, in the end... So... Eric just keep on doing what you do, and everything will be fine!!

Greetzz ProtocolX™

palmi einarsson said...

Keep up your spirit, you know those who speak truth and followers of God will be prosecuted in all times and specially during the end times. Your work on this subject will be noted forever. Thank you and God bless.

Anonymous said...

Poor Chap !

Lutz Schnelle said...

Hi Eric

Dank Dir ist die Erde wieder flach. Eric Dubay kennen alle.

Aber Du hast auch etwas falsch gemacht. Die flache Erde wäre gut ohne jesuitische, freimaurerische und jüdische Verschwörung ausgekommen. Und Hitler, obwohl braun, ist ein rotes Tuch. Da stehen alle Kopf.
Die Politisierung des Themas hat dem Thema nicht genützt. Ich denke, das war der Sperrgrund.
Aber sei es drum.

Die politischen Gewohnheiten in den USA und Europa sind kompliziert. Wir hätten die Zombies auch mit der Wissenschaft fertig gemacht.

Kaiser Otto der Große mit Frau und der Weltscheibe in der Hand

Anonymous said...

Put your stuff on; it’s blockchain based and can never be taken down.