Thursday, August 8, 2019

Ahead of the Curve

By now, the majority of flat Earthers and millions of globe Earthers alike have seen the Netflix hit-piece mockumentary "Behind the Curve," starring many of the worst controlled opposition disinformation agents known in the community, intentionally making the subject of "flat Earth" seem as ridiculous as possible. The following high-definition, full-length movie "Ahead of the Curve," is what Netflix should have and would have produced had they made an honest documentary, featuring one of the leading genuine proponents of flat Earth: Del from Beyond the Imaginary Curve. Please get your popcorn ready and share this video with anyone who has seen "Behind the Curve," to let them know that legitimate, scientific, globe-skeptics are actually far "Ahead of the Curve."

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Anonymous said...

I thought I had seen everything u have done cos followed u for almost 5 yrs.
I have seen adolf hit..
But not this interview so thx Eric I’m. Glad I came onto here

Unknown said...

Hey Brother, namaste. I see you’ve had a few comments deleted off of here again. Anyway....A Moon question!?
On Nov 2nd, in Surprise, Arizona, I was enjoying a PTO day off work and a spliff in my driveway, I observed the daytime moon at about 40-50% visibility (luminosity) at 2:00pm at roughly 2:00o’clock overhead but seemingly very distant towards the Firmament. Kinda weird that it looked so far away but I’ve seen plenty of daytime moons and took it for a perspective anomaly but Alas, it gets weirder and so the story continues👁 Fast forward to Nov. 3rd during my first smoke break at exactly 8:10pm, I was about 12 miles DIRECTLY East of my house where I observed the Moon on the 2nd with no change in orientation. I observed the moon, at 40% luminosity in the same spot overhead and this time, it felt and looked the right distance away just as it was scheduled according to the phase calendar....again, this is at 8:10pm the next evening. Would you be so kind as to offer an explanation of how that’s possible for me? Thank you, Eric. One Love