Monday, March 16, 2020

CoronaVirus or New World Order?

With less people affected and dying than from the yearly seasonal flu, this "virus" is being hyped way out of proportion on purpose as they are now testing out quarantining entire huge cities like Shanghai and Wuhan, and the sheeple seem to be following suit as expected. This is being used as a vehicle to push/test draconian government measures that would never be rolled out otherwise. They are now also developing a vaccine which will likely be forced on people one way or another.

Here in Thailand 90% of people are wearing face-masks, there are temperature checks to get into department stores, tumbleweeds blowing through airports, and the most disturbing to me is the biggest bank in Thailand just closed all foreign exchange branches urging the public to stop using paper money claiming it is helping spread the virus and is pushing for everyone to use cashless currencies. This CV is serving better than fake alien invasion as far as rolling out the NWO plan. Successfully quarantining entire huge cities with dozens of millions of people like Shanghai and Wuhan without a hitch is scary. And the scariest thing is how sheepishly the people believe everything their lying governments and medias tell them.

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Unknown said...

Hi Eric,

Great information - Thank you. Have you come across Dr Wolfgang Wodarg's commentary on Covid-19? I think you will find it insightful.

Wolfgang's website is

Best from Australia


MaryMartha said...

"The chickens have come home to roost but they ain't my chickens!" I am vegan BTW! So happy to be the first to comment. Here goes. The current narratives I have run across are:
This is a test balloon. How well can they lock the world down? One more step toward control. Once more excuse for mandatory vaccinations laced with neurotoxins for the masses. Global (I use their term not mine) economic suffering. Problem reaction solution. They created it. (whatever "it" is or is not) The sheeple will panic. They will then provide the solution be it vaccines or fema camps. There is more to come. Buckle up buttercups!
There is no such thing as an actual "virus". (many scientists and medical doctors support this theory) A virus is an email of sorts of energetic information. A virus is not alive. All purported virus images are cgi's.
It is fear that is the vibration that causes the illness. All fear is in the mind. Fed to open mouths and weak minds from a black box on the wall. The Matrix of control. Rewatch vintage movie Fahrenheit 451.
This is a result of geo engineering and 5g effects on the human body and is a bio weapon. Long planned working exactly as planned.The population exposed to geo engineering and 5g is compromised and ripe for culling.
Some crowds say this is the destruction necessary to come into "The Golden Age" from the "Iron Age". Its just the end of the Kali Yuga. All is well. "No Worries Mate!" Do your shadow work we will be alright.
This is a reflection and by product of the sickness and darkness of a profoundly sick society.
Some say Trump is the antiestablishment savior. (or putin take your pick) This is to put the world back to the gold standard, round up the cabal and all the pedos.
Can't sum up the narrative on the medical testimony of Dr. Wodarg on the Covid panic. It is avail on He is german so be prepared for the subtitles. He's got some points. Compares all of this to the message in the fairy tale of the Emporer's New Clothes. He's got some of the pieces to the puzzle perhaps.
Tis everyone's 911. They are burning all of us not just 3,000+ folks and fake planes and buildings that have not been hit by fake planes. Most believe the official narrative coming from the black box on the wall outlets on this one. Even those who did not believe the narrative lies of 911 are now believing every word coming out of every mouthpiece of the news which is the government which is the military-industrial complex and the shadow government aka the new world order. These people believing the new lies run to 6 stores to find toilet paper.

MaryMartha said...

Oh and a couple of others I forgot.
We have been bad to momma earth. She is pissed and is sending us to our rooms to think about what we have done. That's just a summary.
Some people in Israel are ignoring all of the crazy train propaganda to celebrate Purim. No social distancing for them. Their narrative? God will protect us! They cry. No worries! Read the book of Esther. (It's in the Times of Israel if you don't believe me.) Drink up hold hands and dance you chosen people you! Exempt we are! They dress up their kids as Palestinian rock throwers.
(All this goes on while Americans who can't go to the bars to drink switch their flea attention span to the new multimillion-dollar contracts dished out to football players for the upcoming season that may never happen.)
Ovid of Covid means sheep or worker...or cattle? Just another narrative I read somewhere. Take your pick.
CV or NWO? Hmmmmmmm......

Draper67 said...

Hey Eric, another homerun video,thank you for your hard work,your one of the pioneers to show the truth about Flat Earth, without you and a few others we wouldn't know half of what's going on in this evil world, I just want the sheep to wake up, not knocking sheep because we all were at one time, but there has never been a better time then now to wake up, this C.V. is another attempt to knock off President Trump, and they will kill anyone they stands in the way or just a normal person, keep your head up and feet on the ground, tks, Jeff, Lexington Kentucky United States

Slavica said...

just found this article and the video (link below)

If Goldberg had a real White House source, and we believe he did, then the horrific things he warns of in his tedious but excusable monotone, things VT has confirmations of, explains what really began at 9/11 and why Israel has trained so many of our police, why they control all social media and press, why they control the DHS and why our own military is now an occupation army that, we learned yesterday, just created 200,000 fake people to gather the data Goldberg warns of.
Goldberg says that his White House sources say that Trump is working with Zionists to round up millions of Americans after a staged power blackout. All rounded up by DHS/ICE, all typically white and suburban, will be murdered.
Goldberg says that new alternative media organizations, particularly the ones exposing Israel and Zionism, those with the best work, highest standards, are run by Israel to tag activists for assassination.
We know they don’t run VT though we can’t promise we aren’t tracked. Goldberg, before he was murdered, says Israel plans to murder 15 million Americans using disease, accidents and eventually, as America becomes more “Trumpish,” simply outright murder.
Stage one is a new strain of influenza being developed at the Lugar Lab in Tbilisi..."
also these 3 :
Take care,
I do not have google account but this is my email

Unknown said...

I have been saying this since they started closing local businesses here in Dallas, TX. It's hurting a lot of people and you are seeing governments all around the world abusing their power. I work at a restaurant and we have been hit hard by the panic; caused by of course the media and government. Massive stimulus and inflation incoming as the Fed will be printing like crazy. Also, I bet my money on a vaccine being pushed very hard, they will want to force it and shame anyone that doesn't take it.