Sunday, June 15, 2008

China Earthquake Caused by HAARP?

Please watch this video and pass it on to everyone you can. Finally we have hard evidence that America is indeed using HAARP technology to cause Earthquakes and many other weather anomalies:

When HAARP is used on an area, as it's waves/vibrations are cast down from the ionosphere, it creates an unnatural "Aurora Borealis" effect of changing rainbow colors in the sky. In the video above, you will see home video from Sichuan China starting 30 minutes before the 7.9 Ricter quake of these amazing lights in the sky. They even comment in Chinese how beautiful and strange the lights are. They do not experience natural Aurora Borealis in Sichuan - especially not minutes before giant Earthquakes. It seems clear to me that this is no coincidence. This is HAARP.

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Anonymous said...

Hard to say about the strange electrical activity found in connection with seismic activity.
Granite in particular, due to its high quartz content, can release huge amounts of piezo-electricity.

Underlaying rock influences what sort of secondary displays may occur in concert with earth quakes. Eldritch glows, ball lightening, insect/animal behavior disturbances, sheet lightening and surface to sky lightening have been witnessed

Tom DancingCrow evil mouse

Anonymous said...

Evidence of the HAARP Super Weapon Ionosphering Heating Causing
Tropical Storm Winds and Earthquakes

Original link:

This is a strong example of the highly-classified HAARP
(High Altitude Atmospheric Research Project) Facility in Alaska,
a facility that can heat the earth's Ionosphere, with over 1
billion watts of energy ! A noted geologist with an 100% rate
of oil-field finding success (population size >100)only used 30
watts to peer through solid-rock with a ground penetrating
radar, so imagine the potential devastation of 1,000,000,000
watts! The geologist states this for the record in the linked
video below.
The. meteorologist suggests preposterously that these high
winds were caused by a MAGNETAR 100's of millions of light-years
from earth, when in fact this is an obvious example of the work
of the HAARP super weapon that can control weather, cause
earthquakes, control minds, and cause nuclear size explosions
without radiation!
In the linked YouTube video below, take a look at the auroral borealis
like effects the super-heating HAARP has on the sky one hour
before the quakes in China occur!

BTW, trash most of that new age crap you’ve heard! The God on

earth who preformed to glorify His Father, the creator of
everything in front of thousands of witnesses said, “I am the
way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but through
Me.” [Jesus Christ].

Anonymous said...

Jesus said in Matthew 24 that in the end times that ther would be wars rumours of wars and earthquakes in different places..
Have you ever wondered of all the disasters that he could of said he noted earthquakes...Hurry up Lord Jesus Christ come back befor they destroy us all