Monday, June 16, 2008

Texe Marrs' Codex Magica

I've received lots of emails from people who absolutely cannot believe that most all of their favorite celebrities are Masons/Eastern Star secret society members. They tell me I've read too much into the hand signs and that it is all just coincidence..

To these folks who have read my 90-page book and spun their heads around in disbelief, I highly recommend another picture book of Masonic hand signs for you to read. Here is Texe Marrs' 600-page book "Codex Magica" to read online FREE (you can also "save a PDF copy" from this link)

Codex Magica Texe Marrs

Alex Jones says of "Codex Magica" that, "This is the most powerful book Texe has ever written. Codex Magica is the definitive volume documenting the occult empire running our planet today. This is his masterpiece."


Anonymous said...

Please read this book and wake up. This is a very good book.

Anonymous said...

your Masonic hand signs are nothing of the sort. GW Bush is not a mason nor is Clinton.. you sir eric duby are THY FOOL Among FOOlS..Maybe you should spend more time in lala land. next you will be calling the LIONS CLUB satanic and part of some new world order what about ROTERY INTERNATIONAL ohhhhhhh they are part of the new world order too and the knights of columbus and what about wica dont they all do wicca too ... oh and OBAMA knows all about UFOS and they are coming to get you....

keinver said...

lucifer ruling big time!but the end is coming fast to him and to all the ones who follow him and his lies.all the thins my lord said and left on the holy book kjv is happening already, the time is near..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Bush (and John kerry) has openly admitted they are part of a Secret Society (Skull and Bones). These secret societies work together and there a more than a couple. Its sad nobody is aware of this FACT. Search it on youtube and see for yourself. Bush Skull and bones interview.. it was on live TV.. still goes past all the sheeple lol