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The Great Pyramid Mystery

Today there are hundreds of pyramids still standing all over the world from India to Peru. Cultures separated by the Atlantic, who supposedly never discovered each other’s existence, built these giant triangular structures, aligned them to cardinal directions, encoded within them sacred geometry/math, and used them as a sepulture.

“As Keel says in Disneyland of the Gods: We know that pyramid building was once a universal practice throughout the world. Over six thousand years ago unknown peoples were assembling great pyramids in Mexico. Gigantic man-made mounds were constructed in China, Great Britain, North America, and on remote Pacific islands while the Egyptians were still living in mud huts along the Nile. During World War II pilots flying ‘the hump’ reported seeing one or more massive pyramids standing silently in isolated Himalaya valleys. Of the ubiquitousness and similarity of pyramids, David Hatcher Childress states: Mayan pyramids are found from Central America to as far away as the Indonesian island of Java. The pyramid of Sukuh, on the slopes of Mount Lawu near Surakarta in central Java is an amazing temple with stone stelae and a step pyramid that would match any in the jungles of Central America. The pyramid is in fact virtually identical to the pyramids found at the ancient Mayan site at Uaxactun, near Tikal. In speaking of the global civilization, Keel elucidates the weaknesses of the current archaeological paradigm: All these things seem to be interrelated, as if they were once part of some great civilization—a common culture that spread throughout the world and then died …We have a reasonably complete history of the past two thousand years, and a half-baked archaeological reconstruction of the past five thousand years. But there are so many gaps in our knowledge that most the popular archaeological theories really have very little merit. Indeed, we can’t even be sure that the Egyptians built the Great Pyramid … In fact, the Great Pyramid is admittedly much more ancient than the Egyptians of history, as Hotema relates: When the most ancient Egyptians first saw the mysterious Sphinx and the great Pyramid of Gizeh, only their tops projected above the wind-blown sand of the desert. They knew no more about the purpose of these structures, their builders, or when they were built, than we do” -Acharya S., “The Christ Conspiracy” (279)

The Great Pyramids at Giza, even by today’s standards, are absolute miracles in architecture, masonry / construction, mathematics, and astronomy. The dimensions of the pyramids are extremely accurate and the site was leveled to within a fraction of an inch over the entire base. This is comparable to the accuracy possible with modern construction/surveying methods and laser leveling.

“Beneath the now-removed outer layer, the Pyramid’s construction consists of approximately 2,500,000 dressed stones, mostly yellow limestone, but with harder granite for certain interior features. The total mass of the Great Pyramid is estimated at around 90 million cubic feet, which would weigh between 6-7 million tons. To put this into proper perspective, the highest cathedral nave in Europe would fit three times into its height, and its mass exceeds that of all the cathedrals, churches and chapels built in England since the beginning of Christianity! The Great Pyramid is often cited as the largest building on Earth, with twice the volume and thirty times the mass of New York’s famous Empire State Building. The Pyramid rests on an artificially leveled platform, which is less than 22 inches thick, yet is still almost perfectly level, with errors of less than an inch across its entire area, despite supporting such an enormous weight for thousands of years. The base of the Pyramid is set out perfectly square - no mean feat of engineering in itself.” -Alan F. Alford, “Gods of the New Millennium – The Shattering Truth of Human Origins” (41)

Up until the last millennium the pyramids were covered completely with smooth polished limestone casing blocks. In other words, the pyramids were not an irregular looking series of steps with a missing capstone like they are now. They were covered with 115,000 10-ton casing sheets of polished limestone fitted so perfectly that a razor’s edge couldn’t get between casings, less than 1/50th of an inch. The Egyptians wrote how it reflected the sun like a mirror on all sides. Today there are still a few polished casings leftover at the base of one side.

“Our first example of twentieth century engineering in the Giza pyramids is the six sided limestone casing blocks, which were polished and precision, carved to fit perfectly with each other and the core stones, with joints measuring less than one fiftieth of an inch. As if this was not incredible enough, all of these stones were found to be joined together with an extremely fine but strong cement, which had been applied evenly on semi-vertical faces across a surface expanse covering 21 acres on the Great pyramid alone! … The second example is the internal passages of the Great Pyramid. These passages have been measured countless times and found to be perfectly straight, with a deviation, in the case of the Descending Passage, of less than one fiftieth of an inch along its masonry part. Over a length of 150 feet that is incredible. If one includes the further 200 feet of passage bored through the solid rock, the error is less than one quarter of an inch. Now this is engineering of the highest precision, comparable with twentieth century technology, but supposedly achieved 4,500 years ago: Our third example is the machining of granite within the pyramids. One of the first archaeologists to carry out a thorough survey of the Pyramid was Petrie, who was particularly struck by the granite coffer in the King’s Chamber. The precision with which the coffer had been carved out of a single block of extremely hard granite struck him as quite remarkable. Petrie estimated that diamond-tipped drills would need to have been applied with a pressure of two tons, in order to hollow out the granite box. It was not a serious suggestion as to the method actually used. but simply his way of expressing the impossibility of creating that artifact using nineteenth century technology. It is still a difficult challenge, even with twentieth century technology. And yet we are supposed to believe that Khufu achieved this at a time when the Egyptians possessed only the most basic copper hand tools.” -Alan F. Alford, “Gods of the New Millennium – The Shattering Truth of Human Origins”

Under the pyramids are large tunnels hundreds of meters deep drilled into limestone bedrock with almost perfect 90 degree angles. This kind of drilling technology has only existed (in our current paradigm) for under a century, so how were they drilling, chiseling and lifting all these megalithic structures? In a famous meeting with a panel of Egyptologists, author of “Giza Power Plant” Christopher Dunn brought a slab of granite, a hammer and a copper chisel and asked for a demonstration of how Egyptians were supposed to have chiseled out thousand-ton granite obelisks using simple hand tools. After a few whacks at it, the copper chisel had a deep indent and not a chip of granite was displaced.

“Chris Dunn found that many artifacts bore the same marks as conventional twentieth century machining methods - sawing, lathe and milling practices. He was particularly interested, however, in the evidence of a modern processing technique known as trepanning. This process is used to excavate a hollow in a block of hard stone by first drilling, and then breaking out, the remaining “core” Petrie had studied both the hollows and the cores, and been astonished to find spiral grooves on the core which indicated a drill feed rate of 0.100 inch per revolution of the drill. This initially seemed to be impossible. In 1983, Dunn had ascertained that industrial diamond drills could cut granite with a drill rotation speed of 900 revolutions per minute and a feed rate of 0.0002 inch per revolution. What these technicalities actually mean is that the ancient Egyptians were cutting their granite with a feed rate 500 times greater than 1983 technology!” -Alan F. Alford, “Gods of the New Millennium – The Shattering Truth of Human Origins” (44)

“On the granite core the spiral of the cut sinks 1 inch in the circumference of 6 inches, a rate of ploughing out which is astonishing … These rapid spiral grooves cannot be ascribed to anything but the descent of the drill into the granite under enormous pressure.” -W.M. Flinders Petrie, “The Pyramids and Temples at Gizeh”

“Wasn’t it peculiar that at the supposed dawn of human civilization, more than 4500 years ago, the ancient Egyptians had acquired what sounded like industrial-age drills packing a ton or more of punch and capable of slicking through hard stones like hot knives through butter?” -Graham Hancock, “Fingerprints of the Gods”

“In the first and second pyramids at Giza there are granite portcullises in the lower passages which still baffle experts today. Firstly their complex designs suggest a use much more advanced than deterring robbers (the Egyptologist explanation). It would take about 50 men to lift the portcullis slabs into place, yet the narrow corridors they’re positioned into could have only been occupied by a few men at a time.” -W.M. Flinders Petrie, “The Pyramids and Temples at Gizeh,” (36)

The pyramids also encode high mathematics supposedly unknown to the simple ancient Egyptians. To begin with the pyramids are located precisely on the 30th degree latitude and aligned to within 3 arc minutes of true north. These are beyond coincidence so it can be assumed that they could very accurately measure both latitude and longitude. The ratio of the great pyramid’s height to its base perimeter is exactly Pi (3.14). The “Kings Chamber” and other rooms are perfect “golden rectangles” expressing the mystical number Phi 1.618. The ratio between successive numbers in the Fibonacci sequence increasingly approach Phi as you go on from 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34… the resulting graph is known as the fractal “golden spiral” and looks like a conch shell. Establishment Egyptologists say these mathematical considerations are all coincidence maintaining that ancient Egyptians didn’t possess these concepts. But the reality is, the ancient Egyptians did possess higher math and they purposely encoded it into their construction.

“Some routine mathematical games were built into the dimensions of the sarcophagus. For example, it had an internal volume of 1166.4 liters and an external volume of exactly twice that, 2332.8 liters. Such a precise coincidence could not have been arrived at accidentally: the walls of the coffer had been cut to machine-age tolerances by craftsmen of enormous skill and experience.” -Graham Hancock, “Fingerprints of the Gods”

In the Kings Chamber the floor diagonal is precisely twice the room’s height. W.M. Flinders Petrie says they managed to place the Kings Chamber perfectly “where the vertical section of the Pyramid was halved, where the area of the horizontal section was half that of the base, where the diagonal from corner to corner was equal to the length of the base, and where the width of the face was equal to half the diagonal of the base.” Do you suppose these mathematics were accidental?

Egyptologists say that the Giza pyramids were built for three pharaohs over the course of a hundred years. There are over 2.5 million stones, so if you built 24 hours a day for 100 years that means fitting one (average 3.5 ton) stone into place every 8.5 minutes. Using current technology, multiple cranes and work crews, we still couldn’t make that kind of time, nor could we match the craftsmanship.

Six million tons of stone, underground tunnels, chambers, corridors, 45/90 degree shafts, pi and phi ratios, golden rectangles and other mathematical inclusions, perfect cardinal alignments, right-angles, astrological considerations and flawless masonry. How did ancient man the whole world over build these huge magnificent pyramids? They stacked stones so heavy, many of which cannot be lifted into place with the technology and machinery available today. They quarried these stones from miles away and fitted them together so seamlessly that you can’t fit a blade between them.

Also in Egypt tens of thousands of diorite bowls have been found with hieroglyphs engraved. Diorite is one of the hardest stones on the planet, harder than iron, yet intricate inscriptions have been made, not through the use of chisels or scraping but some unknown ancient technology. Whatever it was, was capable of etching lines 1/150th of an inch wide, often in sets of parallel lines separated by a mere 1/30th of an inch. The same kind of workmanship has been found in vases, urns, and other pottery unearthed at the Pyramid of Zoser. Graham Hancock says: “There was no technology known to have been available to the Ancient Egyptians capable of achieving such results. Nor, for that matter, would any stone-carver today be able to match them, even if he were working with the best tungsten-carbide tools. The implication, therefore, is that an unknown or secret technology had been put to use in Ancient Egypt.”

The Sphinx, which Egyptologists say is less than 5,000 years old, is actually at least 10,000 years old based on its weathering alone. Geologists confirm that it has been eroded by massive amounts of water which hasn’t been present in the Sahara for about 10,000 years. Egyptologists claim this weathering is just wind/sand erosion, but Geologists like Robert Schoch find that hard to swallow. “In October 1991, Dr Robert Schoch, a geologist at Boston University, presented detailed evidence that the Sphinx was thousands of years older than the commonly accepted date of 2500 BC.-’ His conclusion was based on the weathering profile of the limestone rock, out of which the Sphinx had been carved. Visitors to the Sphinx today can clearly see the vertical weathering profile in the limestone trench surrounding the Sphinx. This erosion, according to the science of geology, could only be the result of prolonged rainfall, in contrast to the dry weather experienced in Egypt since 2500 BC. Based on the climatic evidence, Schoch estimated that the Sphinx had to be between 9,000 and 12,000 years old, when the climate in Egypt was much wetter.” -Alan F. Alford, “Gods of the New Millennium – The Shattering Truth of Human Origins” (93-4)

“In fact, although Egypt is often given the honor of being the originator of much human culture, the Egyptians themselves recorded that they were the inheritors of a great civilization that came from elsewhere. Indeed, the Egyptian culture seemingly appeared out of nowhere at a high level of development, as did the Sumero-Mesopotamian and South American. This fact is explainable if the civilizers were advanced groups coming from elsewhere, from lands that had been destroyed by climatic change, war or other Cataclysm.” -Acharya S., “The Christ Conspiracy” (280)

Tlahchiualtepetl, the “man-made mountain” in Mexico is a ziggurat three times the size of the great pyramid. The base length of the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacán is almost identical in length to the base of the Great Pyramid at Giza. Where are those odds? Teotihuacán means “the place where men become Gods.” They claim their pyramids and temples were instruments for transforming the soul after death, exactly as the Egyptians did. This theme is all over the ancient world. Ancient Tibetans, the Egyptians and native Americans all had complex systems, multi-stage challenges for recently deceased souls to overcome in the afterlife. Specific stages of the different cultures afterlife journeys even match-up. The Mayans and the Egyptians both believed in stellar rebirth where Kings, Pharaohs, and Heroes die and are reborn as stars.

“Archaeologists all over the world have realized that much of prehistory as written in the existing textbooks, is inadequate, some of it quite simply wrong…It has been suggested…that the changes now at work in prehistory herald the shift to a ‘new paradigm,’…made necessary by the collapse of the first paradigm.” -Colin Renfrew, “Before Civilization”

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Ta-Wan said...

I have no problem accepting the incredible superiority of our past ancestors - but as I re-read this info, I just wonder, over and over, "how can anyone question it at all? even just one bit!"

Unknown said...


I am so damn impressed and this article has urged me to know more details about pyramids. Their facts and a more detailed study.

So, can anyone please send an email or probably a detailed info with pictures , so that I can get a more detailed information on Pyramids : their facts and relevance .

My email address is

koz said...

Nice article chap,
Have a look at my new web blog - first entry please.
The truth it out there....


Anonymous said...

Masons steal all the symbols that lead back to year 0, and before that. It is because they believe that they are complying with clean after the Templars. The first pyramids were made by the Olmec people, and later Maya Indians. Freemasons have probably a time calendar that Maya people had. But this calendar was independent of the old story in mesoamerica.

In my blog seen rituals in the so-called Swedish grade system. If you get translate everything on the page that has been long. ;)

Anonymous said...

Arwil Smith 1/17/11 All of this has a single common denominator, and that is the giants, or Annunakis. We can trace this back through the ancient Sumerian clay text; the oldest writings there is.

Anonymous said...

"The base length of the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacán is identical in length to the base of the Great Pyramid at Giza."

Great Pyramid = 230.4m, Pyramid of the Sun = 223.5m. That's a 4% difference, not "identical" in my opinion. Do your reasearch properly.

Eric Dubay said...

I've changed the sentence to say "almost identical." I would say thanks for that, but your snide remark about my "proper research" just makes me want to mention your improper spelling instead. Peace

timr said...

has anyone noticed the connection between the biblical patriarch enoch,who lived 365 yrs (same as the # of days in a solar year, and the solar #'s in the mathematics of the great pyramid. Not to mention,when you look @ the encampment of the ancient israelites the "lion of JUDA" faces due east,just like the Great Shpinx,and the temple/levites are in the center. 4 tribes match the cherubim/n,s,e,w-lion-e/man-s/eagle-n/bull-w.tha Great Pyramid is set like a compass maping out the four points.

Anonymous said...

After watching this ELECTRIFYING video, I see the interesting correlation that the Pyr-amids (Pyr=Fire=Energy) resting atop the Mother Earth--LOOK LIKE computer compenents on the Mother-Board.

:) !!!

Anonymous said...

If the ancient Egyptians' less advanced math and COPPER tools can't cut it...then it must be those ETs again who must have built the pyramids. Call them ETs, Elohim, Enki & Enlil, SUN gods...

Just for fun, take you on a wild ride:

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your writing and website. Isn't there a more believable explanation for this ancient knowledge that this isn't the first time civilization on this planet has evolved to this point and beyond? And, it's man's nature that too much power concentrated in too few hands ultimately leads to the destruction of civilization.

Eric Dubay said...

Isn't there a more believable explanation for this ancient knowledge that this isn't the first time civilization on this planet has evolved to this point and beyond?

Exactly. We are not the pinnacle of human evolution. Human consciousness cycles through golden ages (Satya Yuga) down to iron ages like the current Kali Yuga. I think it's funny when people say, "modern man can't build those pyramids, therefore aliens exist!" How about "modern man can't build those pyramids, therefore ancient civilizations in many ways were more advanced than us." Besides as I've said ad nauseum, there is a long-term propaganda campaign going on to make people believe in aliens:

Alien Hoax Invasion Planned - Bill Cooper

Rebecca said...

Do you think the true history of the pyramids is one of the many secrets kept by Masons and some secret societies Eric, and thats why they feature them so prominantly in film and music etc, or do you think they don't know either??

Eric Dubay said...

Not sure Rebecca, but I've wondered that myself. They are the "Stone Masons" ...

S. Zuma said...

Thanks Eric once again your articles always enlighten me and encourage discovery of so much of which is covered up in this false paradigm we live in.

I have always been fascinated with the ancient wonder that are the pyramids, but they have not only been found on Earth, also on the Moon and Mars, so what's going on huh???

Some researchers suggest there were two highly advanced civilisations; Le(MU)ria in the east and Atlantis in the west, that appeared on Earth more than 24 thousand years ago and were somehow destroyed by an unknown cataclysm dating back 12 thousand yrs. This correlates with the biblical floods and the story of Noah and is also portrayed in the Vedas, the Cuneiforms at Gilgamesh and ancient Mayan writings and artefacts.

These two races went on to colonise Earth which explains the startling similarities between all these structures.

The story we are told by 'Egyptologists' is that ancient Egyptians somehow possessed advanced knowledge of Pi, Phi and the Fibonacci Sequence and extraordinary capabilities of transportation which is utter bunkum as they were living in mud huts at the time. They were just as perplexed upon this consternation as we were when we encountered it!

The only speculation is that there may have been a highly advanced race that lived on Earth and other planets in our solar system, not 'aliens' as such as that i agree is a falsehood they are trying to push a la Zechariah Sitchin and his ET origins of man concept.
Rather an ancient angelic race of beings that are spiritually connected to us yet far more advanced both intellectually and technologically. They also had access to time travel as is evident by the discovery of stargates on Earth.

But something went horribly wrong for them and their civilisations were brought to ZERO in a day.

We just don't know what caused them to fail, we can only speculate, but a lot of this amazing knowledge and power is kept hidden from the public by the Masonic institutions that govern us.

Maybe their lust for power and pride was their downfall, as this seems to be a pattern that befalls every empire that's ever existed. And the further back we go the more advanced we are, making our current timespan seem like the stone-age!

Oh and Eric the reason why i don't have a blog is that i prefer to remain off grid and just contribute ideas along the way. I used to have my own YT channel and webpage for my songs and encountered many awakened souls, also enemies that tried to smear me and my concepts.


Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for that Zuma. I agree with all your points except I'm very skeptical of this one:

Pyramids have not only been found on Earth, also on the Moon and Mars

You and I have never seen the Moon or Mars, all we have are images from NASA, the same Masonic magicians trying to fool us with their hoax "alien" invasion. Richard Hoagland and the other NASA tools supposedly "exposing" the pyramids on the Moon/Mars are the ones propagating this deception. NASA has been caught with fake "moon" rocks, astro-nots on wires, adding red tint to the "mars" (Australia) footage, faking shots of Earth from low-orbit, and much, much more:

The Moon Landing Hoax

How and why NASA still has a shred of credibility in people's minds baffles me.

Anonymous said...


"You and I have never seen the Moon or Mars"

Precisely, so how do you know there AREN'T pyramids on the moon & mars?

I'm not saying there is or isn't, but until you can see & verify firsthand for yourself, don't close yourself to it one way or another. Until then, its just heresay :)

We all have seen that the masons-illuminaughti like to fool us flaunting the truth BLATANTLY in front, but overshadowing the truth with their LIE--which keeps us from knowing the true POWER of that truth. The power is there.

Shoot, if I was evil-selfish-greedy minded, I can probably rule the world too. People can be quite gullible and malleable, I found, but I choose not to manipulate them. So if I was such an evil-hearted person, and if I found some great power that would certainly benefit ME, and IF this power was available to anyone who knows about it because I can't conceal it PHYSICALLY, then I imagine I would conceal it MENTALLY--that is by telling others if they they see this power, its BAD, its EVIL, its FORBIDDEN--DON'T TOUCH IT (because it belongs to me, you see).

Because this world would be all about ME :) Luckily, I only peruse these idears, and not carry them out.

So what I'm trying to say is, there are powers of the universe that the dark forces know about and can't hide physically because anyone can see it or have seen it (and not understand it), so they work their lies into the framework throughout the ages so the generic commoners can't access the universal powers.

And for example, if there were humans/humanoids living in other planets & galaxies that have amazing powers, and have shown their presence on Earth time immemorium, the dark forces cover that up MENTALLY thru their Project Blue-Beam to show these BAD BAD "aliens" coming down, (throw in a few Hollywood predator alien HORROR sci-fi movies for more brainwashing) and the commoners need to be saved, and the dark forces will provide a solution...blah blah blah. THAT is the ad nauseum!

hmmm. what would it be like for a girl to rule the world ;) lol!

Eric Dubay said...

Precisely, so how do you know there AREN'T pyramids on the moon & mars?

How do I know there aren't volcanos that spew bubble gum on the moon and mars? How do I know there aren't upside-down trees, or an infinite other number of things on the moon and mars? Your counter-argument is a logical fallacy, but I understand the point about keeping an open mind.

The only thing we know about the moon and mars is that they are circles in the sky; everything beyond that comes from NASA (the biggest masonic propaganda machine and least credible organization in history).

The Masonic Moon Landing Hoax

Fake "Moon" Rocks Given to Museum

Astronauts on Wires

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon

Mars Faker

They filmed in Arizona and called it the moon, they filmed in Australia and called it mars, then they show us some photoshop aerials and claim we're looking at authentic pictures of off-world (therefore "alien") pyramids. As I keep saying, they are using "Hitler's big lie" technique and building this "insatiable mystery" as Weishaupt called it, so that people cling to thinking there must be some truth to it. Aliens must exist! Or FOX's X-Files motto, "I WANT TO BELIEVE!"

Eric Dubay said...

Also please see:

The Masonic Truth Behind Aliens/UFOs

S. Zuma said...

Hi Eric thanks for your dialogue. Yes i am aware of how NASA is a Masonic institution and how it has photo shopped a lot of photographic material it has released to the public in declassified files; only for researchers to use new technology to uncover what may or may not be there!

I am not sure about Richard Hoagland, may be he is a dis info agent, may be not! I am sure you are aware of how these people operate, and that's to hide the truth -


As for the moon landings, i am aware that there has been much false material released to the West to suggest that we got there before the Russians did as at that time there was this 'race to the moon' panic propaganda campaign. But did they not eventually go there and find these structures and ever since have tried to conceal them. Who knows????


Even you must agree and i'm sure you do.

As for this staged 'alien invasion', yes i too am aware of Project Bluebeam and even Ronnie Rayguns back in the 80s made that speech about

'what if there was an outside threat, an alien force that sought to do us harm. We would all forget our differences and unite . . . . . .'

'Under a world govt. a NEW WORLD ORDER!'. Is how he meant to finish it, and the donuts that came after him just added the last bit. as HW Bush snr did in 1991. So yes its plausible they are trying to convince us of 'aliens' coming to attack us and the NWO is the only way we can all be united under one banner to counter them!

But i am inclined to think they are here already as there is much first hand evidence from Phil Schneider who actually worked at constructing these underground tunnels in Dulce Base around New Mexico and Nevada. He even went out on many tours giving testimony to actually encountering them in a fire fight. Yrs later he mysteriously gets cancer and dies. Co incidence, maybe, may be not!

Also independent broadcaster and author ex Navy Special Ops William Cooper tells of first hand encounters with UFOs in his Behold A Pale Horse book, although he denies any knowledge of 'aliens' and believes rather the govt are using advanced tech against us. He was later gunned down by the CIA in a stand off refusing to respond to trumped up charges.

You see, we can only give our own dissertation on what they present to us and not become too polarized. May be what you say is true and there is like i said a good argument for it. But what if you're not?

WE MUST NOT THROW THE BABY OUT WITH THE BATH WATER! So to speak. There are truths and lies in EVERYTHING that's presented and only wisdom can separate them, but wisdom cannot be earned by scoring points with an audience or forum. It has to be acquired through time and patience, trial and error and ultimately humility and grace and surrendering to the big picture, and that's where i try and take the torch of knowledge.

May be everything i know is false? I'm inclined to think NOT, but if i am wrong about some things i would rather discover them for myself, rather than have it thrust upon me, and in no way am i saying you are because i have taken your points on board and will research this further because knowledge is power!

Peace. Shukulas.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff Eric, your research is impressive. It is very sad and interesting that there is the strong possibility that humans have been de-evolving throughout this reality. Sometimes i think about it so much, i loose all credibility to the endless amounts of human history coverups/time manipulation. I remember that divine truth is very difficult to come by. Every time i remember this, i remember that the only method of remaining sain is to stay curious, stay healthy, stay eternally motivated, and stay positive. I remember that fear must be thrown away to truly live life and just about every one of your public researches have helped me to do so... If you want an interesting topic for yourself and your site, research about the processing's of water and the health benefits of natural water with all of its components(active hydrogen, aquaporins); it is insanely interesting. In parts of Asia, water ionizers are becoming common which is also a good research starting point if your curious. Peace and love-AG

Eric Dubay said...

Great comments guys, thanks for the interesting perspectives! Perhaps more important than trying to discern an absolute answer to these questions is networking, sharing information, and building the kind of "conspiracy community" we have here so that we can grow and expand our understandings together. Peace

Anonymous said...

First, let me say Where does one begin to the ERASE the lines that have been

separating the big picture? To fall into a set paradigm or dogma is what

happens, for example, in religion--which has been twisted by the dark forces

to separate the peoples. The lines delineate where the powers that be can

box you in. Then its Divide & Conquer, one box at a time--or better yet,

instigate something to make one box fight the other boxes!

Second, with all the compelling facts about the Giza pyr-amid, you presented

Eric, and the general known fact that Russia has been to the moon, and just

recently China has been to the moon, and as one commentator said, U.S. has

later gone to the moon after the first faking--THEN if we, in this current

era, are the devolved beings, and the beings that built the fantastic pyr-

amids are much much much more technologically advanced, then don't you think

those advanced beings could devise some way to visit the moon?
There's fallacy in your logic; or rather there's logic in your fallacy.

Your blog is one I visit daily for a little over a year, and you are one of

the most astute researchers out there--it's good to see from all sides as

you are doing, because once you get more pieces to the big picture, the

lines will erase to reveal the BIG picture. Just don't erase one side of the

divider only to close off another.

Third, artists have such wild imagination...or does art imitate life?
BEFORE NASA and Adobe Photoshop (I can photoshop better than NASA, lol):
at 2:28 is what???

p.s. What is another word for a being from another country--alien--they

still look human. What is another word for a being from another planet--

alien, or ET--they STILL could look human--or variations of.

Anonymous said...

...Or rather, humans look like ETs...

Anonymous said...

TEST FLIGHT of an Ancient Mayan "Space Vehicle" Reverse Engineered:

Anonymous said...

Mexican Alien DNA Confounds Researchers:

Anonymous said...

UPDATE on the Starchild Skull--first thought the Starchild mitochondrial DNA was from a human mother, but the latest update this year is its MITOCHONDRIAL DNA is not known to be comparable to any human species of this world.

Dr. Bryan Sykes explains that Europeans of today are descended from the seven mitochondrial haplogroups--of the Seven Daughters who share a common maternal ancestor--Eve. There are 29 additional "mothers" worldwide, and 9 for the Japanese.

Anonymous said...

Conehead DNA Testing--to be determined any time now (NOTE: no amount of trepanning (purposely deforming infant skulls to elongate them) is going to create THIS MUCH additional volume:

Anonymous said...

How about "modern man can't build those pyramids, therefore ancient civilizations in many ways were more advanced than us.

I believe those who built all those pyramids were not the human species as we are. They were the generation of humans before us.

It's true that we haven't reached (or haven't been passed to) the technological development the ancient the builders of those pyramids had reached then.

But it is not and have never been about the technology. It is about the spirituality a being can achieve. In that sense we are much better than those generations of humans who lived before us. And it is not because of the evolution, but the Creator.

Both of us and them have been given a choice to live one way OR the other. We already know that most of the previous generation of men have failed the test by seeking lust, power etc. From what happened in our history full of wars and genocies which continue to this day and getting worse day by day, one can easily conclude that we are also taking the same route which the ones before us took and failed.

But the test is not one for the whole generation of people, rather there is a test for every individual born. That means every one of us is accountable for the things we choose to do or not to do. Stop being a slave to anyone and live your live as just as possible no matter what happens to you. You are the only one who determines what your after life will be. As you have been given a Choice which even angels are not given.

Stay true to yourself! Peace.

Anonymous said...

Lloyd Pye informed me of this 75,000yr structure predating even the Giza Pyramid~known as Adam's Calendar in Africa:

Anonymous said...

DEAD MEN Tell Tall Tales:

Michael Paul said...

Ive just written a book ad Im trying to get it published about this very subject, The Pyramids of Giza are amazing structures.
Im releasing parts of my book, caled The Truth, on here,

Anonymous said...

Might I just say that in reference to the obilesk problem they did not use copper chissles, they would use hard roacks carved into cirlces. The Egyptians would then find a natural fracture in the rock and start a fire over it. This in turn would further crack the rock and after about a half hour they could be up to two feet down into the rock.

Anonymous said...

Well, reading Miles Mathis leads me to recant. Instead of a magnetic cloud, we have an LT (light terminus) starbit which is matter compressed to its ultimate. This antimatter G1.9 enters Sol’s heliosphere through the ORT shell and is repulsed. It ‘orbits’ out to Proxima Centauri then returns. A 5,000 y round trip.
Miles says that anti matter and matter cancel each other’s spin, leaving a ‘nut’ of non spinning mass. He proposes that explains the Moon and Venus. And I propose that this LT starbit has continued to degrade from its inception at 10 my ago, Fluff’s birth.

This LT starbit that had been used to maintain an ‘anti=matter’ environment (read expanded Earth) which suddenly collapsed due to the degrading of the LT. The collapse of the expanded environment (read anti-matter) led to the smarter us having to lead Earth bound matter lives.
You see this in the Egyptian labyrinth and other artifact from approx 10,000 y ago. The planet had been left without charge (anti-matter and matter canceled each other’s spin) so Gobleki Tepe and Stonehenge could be seen as efforts to ‘recharge’ the Earth I call them lightening nails. Of course, the seas were sterile. Only air breathers left in the top 1 and 1/2 mile above the “no ox” zone.

As to how the collapse happened, I do no know. If the LT was continuing to degrade, perhaps it split off a nugget and this nugget plunged into the E at the Cayman Trench and out at the Tibetan plateau. Something massive had to pull the E mass up that far and it may have been antimatter.

Further degrading of the LT would be the ‘gas cloud’ that suddenly appeared in the period of 1984 to 2005 in the direction of G1.9. This would be the zero K gas in the LT nucleus. Without pressure to hold it in, it would burp out. This would lead to rearrangement of the LT as a neutron which it now is and is shedding neutrinos heavily. See the band of antineutrinos around the E. We are told they are from the sun. Well.

Now you see there are no aliens, just us. Coping with a collapse of a balanced matter/antimatter E to one of mostly matter. I have knols that

Anonymous said...

In the photograph of the Great Pyramid and the other Pyramids around it, with ominous rain clouds, in the mid-upper right side in the cloud I thought I could see an eye and upon enlarging the picture, to me it seems to look like the symbol 'eye of Ra' in that cloud. Just saying...

Mike said...

Excellent read brother. The information you cover is top notch. We must look to the past with a open mind, to better understand where we came from. We are a species with amnesia, we were brought up learning lies and deceit. What you are doing is reversing the fake consensus and for that I thank you. Keep up your righteous efforts and be well.

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks so much for the support and encouragement Mike. I just read and thoroughly enjoyed your blog post, keep up the great work yourself! Peace

Mark said...

Hey, wonderful article Eric. Very informative and obviously done by someone who thinks way outside the box. I just wish I had stumbled upon it sooner. Speaking of pyramids....has anyone here heard about the incredible pyramids in Bosnia? They have been uncovering an entire complex for several years now.

That said, I just wanted too add my own hypothesis. Reading the Biblical scriptures of Genesis where the recorded life spans were in the hundreds of years has led me to an obvious conclusion. for example: If my math is correct, Noah's generation lived ten times longer. Meaning a ten year old child would be the equivalent of a one hundred year old man today. So imagine if we had five, six, seven and eight hundred years to live, learn, garner knowledge, experience etc. How advanced would we be as a civilization? Think about it, think long and hard because I firmly believe the pre-flood peoples were far more advanced than we are today.

Email is

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Mark, thanks for the comment. Those Bosnian pyramids are telling indeed, so large they're mistaken as mountains, so ancient they were nearly forgotten. Great point about ancient civilization... they certainly lived far longer than we do currently and as a result accumulated wisdom surpassing what we have today. We arrogantly assume we're the pinnacle of human evolution and look at the beliefs/lifestyles of our ancestors as though they were primitive and ignorant, when in fact it is this very mindset which is ignorant. My email is Peace

Anonymous said...

The pyramids were built from the ground up and the Egyptians found the tip sticking out of the sand and decided to digg it all up. Dude thats a lot of sand that's built up. Do you think all that sand was naturally put there over time? And do you think the desert has always been a desert? Was there no chance it being all green land even since the planters beggining?

Khonsu said...

The Pyramids and Sphinx are around 12,400 years old. Edgar Cayce gave readings on Egypt and Atlantis that shed a lot of light on the subject. Read this book:
Any Egyptologist that thinks the Pyramids were built by Khufu 5-6,000 years ago has the wool pulled over their eyes.

Bobby said...

I am continually amazed by the quantity of "forbidden treasures" left for us to muse. Truly fascinating...all. Incredible skill and technology that confound the wise. More curious to me is that those with laser precision engineering, multiple decimal accuracy of of things astronomical as well as a myriad of evidence other highly intellectual prowess... how is it that we must read of the from clay tablets or carved stone? Find the answer to that...there lies the answer to the mystery.

Anonymous said...

all of the crap that i look up go's to one point. "awsomeness"

Dj Blackeye said...

Egyptologists say that the Giza pyramids were built for three pharaohs over the course of a hundred years. There are over 2.5 million stones, so if you built 24 hours a day for 100 years that means fitting one (average 3.5 ton) stone into place every 8.5 minutes. Using current technology, multiple cranes and work crews, we still couldn’t make that kind of time, nor could we match the craftsmanship.
However, 1 stone every 8.5 minutes is 170 per day. 170 x 365 = 62,050 per year, 62,050 x 100 years = 6.2 million stones
Booom.. :)

Eric Dubay said...

I like the boom :) but that doesn't negate the "using current technology, multiple cranes and work crews, we still couldn’t make that kind of time, nor could we match the craftsmanship" part.

jerry said...

First I commend this article on the research, the logic and suggested explanation of an advanced human civilization. I believe the time period also to been around 12,000 to 13,000 years for the Great Pyramid. The only thing probably different, I speculate that it was never constructed there, instead moved there. It was initially constructed on Atlantis, and needed to ne moved or it would be destroyed. 'They' knew about the sun (and all stars) loosing their outer shells every 12-13K years and the earth's pole reversal happens at the same time. The pyramid was crucial to all their culture, for many reasons, i.e. electricity, communications, medical,teleporting, etc. This Great Pyramid in Giza just one of two; others off coast of Florida/Bermuda and southeast of Japan, providing same services for their colonies. I believe that pyramid was constructed on Atlantis and each rock poured, as believed today and before the island sunk, they teleported stone by stone and re-erected it at Giza.

Anonymous said...

I think there are some other points to add to these facts. Some megalithic structures are underwater now. They are at sea levels that would only have been above water during the last ice age. Secondly, Most pyramids don't stray far from the equator. Also, implying that the world may have been in a mini ice age when they were built and people were drawn to climates that were hospitable. Nobody knows our origins, but the history books are missing entire volumes about the source of the megalithic sites including pyramids. They were not built by primitive people. They were not built using brute force. They are not only 6000 years old. We are talking intelligent people on this planet 10000 years ago that had higher intelligence than people that are in our history books a couple thousand years ago. Mankind appears to have survived some cataclysm on Earth in very primitive survival conditions for multiple generations to lose this much knowledge.

Anonymous said...

i dont think human build dis pyramid.. as human, i think this is way beyond our power. the arrangement of those stone were extremely accurate.. when do you think they build dat awesome tech to do those work? i dont think its human. mybe its another creatures dat god created. have a faith. so u will see the truth. or mybe our anchestor before, have a different type of technology way more modern than us. mybe.. please dont mind my grammar...

Anonymous said...

That cataclysm being the flood...

SOL said...

Thing that gets me repeatedly asking time after time is "What light source did they use?". Every documentary shows various people inside these structures that are illuminated with pre installed lighting or powerful torches and camera lights. What did the ancients use? Any form lighting involving a flame would have created Co2 and vasts amount of soot. In other words our workers would have been gassed in such confined spaces and their work would have been covered in carbon. Some places I've seen are so poorly ventilated that just the people in the area would use up the available air.
This is one mystery that has never been adequately explained and often overlooked.
We are certainly missing a big chunk of ancient knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Was this really possible?
The Great Pyramid of Giza (also known as the Pyramid of Khufu or the Pyramid of Cheops) is the oldest and largest of the three pyramids in the Giza Necropolis bordering what is now El Giza, Egypt. It is estimated that it took 20 years to build based on Greek records and modern calculations.
Keeping that in mind let us consider this.
The great pyramid is estimated to have about 2,300,000 stone blocks weighing from 2-30 Tons each with some weighing as much as 70 tons.
Simple math would bring us to this result.
2,300,000/20yrs = 115,000 blocks a year.
115,000/ 365.242 days in a year = 314.8597 Blocks a day.
314.8597/24 hours in a day = 13.1192 blocks per hour
60 min's in a hour divided by 13.1192 blocks... = 4.57 blocks a min....quarried ,transported , cut fit and installed...every min of the day for 20 years.
The calculation above is based on non stop work 24 hours a day.
It is said that the stones making up the pyramid’s came from quarry’s about 500 miles from the pyramids location. Some say the quarry was much closer regardless the calculation remains the same. Remember each stone was carved to fit each other not even a piece of paper could slip between them... The precision of the stone masons was phenomenal.
This is just one fact about the pyramid and not even a major one...yet we are to believe that people of that time could transport chisel and carve 13 stone blocks a hour weighing 2-30 tons each, (some much heavier). Made with no modern equipment except copper or bronze tools.
Even if we said it took 40 years it would still be 2 blocks a min. But as records state it was about 20 years. Our modern day scientist and archeologist knowing this and doing the simple math I did how can they say the Egyptians did not have help. If the Egyptians did this alone in this time frame then they were far more advanced than we think and believe. And remember this is only one pyramid. This also is not including the fantastic alignment to true north and the precision of its dimensions. Plus the fact no Pharaoh was ever buried in the pyramids and it still has secret chambers that will never be opened. Just like the Mayans the knowledge of building these monuments has been lost forever along with those who built them. Along with hundreds of other great structures that cannot be explained and the secret to how they were built is also lost. Coincidence, I think not. Something happened on this planet and we are too scared or conceited to believe that another power once walked this earth, much more advanced than us or not from here. All these great structures were built about the same time and very similar construction. By people who never met thousands of miles apart yet they were very much alike.

Anonymous said...

It would just be nice if all those who feel some great need to keep truth hidden would get off their ego high-horse. To them I say, you are just a generational link in the chain kissing the behind of someone you never met. Do yourself a favor and quit jking off to your hidden little secrets. It's getting pretty old and boring playing with marked cards. So quit being such a little p-ssy and pull the little mystery out of your hammered a--. B-tch

4D Bullshit Patroll said...

I think it's obvious that the pyramids were power stations more so than " turning man into God's" which could mean any number of things and they are certainly not tombs. I'm also assuming they are about 10k years old and Noah's flood of biblical, Atlantian and ancient Samarian legend may have been a sudden melting of the ice age and the catastrophic end to an advanced age of technology, but a different technology to that of today. giza was preserved and washed under a layer of deposited sand until 4000BC. I'm also assuming that the power source was hho ( water turned to hydrogen ) due to the aquifers underneath and the salt on the walls of the chambers on first discovery. But what did it drive? I assume some sort of transmissable resonant vibration waveform that was used to carve and move heavy stone, like bolting an orbital Sanders to a brick and pushing wedges from both ends until it lifts with the vibration. Is there any such knowledge of such technology today? Is the grand chamber a giant flute?

Anonymous said...

Do you believe in human ETs in this dimension?

Unknown said...

I think you all should go through this link once.


Anonymous said...

Go away

Unknown said...

The devil of old, is it still able to connect and use pyramids from around the World? If there is a pyramid power some say is there, they harness this energy in order to remain cloaked?
Ancient master parasites who need humans to survive, but by removing the pyramids would X them out.

Dave Mowers said...

Nice article.

There is a French geologist and stone expert who believes he has proven that the outer casing stones are made from poured limestone slurry. It explains the accuracy since the same mold was used for each one and they were poured in place. Which also explains why they are bonded to the stones beneath them.

Unknown said...

First off, I would like to say that I have always been interested in the Pyramids, in particular the ones of Egypt. I have also, as long as I can remember, believed that there is some other form of life beyond our measly little planet. No matter what one theory says, as mentioned earlier, there are way too many other planets out there for there to only exist life here. Now whether or not life originated on this planet, or whether a more advanced civilization was exploring and decided to set up camp is a totally different topic all together. But too many people also put science against religion, and that is a huge mistake! When you take religion out of something, then nothing makes since. But when yuo take science out of something, then nothing makes since either. Religion (or the belief of something greater than us) and science have to be paired together in order for things to make since. We need to stop pitting the two against each other and then this race (our current existence) might find the answers to long asked questions. And for anyone that is closed minded enough to think that Aliens (or other life forms from other places other than our Earth) don't exist, not only are you leading yourself down the wrong path and pushing yourself into a deep well of denial, but you would also be arrogant in thinking that we are more important than we actually are in the whole scheme of the universe. Great article But I would like to read more about a Atlantis/pyramid related topic. In the Bible it speaks of a great civilization that was technologically, culturally, and by all means a great culture,Where there also existed giants of superhuman strength, but they disobeyed God and were destroyed by the great flood. Evidence of the flood has been stated in many records from various ancient cultures around the world, there has also been proof found in places like the Grand Canyon (to prove that the flood happened). So, as to why these civilizations are not here today, that is already been answered, but who they are, where they are originally from, etc...those are the questions that we need to seek the knowledge of.

Anonymous said...

maybe the reason we do not find evidence of light sourse is that it was built by giants- they did not go in dark tunnels, every piece was preassembled and fitted from outside.

Unknown said...

You never mentioned John Anthony West, the original founder of Sphinx' erosion, who studied de Lubitz claim about it. Mr.West said that dr.Schoch's timing is conservative and he gave the number close to 36 000 ya.
Don't bother to correct my English, it is not my native language.

Gary Schoenung said...

Pyramids did have a purpose. But that was before a near extinction event set us back to where we are now. Finally becoming advanced enough again to recognize what we had once accomplished long ago.

Unknown said...

The thing is, the word "Egypt" is Greek. So is Pharaoh, pyramid, Cheops, Cairo, Cleopatra - all Greek.
Egyptology is fake. From 1059 BCE this is what you get - Egypt is raided and conquered over and over.
Nubians conquer Egypt
Late Period (25th-30th Dynasties plus 3 Persian kings)
Assyrians, Persians conquer Egypt
Greco-Roman Period 332 B.C.-A.D.395
SO what was Egypt called before the Greeks named it?
The answer is KMT - in heiroglyphs, it means "Black"
The Land of Kermit as we now know it and the science that studys it is KERMITOLOGY...
Not Egytology (the fake history of)
Greeks conquer Egypt, Rosetta Stone, Cleopatra
30 B.C.- A.D. 395

SO! let's look at what was a pyramid - In Kermit it is called Per Neter from which the word "nature" comes - The Greek word "pyr" means fire - and "Amid" means "in the middle" So pyramid means "fire in the middle" Obviously some 12,000 to 50,000 years ago it was an energy plant and tis is what we all have to come to grips with - I've been in the Great Pyramid - there is absolutely no way we could build it today - simply not possible. Not physically possible nor do we have the knowledge to deliver all the numbers that constitute it.

J.J. said...

Edgar Cayce explains all about the Atlantian Race (Red Race) alliances, the good ones went to Egypt and the evil faction went to South America.

Unknown said...

I submit also, that the current findings that show we live in an 'electric universe" is not only correct but aligns perfectly with the underlying purpose, design and power of the pyramids world wide.
The Great Pyramid was constructed over underground limestone water chasms that seasonally emptied and filled from the river Nile - interestingly, satellite photos show that the Nile did once pass next to the pyramids but is today a long way off thanks to ages of seasonal floods that causes all such rivers to meander.
Considering this, the Great Pyramid of Kufu (or Cheops if you prefer the Greek), would have to date back at least 12,000 year if not much longer - is a building that delivered enormous power - we just to need know what that power was used for. As for who built it - it was certainly inherrited by the sop called Egyptians but was built by "others".

Indigenous Camper said...

My guess is if these architectural designs had originated in Europe, no one would be attributing them to extraterrestrial aliens or to some long lost European civilization under the Atlantic. Western Europe has to come to grips with the fact that the Europe is not the center of the universe. Copernican heliocentrism put that idea out of its misery a long time ago. We don't need wizardry or alien life forms to explain simple stone structures. Now when you demonstrate that ancient mesoamerican civilizations had an understanding of M-theory, let me know. Otherwise cutting, carving, and stacking large rocks is basic technology consistent with human intellectual development of the time.

Gary Schoenung said...

This should give you quite a bit to discuss for awhile.

Anonymous said...

I hate to be the party pooper but did the aliens talk to the ants too (who also built pyramid styled hills)? It's the easiest and simplest way to build a sturdy structure, end of story.

Unknown said...

aLIENS? Gary Schoenung: I checked out the first link you left but when I read that there are pyramids in Australia I came to a grinding halt. In fact there are no pyramids in Australia - I live here and can tell you that the worlds pyramids are all in the northern hemisphere within a particular range that is about equal to the norther tropic and the equator. As for the pyramids themsleves you might consider Pyramid investigator August Tornquist who states: “The Great Pyramid was the greatest single undertaking in the whole history of mankind. And yet there is not one picture or drawing, not one artefact, not one inventory or tally sheet to tell of its construction. The Egyptians left us some 3000 years of written and pictorial history covering virtually everything that happened in their culture. From babies being born, to ploughing and harvesting, building, weaving, sacrificing, praying, embalming… but nothing about the Pyramids of Giza. Why?”
For a nation that loved to boast, they seem strangely reticent to tell us anything about the Pyramids at Giza. Perhaps the reason was simply because they were as much a mystery to the Ancient Egyptians as they are to us. Yes they inherrited them as did all cultures since the great destruction of the last ice age
ending about 10,500 years ago

Gary Schoenung said...

Aliens had nothing to do with any of this. We should be searching for our lost history, not ET. The last link I posted is all about pyramids and what they were for.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,

Very interesting. I am looking forward to reading all of your articles.
As you might know some African Americans trace back their heritage to Egypt aka Kemit.
There is whole theory about the Black Race being superior beings because of the Melanin and the majesty of their ancestors, the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.
I personally love all my earthly brothers and sisters.
It is sad that there are too many theories and false prophets out there who turn people against each other, taking advantage of this ancient civilizations!
I think that it makes much more sense to realize that people were much more advanced in the Yugas prior to Kali Yuga.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they were linked to distribute free power and or communicate around the world?!


There is no doubt in my mind too that the pyramids are around 12500 years old, either from just prior to the great floods or a little while after that. Perhaps as you say that calamity destroyed their civilisation and they spread over various parts of the world. I also connet this civilisation to the knowledge about Creation of Universe, about atoms and sub-atomic particles, about velocity of light and many more understood or little understood knowledge contained in the books of knowledge in India like the Srimad Bhagawatam, Vedas and many more such books. Some of the astronomical occurrences in many ancient epics and books give a time nine to ten thousand years old.

I also have the thinking that human civilisation rise to a pinnacle every 26000 years and decline in between. Bu the Indian Yuga calculations too, that time comes to 12500 yers back. all this fit together.

Also human brain had attained the present level of development at least 100000 years back, So it is absolutely inconceivable that no great civilisations arose before now despite the lapse of such a long long period.

History of Human civilisation must be rewritten.

Unknown said...

After the destructive end to the last ice age we lost most of our information. But next time round we'll have things recorded on every conceivable devise and there'll be no doubt about who we were - since the end of the last ice age we have been captured by those who would enslave us by hiding and destroying all they could of the surviving information that would lead us to discover our true power and heritage. They murdered entire races of peoples, they invented religion and formed nations, flags, government..... "govern" means control and Mente (Latin) means mind..... Then they destroyed our 13 Moon Calendar set to the 28 day cycle of the moon which is precise to 2000th of a second amnd replaced it with todays calendar we know as The Julian Gregorian Calendar - after Julius Caesar and Pope Gregory which is out 12 hours a year and none seems to notice that September means 7 - October means 8 - November means 9 and December means 10 - - - when they added July and August (named after Julius Caesar and Caesar Augustus) we are told we are born in sin and must bow down to these criminals. If you wish to know who you are you need to know who is pulling your strings first.

Anonymous said...

In 2002 I had lunch in the garden of a restaurant in the shadow of the pyramids. The garden was fenced off with a brick wall. Having seen that wall, I am absolutely convinced that ancient Egyptians (nor current ones for that matter) would have been able to build a pyramid. Even the garden wall was too hard. I wonder why no mention is made of Robert Bauval, author of The Orion mystery and The keepers of Genesis. Interesting stuff

I believe extra-terrestrials were involved. Find articles on the alignment of pyramids around the world. Pyramids could have been navigation aids to them.

John van Schagen, August 2016

egypt croconile said...