Monday, December 12, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon

This 45-minute documentary is an absolute MUST SEE for anyone who still believes a single thing that NASA says! "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon" lays out much of the most condemning evidence that NASA faked the moon landings. Also see Huge List of Moon Landing Hoax Evidence, Fake Moon Rocks Given to Museum, Astronauts on Wires, and Mars Faker.


Ta-Wan said...

I love the moon-landing hoax.

Anyone thinking we went to the moon and that building 7 fell to fire should be real thankful that breathing is an automated process.

Relief said...

You shouldnt really watch "Kubrick's Odyssey"

interview with Weiner on Redice

Jesse L Zesbaugh said...

Great documentary, I actually think NASA is trying to slowly dig it self out of this credibility hole, and find some way to admit it. I think Kissenger, and Rumsfeld, did the "dark side of the moon", where they spoof it pretty well.

I work in special effects, so I look at the footage and, heh, yah no doubt about it, there are some compositing errors in some of the launch footage, they don't mention.

I agree with I think it was neil, there are some barriers of truth out there.

I've stated why I think the barriers/layers must be kept up, before, in reference to energy tech. I know most disagree, but I think they protect more then hurt, even though they do do damage.

People are to damned eager for anarchy...

I hadn't seen this one before though, great post Eric, Thanks.

Jazz said...

Dude! Too funny! I just decided to post my moon hoax article a couple of days ago! lol! Check out "Buzz" punching a guy for questioning him...

It sure is good to see that not everyone 'drank the kool-aid"!


Eric Dubay said...

Great comments and links everyone! That speech of Neil Armstrong's is quite telling:

"Today we have with us a group of students among America's best. To you we say we've only completed a beginning. We leave you much that is undone. There are great ideas undiscovered. Breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truth's protective layers."

And these clips of Bart Sibrel confronting Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Ed Mitchell are priceless:

Bart Sibrel vs. Neil Armstrong

Bart Sibrel vs. Buzz Aldrin

Bart Sibrel vs. Ed Mitchell

Does anyone honestly believe that 3 people who actually walked on the Moon would react like this!? Honest people with integrity can calmly stand firm as men of their word if the accusations are false and baseless. These 3, however, are obviously lying and can't stand being confronted by someone who knows the truth and calls them out on it.

Jesse L Zesbaugh said...

Could not find the CNN report the vid mentions on this, about the astronaut seeing stars in the belt, supposedly very recent. Anyone know if that article is legit?

robbie said...

love it !!! i am so happy to see ... jazz says it so well ... that there are more people who didnt drink their cool !!! and even more who are starting to smell their baloney !!! thanx eric for posting again such a lovely subject ... this was the very subject that made me stumble onto your blog a very long time ago !!!!
south africa

Anonymous said...

Everything hosted on youtube is BLOCKED here in germany, sux. Luckily I found this very interesting documentary elsewhere on a site called along with a lot of other interesting videos, check the page out.

Also Relief is right, kubrick's odyssey is just great, check out Movie Geeks United dot net and you'll find an AMAZING series on Kubricks work and an interview with Jay Weiner that you won't find anywhere else, peace.

Exorcist said...

Very nice documentary, especially Kubrick's Odyssey, what an eye-opener this was.... Im scarred to say anything more, the illuminati could be scanning my ip :)

Anyway more moon landing and Kubrick theories plz, keep up the good and interesting work!

Lonetrader said...

All 3 Bart Sibrell videos on YouTube are now unavailable. I wonder who blocked them?

Eric Dubay said...

Man, they are always censoring Moon Landing Hoax stuff on YouTube. Joe Rogan used to talk about it a lot, and had some great clips on YT, even debated a NASA guy about it once, those clips have been nowhere to be found online for years now though. They really don't want this hoax exposed.

Anonymous said...

'...multiple third party notices of copyright infringement' is the reason stated for the unavailability of these clips.

And if you believe that you will believe anything. A case of censorship, pure and simple.

Anonymous said...