Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Masonic Dollar Bill Talisman

In 1933, 33rd degree Freemason Franklin D. Roosevelt added the Great Seal to the US Dollar, transforming it into an occult Talisman. The same year he signed a Gold confiscation order and took the US off the gold standard. At a press conference on March 8th, 1933, he joked, “As long as nobody asks me whether we are off the gold standard … that is alright, because nobody knows what the … gold standard really is.”

“The 33rd degree Freemason and Black Nobility president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, had this symbol printed on the dollar bill from 1933. It was a symbol of secret societies in Europe long before anyone heard of the United States and it is awash with Freemasonic and secret society symbolism going back to the ancient world.” -David Icke, “The Biggest Secret” 353

Notice the symbology and numerology used on the dollar bill. The most obvious symbol is the Illuminati pyramid with the hovering all-seeing eye in the capstone. Opposite this is the “all-American” Eagle with a down-turned US flag affront its chest. These and many other symbols on the dollar come from the ancient Stellar, Solar, and Lunar cults.

“The Pyramid is for the Stellar Cult, as are the various stars that appear on the bill. The Golden Eagle is for the Solar Cult. The Eagle is the symbol of America because it signifies the constellation in Scorpio called Aquila. Scorpio is the sign of power, money and wealth, as well as secret knowledge. (The U.S. elections are held right n the middle of Scorpio and the birthday of America is in the Scorpionic decanate of Cancer.) The color green also relates to the Solar Cult. The number thirteen, which appears frequently on the dollar bill stands for the Lunar Cult. There are thirteen months in the Lunar Year. (America originally had thirteen States. London is made up of 28 boroughs, this being the number of the Lunar ‘mansions.’) Thirteen is also a Stellar Cult numeral, much used by the Israelites and other Semitic tribes and nations. Then there are the watermarks, or ‘moon letters,’ for the Lunar Cults.” -Michael Tsarion, “Astrotheology and Sidereal Mythology”

The double-headed eagle symbol which came from Babylon and survived through the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry has been today adopted by America, Mexico, Israel, Germany, France, Chile, Italy, Honduras and many others.

The eagle is a widely used Brotherhood symbol and it can be found on the coats of arms of many countries, including Egypt, Libya and Iraq. It was a major symbol for the Nazis in Germany and it appears in the designs of pulpits and lecterns used by the Christian Church. Seals like the one used in the Great Seal of the United States can be traced back to at least 4,000 BC in Egypt, Babylon, Assyria and India.” -David Icke, “The Biggest Secret” (353)

The word “mon-ey” comes from the Lunar cults. Early words for the Moon were “mon” and “min” giving us “mon-ey” printed at a “min-t.” We have a global “mon-archy” that controls the world’s “mon-ey” supply. We have finance “min-isters,” prime “min-isters” and their “min-istries” being controlled by occult elites/societies. “Mon-ks” perform “mon-thly cere-mon-ies” in “mon-asteries.” It is interesting to note that the plant “mint” is green, our “mon-ey” printed at the “min-t” is green, and the Isis moon goddess Statue of Liberty is green. Someone who is ignorant is green. Moon-lovers are “luna-tics,” from the French; They are “mon-sters.” You can see how the elite esoterically worship the moon continuing the Lunar cult, while exoterically condemning and marginalizing it.

“You will see beneath the pyramid seventeen seventy-six, spelled out in Roman Numerals, plus the words, Annuit Coeptis, and is translated as Annuit, our enterprise. Coeptis is translated to mean ‘crowned with success,’ or ‘is crowned with success,’ therefore, Annuit Coeptis is ‘our enterprise, which is now a success.’ Then in order to find out what enterprise was a success, read on the one dollar bill at the bottom of the pyramid, Novus Ordo Seclorum. Which translates as the ‘New Order of the World’ - The New World Order! Now, we must remember that Germany was the home of the concept of The New World Order. Adolph Hitler's entire motivation was to establish a new world order." -Jordan Maxwell, “Matrix of Power”

The Latin translation of Annuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Seclorum is “Our New World Order is Crowned with Success.” The other Latin phrase E Pluribus Unim means “One Out of Many.” Order out of Chaos. The Hegelian dialectic. The problem-reaction-solution paradigm used by the elites to drive world events, opinions and policies. There are 13 letters in Annuit Coeptis and 13 letters in E Pluribus Unim. The dollar encodes the number 13 repeatedly. There are 13 stars above the eagles head, 13 steps on the Pyramid, 13 vertical bars on the shield, 13 horizontal stripes at the top of the shield, 13 leaves on the olive branch, 13 arrows, 13 fruits, and 13 numbers.

“You will find on the dollar bill, the eagle, which comes from the ancient concept of the Phoenix, and has thirteen stars above it. The thirteen stars are arranged in the configuration of the Star of David, or the hexagram. Most people think the thirteen stars represent the original thirteen colonies. In the first place, why did they have to have thirteen colonies? Why couldn't they have twenty-seven, or four, or ten? When one understands that the number thirteen is a very important, profound Masonic number, and that many of the founding fathers of this country were Freemasons, as well as Rosicrucians, then you will follow this connecting thread of material to see what was actually being created. They knew what they were doing when they divided this country into thirteen colonies. The number thirteen is not an unlucky number for them. It is an unlucky number for you.” -Jordan Maxwell, “Matrix of Power”

If you draw a six-sided “Star of David” around the pyramid on the back of the dollar, 5 of the 6 corners will point to letters: A,S,M,O,N or when you re-arrange them, MASON.


Anonymous said...

Actually, it's not a Star of David. . .it's a pentagram that spells out mason.

Anonymous said...

wrong mate, it is the star of david or double tetrahedron to be more precise,

a pentagram as five sides.

Anonymous said...

stop arguing... this is really interesting you fools.

Anonymous said...

Hey, hey, don't namecall. We're all on the same side, ehre. :)

It IS a Star of David, although the pentagram is an important occult symbol.

Anonymous said...

Actually your all wrong, the Star of David has an older name, call the Star of Aton, the Atons, Akhenaton.

Anonymous said...

The Star of David was used by the Egyptians prior to its use by the Jewish faith.

Research the Remphan from Egypt and also look at its use in the Vedas.

Also remember that the Israeli flag is actually a copy of the Rothschild red shield. Open your eyes and follow your intuition.

Anonymous said...

instead of spreading conspiracy "theories" your time will be better spent dabbling in real truths

Eric Dubay said...

I think this "anonymous" character comes across rather schizophrenic, arguing with himself and all. :P

Ben said...

Wasn't the division of the early United States the result of the the existing structure, not some cosmetic division by the Founding Fathers? The thirteen original colonies were well established before the Founding Fathers came along, were they not?

Eric Dubay said...

This is Maxwell's quote not mine, but I think it depends on who you're referring to as "founding fathers." You seem to be referring to George Washington and the DOI/Constitution founders, Maxwell (with his mention of Rosicrucians) seems to be talking about Francis Bacon, his New Atlantis and that era/idea. Either way, what about all the other 13s? Do you think they were just repeatedly imitating an unintentional, arbitrary 13 colonies? If it still seems like coincidence to you, check out this article as well:

Numerology - 13

Anonymous said...

we have a same and real enemy,ready or not,we'll fight our enemy in another day..
so,better if we unite for fight against this enemy for making this world peace forever..

Anonymous said...

The 11 HOURS:
Setting the Stage; Ceremonies ARE Public Live Rituals

D said...

13 could have something to do with mind control's so hidden but out in the open....very subliminal. Perhaps a lucky number for them because they know a secret about this number? Why else hammer the 13 theme so much on the dollar?

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of "mon" examples early on in the article, "mon-ey", "mon-ks" etc.

It seems weird to me that everything else is so precise, why they the letters for mason would be split up in the wrong order around the pyramid.

I don't any latin but it could be that AS-MON means something also? Just a thought..

David said...

Hi, Eric.

From what I've read a talisman or amulet must be "charged" individually with the will of the person creating it.

The symbol is just a means for the occult practitioner to focus their will, the power's not in the symbol itself. That being said, money definitely has a magical effect on people for better or worse.

Better yet, maybe people have been tricked into charging it themselves! I guess that means we are all magicians..


Anonymous said...

I believe that this is a very reasonable theory. My belief though is "ASMON" may mean something else. To be honest the Masons were devoted to doing good things for people. I do not think they are involved for the sake of the letters being arranged deferently. I don't believe that is "The Star Of David" or a "Pentagraph" I believe it is a so called "all seeing eye" which is a symbol of the Illuminati.. However, people that believe the government is up to no good, you have no absolute idea what is going on around you this very second. And that is sometimes a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Jesus was a wizard! If I am not mistake is the basis for the number 13 like good luck or fortune in China or something ?

Gary said...

Okay everyone, focus here. The govenment perposly did all of this stuff to the bill just to confuse you and make you want to seek out a truth that does not exist. They are covering up what is really going on in the world so there wouldn't be an uprising. Forget about the stupid bill and realize the truth about the government.

Anonymous said...

it's the pentagram that let spelled mason in a backword reverse saying if you put your dollar towards the light and it says our national treasure is buried in washington dc anyway but you can go online to find the secerts of the united states to reveal the freemasons of our goverment

James E Clipper said...

$heeple.$heeple. Restore some diplomacy here. The fiat $1 is a scratch of the surface. YouGoogleTube: Satan on pur dollar bill and discover the Brotherhood's Babylonian Mystery Religion qabbala is alive and well. There are actually at leat 49/666 esoteric symbols. The pentagram would be the south pole of Saturn. The hexagram the North pole. As far as the Magen Daueed is concerned it is actually the Mazzoroth corrupted by astrology. It tells us the besorah of the Torah in the constellations and alerts us to the time matrix we live in. MJ Dangerous cover #21 is a cryptic 666 6pt Star. For certain all roads lead to Sirius and fiundationed at the Giza Plateau.Plieades Orion Acturus Mazzoroth and Moloch Amos 5:8,25 Iyob 38:31-33 Enters Betsy Ross Old Glory 13 $tars/$tripes. Stripes Illuminated colonies. $tars New Constellation.
Enters Molochian sorcerer King Solomon's Grimoire Book of Spells which utilize the geometric properties of Saturn's poles and other planets. Pagan America Land of the plumed serpents. Take a helicopter trip to tax free city/state Wash DC peer into the sidewalk plan to unveal the hidden hands of Pierre C. Le'E'Can't and clock maker astronomer inventor Benjamin Banneker. 22 glow in the dark talismans in the Brotherhoods 666 astrology Babylonian Mystery Religion sidewalk plan. Same symbols on Mike's cover and your fuat currency.
Founded on christian principles? Not! Treaty of Tripoli Article 11 $tates that's a crock of licjety split.