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9/11 Numerology

Since 1968, the number 911 has been the emergency phone number for Americans to call when tragedy strikes. On 9/11/01 when tragedy struck, Americans were sent into a state of emergency over supposed Islamic “terrorists.” This 911 association with tragedy and danger is not new, nor is it mere coincidence.

The Templars were recognized at Clermont in 1118. 1+1+1+8= 11. The authors of Holy Blood Holy Grail provided the definitive evidence that there were 9 original founding Templars and they first banded together in 1111 and taking no new members for 9 years. And this was the numerical basis for the 911's in this tragedy.” -Robert Howard, “Destruction of the Trade Centers: Occult Symbolism Indicates Enemies Within our own Government”

So 9 Knights Templar banded together in 1111AD and maintained the original 9 for 9 years. Centuries later on 9/11/19 the U.S. invaded Honduras and on 9/11/22 was the British mandate in Palestine. On 9/11/41 was the ground-breaking ceremony for the Pentagon, which would 60 years later be one of the “terrorist” targets. Then on 9/11/73, Salvador Allende of Chile, the world’s first democratically elected Marxist president, was overthrown by the U.S. in an admitted CIA-coup engineered by Nixon, Helms, and Kissinger; the same Henry Kissinger that was originally to head the 9/11 commission “investigation” (cover-up).

The USA-backed overthrow or coup of Chile in 1973 spearheaded by Kissinger and Nixon was also on Sept 11. The event started with a bang as rebels bombed the Palacio de La Moneda, the presidential palace, with British-made jets. So we have USA-backed bombings of an important government building in Chile by jet planes (or symbolic doves, as we shall see) on another Sept 11!” -Jake Kotze, The Brave New World Order Blog

11 years before the 2001 attacks, on 9/11/90, President Bush gave his State of the Union Address about the New World Order, mentioning it several times. The next year on Sept. 11th he gave another speech regarding a New World Order. Exactly 7 years before 9/11 on Sept. 11th, 1994, just after 11pm, a single-engine Cessna was stolen then flown into the side of the White House. Needless to say, this date September 11th seems to have some historical synchronistic significance with U.S./Britain and their imperial agenda. However, the numerology surrounding this event is not restricted to just its date/history.

September 11th (9+1+1 = 11) is the 254th day of the year (2+5+4 = 11) which means there is 111 days left in the year. New York was the 11th state to endorse the constitution and New York City has 11 letters. World Trade Center buildings 1 and 2 were 110 stories tall. The Freemasonic Statue of Liberty right near the Trade Center stands on an 11-pointed star pedestal. The number “11” itself is two pillars side by side like the twin towers. It was even American Airlines (AA = 11) Flight 11 carrying 11 crew members that allegedly hit the north tower.

What were the flight numbers on September 11, 2001? Flight 175 = 1 + 7 + 5 = 13, Flight 11, flight 77, Flight 93 left gate 17. And you all actually thought that radical Muslims with plastic knives and box cutters did this? Then you must be brainwashed. Try Masons.” -Duke, “Masonic – Occult Numerology” 

One of the planes had 93 (13x3 = 39 reversed 93) passengers and crew, another had 58 passengers (5+8=13). United Airways (UA – 21, 1 = 2+11 = 13) Flight 175 (1+7+5 = 13) had 56 passengers (5+6 = 11). On Sept. 11th, Bush Jr. announced an 11-day national state of mourning. Then 11 days later on Sept. 22nd he presented the Patriot Act before Congress. The Patriot Act is the unconstitutional 10,000 page anti-terror legislation supposedly written with super-human speed between Sept. 11th and Sept. 22nd.

On 9/11, Flight AA11 (11:11 encode two tower symbology) is hijacked and flown into the 93rd floor of North tower. Then just after, Bush Jr. reportedly tells the school principal, "a commercial plane has hit the World Trade Center and we're going to go ahead and do the reading thing anyway." And so Bush starts reading “My Pet Goat” symbolic of Pan and 77. At 9:03am UA (13) Flight 175 (13) hits the South tower at the 77th floor and that news is whispered in Bush’s ear. A half hour later Flight 77 crashes into the Pentagon, and an hour later Flight 93 crashes in Shankesville.

Pan is the Angel of the Abyss, his song shall end the world, and he started playing it on September 11th, 2001, when he was set free during the 9/11 super-ritual. In Faust we learn that the Pentagram is not Satanic at all, but rather a protective symbol placed over the Abyss by the angels of Heaven. But when one of the sides of the Pentagram wore off due to the passage of time, the symbol turned into a portal, and the Devil was set free to wreak havoc unto this world. You know, like when Flight 77 crashed into the side of the Pentagon.” -Jake Kotze, The Brave New World Order Blog 

Exactly 6 months after 9/11 on 3/11/02 the New York sky was illuminated by 88 (8x11) flood-lights to remember the victims. The lights shone straight upwards (like the digit 11) forming two blue pillars of light publicly said to be a tribute to the people lost in the towers. This was done for exactly 33 days, from 6:30 to 11:00pm. Then exactly 911 days after 9/11, on 3/11/04 were the Madrid “terrorist” train bombings! Reportedly there were 191 deaths which also encodes 911. On this same day, 3/11/04, World Trade Center owner Larry Silverstein bought the 110-story Sears Tower valued at $911 million dollars. Then, exactly 911 hours after the Madrid train bombings, the April 19th, 2004 Chicago Sears tower “terrorist” attack was thwarted! The next “terrorist” bombing was the July 7th, 2005 (7/7/2+5 = 777) London Subway bombing which occurred precisely 444 days after the Sears tower attempt. The blasts went off at 8:49am which is 11 minutes to 9. On 11/9/05, the Amman, Jordan “terrorist” hotel bombs killed 38 (3+8 = 11). On 7/11/06 in Mumbai India another “terrorist” train bomb killed 209 (2+9 = 11) commuters, using 7 bombs spaced exactly 11 minutes apart from first to last blast (77).

Did you know World War I was declared over at precisely the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month? (11:00, November 11) To this day we celebrate this Armstice as Veterans Day every year on the 11th. Just after 9/11 the movie Oceans 11 was released 12/7/01 (1+2+7+1 = 11). The “Two Towers” Lord of the Rings movie featuring an evil all-seeing eye enemy came out the following year 12/19/02 (1+2+1+9-2 = 11 and 12+19+2 = 33). The trilogy starts with Bilbo’s 111th birthday party.


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Eric Dubay said...

"Call me a conspiracy theorist if you like, so long as you call yourself a coincidence theorist."
-- John Judge, Coalition On Political Assassinations (COPA) presentation, 2002

"'Conspiracy stuff' is now shorthand for unspeakable truth."
-- Gore Vidal, Observer (UK), October 27, 2002

"Don't be on the defensive. If they say it's a 'conspiracy theory', ask them 'what's your theory?' If they question your credibility, say 'I think the media is in danger of losing their credibility'. Speak only about what you feel confident speaking about. The questions you pose are just as important. This is no time to be meek and mute. Be positively and lovingly combative."
– Barrie Zwicker, Canadian media commentator and journalist

As Barrie Zwicker suggests, "at a certain point, the term conspiracy theory becomes just an excuse not to do your homework. Those who most loudly disparage 'conspiracy theory' are most often the ones with the least knowledge of the actual evidence being presented."

Anonymous said...

Posted by Eric Dubay at 1:11 AM ! this was a coincidence?

Rik Clay (rip) in his blog talked about an interesting thing about 11:11 that is 11x11 = 121 representing a pyramid, like 1111*1111 = 1234321.
I think that these coincidences are not ALL planed by people, but by something higher that dominates this world.

Eric Dubay said...

I noticed right after I posted that it was at 1:11am! That was completely unintentional too, very interesting indeed Mr. Universe.


Anonymous said...

coincidence ;)

listening to the show now - seeing what you crazies are saying this week :D

hey people you can get a cut down version of the atlantean conspiracy with hyper-links atlantean in bits

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Anonymous said...

Very good website, well done!

What about the coming days:

January 1st, 2009: 1/1/09
January 11th, 2009: 11/1/09

What do we have to expect?

Anonymous said...

And I was born in the 11th. Hope that doesn't mean anything. LOL

Anonymous said...

My name is Doug J. Taua. I just want to talk about 'Coincidences'. Coincidences simply do not exist, what exists is the inability for the human logic to decipher something intricately woven to the governing of this reality.

See if this is coincidence.... My Life-Path number is '11' (I'm born 14/08/1987), and my expression number is '5', (Douglas James Matua Kore Taua). As such, I'm a freedom loving individual, rebellious is some aspects, but most of all, I live to the standards I know are true for me, not for others.

It is important to realise that we have the potential to make changes in this world. Everything unfolds as it must, Law of Reoccurence suggests this.

Don't concern yourself with the workings of others, concern yourself with the passions that bring you life. Live to your own ideals, and from that, you will know your purpose is dealt with the confirmations of alignment with Synchronocities. Learn to direct your energy, not squandered by the limits of your ego.

Moreso, on calculation of dates etc..... although it is supplementary for curiosity, you can't derive your numbers by incomplete charts such as you've done (i.e. using dd/mm/yy to calculate instead of the full dd/mm/yyyy.) Know that every precise number has its place and influence innately divinely. The change into the new mellenia has seen the added duality of the '2' to the beginning of every year..... This is a vitally important influence. Re calculate your Lord of The Rings date, then you will find it amounts to the number 8..... no wonder why they did so well at the Oscars huh?

Druv said...

You are on to some thing there, i hope i can see it soon.

The constant repetition of the number shows the " Recurring wave effect", but finding a logical sequence behind it is the harder part.

Druv said...
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Druv said...

Ok, if you research about Numerology, most sources would lead you to "Greece", rings a bell?

But hey, there is Vedic Numerology as well, which based on "Universal Resonance" .i.e wave effect.

A brief detail on the site above.

In ancient times, people began war when their stars favored them the most, and giving them the maximum benefit at that time frame.

Generally at a Specific star combination, like for the Great Flood, which happens once in every universal cycle.

I think the numbers 9/11 could lead back to the man behind it all, with the birth date 9/11. But i don't think it would be that easy. Could it?

Its just a initial theory i suppose.

Druv said...

ill copy n paste a little info:

Vedic numerology is based on the vibratory resonance of each number. It is neither a religion nor a fortune telling game. With diligent observation one develops a healthy respect for the accuracy and power of numbers and their energies. The material world without the governing influence of numbers and their presiding planets would be chaos.

Vedic Numerology is a sacred study as it enables one to look deeply into the wheel of karma and adjust our attitude and behaviour in the world. Everything is based on etheric vibration; the higher the rate of vibration the more force it contains. So all things - great and small - find their place in the universe. Each person arrives in this world with a specific vibration, psyche and destiny. Ones name is not by chance either. And sometimes it is advisable to change ones name to gain lost ground. There are things about ones fundamental nature that cannot be changed. Yet ones karma, acknowledged with acceptance and respect, can become a formidable teacher of ones evolutionary spiral, assisted greatly by proper planetary pujas as prescribed by the Rishis and as documented in the Vedas.

Blogical Jim said...

Hello Eric, another very interesting article, I have recently been learning more about the importance of numerology after very much enjoying the work of Rik Clay. I recently purchased The Atlantean Conspiracy and its a fascinating and mammoth piece of work - how long did it take you to compile and when was it written?

I run my own blog in the UK called, the objective of which is to get people thinking about the mainstream news from a different angle to spark their own research. I dont express the full extent of my views because I'd like the site to work as a stepping stone between the mainstream and websites like your own. If you have any ideas for future articles or can suggest any videos / quotes that I could use which were particularly revealing to yourself during the process of "waking up" then I'd very much appreciate your input.

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Jim, thanks for the comment. Glad to hear you're enjoying the book. The Atlantean Conspiracy was the result of 3 years of intense research (and 2 years of writing) and it came out in 2008. I really like your idea of creating a "stepping-stone" blog appealing to people in a place somewhere between the "mainstream media" version of reality and the "Atlantean Conspiracy" version of reality. I visited your blog and thought it was excellent so I put a link up for you on the sidebar. Keep up the great work! Peace

Anonymous said...


Just watched a brief glimpse of Southpark this Thursday 9:30pm, caught the scene where the kids were fighting in a school classroom, one kid got thrown against the wall with a map of America--and


Just another Illuminaughti false flag "prophecy" ???

Anonymous said...


as a kid, i used to prefer to see numbers & alphabet letters in color with each character having its own color--for example,
A=cherry red
C=cool yellow to white blue
F=dark orange
G=cherry red

that is also how i can remember to spell something, by seeing the "color" of the word comprised of its different colored letters.

i would also as a young child see sparkles from time to time.

and my pineal gland was always buzzing, so much so i never really paid attention to it. however, sometime during my mid-20s til just a few months ago, it was dead.
probably from being highly chlorinated, fluoridated, dental mercury amalgated, and chemtrailed, amongst the toxins i've accumulated over the years.

only the last time my pineal gland buzzed, did i realize it was my pineal gland activating once again.

Druv said...
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Jim said...

Eric, thats fantastic - I wasnt expecting that. Thank you very much. I am setting up a links page soon and will return the favour as soon as I do.


Druv said...

Anon "and my pineal gland was always buzzing, so much so i never really paid attention to it. however, sometime during my mid-20s til just a few months ago, it was dead.
probably from being highly chlorinated, fluoridated, dental mercury amalgated, and chemtrailed, amongst the toxins i've accumulated over the years.

only the last time my pineal gland buzzed, did i realize it was my pineal gland activating once again."

I dont understand you, can you be more clear?

Druv said...

Another thing about the topic would be, which version of numerology they would be using to track them back.

Would need knowledge of all three versions to make it work..

Anonymous said...

The Vatican and the Jesuit are on the top of NWO...and your website didn't say anythings about this!
Are you a disinfo agent?

Druv said...

Hmm i dont think Eric is, Though it is true that the Vatican controls the world and may b controlled by the Illuminati.

The Uniform commercial code that is a global law comes from the Roman Catholic church, which presides over the world.

Eric Dubay said...

I have, do, and will continue to expose the Vatican, World Royalty, the Jesuits, the Knights of Malta, the Freemasons, the Zionists, the Bilderbergs, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, and every other subversive movement/society brought to my attention. Do keep an eye out for disinfo agents though, they're everywhere. Peace

Rob said...

meh comspiracy is no more these days, in present day, conducting even basic research is more than enough to rail you into the fascinating non-mainstream, general history, damn even the disciplinary study of regular history (that which you are able to obtain from your local library) will, through careful examination and analysis, lead you to contemporary world affairs and certainly frightening facts, the history of the 20th century is far from accidental or circumstantial, it is the eventuality of centuries of development on the field of social control, economical, technological and psichological. And yes I absolutely agree with the history being partially circumstantial, but certainly NOT during most, if not all the mayor events of history since at least the preindustrial roman era to present day.

One truly important conclusion we have to acknowledge from history is that power obsessed men have always existed, have left uncountable marks of their deeds on the face of the planet, are capable and absolutely willing to unleash undescriptible horror upon thousands if not millions if permitted, we also know that they will use any methods necessary to accomplish their goals, expect hostility not only from brute force, not only from war but from even your own, so called "home". It is about time to understand and acknowledge history and prevent it from repeating once again (as has happened for centuries), we HAVE to stop underestimating tyrants, remember, only because we blissfully ignore a whole paradigm, doesnt mean it is not capable of touching us and even harming us.

I know many of you dont have the slightest idea of what im talking about and what is coming for us all, im nothing more than a crazy right? but I assure you, that you'll repent from not educating yourself, from not going to your city/local library and opening its books, from not doing the slightest research on any social and/or scientific disciplinary study, from being IGNORANT, and maybe not this year, maybe not the next, but the present situation of the world has already claimed millions and you and I are next. Imperialism is one unstoppable machine that has ever existed and will exist, under different premises, be a name or location, it has the total capability to claim any facet of your life, be it economical, financial, educational and even psychologcial, at any speed rate.

I warn anyone that reads this (very few obviously), inform yourself of history and quick! there is a whole spectrum of data that is of upmost importance for the integrity of your life.

Anonymous said...

One little problem with Atlanteanconspiracy is that it tends to rehash too much of the old stuf. The site needs to get out of its stagnant phase and stop rehashing what almost everyone thinks they know.

Time to get out of the box Eric.

Eric Dubay said...

If you don't like my site then stop coming back idiot. Nobody's forcing you to keep coming here and leaving critical comments. Start your own website or go somewhere good.

P.S. yes I know who you are "Anonymous"

Ellen from Atlanta said...

In response to your post on the numerological significance of 9/11... Has anyone else noticed that 111days after the Japanese earthquake/tsunami will be June 30, 2011. Using the principles of numerology, this date can also be written as: 6/3/11 (6 + 3 + 11, or 9/11). Or, it could be 9/13 (6 + 3 + 2 + 11, which can also be further broken down into 11 + 11).

Anonymous said...

Of course is a conspiracy from evil using people not that people is evil or plan by theirselves to do things , at the end is better to be on the side of one who already won this game and all things are been prepared for His coming, even those that appears to show Him defeated, He is King already, conquer and Lord, nothing the Devil does can stop what He is about to complete, be on His side! He is the winner.God bless u all and yes God bless America!

Anonymous said...

I don't believe in coincidences, since I believe in God who actually teach us to keep our eyes in the numbers, and leven let a book called Numbers, these facts are very interesting, thank you for sharing

OD said...

Have you considered 3/22/13? It falls 33 years after the Georgia guide stones were built. 3+2+2+1+3= 11.

I think something is going down very soon. Many signs are pointing to this date.

Anonymous said...

9/11 in Revelation 11:11 (posted in 2004 year!)

full book in pdf (2010 edition):

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to come somewhere out here on the web a let out a part/one aspect of the 9 11ritual majik maneuver. 9 and 11 the numbers individually are representatives of the orifices of male 9 and female 11 in the human anatony. These are entrances to the human being temple. The reason we have done what we've done is to make a new etheric entrance in to your psyche and it's worked. What does it represent, well it's going to draw out certain personas,views over time and create the great work. It's an instrument of time gravity and ether.

Be well human's.

Muhammad Hassan said...

Its no coincidence that a 3, 600 yr old astrology science is now widely employed by millions of individuals all over the world, as the future approaches we are constantly looking for the reality. As we grow closer to the celebs and the universe numerical values are being used more and more. Free numerology Report