Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Renaissance Radio #7

This week on Renaissance Radio we are joined with Roger and Hugh to talk about a variety of subjects including Magic Mushrooms, the Pyramids, Astral Travel, Atlantis, Religion/Spirituality, Consciousness, Christianity, Mithraism, Neale Donald Walsch, and much more. We'll be back next week hopefully joined with Leon Basin as well, 9pm western time, 718-506-1675

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freewill said...

check it out eric

Leon1234 said...

Bro! My man Eric!!! Yea, I am going to definitely try to be on there. I am going to try to clear my schedule for this:) Thanks bro!

Anonymous said...

a dream is a dream. when you trip; it's real.

hyper-real, more real than life.

Anonymous said...

beyond the idea of "mind before matter" and "matter is an illusion" - i have come to see that "Mind IS Matter, Matter IS Mind". The mind matter division is still a duality of split mind.

If I knock on the table I laugh. But maybe it's only me seeing the joke right now :-)