Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Renaissance Radio #8

This week on Renaissance Radio we're join by Roger Dubay, Hugh McKenna, and Leon Basin of ( to discuss Rik Clay's murder, the New World Order's fake alien invasion planned for the 2012 London Olympics, Project Bluebeam, Roswell/Area 51, MJ-12, Project Camelot, the Vatican/Masons, John Titor, UFOs, the Galactic Federation, Predictive Programming, Exopolitics, the Economy, and more: Listen Now

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Anonymous said...

Did you have more information about the Vatican?
A long time ago I hear Tsarion saying that the white house pays to the Vatican somekind of renting.
In the film Van Helsing he goes to Vatican and underground the church they have and research the most advanced technologies to the epoch. Sounds like they want to say something.