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Calendrical & Time Manipulation (Part 3)

The Moon goes around the Earth 13 times in one year. 13 x 28 = 364 +1 day equals 365 days, one solar year. The ancients all used 13-Moon, 28-day calendars and celebrated the extra day (always on July 25th) as the “day out of time,” when the rising great star Sirius peaks. The Druids, Incans, Mayans, Egyptians, Polynesians, Lakota and many other cultures all used 28-day Moon calendars.

"The native peoples of the world who still live by Moon time are far more in tune with nature because they are operating on the same time-energy flow as nature. They are in sync with it. But in 1572 Pope Gregory announced that a new calendar was to be introduced, the Gregorian Calendar, and it was implemented in October 1582. It was another Brotherhood scam and the Gregorian Calendar became the fixed standard time for the planet. This means that the human mind is tuned to this manufactured flow of ‘time’ when we look at a clock, a watch, or plan the future with a diary And where is the centre of this time system, the zero point from which all the world’s people tune their timepieces? Why, it’s only Greenwich in London, across the River Thames from the City of London financial district, the Brotherhood’s operational heartland! And what was the inspiration for the Gregorian Calendar? The one used in … Babylon … The Gregorian Calendar is a farce. It is the time equivalent of throwing all your clothes in a wardrobe and leaning against the door to stop it flinging open. The clothes may just about fit in the space if you push them in hard enough, but what a mess. Here we have a 12 month year of 60 minute hours and 24 hour days with the months so ill-fitting that some are 30 days, others 31, another 28, or 29 every four years. Yes, fits like a glove. But a sensible measurement of time was not the motivation. Disconnecting human consciousness from Moon time was the idea and the Gregorian Calendar removed the 13th Moon. There should be 13 Moon-cycle months of 28 days, but instead we have 12 months and 12 Moon cycles. The Brotherhood hierarchy still operates their calendars to Moon time - another reason for their obsession with 13” -David Icke, “The Biggest Secret” (471-2)

“On the Gregorian phonograph record, January 1 is part of the program. What plays on January 1? Well in this country a lot of football ‘bowl games.’ Then at the end of January sometime, you never know exactly when, it is the Super Bowl. February programs you for Valentine’s day and President’s day. July for July 4. October for Halloween. December for Christmas and New Year’s eve. And so on. Now September 11 - 9-11 - is part of the program, too. These are just some of the more obvious examples of how that phonograph record plays during one spin - a year. Every time one of those dates draws close, whole segments’ of the population respond in pre-established ways. There are a lot more programs the calendar plays. The beginnings and endings of wars. Veteran’s day. Memorial day. April fools. Tax day. Labor day. The memories of all of these events are accumulated according to the dates in which they occur. Then everyone has personal dates that trigger their emotions and memories, too. Like the day you were born. Or the day your son died. Or when you got married … The Gregorian calendar is arbitrary and irregular. You would hardly ever think about any natural factors by using this calendar. January 1 doesn’t correspond to any solstice or equinox or anything natural at all. With a program like that, of course you wouldn’t think of the seasons or the moon when you use this calendar. It is almost as if this calendar is meant to keep you out of phase with nature … It is easy to overlook an unequal or irregular measure in time because we can’t touch or see time. But would we overlook such an uneven standard in a yardstick or ruler? And if we were to go ahead and try to make or build things with an uneven ruler, wouldn’t they come out crooked or sloppy? Maybe after awhile we would say, ‘Oh that’s all right we’ve lowered our standard to accommodate these sloppy constructions. You’ll get used to it. We’ve always done it this way.’ But would you really settle for substandard measures of objects and forms in space? Yet we put up with substandard and uneven measures in time. Thinking it doesn’t matter may already be an effect of accepting so long the uneven measure. If space affects our senses, time affects our mind. Therefore the effects of a crooked time on the mind may be far more subtle, yet far worse than the effects of a crooked space on the senses. We could all develop a crooked mind without even knowing it. Wouldn’t a crooked mind see the world in a crooked way and create problems for itself without knowing it? Not only that, but we would then think all of our problems come from some place outside of ourselves. We would always be looking for the problems out there some place.” -Jose Arguelles, “Stopping Time” (16)

“Did you know that the Gregorian calendar repeats its program precisely every 28 years? In any 28 year slice, there will always be exactly seven leap days/years. That means there are large 28 year Gregorian recordings that are playing beneath the surface of events. A significant determining point will be a good place to begin to look at these 28 year cycles and see how they are programming us. What is a significant determining point? How about the atomic bomb in 1945? Didn’t that change everything? It most certainly did. Or how about the 9-11 in 2001? So let’s count in 28 year cycles after 1945 and see what happens. First 28 years, 1973 - now here’s something: April 4, 1973, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City were dedicated. 28 years later? 2001. 9-11. No more Twin Towers. Twin events like Hiroshima and Nagasaki, two 28 year cycles earlier. How about 28 years before 1945? 1917. America enters World War I. 1945, America ends World War II. Are we, after the 9-11, starting World War III? 28 years before 1917, 1889. Hmm. The Eiffel Tower, world’s tallest structure in its time, three 28 year cycles before the Twin Towers. Do you see how the calendar repeats its programs? Do you really want another 28 years of this program?” -Jose Arguelles, “Stopping Time” (18)

The female essence has long been associated with the Moon in large part because of women’s 28-day menstruation cycle. The measure of the Moon from new Moon to new Moon is called the synodic cycle and is 29.5 days in length. However the sidereal lunar cycle which measures the Moon from where it reappears in the same place in the sky is only 27.1 days in length. So 28 days, already encoded into women’s biological cycles, is the average lunar cycle. This is not coincidence either, proven by “luminescent ovulation cycle adjustment,” the patented process whereby using on sleeping women a series of lights mirroring light cycles of the Moon their ovulation cycles change (Patent 6497718). Ovulation is about 14 days (half cycle) before Menstruation. So in ancient times women the entire world over would usually have menstruation aligned with the new Moon and ovulation aligned with the full Moon. It has been shown that 20% more people are admitted into hospitals and mental health facilities during full Moons. Could humans be sexually frustrated due to unnatural misalignments in women’s biological cycles? Is this why lonely dogs howl for companionship during the full Moon? Ancient societies would often hold mon-thly fertility cere-mon-ies in honor of the Moon/femininity but nowadays those who worship the Moon/Lunar cycles are called luna-tics, mon-sters and nuts. Those who measure time by the Sun/solar calendars find sol-ace. The etymology again points towards our “illumined” ma-sters and their Sun worship. 

Most girls feel embarrassed or at least inconvenienced by their onset of womanhood. First periods are accompanied by tampons, pads, teasing schoolboys and warnings or horror stories from other older women. Zaire tribes’ people, Native Americans, and other “primitive” cultures honor their women’s first periods with puberty ceremonies. They believe each woman has incredible powers as a spiritual being and the gift of life is an important event. During her first period each girl is isolated from the tribe and taken by female relatives and friends to a special “Moon hut” to be taught about sexuality and childbearing. She is taught arts and crafts, stories are shared and wisdom is passed down. After her period of isolation she is welcomed back with a big feast in her honor. In the ancient world it was believed that women had amazing powers of healing and creativity during menstruation so they should not be wasted on everyday tasks. Menstruation was a time women spent meditating and spiritual searching.

The ancient Mayan calendar is slightly even more accurate than the Gregorian calendar we use today. They calculated the moon’s orbit of the Earth incredibly precisely (29.528395 days to our current 29.530588 day measurement). They could accurately predict solar and lunar eclipses and had amazing knowledge of astrology and the stars. Archeologist Eric Thompson asks, “What mental quirks led the Maya intelligentsia to chart the heavens, yet fail to grasp the principle of the wheel; to visualize eternity, as no other semi-civilized people has ever done, yet ignore the short step from corbelled to true arch; to count in millions, yet never to learn to weigh a sack of corn?”

The Mayan calendar measures cycles of expanding consciousness and completing one’s purposes in life. Gauging the passing days like this changes the way one thinks of life. Modern societies tend to see time as a ticking time bomb till they die, a clockwork of standardized gears cranking until they get older, rusty, useless and stop turning. The Mayans, like early Christians, believed in reincarnation which fits with their calendar. They believed all of life was a spiritual evolution and an expanding of consciousness/purpose so each day correlates as such. For instance, as I write this, today is the second day of the new “Jaguar Moon of Intention” (each Moon has a spirit animal and purpose). Today’s Tzolkien is “Skywalker” the 13th, which means “Explore Space, Wakefulness, the Aspiration to Unite Heaven and Earth.” Today’s Power is “Activation, today’s Action is “Bonding”, and today’s Essence is “Service.” Each day also has a color, a chakra, and a symbol as well. Now, this may sound odd or appear as some new age foolishness, but this is a method of time keeping used all over the ancient world.

To associate the nature of time with the evolution of consciousness seems to me a much evolved outlook. The Maya knew about the 25,920 year precession of the equinoxes in which the Earth wobbles slightly for 2160 years past each constellation of the zodiac. They even perfectly calculated the end date of this precession as December 21st, 2012 when we will be passing through galactic center which they referred to as the Dark Rift.

“The Christians set sail westward and ‘discovered’ the New World. In a place called Yucatan, they discovered another people, the Maya. These Mayans also had a calendar, ‘a heathen’ device that was more accurate than the Julian calendar! The Christians learned from the Mayan calendar, that their calendar was ten days off! What to do? The Christians burned all of the Mayan books in 1562. Interestingly enough, ten years later in 1572, there was a new pope. He named himself Gregory XIII and declared that his first act as pope would be to correct the Julian calendar. Ten years later, 1582. Pope Gregory XIII had achieved his aim. If you went to bed on the evening of October 5, 1582, when you woke up it was October 16 - and not October 6. Pope Gregory XIII had made up for this ten days and the Julian calendar was now known as the Gregorian.” -Jose Arguelles, “Stopping Time” (18)

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Maria ... Please send your porno to some other site. this Blog is to keep people turned into things going on in the world. As Eric wrote this is a shameless plug for s sex blog...... Keep up all your great work Eric... Ron

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Tun Tzolkin Integration Pyramid (.jpg file)

• Three [3] day-counts of [13.18.20] synchronize interlocking [234.260.360] day cycles.

• For purposes of this illustration below:

Long Count = 234 Days
Tun = 360 Days
Tzolkin = 260 Days

Synchronization (jpg link)

[234 days x 20 Long Count] = 4,680 Days
[360 days x 13 Tun] = 4,680 Days
[260 days x 18 Tzolkin] = 4,680 Days

[234 days x 400 Long Count] = 93,600 Days
[360 days x 260 Tun] = 93,600 Days
[260 days x 360 Tzolkin] = 93,600 Days

• Each Level of [Long Count | Tun | Tzolkin] Days forms a perfect 3-sided pyramid as follows:

Long Count Days:
1. 20
2. 234
3. 4,680
4. 93,600
5. 1,872,000
6. 37,440,000
7. 748,800,000
8. 14,976,000,000

Tun Days:
1. 13
2. 260
3. 5,200
4. 104,000
5. 2,080,000
6. 41,600,000
7. 832,000,000
8. 16,640,000,000

Tzolkin Days:
1. 18
2. 360
3. 7,200
4. 144,000
5. 2,880,000
6. 57,600,000
7. 1,152,000,000
8. 23,040,000,000

Multiplying each level (jpg link):

Long Count Days:
1. 20 x 234 = 4,680
2. 234 x 400 = 93,600
3. 4,680 x 400 = 1,872,000
4. 93,600 x 400 = 37,440,000
5. 1,872,000 x 400 = 748,800,000
6. 37,440,000 x 400 = 14,976,000,000
7. 748,800,000 x 400 = 299,520,000,000
8. 14,976,000,000 x 400 = 5,990,400,000,000

Tun Days:
1. 13 x 360 = 4,680
2. 260 x 360 = 93,600
3. 5,200 x 360 = 1,872,000
4. 104,000 x 360 = 37,440,000
5. 2,080,000 x 360 = 748,800,000
6. 41,600,000 x 360 = 14,976,000,000
7. 832,000,000 x 360 = 299,520,000,000
8. 16,640,000,000 x 360 = 5,990,400,000,000

Tzolkin Days:
1. 18 x 260 = 4,680
2. 360 x 260 = 93,600
3. 7,200 x 260 = 1,872,000
4. 144,000 x 260 = 37,440,000
5. 2,880,000 x 260 = 748,800,000
6. 57,600,000 x 260 = 14,976,000,000
7. 1,152,000,000 x 260 = 299,520,000,000
8. 23,040,000,000 x 260 = 5,990,400,000,000 (Alatun)

• It takes 26 Earth days for the Sun to rotate once at its equator

260 days = 1 Tzolkin = 10 Solar Rotations [each 26 Earth days]

• Every rotating circle or sphere is equal to 360 degrees

20 x 18 = 360 days = 1 Tun = 360 degrees

• Sun and Moon

28 x 13 = 364 [Moon orbit]
14 x 26 = 364 [Sun rotation]

• 7 Days per Gregorian Week

52 x 7 = 364 [7 only ÷ evenly into 364]
52 x 5 = 260 [5 day "work week"]
52 x 2 = 104 [2 day "weekend"]

• 364 Day Sun/Moon Cycles

[10,192 days ÷ 28 day Moon Orbit] = 364
[9,464 days ÷ 26 day Sun Rotation] = 364

• Sun/Moon Fractality

[10,192 / 28 / 360] = [91 / 90]
[9,464 / 26 / 360] = [91 / 90]

muzuzuzus said...

" Ancient societies would often hold mon-thly fertility cere-mon-ies in honor of the Moon/femininity but nowadays those who worship the Moon/Lunar cycles are called luna-tics, mon-sters and nuts. Those who measure time by the Sun/solar calendars find sol-ace. The etymology again points towards our “illumined” ma-sters and their Sun worship."

I have a video somewhere where we see about the Huichol who have Peyote rituals.
It is all fascinating, but theres this really eye opening scene where two male and female Huichol elders are being interviewed.
They are asked about the moon as part of their ritual, and the male elder tries to explain away why they dont do that no more, but very quickly the elder woman puts everyone straight saying how they used to but it was the Christian missionaries who put an end to their nighttime moon rituals!!

I really wish I could remember where this clip is, and I would link you. I may remember, Who knows

Anonymous said...

thanks for this eric!! i've been wanting to see an article on this for quite some time (about the number 13 and 28 day cycles and how it correlates with a female 28 day cycle)

great work!


Anonymous said...

The Mayans had the wheel and they had metal tools. But for them it was more costly in their opinion to drag,pull, the stones than using the wheel. The same with cutting stones. They used stones to cut stones, but had metal tools. From anonymous coward.

Anonymous said...

This 12-month calendar has messed up with my counting and got me pregnant ;~)

Bob Saccamano said...

awesome article, thats it

nvra75 said...

@ eric

this is a very good series about a subject that is rarely touched.

keep up the good work.

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks guys!

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"In the ancient world it was believed that women had amazing powers of healing and creativity during menstruation so they should not be WASTED ON EVERYDAY TASKS."

I totally agree, man

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A great article a usual!

Anonymous said...

So why is the moon the only moon in our solar system that does not rotate?

Is it natural...or ?

Anonymous said...

Ive always felt it was lame to have to adjust for Daylight Savings and the other one.
I still get them mixed up to this day.
Having to adjust your entire scedule abruptly by 1 hour really screwed w. my physical well being. Which i presume is the main intent.

Anonymous said...

From 360 days to 365 days:

spopes said...

Wtf was with the first comment? Why this blog?

Eric, I was wondering where you came across your Mayan calendar calculations. I looked online but was discouraged to find endless results promoting and debunking '2012', but no actual calendar. I am fascinated by what you said about it and would like to get my hands on your source.


Eric Dubay said...

Hey, I'm not suggesting I know the absolute truth of the Mayan Calendar either, just relaying research I've done. Try José Argüelles book "The Mayan Factor" or any of the other authors I quoted in these 3 articles. I'm pretty sure you can find 28 day, 13 month Mayan Lunar calendars in several places on the net. Peace

Unknown said...

wow Eric, i must say I have the deeeeepest respect for you, you have opened my mind and my eyes to the truth. been a flattie ever since. I just wanted to let you know that you have avid followers in slovakia and the czech republic, and i thank god for having found your 200 proofs :) now THIS time and calendar thing is another b i g paradigm shift for me... i wonder what else is out there kept from us. you are t h e man. i cannot express my gratitude in words. you are a blessing to this world. <3

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