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Gnosticism, Gnostics, Gnosis and the Jesus Myth

“The Christian church is an encyclopedia of prehistoric cults.” -Fredrick Nietzsche
The beginnings of Christian history were almost nothing like the picture propagated by the priesthood. Christianity actually began as an amalgamation of many ancient beliefs and originally branched off from Gnosticism. Gnosticism was and is a school of religious existentialism that seeks intuitive understanding of God through attaining Gnosis, or “knowledge of the Divine within.” 

“The Gnostics claimed to have an intuitive understanding of the mysteries of God and Earth. It was an understanding that resulted from rigorous training, initiation, and intuitive experiences, not simply intellectual study. The church found Gnostics particularly dangerous, for they disdained the need for a hierarchy of priestly officials to interpret the word of God. Far from dangerous heretics, these passive Christians claimed to be the keepers of secret knowledge as indicated by the Gnostic papyrus books discovered at Nag Hammadi in 1945. It was this discovery which first afforded any view of Gnosticism other than the damning rhetoric of the church …Gnostics seek to know the ‘secrets’ of God, looking for answers within the sacred texts of whatever religion they accept. They seek the understanding of existence through interpretation of what they perceive as deeper meaning within the symbology of religious literature … Gnosticism flourished until declared a heresy by a council of bishops of the Roman church in A.D. 325. Gnosticism was an integral part of the Ancient Mysteries since both involved the belief that only personal inner enlightenment could bring understanding.” -Jim Marrs, “Rule by Secrecy” (346-7)

Constantine publicly outlawed Gnosticism in 325AD and since then the Brotherhood has privately kept its secrets only for the initiated few. In Freemasonry, Gnosticism is the third “G” after God and Geometry represented by their symbolic “G” within the compass/square. According to the Masonic philosopher Manly P. Hall, "This knowledge of how man's manifold constitution could be most quickly and most completely regenerated to the point of spiritual illumination constituted the secret, or esoteric, doctrine of antiquity."

The Gnostics claimed to be the original Christians and they were fervently anti-material, believing in “Christ Consciousness” and the Kingdom of God within. The Gnostics focused on attaining “gnosis” or spiritual knowledge. They refuted claims of blasphemy from the orthodoxy, stating they were the blasphemers. They said the orthodoxy did “not know who Christ is” and read the Bible, especially Genesis too literally, missing the deeper meaning. Orthodox Christians insisted that Jesus Christ was an historical personage who came in the flesh, had 12 apostles, performed miracles, died on the cross, and was resurrected. The Gnostics insisted that their Christ could never take human form.

“Christianity began as Gnosticism, refaced with falsehoods concerning a series of facts alleged to have been historical, but which are demonstrably mythical. By which I do not mean mythical as exaggerations or perversions of historic truth, but belonging to the pre-existant Mythos … It is obvious that the Roman Church remained Gnostic at the beginning of the second century, and for some time afterwards. Marcion, the great Gnostic, did not separate from it until about the year 136 A.D. Tatian did not break with it until long after that. In each case the cause of quarrel was the same. They left the Church that was setting up the fraud of Historic Christianity.” -Gerald Massey, “Gnostic and Historic Christianity

“So Gnosticism was around long before so-called Orthodox Christianity. The conspirators used the word ‘Docetism’ to refer to those who refused to believe in the incarnation of Jesus. The earliest Gnostic-Christians were not even aware of claims that the Christ incarnated in Jesus.” -Acharya S., “The Christ Conspiracy” (48)

Unbeknownst to the Gnostics, so-called Orthodox Christians like Pliny, the Roman Piso family and others began to propagate the idea that Jesus Christ was a real person. Soon under Roman law the greatest heresy became the unacceptance of Jesus as being a historical figure. Bishop and patriarch of Alexandria, St. Athanasius wrote, “should we understand sacred writ according to the letter, we should fall into the most enormous blasphemies.” In other words, it is a most enormous sin to read the Bible literally!

“The Docetae sects, for example, are supposed to have held that the transactions of the gospel narrative did occur, but in a phantasmagoria of unreality. This, however, is but a false mode of describing the position of those who denied that the Christ could be incarnated and become human to suffer and die upon the cross. The Christians who report the beliefs of the Gnostics, Docetae, and others, always assume the actual history and then try to explain the non-human interpretation as an heretical denial of the alleged facts. But the docetic interpretation was first, was prehistorical.” -Gerald Massey, “Gnostic and Historic Christianity

Exactly what “phantasmagoria of unreality” these Docetae were referring to will be further explored in the Magic Mushroom chapter. The Brotherhood created the term “Docetism” to pigeon-hole Gnostics and Pagan practitioners inside the kingdom. The Old Testament stories had long existed all over the ancient world but were understood to be metaphorical. For instance the Bible’s first man was “Adam,” while in Egypt “Atum” was the first man, in Babylon he was “Adamu,” in India he was “Adima” and he was always warned against eating the fruit of immortality from the Tree of Life. Like the Bible’s “Eve,” in Tahiti, the first woman “Ivi,” was made from the first man’s bones. Like the Bible’s Cain and Abel, the Tonga creation story says “the son of the first man killed his brother.”

“The Hindu version of the first couple was of Adima and Heva, hundreds if not thousands of years before the Hebraic version, as has been firmly pointed out by Hindus to Christian missionaries for centuries.” -Acharya S., “The Christ Conspiracy” (131)

Just like the Tower of Babel, there is a site in Fiji where Fijians claim to have built a tower to the moon to see if it was inhabited. Other versions of the Tower of Babel story are found the world over from Mexico to India. The creation myth as known to the Marquesans in Polynesia mirrors the Biblical version with a serpent, Tree of Life, the fall, and everything. The Polynesians have been cut off from the rest of the world for over 12,000 years, yet their story is almost identical.

In the Hindu Somadeva Bhatta, Saktideva was swallowed by a huge fish, and eventually came out unhurt. In the Grecian myth, Hercules is said to have been swallowed by a whale and laid for three days in his entrails before emerging. Do these remind you of Jonah and the whale? Did you know Sumerian tablets speak of E.DIN as “The Abode of the Righteous Ones” just as the Bible’s Garden of Eden? King Sargon of Sumeria was said to have been set adrift in a basket down a river by his mother 4500 years ago. This is the same story the Bible tells about Moses, but unbeknownst to most Christians, the same goes for Mises in Syria, Minos in Crete, Manou in India, and many more.

“‘Mises’ is found in Syria, where he was pulled out of a basket floating in a river. Mises also had tablets of stone upon which laws were written, and a rod with which he did miracles, including parting waters and leading his army across the sea. In addition, ‘Manes the lawgiver’ took the stage in Egypt, and ‘Minos’ was the Cretan reformer. Jacolliot traces the original Moses to the Indian Manou: ‘This name of Manou, or Manes . . . is not a substantive, applying to an individual man; its Sanskrit signification is the man, par excellence, the legislator. It is a title aspired to by all the leaders of men in antiquity.’” -Acharya S., “The Christ Conspiracy” (169)

“There is no historical evidence for the existence of a man called Moses except in the texts produced by the Levites and other writings and opinions stimulated by those texts … the official background to ‘Moses’ and his name have no historical basis. Nothing was known
about the ‘Moses’ story, or the ‘plagues’ inflicted upon the Egyptians, until the Levites of Babylon wrote Exodus centuries after it was supposed to have happened. All the animals of Egypt were killed three times according to the story! What did they do, die and immediately remanifest? There was no murder of the first born of Egypt and so the Feast of the Passover has no historical basis, it was created as a result of a story invented by the Levites. Their references to the lamb’s blood on the doors is code for the ancient symbolism of the lamb. There is no official book in Hebrew which makes any mention of the Pentateuch (the laws of Moses) before the Levites went to Babylon. As for the Israelites being captive in Egypt, even Deuteronomy describes them as ‘strangers’, not slaves, in this period. So where did the name Moses come from? Every initiated person who attained the highest rank in the Egyptian mystery schools was called a Muse, Mose or ... Moses. Manetho, the Egyptian historian of the third century BC, quoted by the Jewish historian, Josephus, says that he was a priest at Heliopolis or ON (Place of the Sun), and that afterwards he took the name of Mosheh or Moses. The word Moses means: he who has been
taken away, he who has been put out from the waters, who has been made a missionary, an ambassador, an apostle. The Chief Priest in the Egyptian temples was called EOVE or EOVA, hence the emergence of the name Jehovah, and the Hebrew language is really the sacred language of the Egyptian mystery schools.” -David Icke, “The Biggest Secret” (83-4)
Long before the Christian era the Greek god Dionysus was said to turn water into wine as well. The Scandinavian god Odin and Marsyas of Mindanao were said to be hung on a tree and stabbed with a spear just as Jesus was said to be crucified and stabbed by Longinus’ spear. Vishnu, Wittoba, and Adonis were all crucified saviors stabbed in the side as well. Christ, meaning “the anointed one” was a term applied to Attis, Adonis, Tammuz, Osiris, Krishna and many other pre-Christian gods. Even the name “Christ” is a variation on KRST (Horus, The Anointed One) or Krishna (commonly spelt “Christna” or “Christos” in Bengali) thousands of years before Jesus supposedly walked the Earth.

“The word Kristo and its derivations, Krst, Krist, Kristo, Khyst, and Krish-na, all appeared in every ancient religious system and showed the original Kristo concept was believed to be the personal and invisible mediator and guide between God and everything spiritual in man. The Krist concept has been an ancient religious tradition continually suppressed by the Catholic church through the centuries.” -Tony Bushby, “The Bible Fraud”

“At the Council of Nicea were not only Christian leaders from Alexandria, Antioch, Athens, Jerusalem and Rome but also the leaders of the many other cults, sects and religions, including those of Apollo, Demeter/Ceres, Dionysus/Bacchus/Iasios, Janus, Jupiter/Zeus, Oannes/Dagon, Osiris and Isis, and ‘Sol Invictus,’ the Invincible Sun, the object of Constantine’s devotion. The purpose of this council was to unify the various competing cults under one universal or ‘catholic’ church, which, of course, would be controlled by Constantine and Rome. As noted, Rome claimed the ultimate authority because it purported to be founded upon the ‘rock of Peter.’ Thus, the statue of Jupiter in Rome was converted into ‘St. Peter,’ whose phony bones were subsequently installed in the Vatican. In a typical religion-making move, the gods of these other cults were subjugated under the new god and changed into ‘apostles’ and ‘saints’ … As stated, it is maintained that during the Nicene Council the names Jesus and Christ were put together for the first time in the phrase ‘Jesus Christ’ or ‘Christ Jesus,’ uniting two of the major factions, with Jesus representing the Hesus of the Druids, Joshua/Jesus of the Israelites, Horus/Iusa of the Egyptians and IES/Iesios of the Dionysians/Samothracians, and Christ representing the Krishna/Christos of India, the Anointed of the Jews and KRST of Egypt, among others. It is thus alleged that the phrase ‘Jesus Christ,’ which had never been a name, does not appear in Greek or Latin authors prior to the first Council of Nicea.” -Acharya S., “The Christ Conspiracy” (236-7)

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Jack said...

Hey Eric good article, It's true both Christianity and freemasonry came from gnosticism. But Christians say we are not associated with gnosticism and Freemasons also deny their links with gnosticism.
But those are their lies to mislead people about their true origins, the reality is all three - gnosticism, Christianity and freemasonry are deeply intertwined with each other and are working against the well being of humanity. These vile organizations should be wiped off the face of the earth.

Anonymous said...

Holy Moly:

Anonymous said...

If the records in the Bible are reflected in every culture of Mankind, it seems more logical to recon there might be something to them, rather than to dismiss them in favor of dead-ancestor/Earth-bitch worship, as the Papists did.

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks Jack, and Anon, nobody's saying there's not "something to them," myself and the Gnostics are both saying there is indeed a lot more to them.

Unknown said...

To be honest, the Gnostics and Agnostics are no better than the Christians.

The consequence is all the same - a deeper trance-hypnotizing experience of gaining more and more "knowledge," which is the very source of misery and duality in the first place.

I can testify to this myself. The more human-induced knowledge I am forced to sink in, the more confusing and hypnotic it becomes. Same deal with meditation, prayer, and the whole spiel.

But, hey, this is just me.

Andriulli said...

I don't mean to attack but I am in disbelief at the user who said Gnosticism and Masonry are the same evil as the Church :0
then another says studying mediation and the mysteries is the key to suffering?!

Eric what has happened?! I just woke from a nap, did I wake in the timeline b universe?! Haha

No understanding the mysteries is the intellectual portion behind accepting your cosmic anointing.

No, The gnostic groups were hunted by the church (the Templars used qabbalistic code to hide Sophias name in Baphomet). They are not the church. The reason the mystery schools such as the masons developed such ridiculously thorough symbolism was not only to filter their audience, but to hide their perceived blasphemies from subversives from the church. Who hunted the Templars? Exactly.

The church and all ideologies who preach salvation is only possible through the church and their savior/techniques are the enemy of true man (Anthropos).

Gnostic, Neoplatonic, Buddhist, etc ideals which expose mans own divinity and self salvation are the "good guys". The 33* of masonry, analogues to the 33 vertebrae of the spinal column, and their correspondences to awakening kundalini, are redemptive lessons. Not oppressive.

Now were the masons subverted? More like innoculated and rendered useless and unable to even comprehend their own origins. The masons are not bad guys, they are a relic of a better class of resistance before the Internet. The so called satanic masons in politics are nothing more then morons in "daddy's club". The bohemian grove bs is nothing more then adult fraternity parties. None of these people know the PROFOUND truths behind anything they do any more.

You really think John Kerry has experienced Gnosis or knows how to summon Archons? We in the truth movements must do a better job.

Lol sorry for the rant this is just a topic I am enamored with. Eric helped me get into Gnosticism and I have been studying the historical and theological aspects of the Mystery schools since then.


Eric Dubay said...

Great comment Andriulli, you're right about the history of freemasonry. Currently, I think the only positive thing about Masonry is the occult knowledge they teach... but again, with the internet, it's easier, quicker and safer to just do your own research. There are plenty of books by defunct Masons exposing all their secrets, symbols, numerology, myths, etc. I have a couple loyal readers who have purposely joined the Masons to try and leak me and others information... neither of them has learned anything they couldn't have learned with an internet connection and library card :)

Unknown said...

Andriulli - hold on a moment here.

Should we not face the possibility, however terrifying, horrifying, grotesque, and mind-shattering, that the entire "intellectual-hyper-spiritual" truther movement has not only been hijacked, but is co-opted unwittingly into serving the the same agenda as that of the "evil" elites of the world? In other words, the "truthers" and the "liars" are on the same side.

Now, this is the most important point. For some reason every single conspiracy "theorist" seem to neglect the application of the Hegelian dialect to their own actions,and claim that their "reactions" are not "reactions" nor that their "resistance" is "the anti-thesis to the elites' thesis." This is unfortunately self-delusional bullshit - resistance is resistance, and this is the required anti-Thesis of any Hegelian dialect process. We all know this. In other words, the Hegelian dialect only applies to the Elite, not to themselves, according to the "truthers." This is akin to claiming that only guys watch porn, and women are forever innocent creatures who would never dare, ever to watch a bit of adult fantasy.

The Hegelian dialect, requires the full cooperation (resistance) of "truthers" who are equally pushing for a "new world [order]" - I need to name only say, Andrew Gavin Marshall, and other more fanatical "warriors" (Alex Jones, Icke and company) out there who are blathering out nonsense to "save the world," with no regard as to how the foundation of the actual agenda of total control and confusion actually works. The Freemasons, the Church, Islam, Jews, Zionists, Nazis, Gnostics, Agnostics, Atheists,etc; the whole gang - are all one and the same, in the larger picture.

How does the agenda work? It requires your resistance, your self-proclaimed "desire" to "save" your soul, your wealth, your health, your trance-inducing "life" from those who going to take it away. The ultimate "false flag" is a false flag that conceals another, higher-order false-flag operation, designed to fully imprison you, under the facade of "freedom."

Heather said...

His info puts it together. ASTROTHELOGY

Unknown said...

Great post :)
Out of curiosity have you read a book called the Thirteenth Stone by R. Lewis?

Anonymous said...

Masons worship the demiurge (whom they call the architect) which is the equivalent of satan in gnosticism. To say that masons are gnostics is the same as saying that brahmins and jains are the same because both use the swastika and other esoteric india symbols. This said, most self-called gnostics you find today are satanists and new age NWO agents by proxy.

Anonymous said...

To expand on my previous comment: freemasons can use symbols from gnosticism like Sophia, but the purporse or their esoteric knowledge is to achieve power for themselves while enslaving others. They don't want gnosis which is impossible for them within their psychopathic mind frame.
Almost every religion has been hijacked by the ruling powers who have twisted it for their own purposes both at an exoteric and esoteric level. So we must be like the great swan which picks only the milk from poisoned milk.