Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Renaissance Radio #18

This week on the show we're joined with my parents Roger and Kim Dubay and my aunt and uncle Ronnie and Julie Dubay to discuss eugenics, GMO genetically altered food, bovine growth hormone, Monsanto, Aspartame poisoning, melamine in baby formulas, more on vaccinations, fluoridated water, cell phone radiation, Codex Alimentarius, vegetarianism, corporate vs. family farming, non-hybrid and terminator seeds, and the rest of the health conspiracy. We then continue on to forced sterilization, population reduction, Chinese one-child policies, sterilization vans, HPV, wellness and longevity, mandatory HDTV in America, Pentagon designed TV flicker rate, Alpha brain waves, hypnotism/suggestion, culture creation, predictive programming and more.

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C. L. DeMedeiros said...

This is fascinanting: A brand new World.
I hope with less crap

Awesome blog

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks Mr. DeMedeiros, I hope for a bit less crap in the future too ;-) Peace