Monday, December 1, 2008

Wake Up Call Movie

Wake Up Call Remastered is one of the best entry-points into the rabbit-hole for those unawakened sleepy sheeple around you. It takes clips from many of the best truth documentaries and gives it a Matrix overlay encouraging viewers to take the red pill down the conspiracy rabbit-hole.


Anonymous said...

Cool blog! Some of the "devil horns" hand signals from people are taken out of context at times though. A lot of people use it to say "I love you". Anyone from Texas, or who graduated from the university there knows it is the "hook 'em horns" hand sign- they do it at the games and other events including graduation. George Bush always responds with the hand signal because there are people in the audience from Texas/grads. But for the others...weird!

Ta-Wan said...

A little out of context until you have read the book that they are from. Try it.

The book

the video

Anonymous said...

I went through your "picture" book.. and i still have to agree with the person above.. hand signals from people are taken out of context!
Since the "devil horns" are now (present day) the symbol used in Sign Language meaning "I love you".. that is what everyone is using AND MEANING. And then not everyone holds their fingers the same way. My husband can't even bend is pinky.

And the "M" sign. ROFL.. that is just hilarious. That is the naturual way your fingers hold with muscles and stuff. Your fingers in your blog look like they are doing that.

Anonymous said...

Took a look at the book and the movie and I cannot escape the fact that some people see monsters in the closet in their adult life. Please do us all a favor and see a therapist or something. I am concerned that after speaking with several people 10+ years younger than myself (I am only 40). That they take information like this since it's "on the web" it must be true. When in fact it's sources are spurious at best. Allegation and innuendo = smoke and mirrors.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the "I love you" sign, it doesn't matter what the user intends. It doesn't matter what you THINK it means, if it really means something else. Please look into who invented sign language and suddenly it makes a lot of sense why it's so similar to the cornuto sign..although yes, it could also be coincidence.

EVERYTHING can be said to be taken out of context. If a person were to be caught on image giving the Nazi salute he could claim the same, and might perfectly well be innocent of it! But 2 times? 5 times? 50? Please try to broaden your scope of vision to notice the PATTERN of things. That is how most our human knowledge has been reached, observing patterns and drawing conclusions from it. Anyone who takes ANY information at face value is a fool. But the reverse is also true. Disregarding info on the sole basis of it being "conspiracy theory" is even more foolish. Problem with most people is that they rely on a rigid belief system to give their daily lives a false sense of "making sense of it all", and any info that comes along to challenge that view is quickly disregarded without scrutiny..

Sylvain Lamoureux said...

Great film and I came across your blog by accident. I will be going through it.
Keep up the good work.

Here are links to my blogs - let all the awakened come together.

Hope you like them.

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