Monday, June 17, 2013

The Freemasonic Statue of Liberty

Did you know the Statue of Liberty was given to America by French Freemasons? There is another statue just like it in France on an island in the Seine. The character propagated as “Lady Liberty,” supposedly derived from the Roman goddess Libertus, is simply a patriotic pseudonym for the public. Lady Liberty has been known throughout history as Isis of Egypt, Semiramis/Ishtar of Babylon, Athena of Greece, Astarte of Syria, Cybele of Rome, Ashtoreth of Israel, and Diana of Ephesus. She is the Pagan mother Goddess of the Brotherhood, nearly always depicted dressed in robe, wearing a crown of thorns, and carrying the torch of illumination. She is symbolic of both the Moon and “dog-star” Sirius, which is why the English word for God is simply Dog backwards. The “dog days” of summer was coined after Sirius and was believed to be an evil time. J. Brady in “Clavis Calendarium” says the dog days were known as a time “when the seas boiled, wine turned sour, dogs grew mad, and all creatures became languid, causing to man burning fevers, hysterics, and phrensies.” This hot time was associated with hot-headedness. This is why you’re Sirius when you’re Serious. This is also the occult origin of the all-American “hot dog.” July 4th, America’s Independence Day, just happens to be the 2nd of Sirius’ dog days – an important date to the pre-Masonic Knights Templar.

It is the date of the Templar's massive defeat by Muslim armies in the Holy Land at the Horns of Hattin on 4 July AD 1187, which was followed by the loss of Jerusalem to Christendom. There could therefore hardly be a more evocative 'Templar' or 'Solomonic' date than 4 July - evocative, that is, of the aspiration to build Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem. The reader will also be aware, of course, that 4 July is Independence Day in the US, commemorating the signature of the Declaration of Independence and converting the date forever into a powerful talisman that spells out 'Independence' and 'Freedom" for the New World and, now by and large, for a new world order.” -Graham Hancock and Robert Buaval, “Talisman” (470)

The symbol for the U.S. dollar is $, sometimes with one or two vertical lines. The “S” and “I” have nothing to do with “dollars” and everything to do with “ISIS.” The Egyptian Goddess of the Moon and Sirius was “ISIS” and this is the most common name for her used by the Brotherhood. The dollar sign is actually an occult talisman to this Illuminati Goddess. This is why both the Statue of Liberty/Isis and her dollars are both the same color green. The ancient roots of the word Moon were “mon” and “min” which is why we have “money” made at the “mint.” The very idea of money and symbolic currency comes from ancient secret societies.

“Silver was connected with the moon and therefore with the Goddesses of the moon, the most famous of which was and is ISIS. So her name became the symbol of money. We find this today in the cleverly camouflaged motif - $- which is nothing more than the sigil for the name of I-S-I-S, but fused together in an ingenious manner.” -Michael Tsarion, “Astrotheology and Sidereal Mythology

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Sergio Recio Gamo said...

I knew some of this, but not all. A very interesting article to me. Thank you very much!

The Guy003 said...

Again fascinating. Considering the time period and the place of origin, not much surprise there, but still very fascinating. America is to a large extent a country built by the designs and efforts of the Freemasons

Druv said...

Nice! I always wondered about their origins.

Druv said...

Eric please read the following blog, it is written by a Indian chemical-ship captain who has given great insights.

Eric Dubay said...

You sent me his blog once before, good stuff. Thanks.

codex said...

"There is another statue just like it in France on an island in the Seine."

Yep, there's also a statue just like it in Austria, Germany, Kosovo, Norway, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Ireland, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, China, Israel, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Australia.

What's your point?

Eric Dubay said...

Wow! You copied all the replicas from Wikipedia in the exact order Wikipedia lists them... then pasted them here to hone your skills at being an argumentative prick. Congratulations, job well done!

Replicas of the Statue of Liberty

robbie said...

thanx eric, excellent teaching as always !!
so true about silver ...moon
thats why even the medals (med EL) are 1st place GOLD (SUN)
2nd place SILVER (MOON)
3rd place bronze (earth) and note they are round disc !!! yip oh and 3 steps that winners stand on in shape of pyramid ...and EL is always represented by 3 steps...
keep up the excellent work and STAY SAFE

codex said...

Congrats. Having a source is apparently illegal on this paranoia blog, har har. None of your blabber-full posts have credible foundations nor do they at all get to the point. The gist's of your posts seem to be that every governmental body is evil and that every word of a government official is a lie. You must live in a steel box attaining sustenance from a hypnotized midget that you re-hypnotize to make sure he doesn't cross you.

On another note if you knew anything at all about Freemason's (this one is to your Freemasonic hand signs gif) then you'd know that Freemason's don't go around letting everybody know that they are Freemason's. But you don't and all you can do is assume. Then we're led to believe that the government's are evil. Ha

Sahil said...

Excellent article eric, freemasons are obsessed with Egyptian gods and symbolism. The blazing star of freemasonry actually represents sirius the dog star related to egyptian deity anubis - dog faced god.

Also, their are many Egyptian obelisks erected by Freemasons at several places in America, London, sweden, germany etc. For example their is a 3500 year old obelisk called Cleopatra's needle nearby thames river in london orginally built by tutmosis III was transported to London from Alexandria, Egypt by a british freemason Erasmus Wilson.

Another old obelisk in central park new york orginally built by tutmosis III was brought by freemasons from alexandria.

The usual response of Freemasons regarding such things is blazing star is also present in Christianity and obelisks can be found in christian cemeteries. But we know the origins of Christianity and freemasonry are same, though on the surface both groups will keep on fighting with each other to confuse the masses.

@Druv Hey man you seem to be from india, Just wanted to share with you that...through my research I have found that many high ranking officers of british east india company that ruled india for more than 200 years and committed several atrocities on Indians were all Freemasons. Freemasons are still ruling in India through their lodges established during colonial years.

Druv said...

Ya, Rothschild owned the British east India company.They have opened offices in Delhi and mumbai now. They are here for corporate takeovers. They are targeting family based companies.

Rothschild are the ones who created paper based monetary system, if you check Fobes website. The world bank is in their hands.

And the "obelisks" that ur talking about is the shiva lingum..

Look up the image of the "Vatican square", you will see the shiva lingum.

Add me on gmail if you would like to talk more about it.

Druv said...

"obelisks" is a greek word, The part of the history that is manipulated that Greeks had a major transaction with India with the past. And many Greeks used to study in the Ancient Nalanda university which was destroyed by the Muslims when they invaded India.

Why these freemason and other cults use the shiva lingum? because they want the ancient power of Shiva.

Many warriors in India used to pray to shiva before war, like Sri Ram prayed to God shiva before going to war with Ravana.

Similarly, Arjuna prayed to Shiva before war as well.

These people want to use the same power, but they have no idea how to access it. Merely making the structure wont work. Besides their reason is for greed and lust for power.

With Shiva comes Shakti, his wife. Shakti literally means power. But we are only supposed to seek shiva who represents knowledge. Those who lust after power are destroyed by it.

The power of Kali the transformed state of Shakti who destroyed the demons who killed the Brahmins, and made necklaces out of their heads. Only when her husband "God Shiva" laid down in her path, she stopped due to love.

These Freemasons, and all other evil groups will be destroyed because they don't have the real knowledge, and their intent is for evil. They will fail, it is their inevitably.

People with Divya Gyan will destroy them.

Sahil said...

Thanks for replying druv, Rothschild are very active in India through their ties with masonic industrialists like vijay mallya. The masonic traitors like vijay mallya, were always present in India. The freedom struggle in india had many freemasons, some of them are listed in website :
Swamy Vivekananda, Motilal Nehru - Lodge Harmony, C. Rajagopalachary (Governor General of India), Sir C P Ramaswamy Iyer, Dr. P V Cheriy , and Fakruddin Ali Ahmed (President of India) all were freemasons.

It surprises me a lot why prominent freedom fighters like motilal nehru became part of British masonic establishments in india during the british raj. The whole indian freedom struggle seems to me was orchestrated to keep masonic bankers like rothschilds in control of indian political and economic system even after the so called independence.

The vatican square with an obelisk does resembles a shiv lingum. Some Freemasons also claim that the all seeing eye in the masonic symbolism represents the third eye of Shiva which they adopted from Christianity and Christianity took it from eye of Horus of ancient Egypt and the Egyptians took it from third eye of Shiva.

Whatever their symbols might be representing but it is clear to me that Vatican and its masonic cults are using ancient knowledge for evil purposes. I wish the golden age described in the Vedas comes soon and wipe away all the evildoers from the face of the earth.

Anonymous said...

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Kate said...

I love this post, thank you!

Half Navajo said...

Isis... is also how they named Israel... the homeland?

LeilaRC said...

Some of this sounds interesting, but hot dogs? Come on. I take take any kind of theory seriously when it includes hot dogs.

Though I'm not disregarding all of this, I think some of it is definitely reaching.

Unknown said...

"The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears
of Understanding"--The Kybalion.