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The Cure for Everything - Fasting, Detox, and Raw Living Foods

Dr. Robert Morse is an American naturopathic who has been practicing for almost 40 years and has cured over 100,000 people of every disease imaginable using simple detoxification methods and a Raw Vegan diet. Whether it's Diabetes, Candida, Kidney Stones, Fibromyalgia, Lupis, Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue, Autism, MS, Parkinsons, HIV/AIDS, Insomnia, Migraines, Heart Conditions, or Cancer, no matter the ailment, Dr. Morse is confident that the human body has the ability to completely regenerate and heal itself. See "Who is Dr. Morse" above and parts 2 and 3 here.

If given the opportunity, through fasting, cleansing, detoxing, and raw living foods, the human body can and will regenerate and rebuild at the cellular level. However, most people eat acidic meals 3 times a day every day and have never fasted or detoxed even once in their lives. This is equivalent to perpetually running a complex machine 24/7 for years and expecting it never to break down. But over time pipes get clogged, waste backs up, wear and tear take their toll, and the machine ultimately overheats and fails. Only then can repairmen come in, fix the pipes, remove the excess waste, and repair the damage done. It is exactly the same with the human body and our repairmen (self-regenerating cells/tissue) can only clean out and fix the machine when it's turned off. Fasting gives your internal organs the break they need to repair the damage of overuse. See "Detoxification The Art & Science" above and parts 2, 3, 4, and 5 here.

What allopathic doctors refer to as "diseases," Dr. Morse suggests could be more accurately termed "healing crises." The allopathic model merely lumps together a bunch of symptoms, gives them a name based on what part of the body they affect, then offers you unnecessary pills, vaccinations, radiation and surgeries that ultimately do more harm than good. Dr. Morse insists in his book "Illusion of Disease" that all these various medical diagnoses are misnomers which complicate the issue and disempower the patients:

"Medical Doctors simply fit a name to the respective symptom that occurs when acids damage the cells of the body (or set in motion an inflammatory response), and a symptom is experienced. Which is again simply: location, location, location! The location in the body = the name of the symptom ... The concept of diseases is ridiculous! It is fostered by the Pharmaceutical Companies. The concept of disease was perpetrated by the medical community to cast a 'mystique' over the general populous. Controlling man by fear, through the mystery of symptoms coming from the outside world. Setting themselves up as the potential 'life savers' with their bizarre chemical potions of pharmaceuticals, chemotherapy, radiation and radical surgeries. The ego, capitalism and totalitarianism consciousness has created a modality that can’t cure anything and conversely hurts and kills the largest number of humans ever seen. They are statistically and factually the largest killing machine of humans ever, including all the wars put together!" -Dr. Robert Morse

I hope everyone takes some time to listen to Dr. Morse and hear some of the incredible stories he has to share. He is a true healer, compassionate, knowledgeable, an amazing resource and inspiration for anyone suffering with health problems. Above is a great Review series, parts 2, 3, 4 here, and I highly recommend browsing through his YouTube channel here. Below are some choice quotes taken from his book The Great Lymphatic System:

One must understand why man is seeing so little CURING of their ailments these days, by most of the so-called “Health” Care Systems that currently exist. This is especially true of the Allopathic. The answer is simple. The focus is on the symptoms – not the causes! You always hear about their potential cures of Diseases, but you never see it happen – and you won’t. When one focuses on ones’ symptoms with the illusionary concept of diseases in mind, then one will never find Health & Vitality. One will never find a cure for what does not exist!

Let’s look at the human body simplistically for a minute. No matter what part of the body one wishes to look at, be it the liver, kidneys, skin, bones, hair, finger nails, etc ... all we are talking about are CELLS! The physical body is said to be made up of approximately 76 trillion cells. So no matter what group of cells called tissue (organs, glands, bones, etc.), the body is simply made up of a whole bunch of cells. Some are so small you can hardly see them. Others are as much as a foot long. So we can say the human body is simply a bunch of cells and two major fluids. Yes, we have a lot of chemistry in our physical bodies as well: minerals (especially calcium,) vitamins, toxins, microbes, e.g. janitorial bacterium, fungus, etc. But simply put: Our physical bodies are comprised of cells and two major fluids (blood and lymph).

Imagine for a minute that there’s only one God and God is all that exists. Wow! Imagine if you or I were the only thing that existed. This could be a little lonely and boring. I would want to experience other things and have endless experiences. To accomplish this I would need to create the illusion of separation from the one to the many, experienced through Duality. I would need to take my Energy and Intelligence (the One), and divide it into two opposite forces which is essential to have creation and it’s seemingly unlimited life forms. Opposites are essential to form action, travel and the like, called: matter, energy, space and time. With these two opposite forces, I now can create endless experiences of action and activity. But now instead of just love, I have its opposite: hate. Instead of just beauty, I now also have ugly. Good and bad, night and day, big and small, near and far, male and female ... follow me so far? Don’t make it difficult. Like in Creation, life always has two sides to it, no matter what, unless you learn the trick of the NOW where there is no time. Where all things become ONE again.

The only reason I needed to cover this is to get to chemistry. Obviously all matter is nothing but chemistry and all of chemistry is just different frequencies of energy. And pure energy has been called God. In quantum physics, they now can prove energy has intelligence ... So getting back to chemistry, all of chemistry, no matter what element, compound, or complex, has only two sides to it. Period! This world is simply chemistry (Energy) in motion! Again, understanding the nature of the two sides of chemistry is vital in understanding what damages or weakens your body, or more specifically, it’s cells (and what strengthens it). It is obvious that each side of chemistry is the opposite of each other in its actions. Understanding which side of chemistry damages the cells (tissues) of the body, and which side of chemistry repairs or regenerates the cells, is vital to understanding life and death.

For the sake of argument, lets give each side of chemistry a gender. Lets say that one side of chemistry is the male side, and the other side is the female side. One could say that the male side of chemistry is the aggressive side and the female side is the passive side. Males traditionally like to take things apart to see how they’re made, while females like to build nests or create things. So male chemistry breaks things down and female chemistry builds things up. The male side of chemistry leads to an endless array of negative symptoms that Allopathic Doctors call: “Diseases.” Before we go on, lets put the actual “names” that chemistry gives to these two sides of itself. The male side of chemistry is called acids. The female side of chemistry is known as the base side or alkaline side of chemistry.

We need some acids in life when aggressive activity is required. However, acids are generally the by-products of activity, e.g. metabolism, respiration, and most chemical activity in general. The body does produce a few acids e.g. for initial protein digestion and in some steroids; specifically estrogen & testosterone. However, obviously, the body also produces their alkaline neutralizer, as well. Acids require alkaline chemistry to neutralize them. One can see from the above how important it is that one’s diet must be predominantly alkaline in its chemistry or one becomes acidic. The importance of the body being predominantly alkaline is seen with the blood. Our blood must be alkaline (approximately 7.3-7.4) or death would be imminent, so when we eat acid forming foods, the blood must find (or steal) alkaline chemistry to keep its alkalinity or pH balance! This constituent is mainly calcium and the blood will steal it out of its own walls, hence spider or varicose veins. As said earlier, when acids begin to build up in our bodies, we begin to have symptoms.

Acids are generally cell by-products, which are dealt with through one’s lymphatic system. At first, simple stiffness, pain and swelling; then deeper problems affecting the function of the cells and tissues will begin. This in turn can affect hormone, steroid, and neurotransmitter production. Tissues can then become hyperactive at first but will always end up hypo-active, which is “under-active” tissue like hypothyroidism. Remember, acids will eventually break down cells, ending in cancer cells. During this process, the respective tissue fails to perform their functions. Remember, this is a simplistic overview. Always keep it simple.

Basically, proteins are acid forming, and carbohydrates are alkaline-forming. However, most grains are acidic in their digestive ash. Most fruits and vegetables are alkaline-forming and most proteins are acidic. Most grains are acid forming, as well as most beans. Raw dairy products are alkaline, but if they are pasteurized they become acidic. Please note that after age 2 or 3 a child cannot digest dairy products any more. He/she is supposed to be weaned! Young children can’t tolerate cows milk at all.

Remember that chemistry has only two sides to it. Basically, the Acid side can damage the cells and tissues of the body. The Alkaline side can rebuild the cells and tissues of the body. To put this all in context, we must look at man’s diet worldwide. Except for Islanders, man has developed a habit of eating high protein diets. Mostly 250 – 450 grams per day of protein. This includes meat or other types of protein at least two to three times per day. At this level of Acid consumption, colon and kidney damage is eminent! The news is always reporting on high protein diets and how it is related to the rise of colon cancer. However, Kidney damage also occurs! Both of these vital lymphatic eliminatory organs affect the efficiency of proper Lymphatic elimination (filtering). A client came to me the other day and she was peeing out parts of her bladder. Come to find out, she had been on the Atkins Diet for 5 years.

In review, the weakening of one’s Lymphatic elimination organs backs up this system, allowing for the retention of cellular wastes, which are acids. These acids create an Immune Response that we call Inflammation. Inflammation is a natural Immune response to what? Mostly acids (proteins). This begins the downhill functioning of the cells’ tissues, organs and glands of the body. This in turn, affects things like sugar metabolism, nerve function, joint function, creates tumors & the formation of cysts, and on and on and on.

The word infection is simply an accumulation of sewage in the body, blamed on the bacterium that is only trying to help you break this sewage down. This is how stupid man has gotten. Because of this stupidity, we have suppressed and toxified the body with pharmaceuticals. The side effects of pharmaceutical drugs are usually far worse than the original problem, not the least of which is breaking down your liver and kidney function! The use of antibiotics is another 'killing machine,' the use of which has killed thousands and damaged millions of people. Antibiotics break down the body’s Immune/ Lymphatic system to the point where it becomes so weak that man’s genetics have gotten to the Chronic and Degenerative Levels! Man is in such serious trouble in his health issues that no treatment-based system can even touch the problem! The Medical Community is way out of its league. One must learn the truth and how one regenerates their body (cells). The Medical Community generally uses Acids (except for normal saline solution) to treat an Acid Condition of the body. The Naturopathic Community uses Alkali’s to cure Acid Conditions of the body. Which one makes the most sense to you?


Anonymous said...

Good post Eric! So what about STDs? Would a fasting or detox rid of that junk? Not saying I have any or anything :p

Anonymous said...

Also, how does coconut water fit into this? I heard it's very good for us, and I've been drinking the canned kind and feel great!

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Dublyn, if you check out Dr. Morse's channel he covers various STD's as well. I have a coconut every day, really all fruits are very good for us, and coconut water isn't any more or less special / nutritious than others, but here's a good page on its specific benefits:

Benefits of Coconut Water

For detoxing (and in the mornings for good elimination) it's best to eat lots of high water fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe, grapefruit, pomello, oranges, etc. but the most nutrients per calorie of any food is the banana, making it pretty much the perfect food for humans.

30 Bananas a Day .com

Spinach, Kale, Spirulina or Chlorella are the best alkaline yet protein rich greens. Mostly though, for detox and every day diet, fruits are where it's at. Doug Graham's 80-10-10 is pretty much the elite performance diet... 80 percent carbs from fruit, 10 percent protein from veggies, 10 percent fat from (soaked) nuts, seeds, and oils.

Low Fat, High Carb 80-10-10 Raw Vegan Diet

Anonymous said...

Eric hope you got some info on this. What would be a good way to start healing myself. I am 32 years old and suffer from erectile dysfunction. I have been eating more and more fruits lately and i can start seeing some progress. But how much fruit does one have to take and for how long. I am also trying real hard to stop eating bread and meat but it is hard for me at the moment (especially bread). Great blog you have btw. Keep on the good work!

Anonymous said...

What a great find, Eric!

He [Dr. Robert Morse] is a true healer, compassionate, knowledgeable, an amazing resource and inspiration for anyone suffering with health problems.

Agree with you 100%!

One question: do you think his opinion on Creation and God have something to do with his previous/current(?) membership with Rosicrutians?

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Anonymous 1, you're on the right track. Keep adding more raw fruits and veggies to your diet and eat as little meat, dairy, grains, soda, cooked food and refined sugar as possible. It takes a while to clean out years of toxification, but when you do, your energy and vitality will come back big time. I'd recommend doing an enema or two (can buy a kit and do at home) and a juice feast... take a week, 2 weeks, or a month and drink nothing but fresh fruit and vegetable juices. It has a fasting/detoxing effect, but the idea is to drink so much juice that you're always feeling full... abundance vs. scarcity consciousness... juice "feast." Also do some walking, swimming, rebounding, tai chi, or other such activity as often as possible to get your lymphatic system moving:

A Natural Cure for Impotence

Alkaline Foods Improve Erectile Dysfunction

Anonymous 2, I knew posting this to a bunch of conspiracy-minded folks would throw up red flags when he said he joined the Rosicrucians, and of course it made me suspicious for a while as well. He said he joined because he was interested in Out of Body / Astral Travel, wanted to learn more about it, and found the Rosicrucians studied/practiced OBEs. I doubt he progressed far in the organization, and I have found nothing to suggest that Dr. Morse is anything but a sincere, compassionate healer who happened to join as part of his journey. As for Dr. Morse's spiritual views, I find him to be quite open and doubt that he subscribes to any dogma. He's experienced at out of body travel, so much of his metaphysics comes from personal experiments.

Thanks for the comments! Peace

Anonymous said...

The ph diagram doesn't make sense. If you drink sodium hydroxide you'll be in top shape, or on the way to an early grave?

Eric Dubay said...

Alkaline FOODS, my sarcastic friend. No one is suggesting ingesting toxic alkaline chemicals.

Anonymous said...

eat light to be Light ;)

Anonymous said...

How can babies get AIDS when both parents don't have AIDS?

Big E said...

Thanks for the posting Eric, have been on an (almost) Vegan diet for nearly three weeks now and I feel fantastic. Didn't smell too good the first ten days or so but thriving now.

Most of my ailments have cleared up, acheing joints, gout, mouth ulcer. My eyes are glowing now and circulation is fabulous, quit drinking booze, down to five ciggy's a day and hoping to be off them in two weeks :)

Many Thanks for sharing this, top dude....

Eric Dubay said...

That's so great Ian! Congratulations on taking control of your health and really turning things around. It's inspiring to hear how many people have really benefited from switching to a high-raw, plant-based diet. People have been contacting me regularly with similar success stories. Keep it up! Peace

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised to learn Morse joined the Rosicrucians as he does throw Masonic hand signals (the 666 and devil's horn) during his videos.

Anonymous said...

What about the Eskimos.They eat just about all protein and fat with little to no fruit and are very healthy.Can you explain this?

Eric Dubay said...

They are not "very healthy." They are unfit, over-weight, and die 10 years younger than everyone else in North America:

"Inuit Greenlanders, who historically have had limited access to fruits and vegetables, have the worst longevity statistics in North America. Research from the past and present shows that they die on the average about 10 years younger and have a higher rate of cancer than the overall Canadian population. We now know that greatly increasing the consumption of vegetables, legumes, fruits, and raw nuts and seeds (and greatly decreasing the consumption of animal products) offers profound increased longevity potential, due in large part to broad symphony of life-extending phytochemical nutrients that a vegetable-based diet contains." Link

David said...

I started reducing animal products and eating fruits and vegetables the lat 3 months, with remarkable results. I am 48 yrs old and am shocked to hear horror stories from friends and family around me. My brother in law has MS, a friend just had an aneurysm and can barely say two words. I find there is a lot of skepticism when approaching sick people or their families. Even when they agree in principle, they find it difficult to monitor and assist the patient in the crucial moments of the day when he or she gives in to temptation. The patients never get a chance to get their body to crave fruits and vegetables and feel less desire for meats. Is there something I can present as a motivator, such as a dramatic case where the patient was cured? Some documents that have numbers of people with serious diseases/symptoms and rate of success being on this diet? I want to help people but I need ammunition.

Much appreciated!!!

Eric Dubay said...

Hey David, glad to hear you're getting good results. I know it's difficult to get people on board with this stuff but there's no lack of great info on the net. Check out Dr. Robert Morse, Dr. Doug Graham, Dr. Michael Greger, and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn just to name a few. See if you can get your hands on the documentaries: Forks Over Knives, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, Eating, and Food Inc. There's so much more but start with that, and here's a great presentation you'll love:

Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death

Matthew said...

Eric, I was vegan for almost a year and developed dishydrosis (hand eczema). I was eating some "vegan junk food" from time to time so I cut that out for about three months and the problem persisted. Sadly, I tried incorporating meats back into my diet almost 6 months ago to try and fix the eczema, with no better results. On my hands I use colloidal silver, braggs acv, coconut oil, and numerous creams with decent results about 1/2 the time. I've had this for a year now and altogether maybe one month of it they have been clear. I have listened to some of Dr. Morse's videos in the past, but it has been difficult to find a video on it. 1/2 of my food intake is fresh fruits; apples, bananas, pears, oranges, and honey. 1/4 nuts, hemp seeds, spinach, kale, squash, and other veggies. With the remainder being meat, rice, quonia, and some bs fast food.
*Also, I did do a two day fast last August with good results that lasted for about a week. Basically, I'm seeking some advice from you, because this stuff hurts!

I am going to jump back off the train and go vegan, not only for my hands, but also for vibrant health

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Uncle Matthew, thanks for the comment. Glad to hear you've been experimenting with veganism, sorry to hear about the hand eczema though. I would recommend alkalizing because such skin conditions usually result from lymph (acid) stagnation in the affected area. That would mean cutting out all fast food, meat, dairy, and general junk food, then sticking with fruits, vegetables, potatoes, rice, quinoa, etc. that you mentioned. If you have a juicer, making a daily green juice would help the alkalization process, or else buy an anti-oxidant alkaline water filter like I use, which mineralizes, purifies and alkalizes the water to pH 9-9.5 Beyond that I'd recommend oxidization through deep breathing:

Pranayama / Qigong

And also some hand yoga would be good. I've been planning to make a YouTube video with my hand yoga routine for a while, so I'll make it then post it here when it's up. It may take several days, but I'll get to it soon, and what that will do is help break up the lymph and chi stagnation in your hands. Good luck, hope that helps :) Peace

Matthew said...

Thanks Eric. I'll have to try and alkalize through the steps you've mentioned. We do drink the 9.5 water. Looking forward to the video, thanks for the advice and keep up the great work.

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Uncle Matthew, sorry for the wait, but here's the Hand Yoga video I promised:

Hand Yoga - Stretch, Strengthen and Heal Your Hands

This is a great hand yoga routine for stretching, strengthening, and healing yourself from arthritis, carpel tunnel, or other hand problems. Since there are so many meridians which end at each finger and toe, energetically and holistically speaking, hand and toe yoga is very important and often overlooked. It's also very unassuming so you can do hand yoga while waiting in line, sitting on a bus, or anytime no need for a yoga mat :) Note: that's not eczema on my hands, one of my Wing Chun students forgot to cut their nails! Peace

Eric Dubay said...

Freelee's mom cured her 57 year-long bout with eczema after changing to a vegan diet:

How I Cured My Eczema After 57 Years

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric, I wanted to know if it is possible to rid yourself of Herpes Virus 1 and 2 through fasting and a raw diet?

Eric Dubay said...

I haven't watched it yet but here's Dr. Robert Morse on Herpes

Anonymous said...

What does Dr.Morse think about using Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother?
Is it beneficial?

Also,can someone please provide a complet list of fruits and veggies Dr.Morse reccomends eating?
I have listened to hours of his videos and he does last specificity,all he say's is berries,melons and I forget.

I want to order his herbal formula's too,but they are taking a while to respond to me.

bhattathiri said...

Excellent idea
For those who like to drink cold water, this article is applicable to you. It is nice to have a cup of cold drink after a meal. However, the cold water will solidify the oily stuff that you have just consumed. It will slow down the digestion. Once this “sludge” reacts with the acid, it will break down and be absorbed by the intestine faster than the solid food. It will line the intestine. Very soon, this will turn into fats and lead to cancer. It is best to drink hot soup or warm water after a meal.

A serious note about heart attacks: Women should know that not every heart attack symptom is going to be the left arm hurting. Be aware of intense pain in the jaw line. You may never have the first chest pain during the course of a heart attack. Nausea and intense sweating are also common symptoms.

60% of people who have a heart attack while they are asleep do not wake up. Pain in the jaw can wake you from a sound sleep. Let’s be careful and be aware. The more we know, the better chance we could survive…

A cardiologist says if everyone who gets this mail sends it to everyone they know, you can be sure that we’ll save at least one life .

Anonymous said...

This guy is such a scammer , " Dr Morse ". He thinks foods effect ph of blood. Really? Does he not understand stomach acid changes ph of everything and it must be neutralized by alkalinity upon entering the duodenum or else it'll burn your intestine away? Proteins have not been shown to cause " kidney damage " as they are not the same ph after digestion. He doesn't talk about the importance of vitamin D3 either. Vitamin D3 reduces 80 percent of all cancers. Hm. Brandon cintron was his best student and stopped following him because he scammed some sick lady, and he became sick like many others. If you eat food from nature, you'll be fine. How has the ketogenic diet been proven to reverse kidney disease, fatty liver disease, and cancer? The list goes on an on. We need NUTRITION not FRUIT an lymph. Nutrition will move lymph because its a transporter of alkaline minerals. Salt potassium v itamin D3 iodine etc all absorb into lymph and move it. We need NUTRITION for the adrenals for the kidneys to function. Not fruit. I could rant all day. Dont follow this guy I ruined my health following this bullcrap.

Anonymous said...

Can fasting cure herpes 2?

Unknown said...

Eric what do you say about the "vitamin B12"? (which seems to be the only argument for omnivorous acts). . .

Eric Dubay said...

Hey John, low B12 is a modern world / soil depletion issue, not a vegan issue. There are more meat-eaters with B12 deficiencies than vegans, and B12 isn't a vital vitamin for healthy people anyway. If you find it to be an issue you can just buy it in a bottle and keep eating healthy and compassionately, no need to murder animals for their flesh. Long-term high-raw, high-carb, low-fat vegan blood tests are perfect:

Healthy Vegan Blood-tests

The Truth about B12

Kevin said...

is there any protocol and testimonials regarding gall bladder flushes? I have gallstones , am 57 and all the doctors say remove the organ. I have heard of flushes, but never have talked to anyone who has done them or success. even a Holistic doctor here in Kansas city , who has heard of them , discouraged me from attempting it. is there any instruction or ideas on this? thanks! KW

Rachel Elderts said...

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Bouyantblue said...

I have a question, is there a natural way to reduce psychosis? Or Schizophrenia?

Unknown said...

Hello Eric,

Greetings from the Netherlands. There is a health study i didnt see you researched yet. It's called the GNM: the german new medicine. Something you really should look into. At least long enough untill you know why i share this with you. You know what i mean when you find it. Here some websites for you to start with:

Good luck and take care,


alison ross said...


Please could you help me? I am 54 years old and have lived on a diet heavy in dairy
most of my life..especially milk! At the moment I am vegetarian but but would like to go raw vegan. Firstly though I would like to clean out and neutralise my lymph system
with the two raw fruits one raw salad detox. Unfortunately I have a problem with nuts and seeds ..I feel quite unwell after eating them is there any substitute for the protein part of the diet ? Is there any literature on how best to start ..what quantities to eat? long to maintain the detox etc?

Thank you so much
Alison Ross

Andrea R. Williams said...

You may even ask the specialist the inquiry "How to cure a yeast disease?" Be set up to find the accompanying solutions: how long do yeast lasts

Petam said...

This post has inspired me to venture into raw foods. I am thinking of a juice diet. A friend of mine was on it and told me what a great difference it made to him. This post makes all sense as I know we are feeding our bodies toxic so called food.

rakisseia said...