Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Obama Deception Full Movie

Here it is! Man your battle-stations info-warriors!


Anonymous said...

I hope this reaches those who need to see it most. The ones who do need to most see it are the least likely to, and the most likely to have mental blocks to accepting the message.

But here's hoping. There is after all an increasing realisation taking place...

Anonymous said...

Thank You Eric, this vid is extremely important for everyone to watch

Eric Dubay said...

I agree. I've sent it to over 500 people so far. This video is going super viral, guaranteed. The title is just intriguing enough to get those hype-notized Obamanauts to watch. It's gonna open lots of minds

Anonymous said...

Thanks Eric, I found your blog by the way of Challenging you....

I posted it on my blog as well and now subscribed to your blog.

Anonymous said...

This is end-times scary.

debbie longlegs said...

Hi there

Its reached me in the UK and I really needed to see this stuff. I have been asleep and now I am awake.

I am all of 42 years old and a mum and have only got to grips with how the economy works, I fell upon this site due to me trying to find this info and am completley overwhelmed.

Thank you for all the time that has gone into making available this information. I cant belive I have been soooo unaware and not to sure what to do and how to do it.

Its hard to get people to take this in as no one seems to want their bubbles burst but burst it must.

I am going to pass on this link to as many people as I can and hopefully they will do the same. Its soooo hard to know what I can do other than this but I guess it is a start.

This page is now marked as favorite and I will keep visiting for updates.

Best wishes and much love

Debbie Longlegs x