Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What Can One Person Do?

Of all the questions people email me, by far the most common and frankly, most annoying is "what can we do? what can one person do to counter-act all this NWO stuff?"

I understand the feeling of powerlessness and futility in affecting change, but really that's all it is is a feeling, not the actuality. Let me give you my own example as one in an infinite number of possibilities. After waking up and researching this information I felt the same way, but decided to see for myself what effect one person can have. The first step is exposing this conspiracy and awakening others. Not until there is a global awareness of these matters will group actions begin to dismantle the system, so, as Alex Jones has deemed, this is an infowar (www.infowars.com)

I started by going to www.big-boards.com and posting threads to 100 different message boards about the New World Order, 911, Federal Reserve etc. and for months was keeping up with posts from nearly 100,000 people on those boards. Then I created a Myspace page (which has now been deleted thrice - www.myspace.com/sheeplerevolt) and I used to spend hours inviting people to read my articles and watch the documentaries. At times I had many thousands of myspace friends from this. So then I decided I'd write a book about it all, The Atlantean Conspiracy, which now has over 200,000 downloads and 50+ hard copies sold. Then I created the www.atlanteanconspiracy.com blog which has collectively had over 100,000 hits (my first counter died), and a Renaissance Radio show which has thousands of listens.

First just add those numbers up to see what kind of affect one person can have in just a couple years. Then think about the ripple effects from all these things I'm mentioning... can you picture it? My whole extended family understands this information and they give my book to all their friends. They pass around documentaries and talk with everyone who will listen. It's all about setting those ripple-effects into motion. We are as powerful as the so-called "elite" and moreso because we have truth and compassion on our side. There is truly no limit to the different ways we can affect positive change against this "conspiracy." The first step is just getting in there, ante-ing up and doing something. Anything!!! The better question is will you!!?? Will you do something or just sit around trying to justify your inaction?


Ta-Wan said...

We are the awakened ones, we are the truly illuminated.

They are only good at inducing fear and falsities. Very good at it in fact, but that is all they have, a slight head start and dark tackticks...

...and as has been said a candle lights a dark room and darkness can have no effect on a room of light.

Anonymous said...

This is so true Eric. Everyone that is not sure what to do and don't feel they have the time that Eric puts into this. Just in your everyday walk of life sharing with people what you know. I don't always go out of my way to talk to stangers I don't know But in my personal life and work life everyone that knows me knows some of what I know. Not everyone will want to hear what you have to say. And that is ok for now I have planted the seed of truth and they may come around later. And the others that are awake becoasue of me it's fun sharing new info that I find with them. best thing is to turn it into a way of life sharing with whoever will hear what you have to say.... ""Dad""

Sergio Recio Gamo said...

I agree: "Knowledge is Power". Knowledge is the key.

That's why I am here ;)

Eric Dubay said...

Great comments guys, thanks.

Nightwatcher said...

Just yesterday i talked with a friend about exact this theme.

And as i made him clear how much influence u can have via the internet, how many ppl u can really reach if u want to.

I mean, just TRY to show 10 of ur friends (in real life) a Michael Tsarion DVD, not to speak of l00king together trough everything aviable..

Its nearly impossible - via internet i was able to share my 22 Michael Tsarion DVDs with now more than a dozen ppl who downloaded the whole ~20GB ! !

Who else is like that ??

TRY to watch 60 hours of lectures about occultism with 2 or 3 Real-Life friends; ure lucky if u find ONE who is really interested in such stuff

- most ppl just dont care -

Ppl online are all together "Neo-Neo´s" exploring the dark deep rabbithole with nothing more than their own inner light...