Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Alex Jones - Bilderberg Club's Plan

The Bilderberg Group just finished it's annual meeting, this year near Athens, Greece. 130 of the world's most powerful people, royalty, industrialists, bankers, and other power brokers meeting behind closed doors and armed guards with near complete media blackout. Their 2009-2010 agenda has been set and leaked via trusted sources. Watch Alex Jones on Russia Today explaining the history of the Bilderberg Group and their current plans.


Anonymous said...

Debemos desenmascarar a estos buitres del club bilderberg. Mas tarde ó mas temprano saldrá a la luz lo que estos señores hacen de espaldas a la humanidad.

Anonymous said...

hey alex, love your work im 100% behind you just watched your dvd and its a good eye opener excellent job! i wish i was there i would have a car full of explosives and blow them all up!!!