Sunday, July 26, 2009

FEMA Camps, Trains, Buses, Coffins, Martial Law, and Swine Flu

This is a debate on what all these FEMA camps, trucks, trains, coffins, and buses are for. What purpose do they have in American society?


Unknown said...

FEMA coffin liners were made awhile ago they have a US Government patent. They can hold 4 bodies in each coffin. The swine flu vaccine has a patent that was made in 2005. How did they no that the Swine flu would be here in 2009. Gunderson makes the fema trains they are for cars to be transported in. But the US government has ordered l07,200 of these car carriers awhile ago, Why does the government need car trains? The Army is looking to hire 31E internment workers with their ad for the fema camps this just happened.

Anonymous said...

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