Saturday, July 18, 2009

Obama's City Year Youth Brigades

Notice how they intersperse clips of Ghandi, JFK, and MLK, instead of something appropriate like Hitler Youth, or Mao Youth Corps.


Ta-Wan said...

Oh dear.

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks Margaret :)

john Grant said...

Hi Eric. Hello from the "great white north" aka Canada. I must admit that I am almost obsessed with the current political situation in the U.S. I have enjoyed your site and agree with your take on most things except your position that somehow the superstitious pagan religions are somehow superiour to Christianity. Its like comparing the technology of the horse and buggy to a modern car. There is alsolutly nothing that comes even close to the truth of Jesus Christ. I went to university in the 60's and went through the entire trip of looking for a better explaination of what's what ie drugs, eastern mysticism etc. I have just begun perusing your blog and will likely delve further despite my reservations about your religion comments.

Eric Dubay said...

Hi John, thanks for the message. I do not advocate pagan religions as superior to Christianity, nor any religion superior to any other. So I do hope you will read on as you mentioned and we can engage in more dialog in the future. Peace

Foodiest said...

I am happy to see that you are also teaching youth. Have you ever worked or lived in the inner city of New York, Philly, Boston? those kids need change. They need positive role models. Since when is spreading positivity anything like Hitler?

Eric Dubay said...

Hi Briana. Here are some of the concerns I have about City Year. It is poised to be the candidate for the current adminstration's mandatory service plan and their civilian green army which will use the well-meaning idea of community policing of carbon use/recycling/green living/more as a reason to intrude on people's privacy. Using military style training, hierarchies, excercies, drills, chanting, and uniforms, then sending these young troopers out into the communities to do the bidding of the organization. Why does peace, love, leadership, and community help need to be fitted in red jackets and trained like military? Why should people be trained, dressed, and treated like soldiers in a hierarchical system then be 'respected' by their community for submitting to go through that process? Why are they identifying with a red jacket just like Maoist youth corps... they were supposedly just doing what was right by ratting out their parents/communities in China. The City Year commercials were interspercing clips of Ghandi, JFK, and MLK, and implying that if you spend a year doing military style training, group think chants and excercises, wear a uniform and go out into communities to do the bidding of the City Year hierarchy, that you are somehow like Ghandi, JFK, and MLK. History shows us that youth corps like Hitler's or Mao's don't live up to the likes of JFK, MLK, and Ghandi... if there were some wonderful, altruistic youth corps in history to show as an example, surely the commercial would show clips of other great youth corps in history around the world... but no, they show Ghandi instead... like Ghandi and being in a youth corp have anything to do with one another. Peace

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