Thursday, June 21, 2012

Apollo Moon Hoax Videos

For those of you who know the moon landings were faked, I apologize for the current one-track focus, but there's too much willful ignorance on this matter and I want to compile a good Moon Landing Hoax Section so people can see all the overwhelming evidence in one place. Here are four excellent videos everyone should see:


Eric Dubay said...

To the anonymous commenter who always leaves irrelevant links with cryptic remarks: I'm not going to publish those anymore, especially if they're constantly from the same couple websites or about fear-mongering apocalyptic stuff. If you want to contribute please provide relevant links and say a little more in your comments. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Why are none of these films available?

Eric Dubay said...

To quote another anonymous:

'...multiple third party notices of copyright infringement' is the reason stated for the unavailability of these clips.

And if you believe that you will believe anything. A case of censorship, pure and simple.