Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I received messages a couple months ago from Kevin Kostelnik and Benny Wills, two roommates, actors and long-time Atlantean Conspiracy readers looking to find "their place in the truth community." Their amazing recent creation, JoyCamp, is the result of that desire to raise awareness and has succeeded wonderfully by using humor to shine a light on some rather dark subjects. Above are a few of my favorite clips they've created so far. Please support and subscribe to these hilarious free-thinkers.

Hi Eric! We don't know each other, but I'm a long time fan and supporter of you and The Atlantean Conspiracy. Both myself and my roommate, Benny, have had your site bookmarked for years as one of our go to sources for information. You've done a phenomenal job spreading the truth and we both commend you for that. For years we have been struggling trying to figure out our place in the truth community, and how we can share information and spread truth in our unique way. After years of travelling deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole, we've finally found our voice: making humorous and satirical videos that both entertain and spread awareness. The idea is to create a funny video that anyone can watch and enjoy, no matter what their perspective is on reality, and at the same time lay down some truth for them to absorb. The great thing is that someone who has no idea about any of the subjects we tackle can still watch and enjoy the silliness of the video, but also be stimulated with the truth placed in the overall message. We would be grateful if you would check out our videos, subscribe, and help get the word out. We're all in this thing together, and would love your support! Thanks for everything you do, brother.

Hey Eric... I'm Benny-- Kevin K's roommate and co-creator of JoyCamp. Thanks for the love man. You're really helping to put us on the map. I've been tumbling down the rabbit hole for ten years now trying to figure out how to help spread the word and wake people up... JoyCamp is my contribution. And we're just getting started... Your blog has been one of my go-to sources for information for almost three years now. Glad to be in contact.


kevinkostelnik said...

Eric, brother... thank you so much man. After all these years of pulling up your website to read your latest articles... and to see this... wow man. What an honor. Thank you so much, from myself and the rest of us. You will forever have a place in JoyCamp's heart. Cheers, brother. One love.

Tierney said...

That was so funny on so many levels. THANK YOU for that! :) finally, something I can post to Facebook that people will watch and not think I'm crazy. Very, very cool.

Anonymous said...

the disney princess video is funny.

i'm sometimes stuck in the awkward position of supporting these movies since i am dating a girl with a 7 year old kid.

nvra75 said...

That was too funny.

Conspiracy guy Ep 1 chem


OMG. when he walked away and threw his hands up i could totally relate. lol
Are you familiar with....

"come on Mary, lets go you stupid bitch"........"coming Dante"


that was classic!!!



i have been in that situation also.
i chose to alert the parents of the negative aspects of pedophile Walter Disney and his enterprise.

even after consistent proof is given to substantiate the claims the parent just wants to believe that sweet ole Walt Disney has their children's best interest in mind.

it becomes difficult to bear sometimes because i can see the indoctrination as it is taking place. i see the childs blank stare at the boob tube as the Beta/Theta waves alter brain patterns and place them in a "highly suggestible" state.

Most childrens programming/entertainment is meant to induce a trance like state. Im sure you see it on a regular basis.

it is difficult to talk to others about this stuff because they acknowledge it and then their brain resets to default in SAFE MODE, but it is also very difficult for me to say nothing at all.

that is why JoyCamp's is so funny to me.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the "rabbit hole" do you follow the White Rabbit?

Anonymous said...

WWOOFING it out in Paradise