Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Camp FEMA: American Lockdown

William Lewis' new documentary Camp FEMA: American Lockdown is hard-hitting proof that the FEMA concentration camps exist and are preparing to imprison American citizens. The rest of the 11-part documentary can be watched here.

Update: The video is down due to a copyright claim already :(


Anonymous said...

Hey there Son. I went to go and watch this and this came up....(This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Bridgestone Media Group.) I guess they want to get paid to see this. Unlike Alex Jones Hopes you will buy his Movies that come out but he just wants to get the word out. Just wanted you to know this link is no good now... ""Dad""

Eric Dubay said...

Yeah, that's too bad. When Alex interviewed William Lewis (creator of Camp FEMA) I could tell by his voice that he wasn't comfortable allowing it free on YouTube. He really shouldn't be such a stickler about royalties when he's putting out such serious/important info.

moha. said...

Greetings Eric ,
man , seems like the end is really approaching .
We are on the final steps just before the full launch of the blue beam .
It is very astonishing coincidence ,
lately , i saw a video on you tube of an islamic man of religion , saying that he has a confirmed news that the man who will confront the antichrist has been born more than 5-6 years ago - it is a big islamic prophecy , tells that a muslim man will challenge the antichrist on the public telling the all that he is not god and he is only the antichrist "Al dajjal"- what makes this strange is that this man -in the video - knows nothing about the conspiracy theory , just like most of the muslims do , so if you gather all this information together , the one can only exclude that the end is coming truely .
I expect the antichrist within 20 years .
But the probleme is that the islamic prophecies tell of disasters and a big war between the west and some people in Asia , followed by a christian islamic war , just before the antichrist appear, so even if we have sometime before him , yet this time is going to be very very tough .
One of the first signs is the swine flu disease and vaccine .
Btw, also the islamic prophecies speak of a serious pandemic will hit the people and kill them extensively , this is one of the signs of end of time for us , the muslim .
In fact , i have other signs , many of them coincide with what you are saying , maybe this is the main thing made me take your words for real .
We have to double our efforts , friend ..