Saturday, September 19, 2009

DHS' Michael Chertoff Pounded with 9/11 Questions on C-Span

This is great. The illusion is certainly fading. 9/11 was an inside job.


John W. Ratcliff said...


What is your point? Some 9-11 conspiracy wackos called in and Chertoff called them what they were, wackos.

Eric, you seem like a nice young man but you have clearly lost all capacity for rational thought.

Forget 9-11, anyone who bizarrely claims that men never walked on the Moon needs some serious psychiatric help because, apparently, you have lost all ability to think in a rational and sane manner.


Eric Dubay said...

6 of the 10 9/11 commissioners have come forward saying the investigation was a white-wash and a cover-up. By your logic, that means that over half the appointed commission was made up of "wackos." Good reason for a new investigation if you ask me.

I appreciate you looking out for my "capacity for rational thought." I was teetering on the edge there until I read your comment, which thankfully brought my rational capacities back. Good to know what John the admitted Freemason thinks of my anti-Mason website. Peace