Saturday, October 31, 2009

Charlie and Danny - Operation Illusory Control

The new video by Charlie and Danny is amazing! They have really stepped up their activism and the results are incredible. Their message, the delivery, their loving non-compliance with police/security, the mini-educations they are providing people; hats off to you guys once again. Keep up the great work.


Ta-Wan said...

I watched their whole channel the other night and I saw this one earlier this evening - it is stand out brilliant as they are so damn nice about it.

The strongest force is the most gentle as how do you oppose it?

The whole notion of not actually being protesters is too clever.

Eric Dubay said...

Yes, the term "expressing ideas" is so much more tolerated and unencumbered with connotations than "protesting." It disallows for illusory authority figures (police/security) to label and box them into a convenient category.

I just wrote to Charlie: Operation Illusory Control was amazing! This one and the Canary Warf video are my favorites... you guys are really stepping it up. I'm SO glad Danny is back with you Charlie. You two are a perfect duo... don't let a small difference of opinion allow you two to distance yourselves from one another again. I totally see why you made the videos about possible armed/violent revolution etc. and I totally see why Danny wouldn't want to be a part of that. But what's more important than either of your stances on that or any other issue... is that you two stick together as a team! You are the perfect complements to each other! I'm putting this video on my website right now.

And he replied: thanks Eric, your lovely message means a lot! =)


Ta-Wan said...

If the two of them can't get on then it sort of spoils the overall message of one love and hugs :D