Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall of the Republic - The Presidency of Barack Obama

Alex Jones' masterpiece Fall of the Republic is here. Do humanity a favor and send this documentary to your entire email lists! Let's get this important information out there.

Watch the entire film above or watch here in 14 parts

Fall Of The Republic documents how an offshore corporate cartel is bankrupting the US economy by design. Leaders are now declaring that world government has arrived and that the dollar will be replaced by a new global currency. President Obama has brazenly violated Article 1 Section 9 of the US Constitution by seating himself at the head of United Nations' Security Council, thus becoming the first US president to chair the world body. A scientific dictatorship is in its final stages of completion, and laws protecting basic human rights are being abolished worldwide; an iron curtain of high-tech tyranny is now descending over the planet. A worldwide regime controlled by an unelected corporate elite is implementing a planetary carbon tax system that will dominate all human activity and establish a system of neo-feudal slavery. The image makers have carefully packaged Obama as the world's savior; he is the Trojan Horse manufactured to pacify the people just long enough for the globalists to complete their master plan. This film reveals the architecture of the New World Order and what the power elite have in store for humanity. More importantly it communicates how We The People can retake control of our government, turn the criminal tide and bring the tyrants to justice.


Ta-Wan said...

Loading in a downward fashion as I type....

Ta-Wan said...

This is absolutely THE best of all these films as it offers facts, respectable sources and speakers, and talks on a level anyone can understand.

No forceful fear tactics, that can put many people off, but instead just; "here is the story - we need to all care about this together".

Eric Dubay said...

I agree Tao. This is Alex's best film and the easiest entry down the conspiracy rabbit-hole produced yet. I've sent it to my entire email list and I hope it turns into a viral chain mail. This is a massive red-pill to the matrix.

Anonymous said...

yes it's the Alex's best but it's also the most important.

Moha. said...

Greetings eric ,
"the public retake control " ! ! ! . No way .
I hate to be pessimistist , but i have to .
Dont you realize it people ? , the more the activists increase their efforts , the more the nwo increase their speed of carrying out their plans .
In other words , obtaining an affective masses of aware public maybe needs 3 to four years , and by the time this happens , the nwo people will set off the third word war along with lethal pandemics pretending they are a result of the biochemical weapons used then , the time will be already late .
I know that you hate such pessimistic view , but i think it is realistic as well .
Survive my friend , survive .
Peace .

Eric Dubay said...

I think you're under-estimating the speed of the exponential political/spiritual awakening happening. The tighter the empire squeezes it's fist the quicker the sand runs out of it's fingers. Listen to the Corbett Report's 100th (monkey) episode "100 Reasons We Are Winning" for an realistic/optimistic look at things:


Eric Dubay said...
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Eric Dubay said...

Here's the link again... it keeps getting cut off:

Moha. said...

Mr. Eric ,
i really wish you are right , but maybe you who is overestimating the speed and the influence of the awakening .
Still the numbers of the freed minds are low and hardly influencical .
The events are evolving very fast friend , soon the palestinian country will be declared , with a subsequent stabilization of the israeli borders , preparing the lands for their big guy , the antichrist .
Also , this swine flu , in my opinion what we see is only the beta version of the virus , the real lethal version of it , or any other one is not yet in the market .
If you noticed , the infection is mostly affecting the extremities of age , old and children , i.e , those whose immunity is exhausted or very young . The vaccines as you can see is mostly attacking the immune system , weakening it , i say that the vaccine will not accuse the death but rather it is working on the chickens , preparing them for the best moment when they are demanded to be eaten , the final version of the virus is not yet here .
Now , how many are those who will not take the vaccine and how many those who will ? .
When those who did or will take it realize the truth , it will be already too late for them . And us , too .
For the world war 3 , i see it very near .
Now you can see the reasons are prepared for it , the american missile and radar defense in the european countries , just miles from the russian borders , Georgia probleme , north korea is testing its missiles , iran are very close to make the first nuc. bomb , israel is in tension .
Syria is making allies . The chinese giant is a very good threat to the white house , economicaly and militarily , everyone seem to be going to the war , only time is needed for the reasons to evolve and for tension to increase , meanwhile , the seat of the antichrist is being made in israel .
Unfortunately , for the biggest half of the world , people like Alex , David , you , me , us are only paranoid persons .
We are few friend .

Sergio Recio Gamo said...


In fact, I agree with you: This is a very important and straight movie about the FACTS around the New World Order that is coming.

Perhaps it's the best movie of Alex Jones about the matter. It have another style, very different from the others. This one is based entirely on interviews with the people that know and see the big picture. Educated people. Good people. People that talks with confidence and about FACTS.

I think this is a video that anyone can give to a sceptic -but smart- friend and say: "Here are compiled the important things you need to know about the New World Order and the fall of the best Democracy of this world: The United States of America".

Gabriela said...

Why am I not surprised at this?

Anonymous said...

anyone who thinks there is a shred of truth in this is an idiot.

Absolute nonsense

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