Sunday, December 27, 2009

The "Christmas Bomber" Had No Passport and Special Permission

We all have been hearing about the man who allegedly "trained with Al-Queda" and tried to blow up a Northwest flight from Amsterdam, Netherlands, to Detroit, Michigan. What you are not hearing about is that a Michigan man (who was on-board that flight with his wife and has now been verified on passenger manifests and ticket stubs) claims that this suspect was allowed on the flight with special permission from a "sharp dressed man" because the suspect had no passport.

As usual, the government/corporate-controlled mainstream media is not giving you the whole story. Check the following articles: News article

DoctorBulldog Blog article


Sergio Recio Gamo said...

¡Merry Xmas to everyone!

I believe the original new was a FRAUD from the very beginning.

After all we know about the 9/11 and the March 11 2004 in Spain (I am spanish, so it is a very important issue to me, of course) it's pretty clear to someone with a brain in the head that all is part of a GLOBAL CONSPIRACY AND DECEIPT of the Secret Services and that "black governments" that have power in USA, UK, Spain and many other countries.

Who killed Olof Palmé, by example? Just search the info in Internet! We are living in a constant manipulation of the facts to move the agenda to a New World Order of idiocracy, tyranny an enslavement!

But that kind of "xmas jokes" do not work again in a great part of the people... I hope, anyway.

Eric Dubay said...

Glad to hear the "X-mas jokes" don't work on you :) Peace

Anonymous said...

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