Saturday, May 1, 2010

Deek Jackson and the Landless Peasant Party

De(r)ek Jackson from the FKN News has created the Landless Peasant Party and is campaigning against Gordon Brown as an independent in UK elections. The above video is a great public Q&A session in which Deek absolutely owns the other candidates with his simple, sincere, and comedic responses. The 40 minute video is quite boring other than Deek's responses, so unless you have lots of time to kill, I recommend just scrolling through and playing the parts where he's speaking.

The following is the Election Manifesto for the Landless Peasant Party:

Abolish Income tax – National revenue from Income tax will gradually be replaced with a flat land tax. This will create a market in land, as the few landowners of Britain rush to dispose of their tax liability. Local revenues will be raised by means tested income tax, including tax breaks for food and energy production.

Nationalise Water Supply – Water is a fundamental need for life, a nations government should have few duties beyond its safe supply. What is taxation for but to provide essentials for the people who pay them.

Energy For Every Home – there are 24 million residences in the UK. Fitting each one with modest wind and solar power systems will cost less than Trident. This will give every home its own light and power. If you need more you pay for it, grid electricity will be taxed.

Equal Partners With Business – Corporation tax will be set at 50%. Those who wish to profit from the people of this land are welcome…as partners. Individuals and small businesses will be exempt.

Land For Peasants – Social land , like social housing, will be made available to those who wish to support themselves by their own means. To be part of our nation will mean the right to part of that nation. In a Landocracy all the people share rights and responsibilities to the land of their nation, not just a few.

A New Oath – The oath to god and the queen will be replaced. All public servants will take an oath to “Serve the people honestly and conserve the land of our nation”


Anonymous said...

Deek has more brain cells (cognition) and heart (care) and testes (balls) than every poly-tick scum bag in Britain combined. Or in ScarmeriKKKa. Which is why he won't 'win'. May Lord Dawg keep him safe.

Anonymous said...

Beware of him. He is the Antichrist! Pretty words.

Anonymous said...

Deek is the man ( plus he has the facts ) go deek go

Anonymous said...

Deek you get my vote

Anonymous said...

Deek is a secular materialist scientist. He doesn't believe in God and spirituality and is happy to criticise people who do.

The guy is a tosser trying to make money from making internet videos and advertising revenue.

I liked him once, but the guy is an empty vessel, and they make the most noise.