Friday, June 18, 2010

Inhabitants of Hollow Earth

In this informative presentation, Reverend Jim Wilhelmsen looks at the possibility of a Hollow Earth and it's Giant inhabitants according to scripture, history, myth, and archeology.


Unknown said...

I remember the Incas belived the same, as part of their creation myths. They belived there was giants,and they were the first inhabitants.The creator rised out of a lake and deemed them unfit. Some were imprisoned in the underworld, some fled (two brothers escape in the Andes), and the majority killed by flood. Sounds similar to me, I left out names and alot of detail. It was years ago when I researched (When I was a robot) Now I will go back and read with a clear mind. It is amazing how many think I am crazy to question instead of answer. Glad I found your site and many like it. It is almost like a addiction when peek at the man behind the curtain