Monday, June 28, 2010

Project Bluebeam and the Fake Rapture

Above is an excellent analysis of the US government's "Project Bluebeam" and it's ability to create a contrived "rapture" scenario in an attempt to deceive both Christians and non-Christians into a false fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Below is a great panel discussion in Roswell by some conspiracy-minded Christians considering UFOs and the fake rapture


John W. Ratcliff said...


So I take it from these videos that you are a Christian who believes in a literal interpretation of the bible and prophecy?

That's definitely an interesting way to form your belief system...


Eric Dubay said...

Hmm. No, I'm too slippery to wear a label like "Christian," and too spontaneous to adhere to any "belief system."

As for the Bible, I will say this: the more I study the Bible, history, archeology, and various cultural "myths," the more more literal my interpretation becomes.

moha. said...

Yeah . . . . Sure !