Monday, December 13, 2010

Dispatching Debt

In this clip Jim Townsend discusses how to legally dispatch your debts, crash the phony debt monetary system, and return to lawful de jure government. The global bankers that attack us do so by the mere expedience of writing IOU's backed by nothing. Currency is created as debt in this fractional reserve system and the only way to balance the accounts is with more debt. Jim recommends dispatching all of your debts by writing IOU's to the institutions that have issued you debt backed credit IOU's. For much more on these and other related subjects check out his YouTube channel and his excellent book Without Prejudice.


DBM said...

Hey eric cool post! What do you think about this yourself? What if it "backfires" and you end up with an "implanted" credit card because your in debt...??


Daily AC Viewer ;)

Eric Dubay said...

Hey DBM. I'm a big proponent of the sovereignty/freeman movement and I highly recommend educating ourselves about common law and the legal system. Once you've got a good enough base understanding of it all, I suggest filing a Notice of Understanding and Intent and Claim of Right as laid out by Robert Menard and others to reclaim your sovereign rights. I'm working on scripting mine at the moment. Will keep people posted on that. As for running up massive credit card debt and discharging it through IOUs, I'd say it's risky, but if you're the adventurous type and do it right, it's a worthy freeman experiment. Peace.